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jenotional·2 days agoAnswer
so excited for mark summer high school crush!!

omg i came back to the wip and it only had like 2 notes but uhm 


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jenotional·2 days agoAnswer
dude you are so underrated! your work is always so much fun to read and i appreciate you a lot💕

AHHHH that is such a wonderful compliment!!! <3 thank you thank you i will continue to work hard. you have no idea how much this means to me :’) 

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jenotional·4 days agoText

release date: between dec 2019 to feb 2020


genre: summer high school crush | friends to lover 
pairing: mark lee x reader 
description: you have a crush on mark lee but he hates the concept of love. you’re scared to ruin your friendship, but it’s so hard to keep your feelings to yourself. 

his eyes are as coarse as oak wood, yet as gentle as the summer breeze when his gaze is set upon me; 

his face is as vast as deserts, hair as smooth and soft as the clouds. occasionally when he is not paying attention, i would stare – stare at him longingly, yearning to be in his arms, but he talks about another woman, says things to me i never want to hear. 

yet, his voice as deep as the ocean, drowns me in his dreams. 

i am swallowed by blue, 

suddenly dancing with the waves, singing the tunes. 


“so what have you been up to lately?” mark sings, stretching out his arms with his eyes looking forward. you look up at your book, and uncross your legs to straighten them out on the beach chair which you are sitting on.

“well,” you gestured your book – “i’ve been reading quite a lot,” 

“just reading?” he scoffed, looking down at you with his stupid smirk as he stretched his shoulders. he was dressed in a loose tank top, one which barely covers his chest because both sides of the top hangs so low which exposes if not all, most of his skin. his bare abdomen was awfully toned, his shoulders and arms too – but it wasn’t like you paid attention to those too. 

you were at your front yard, deciding what to do until mark – your neighbour, whom also goes to the same school as you do – decided to drop by to offer you to join him to play volleyball with a few friends by the beach. which you said you’d pass, and rather enjoy the evening sun laid out in your black bikini at your front yard, but he insisted. so here you were, with mark half naked with his hot bod and curly hair flexing his muscles (unintentionally, because he didn’t thought it would catch your attention), his coconut conditioner wafting in the summer breeze akin a mouth watering dessert as he runs his hands through his chocolate waves, the wind blowing through his hair as he’d squint at the sun, pushing his hair back once more as he’d mumble under his breath, wondering where his friends were and why they were taking so long. 

you had grew up with this young man. funny how much you’ve grown apart, though. 

mark lee has always been the social butterfly; he was always the extrovert, the popular kid every other kid wanted to sit with at lunch just so they could offer him an extra packet of cheetos, or tell him he had something on the side of his lip so they could reach over, lean closer, squeeze their chest together to lay their hands on this golden boy, just so they could hope for chance to spend a lifetime with him. soulmates? over a pack of cheetos? maybe in some other teen romance novel. even though mark lee was team captain of the volleyball team and had won over many, many hearts of young girls, he has the shortest attention span when it comes to meeting girls. girls who wanted to date him, who wanted to shower him with love and affection, and all the gifts every other man who wish they could have. mark lee couldn’t deal with girls who showed the tiniest bit of affection towards him – as if it was some sort of phobia or allergy – that he couldn’t acknowledge, nevertheless accept the adoration of high school puppy love. 

that was mark lee for you – a ruthless heartbreaker when it comes to love. 

a/n: i can’t confirm a release date just yet! finals are next month and i am only free after nov and will continue writing till then. thanks for understanding! i will try my best to finish this <3

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jenotional·11 days agoText


days of the week;

monday: snoozing your alarm clock, navy, seeing the moon in the morning, vanilla ice cream, writing poetry, blurry photographs, windswept hair, iced coffee

tuesday: seeing a cat on the street, a light rain shower, untied shoelaces, indistinct music from someone else’s earphones, empty coffee shops, denim jackets, long train rides

wednesday: pastel highlighters, drinking water, group laughter, plucking daisy petals, floral scents, counting down to a birthday, peonies

thursday: old books, a downpour, telling the truth, comfortable silence, hand holding, wrapping a gift, the smell of leather, reminiscence

friday: neon lights, sweet cravings, a little bit drunk, falling in love with a stranger, remembering your dreams, cherry red, late night showers, desserts at midnight

saturday: watering plants, childhood cartoons, a bowl of cereal, meeting someone new, waking up early and laying in bed, spontaneous plans, sitting on a rooftop

sunday: strawberry smoothies, golden hour, a soft feeling of wistfulness, lazy afternoons, 4pm naps, lofi mixes, deja vu, long daydreams, lighting sparklers

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jenotional·12 days agoText


The only thing that is scary about vampires is the chance that they will not love me back

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jenotional·22 days agoText



[friday] haechan waits for you outside the school gates after school, leaning against his motorbike with a single stem of red rose resting in between his fingers, anxious as he looks into the crowd for your silhouette. 

he bites his lip as you walk out from the gates flustered from your friends’ teases; you shyly tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear as you lift your gaze to meet with his own, the back of your mind hushing your friends as you huff a breath as they urge you towards the boy in his favorite leather jacket, and he straightens his knees, lips pressing into a small, tight-lip smile that you know too well. 

