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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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a skeleton giving a thumbs up. next to it are the following phrases: it will pass. these things take time. you\'ll figure this out. you are healing + growing. have patience.

I cleaned my chalkboard wall last week & been feeling like I need something on it so I wrote some affirmations with an emotional support skeleton

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Grasping at shadows



The light lay fallow



Forever trapped within the darkness



Is that what i think it is



A new purpose dawns over me

Laughing, smiling

Crying, fearing

A small taste of freedom gives me reason to flee

Warmth and comfort

Safety and care

Someone is here

Tender and kind

So gentle, yet so fierce

Now i have no more reason to fear

She is strong and brave

And vulnerable and open

She lets come whatever may

Inspiration and hope

Create inside of me

A new kind of faith

Without her i would still be

Forever stuck in my misery

Somehow she has saved me

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This is a rather simple piece but it holds value with me. I wanted to create something that represents how I’ve been feeling [quite often]. I’m lonely. Often times it literally feels like I’m in my own world and not in a good way. I feel very, very alone. My internal conflict typically only rests when I’m asleep. Anyways, I’ve never been happy in life but that is definitely a goal of mine— to be happy with the woman I am. The [very small] teardrop just represents my suppression. Nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer so a lot of times I’ll just try to mask my emotions. Also, I’ve acknowledged that smoking is indeed an unhealthy coping mechanism I have.

Anyways, prints coming soon. ✨

Visit for available works of art.

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