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historicallymaggie·4 days agoText

17 february 2020

Today is a day off so I’m going to try and get ahead on my assignments. The title on this one didn’t turn out like I wanted. I’m running into issues at the moment because the pages of my notebooks are really thin so everything bleeds through. I might try using colored pencils for the titles.

It’s kind of a distracted day of studying. I’ve got season one of the vampire diaries playing while I work. I also got an Irish cream cold brew when I ran to the store earlier. It’s been a good day. Sun is shining, it’s warm out, and I’m finally getting through a lot of my psych work.

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historicallymaggie·7 days agoPhoto


When the library provides the pumpkins and autumn vibes for your photos! 🍂🍁🍂Diving into some animal theory for one of my modules has got me on a Kafka kick - I think I’m going to write my essay around that. It still doesn’t feel like autumn outside but at least the sunshine is pretty. 

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historicallymaggie·11 days agoText

10 february 2020

I started my psych course and I’m disappointed to say that I’m not actually enjoying it as much as I thought. It’s not the worst class I’ve ever taken, I’m just not as interested as I hoped I’d be.

I also received my admissions decision from my top choice college last weekend. I was rejected, and as expected, I was also devastated. The past week has really just been me trying to get myself together and back on track after that emotional setback. I’m still really sad and not at 100%, but I’m doing better than I was. Working hard keeps me distracted at least. I guess it just wasn’t the place meant for me

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historicallymaggie·12 days agoPhoto


04.10.2019: 34 / 100 days of productivity

My peers thought I was crazy for already watching classes online and typing them out during summer holidays, but I’m glad I did it. Now I can get to the actual studying a lot sooner, so I’ll hopefully be less stressed during my finals.

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historicallymaggie·12 days agoPhoto


01.29.20 | what 3 years of phd coursework looks like (not accounting for the hundreds of pages of journal paper readings - all digital)

to say i’m overwhelmed and anxious about the qualifying exam is…an Understatement

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historicallymaggie·14 days agoPhoto


putting the finishing touches on my second and fourth chapters, and then it’s off to my advisor for critique and time to move on to the third chapter.

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historicallymaggie·22 days agoText

30 january 2020

It’s time for me to face the facts, and the facts are that I am the worst and I’m giving up on 100 days of productivity. I study and work every day but I’m not home with all my supplies that I need. I’m still getting the work done, but not every single day

This is a page out of my astronomy notebook for the first unit. So far I’m enjoying the history part of my astronomy class, but that’s just because I’m a huge history nerd.

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historicallymaggie·23 days agoPhoto


13.09.18 • the dutch ‘coffeecompany’ cafés might be corporate chains but they’re so, so conducive to work for me. sometimes you’ve just got to rely on a familiar massive latte and interior decor that’s the same whichever branch you end up in!

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historicallymaggie·25 days agoText

27 january 2020 // 11/100 days of productivity

So, I put my 100 days of productivity on hold because my classes were not yet resuming and I literally had nothing to do. I was bored out of my mind.

This semester I am taking an English coarse, and astronomy coarse, sociology, and psychology. These are some beginning vocab terms from my my astronomy class. So far I am enjoying the coarse, I’m not a huge fan of science courses but so far there’s also a good bit of history behind astronomy, that makes me enjoy it a little bit more.

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has been my comfort book for a hot minute, especially since it’s my senior year of high school and I’m about to relate to Cath even more than before. Whenever I get stressed about college, it’s my go-to. Well, my dream school decision comes out in 10 days. Aka, I’m going to end up reading that damn book once a day.

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText


When you have to do designated reading, pretend you’re reading it to Levi from Fangirl to help HIM study.

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText

What am I doing today you may ask? Oh you know, freaking the heavy out because the admissions decisions for my dream school come out on feb 1 and I am absolutely terrified. I really don’t feel like I’m going to be accepted but I want to go there so bad. Actually, scratch that “doing today” part, it’s what I’m doing for the rest of the month

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText

13 january 2020 // 10/100 days of productivity

I finished my AP Euro exam in plenty of time so now I’m just studying for my AP stats exam even more. I am just ready to go home at 12:00 where I’ll study for AP stats even more. I can not articulate how freaking worried I am for that exam.

After exams end (my last one is on Wednesday) I’m going to spend either Thursday or Friday making a vision board for 2020. That might be my post for whichever day since classes don’t start back up again until January 29th.

adding this to my previous post. It’s a cozy rainy day. I have tea and string lights to create a cozy atmosphere and Butter decided to join me

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText


the temperature hit 27 degrees f (-3 celsius) today so i’m bundled up in my room with thick socks and cozy blankets, trying to accept the fact that this is the new reality for the next 5 months 🌨

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText

12 january 2020 // 9/100 days of productivity

I suck. I was doing well with posting everyday but then exams hit. I’m missed two days. I was productive on both of those days but I turned my phone off to study so I never had any pictures. I will probably keep my days of productivity on hiatus until after my last exam is over on Wednesday. I’m keeping off my phone as much as I can and don’t want any distractions.

Today, I’m going through all my stats tests to look at the answer and explain why it’s the answer. Our test is going to be 98 AP multiple choice questions and I’m really nervous.

I was listening to lo-fi hip hop on YouTube but decided to switch to last of the Mohicans. The mountains are my happy place and this soundtrack reminds me of the mountains. It’s just my way of trying to stay grounded and as happy as possible while I’m stressing away for exams.

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText


it’s been a hot minute since I posted anything / life had been crazy - my mental health final is next Wednesday though! ✨

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText



Beginning my favourite part of studying by rewriting and condensing all my scruffy notes from way back at the start of the course in my new notebook specifically for biochem 😍

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