“mm, here.” he hands you the rose as you step forward to him, cheeks flushing bright cherry as you can’t help but break into a huge smile, reaching both hands to take the flower from him, hands momentarily brushing against his knuckles which he can’t help but feel his heart skip a beat. 

“aww, you shouldn’t have.” you thanked him, bringing the petals to your nose as you inhale its rosy scent, your eyes locking with his. he’s trying hard to not notice how people around you are staring and how much he needed to remain his calm figure; but he can’t help but blush, and looks away shyly, scratching the back of his head, trying hard to hide his burning cheeks. but you giggle and quickly lean in to peck his hot cheek, murmuring you’re cute in his ear and you watch him knit his brows together for knowing all his soft spots, and he loves it when you say he’s cute. 

“i- i guess,” he stutters, and you chuckle lightly to yourself, hiding behind the stem of rose. he turns and places the helmet he got for you that night on 25th street on your head, helping you adjust and buckle it in, asking “is it too tight?” but you shake your head, a goofy smile forming on your lips. he presses your cheeks together, a strong urge to kiss you right there and then in front of everyone to show them who you truly belong to, but he smiles as you look up at him, urging him on, but he turns away, and starts the engine of the bike and hops on, gesturing the seat behind him as you gladly do, wrapping your arms around his waist firmly, burying your head into his nape and kissing it, mumbling how much you missed him throughout the as you feel his hot skin against your lips. 

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jenotional·22 days agoText


nct dream as FOOD

bc why not am i right 

renjun fish and chips, mcdonald’s sprite, ham, a bag of chips

jaemin bell pepper, strawberry ice cream, fresh waffles with chicken 

hyuck blueberry pie, tofu, wild flower honey, brownies with really good fudge

jeno soup

chenle sweet potato, mustard, salted caramel pretzel

jisung sprinkles, spring rolls, a fresh loaf of bread

tag urself!!! im ham

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jenotional·22 days agoText

hello petals! finally taking requests for drabbles. i accept members of nct only! preferably nct dream. here’s a few simple steps and off you can woosh into my ask box to ask away: 

1. choose a member and a genre.
2. be specific or not at all, but give me a sentence/quote. (i.e. mermaid au where jaemin as the fisherman’s son falls in love with a mermaid after finding her in the cave. in first/third person view. or spiderman au with renjun “why can’t you see that no matter how hard things ought to get, i just want to be with you?” you can just request a drabble by giving me a member + genre/theme + quote.) 

that’s all! please note that i am still in school and i have classes till the afternoon and i am not super active! but i try my best to be active bc i just finished a book and i miss writing. please be patient with your request! and i will try my best to deliver <3 (pls reblog too if u can, thank u)

here’s my masterlist

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jenotional·22 days agoAnswer
hi bb,,,,,, how are you doing :(

BABE omg i miss u so much! finals are around the corner, and it’s a very confusing time around this year, but i mostly blame the stars. overall, i am quite stressed bc im doing nothing but also doing nothing bc i am stressed! :) also am graduating next Saturday? so that’s crazy ☠️ but I’m well and i hope you are too buns ❤️❤️❤️

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jenotional·22 days agoText


✎ moomin icons ;; 🏷 . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋlike if you saveˎˊ˗ ꒰ 📎 ꒱

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jenotional·23 days agoText



i literally can’t stop thinking abt that richard siken quote where he falls to the floor crying but all he can focus on is the details of the wall in front of him

“Eventually something you love is going to be taken away. And then you will fall to the floor crying. And then, however much later, it is finally happening to you: you’re falling to the floor crying thinking, “I am falling to the floor crying,” but there’s an element of the ridiculous to it — you knew it would happen and, even worse, while you’re on the floor crying you look at the place where the wall meets the floor and you realise you didn’t paint it very well.”

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jenotional·23 days agoText


eventually you’ll end up where you need to be, with who you’re meant to be with, and doing what you should be doing. patience is the key tho

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jenotional·23 days agoText


An Aqaurius watched as a couple infront of him laughed and kissed. He watched them for a couple seconds before turning away and looked at the ground. “Oh, baby.. it’s us..” a voice in his head played. Then a small memory popped up. How she would point at a couple and would gush about them as if they were that couple. He shouldn’t have let her go. He shouldn’t have let her walk out of his life. They said some horrible things to each other. But at what price? For this? He sees a man selling flowers on the curb. He ran to him and asked for the biggest bouquet he has and paid for it. He composed himself. He wanted to make this right.

An Aries slammed the breaks. The cars behind him honked and halted. He slumped over and slowly but surely grabbed hold of his head. Memories of her, his ex, began to play. How everyday he would wake up to the smell of her perfume linger. How he would come home and she was there waiting for him. Waiting. Waiting.. and waiting.. until she didn’t. He wanted it all back. He needed her back. Suddenly he heard a knock on his window and a man asked if he was okay. He composed himself and revved his engine and made a quick U-turn, and drove to her direction. One last time.

