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Weeks turned into months and there was no incident or even no interactions between the twins. And soon, school was over. It was the last year of elementary for Nick and Bray. They will start high school in January. So it was time for them to enjoy the last few days of their childhood.

Winter is usually the best time of year for outings in Oasis Springs - no snow, no rain and less scorching heat of the sun. And it’s usually the time when everyone in the household gets a little bit of free time. Allyssa doesn’t get much time to spend with the kids as she is either working or taking care of the house and Erika  - all the time! So she decided to take this opportunity of her break to spend some time with her boys.

Ally took Nick and Bray to the playground while Rich promised to keep an eye on Eri and Travis promised to put up some holiday decorations as it was almost Winterfest. They arrived at the park at around noon. There were some other kids with whom Nick and Bray started playing on the pirate ship, Ally joined for a bit too! Everything and everyone was happy, until…

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c. catholic athiest?

It’s an irish thing if u were raised catholic in ireland as opposed to protestant it means ur in the part of ireland that’s fighting british takeover so even if ur not religiously catholic it’s part of a lot of ppls identity it’s just that my dad happens to be really annoying with it because he’s aggressively anti religion but will still hold catholicism higher up and try to use it to tear other religions down like he will still defend nun habits over hijabs because nuns are Choosing To Devote Themselves To God and hijabis…….aren’t. ……somehow

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Everyone: Marrow or Clover will betray Ironwood.

Me: Penny is protector of Mantle, Mantle that Ironwood wants to leave to die in grimm attacks. Penny who doesn’t understand ‘not letting emotions speak for you’ and is horrible liar - last we’ve seen she hiccups when lying - which means he can’t even pretend that she agrees with Ironwood. And there is NO WAY in HELL she will.

Honorable mention:

Winter ‘You have ten seconds to take those off before i start hurting you’ Schnee


Originally posted by flipomatic

Did Ironwood really thought it through ?

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