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“The significance of the cooperative for me is that it’s an opportunity to create more jobs and make a space that’s free of discrimination,” explains Joselyn Mendoza, a Mexican immigrant who began cosmetology training four years ago. “As trans women, we don’t often have access to a healthy economy, and this allows us to change that and obtain other services like health care.” 

Mirror Beauty Cooperative was created in 2015 by Mendoza and Lesly Herrera Castillo (and they’ve been joined more recently by Jonahi Rosa). Though they haven’t secured a physical space for the co-op, they hope to create a worker-owned makeup and hair salon run by and for Jackson Heights’ trans Latinx community. 

At the end of the tunnel, they hope, lies not just economic independence but also freedom from the racial and gender discrimination they’ve experienced their entire lives. 

Head here to learn more. // 📷: @demetriusfreeman for HuffPost

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