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Tenía ganas de verte.

Lo reconozco en la distancia, sé que es él. Mí vista no es buena, pero algo me dice que es aquel, él también se da cuenta de que soy yo. Me gusta cómo acelera ligeramente el paso cuando me ve desde la otra punta de la calle, me gusta cómo mueve ligeramente las caderas al andar, me gusta cómo mueve piernas y brazos en sintonía; y conforme se acerca más a mí, puedo vislumbrar su sonrisa. Me gusta esa luz de sus ojos, esa chispa que dice la palabra “vida” a gritos, me encanta el brillo de sus ojos. Me gusta cómo se le dilatan las pupilas tras decirme “Hola, preciosa”, me encanta cómo esos círculos negros eclipsan sus iris de color miel al verme. Me gusta sentir su tacto, su calor, sus grandes manos alrededor de mi cintura. Me gusta cómo mira ligeramente hacia abajo para encontrarse con mi mirada. Cierra los ojos… y finalmente me besa. Y siento que huelo nuevos aromas, que oigo pájaros de cantar.

“Tenía ganas de verte”.

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A lot of people flirt with the camera and call it sexual liberation, what is sacred takes place behind the lens and screen, not in front of it, a fun fact.

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I wonder how the female tropes we grew up watching inform how men date.


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

We have 2 female characters where girl# 1 is performing femininity traditionally (they’re a little ditsy and light hearted, they dress cute AND sexy, etc). Girl#2 doesn’t mind out smarting people, is sometimes demanding (demanding to be heard or demanding her privacy, not necessarily demanding material things)


Originally posted by scoobydoomistakes

The characters that date girl#2 generally don’t become a regular part of the show and are often trying to trick or take advantage of her, OR they are completely prideless fools with nothing to lose and have a 1% of actually dating her.


Originally posted by cartoon

IRL there are a lot of interesting dynamic men out there who honestly have way more things in common with girl #2, and who feel more stimulated by her, But she’s seen as being more of a fringe option. They’d have to be justifying their decision to their kin constantly or abandon the mainstream to accommodate her. I feel like this trope makes men feel like certain girls are too much work in every way and they’d be better off committing to someone who fits well within their established social group. It makes sense to date someone your kin likes, but do they like them because they’re good for you or because they’re not controversial.

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Pretending that I don’t have any feelings for you is probably one of the hardest things to do. God knows how much I want to hold you in my arms and tell the whole world how much I love you.

But I won’t compromise our friendship just so that I could do what I have been longing to do. I know that the moment I tell you I love you, I’ll lose someone valuable: you.

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I broke up with my boyfriend last night. It took a lot of strength but now it’s done, it’s done. It’s over.


Originally posted by shiroganehs

20th January 2019 - 18th August 2019

It was beautiful in the beginning, but it become too heartbreaking and too toxic. After months of crying, I decided that love does not win over toxicity. I took a deep breath and freed myself from it.

And now, I will concentrate on my little family. Me, my son and my pup. My studies. Taking care of our home. Going on walks. Cooking nutritious meals. Learning to live life beautifully, like in a Studio Ghibli movie. I will slow down. Finally.


Originally posted by pookowski

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