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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hi! I read this fic a couple weeks ago and I can't seem to find so i've come to ask for your help. From what I can remember: Hermione has to come over to Draco's villa for work related purposes. Hermione and Draco go to his library with his many dogs. He owns a lot of dogs in this story. Hermione brings up muggle literature and offers to bring some for Draco to read. Draco then suggests she come once a week to Draco's villa and read the muggle stories out loud to Draco. Part 1

Part 2 Draco often sketches while Hermione reads out loud and one of his dogs will often sit a her feet while she reads. They start to become friends and Draco offers to introduce the prime minister of Italy to Hermione. So then she can discuss rights for elf, creatures (I think). Thats all i can remember, Thanks!


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The Rainbow Bridge

We always think its before their time, we never want it to be their time. If it were up to us, they’d outlive us by 100 years. Those who have never had pets, let me say it’s like losing family…because that’s what it is, losing family.

I only wish they could actually tell us when they’re ready…or if they’re scared, so we could hold them a little tighter. Half of our original 6 are now gone, and I’ve a feeling another is close to follow…he isn’t doing so well these days and that one is for sure going to hit everyone hard.

All I can say is…I really hope you loved the life we tried to give you. Goodbye. Now you can wait for us at the end with your brother and sister.

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