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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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This is damn brilliant! I am stuck down there in that uphill climb between guilt, loneliness, isolation, depression, Re-entry troubles, and new relationships. I try. It doesn’t work or I get hurt and I slide right back down to guilt loneliness and isolation. I can’t seem to get up that hill at all!!

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“I don’t hide anything from you. I don’t want to. I need to let you see all parts of me - the funny, flirty and dirty minded ones as well as the vulnerable and emotional ones, the ones that carry baggage from the past. I need you to see the real me and hope you’re able to fall in love with everything I am.”

- Lady With A Handbook

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We and Us

I see you dance,

On your way to home,

And I remember,

How we used to roam

Like that, together.

I see the flowers,

That you bring her.

And I wonder,

If you would have done that,

For me,

Would we still be together?

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“out of all the people i could’ve fallen for,

why did it have to be the one that couldn’t love me back?”

- why did it have to be you, why did it have to be me /#37

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15 days to go until we’re reunited again for nearly 3 months!

I’m so excited for all the past little moments we have had together that I’m really missing right now

  • Going for a drive somewhere blasting our favourite music and singing
  • Getting fast food and doing a little jiggle dance like Winnie the pooh as we’re opening up our food
  • Cooking together
  • Going fishing and relaxing in the sun just talking about deep shit
  • Shopping and trying on silly hats and stuff
  • Just falling asleep so easily on his chest because he’s comfy
  • Waking up a little in the night and feeling him pull me closer
  • Suprise hugs from behind with a small kiss on my cheek
  • Water fights in the garden and me being soaked down to my underwear because he always wins
  • Going down the two person slide at the waterpark, always being catapulted head first into the water and laughing even though it hurt
  • Giving him a body massage after work when he’s had a long and difficult day then him always returning the favour
  • And everything else I’ve been able to experience with him so far

It’s been a long slow wait since last time I saw him. He’s going to be the perfect reward after finishing my first year exams!!

Added this picture from my last visit because he’s gorgeous and I love him so much 💗

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Just gonna share this here -i shall be high lighting a comment that pretty much states facts, and what I was believing, knew was true lol.

Here is some wise facts from a user on this video;

‘E;R is absolutely correct in saying why the Korrasami relationship is disgusting, and it makes no sense in terms of storytelling and character development. This “ship” did not have the necessary setup in order to justify a romance and the two had very little chemistry, if any at all, between each other since the beginning. In Asami’s case, no self-respecting woman would want to start a friendship, let alone a romantic relationship, with the entitled bitch for whom the former’s boyfriend betrayed her… twice. The fact that Asami initiated a romance with Korra makes her come across as something of a masochist and a huge pushover. I also find it hilarious that Korra is now a living, breathing stereotype of a lesbian: a muscular, androgynous woman with short hair, a masculine personality, and a hair-trigger temper.

I’m fully convinced that the only reason Bryke did this was in order to create controversy surrounding their failure of a series, to give it some sort of relevancy, to earn brownie points from the extremists on the far left, and to shield themselves from the show’s detractors. Now anyone who dares to criticize The Legend of Korra is labeled a sexist, a homophobe, a misogynist, as well as any other tired and now meaningless accusation that the arrogant elitists on the regressive left love to throw around at anyone who disagrees with them.’

Really love this comment allot.

If you disagree with the post itself, and want to share you rude comments -i will ignore you lol. Not gonna talk to you if you’re gonna act childish or immature. -Other than that, enjoy; the legend of horra(whore + korra)

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