A Cancer woke up to find her gone. A letter on her side of the bed. He opened and read through the letter. He looked around for his keys to give chase. She wasn’t going to wait for him any longer. She grew tired of him keeping promises he couldn’t keep and every thing was slowly going down hill. She needed some time. She needed space. He grabbed a hold of his keys and raced downstairs to find her. He wanted to fix this, and hopefully she will take him back one more time.

A Capricorn looked across the lake and then sighed. “I guess this is it huh? I mean, we did what we–” “You did no such thing, and before you could think about finishing that sentence you really don’t have a say in this..”, she blurted out. Her arms crossed. The Capricorn looked at her and frowned. “Look, I’m sorry if that came out strong, but yes.. WE did try, but YOU just gave half the effort of what needed to be done. But listen, don’t take this the wrong way. Learn from this. From us..”, his ex slowly stood up. He tried to reach for her hand but stopped himself, and he just watched her go.

A Gemini messaged her multiple times through facebook knowing that she’s always gonna be checking up on it. She looked and read through the messages and slowly replied back but with just one word sentences. Getting annoyed with her replies the Gemini wrote her a long loving text. Hoping that she would reply back, even if it’s not the answer he wants to get. But sadly, no response is a response as well.. and no response from her end.

A Leo placed a bouquet of flowers infront of her. She looked up from her plate and her friends looked up with her to meet him. He kneeled down beside her and whispered, “It could all be fixed, please? Just please. Don’t do this to me…” He pleaded her. she frowned and sighed. He tried to reach for her hand and held it between his. She closed her eyes from keeping the tears to fall out. “I.. don’t do this here. Please. Not here…” He listened to her and let her hand go before backing away and walking out. Her friends tried to console her. She looked at the flowers. Her favorite.

A Libra franctically tried to reach for the train she was in. He jumped through the rails and alerted one of the security guards and gave chase. She walked inside her cart and the doors closed behind her. He was too late. He came knocking on the doors to get her attention. She turned to look at him. He had a pleading look on face. He wanted her back. The train began to move and he watched her go. Watched her go again. One last time.

A Pisces grabbed a hold of her hand as she slowly tries to pull away as softly as she could. “Please, let me go..” “No,” he said softly, “please just let me tell you one last time. I don’t care if you say it back to me or not, but let me just say it one last time..” he pulled her a little closer and she finally gave in as she is pulled into a hug. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you..” he said into her ear. She fights back the tears that starts to form into her eyes and pulled to look him in the eyes. “I-.. I loved you. I really did..” she said back before holding his cheeks and then lets go and ran. He stands there utterly defeated and loss for words.

A Sagittarius arrived at her parents house and her father stood between him and the entrance. He pleaded with him to let him speak to her. The father shook his head no and rested a hand on his shoulder that she doesn’t need to speak with him any longer. What has happened happened already and it’s best to heal. The Sagittarius frowned at this news and sadly nodded his head. She looked over her window to see him walk back to his car…

A Scorpio ran through the airport doors to reach her. He yelled for her name to make her turn around. A large group of tourists are blocking his path. He yelled her name once more. Everybody stopped. It felt like the whole world stopped between them. She stopped, but she didn’t turn around. “If you walk through those doors and if you don’t turn around.. just please hear me say that I love you, and I was a fool. So please. Turn around..” she shook her head no and continued to walk through the door of her flight. And just like that time itself took control and everything moved in motion once more leaving the poor Scorpio frozen..

A Taurus came knocking on her doorstep and she opened to see him holding a box of her belongings. “Hi..” he said meekly, before placing the box down and looking up at her. She crossed her arms and looked through the box. “I guess this is it, right..? This is our one last moments..” she stood up and looked at him. “I believe so.” she said sadly. “One last hug..?” He opened his arms for her. She bit her lip trying not to cry. She hugged him at his request and pulled away and smiled softly. “Be good, okay? Stop overthinking things. You’ll do great..” he stood there hands in his pockets and gave her a small smile before she closed the door on him. She slumped down on the door and broke down…

A Virgo kept calling her over and over, leaving voice mail after voice mail. She looked over to her phone and watched as the numbers of his calls kept increasing by the second. She rolled her eyes and rubbed her temples figuring out what she has to say to end it all. At long last she picked up when he called once more but with tenor in her voice she said, “What?” Silence. Then he says, “You don’t know what you’re doing. I love you. I do, so please don’t leave. This isn’t right..” “What do you know about what’s right or wrong?” he stuttered and finally explained as to how much this hurts him and he wanted her back. She closed her eyes and tried to remember all the good things they’ve had.. but she got mad at herself and told him to let her go.

You should’ve loved me harder.

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jenotional·25 days agoText


“Hold the fuck up.” I say. I am the fuck up. Please hold me.

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jenotional·25 days agoText


I want to go to Paris and become a florist who also bakes pretty cakes, draws flowers, owns cats and wakes up at dawn to watch the sunrise over the city

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