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ppl who arent bisexual are like “oh this is what i think it means to be bi actually” and u sound dumb as hell, bisexuality is when ur brain is small but ur meat is huge. next question.

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summer break!! i’m gonna try to write again bc i have three days of break before i start work for one and a half week 🤘

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if you don’t reblog this you’re straight

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❝ life is undying; there are so many worlds out there where we are so different from what we are here. across the multiverse I will wait, across the field where one falls in between dreams and reality I will be there. 

there is a universe where time does not exist, and you and I are finally united under the same sky. there, above the planets where maybe we are on top of the moon, you will see me with a key in hand. together we will open a door together, I want us to be real. ❞ 


nct dream as what they would probably smell like when you hug them, and as types of high school students 


『MARK🍊』 pumpkin spice, cinnamon, oak trees, dried flowers, vanilla

the hardworking one | he knows he’s not the dumbest, nor the smartest, but he doesn’t wants to stay in the neutral area where he is neither. asks friends for help in math, loves science the most but sucks at it. does his homework and lends it to others who wants to copy it. aces in english, french and spanish and is well known with the teachers. has messy notes, to-do lists, and a list of goals sticked to his wall with ugly tape. tried baking cookies for the bake sale, but burnt them slightly but still brought them and hope they work. makes wishes at 11:11.

『RENJUN🌱』cologne, fresh plants, honeydew, peppermint, whip cream

the cool nerd | he’s smart and he knows it. only uses one type of pen in one color, has neat notes, always brings all the textbooks and reference books. he keeps all his study notes in binders categorized into subjects, loves math and science, is fluent in french, english, chinese and japanese; believes in magic, reads sci-fi and mystery/thriller novels or music sheets when he’s bored.

『JAEMIN🌷』 roses, peach, old books in libraries, baby lotion, your favorite bakery

the lovely nerd | he loves books, by love i mean he is absolutely in love with them. reads every genre, but prefers literature/poetry the most. loves venturing cook books too and bakes goodies for his friends in the study group. makes journal entries with cute stickers, goes grocery shopping with his roommate and makes healthy choices. loves strawberry milk, butter chip cookies, and anime. his favorite is ponyo, totoro, and spirited away. always gets great grades and nothing below B.

『HYUCK🦔』 coffee, the art studio, hazelnut hand cream, honey toast

the lazy but smart class clown | binges netflix two weeks before exams. makes messy notes, owns more than 20 colored pens, re-uses notebooks from last year because he doesn’t wants to waste money to get new ones. takes everything seriously, makes hilarious jokes, puns, always the one to answer math questions in class though he doesn’t raise his hand.

『JENO🌦』 rain in the night, freshly cut grass, fresh laundry, hot chocolate

the librarian | he’s not the smartest, but he works hard and makes neat and precise notes. drinks tea as he studies, keeps his writing clean and tidy. writes music, loves drawing, doodles a lot in class, but still is able to take down notes in class. is actively participating in clubs, joins the book club, and the basketball team too. makes lunch boxes, loves reading manhwa, believes in true love, writes letters, has dreams of becoming an artist.

『CHENLE🏀』 the ocean, cool mint, sweat, marshmallow, money

the cool rich jock | he’s smart, and doesn’t really studies unless finals are coming up. loves sports, visits the library on random days, grades doesn’t gets any lower than B-. probably still watches cartoons. knows how to fry an egg, the fanciest dish he has ever made was an omelette. has won a lot of medals from sports tournaments when he was younger. knows how to play the piano and is extremely good about it, though most people don’t know.

『JISUNG🎒』chewing gum, melon bread, carrots, baby powder

the quiet hard working kid | he’s lowkey smart, weekdays are filled with extra classes and tuitions. he takes music lessons, but is only going because he is forced to. wishes to take dance lessons but he is too shy to tell his mom so he only ever practices in the basement. plays video games, reads about human history. likes pastries, gelato, and popsicles. has a youtube account which he posts his dance videos to but he doesn’t tell anyone. keeps his grades average, messy handwriting, very shy, observant and doens’t makes the first moves.


thank you so much for reading! 

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[friday] haechan waits for you outside the school gates after school, leaning against his motorbike with a single stem of red rose resting in between his fingers, anxious as he looks into the crowd for your silhouette. 

he bites his lip as you walk out from the gates flustered from your friends’ teases; you shyly tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear as you lift your gaze to meet with his own, the back of your mind hushing your friends as you huff a breath as they urge you towards the boy in his favorite leather jacket, and he straightens his knees, lips pressing into a small, tight-lip smile that you know too well. 

“mm, here.” he hands you the rose as you step forward to him, cheeks flushing bright cherry as you can’t help but break into a huge smile, reaching both hands to take the flower from him, hands momentarily brushing against his knuckles which he can’t help but feel his heart skip a beat. 

“aww, you shouldn’t have.” you thanked him, bringing the petals to your nose as you inhale its rosy scent, your eyes locking with his. he’s trying hard to not notice how people around you are staring and how much he needed to remain his calm figure; but he can’t help but blush, and looks away shyly, scratching the back of his head, trying hard to hide his burning cheeks. but you giggle and quickly lean in to peck his hot cheek, murmuring you’re cute in his ear and you watch him knit his brows together for knowing all his soft spots, and he loves it when you say he’s cute. 

“i- i guess,” he stutters, and you chuckle lightly to yourself, hiding behind the stem of rose. he turns and places the helmet he got for you that night on 25th street on your head, helping you adjust and buckle it in, asking “is it too tight?” but you shake your head, a goofy smile forming on your lips. he presses your cheeks together, a strong urge to kiss you right there and then in front of everyone to show them who you truly belong to, but he smiles as you look up at him, urging him on, but he turns away, and starts the engine of the bike and hops on, gesturing the seat behind him as you gladly do, wrapping your arms around his waist firmly, burying your head into his nape and kissing it, mumbling how much you missed him throughout the as you feel his hot skin against your lips. 

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what’s your least favorite sign and why?

a stop sign, i gotta go places

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There’s no reason for anyone over the age of 21 to be having a conversation with anyone under the age of 18

“For the last time son, I wont talk to you.”

“im sorry students, but this is the last time im gonna say this. Stop trying to talk to me”

“I’m afraid I can’t hire you, I cannot speak to you.”

“I would tell that kid to get off my lawn, but society isn’t ready yet”

“my new born baby just said it’s first word but I’m not trying to hear that” 

“hello 911?!? help my parents are in a burnin build-”

“i dunnoo kid….you sound just a little young and….idk…. im not really feelin too comfortable with this” *hangs up*

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