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Me: I’m pro life

Also me: I would kill a child molester with my bare hands if I had to and I wouldn’t regret a thing

Because innocent lives are worth protecting and absolute monsters who hurt the innocent deserve a brutal death. Them’s the facts. Don’t fight me on this.

There’s also a difference between murder and defending those who cannot defend themselves.  If I come across a person molesting a child I’m gonna stop that crime and, if they attack me, defend myself.  If that person is not actively harming someone else then call the cops to detain them.


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Vedalar canını sıkmasın yine buluşabilmek için bir hoşçakal gereklidir..

Bazı insanlar var ki onlar başka yerlere

Başka zamanlara , başka göklere ait.. 🌻

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just as I promised in one of the previous posts, this is somewhat of a relaxation project where I don’t go into too much details, just having lots of fun. 

here’s a Cerberus, he’s a good boy(s) :p

here’s some of Hades/Persephone chemistry, like I stated on twitter, this is why I can’t write romance. I just can’t help myself not to make silly jokes XDDD

and more… XD

there’s more on my dA and twitter XD


Auuugh I’m starting to fall in love with Hades.

Also HadesxPersephone is OTP.

 I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this version! It looks as cute as Lore Olypus on webtoons! ❤️

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You know not what your actions would unleash.

Ugh, that line from Laufey. I get SO MUCH out of it, ok so I’m finally gonna put down my Laufey headcanons because idk, I haven’t seen any other meta posts agreeing that Loki wasn’t really abandoned that quite jive with my ideas, so.

The first thing that’s really interesting to me in the Jotunheim scene is Laufey refuses to engage with Thor. Now it could just be that he knows fighting with Odin’s sons, regardless of who started it, and gods forbid seriously wounding or even killing one, would be Really Extremely Bad News for Jotunheim, seeing as how they still haven’t recovered from the last war with Asgard.

BUT, if you take leave to doubt that Loki really was abandoned, and was in fact taken as a hostage to ensure Laufey didn’t try to invade Midgard again or cause any more trouble for Asgard, then that gives the scene an extra layer of nuance. Because when he says “You know not what your actions would unleash. I do”, he is just so goddamn sad.

Maybe he’s thinking about his child, held hostage by the Allfather, knowing that he can’t even defend himself without risking his son’s life. So when Thor manages to start a fight anyway, that also makes his scene with the Allfather more nuanced. He figures his son’s life is forfeit, and Jotunheim is clearly not prospering, even without the additional “canon” provided by the artbook, so he figures if Jotunheim is going down anyway, they may as well do it in one final battle instead of this prolonged decay, and take some Asgardians with them.

Now, there are two things I think could have happened (and one supports Odin [mistakenly] believing that Loki really was abandoned).

Option one: the final battle is so desperate that even though she’s pregnant, Farbauti takes up arms and fights side by side with Laufey. She’s severely wounded/killed, and Laufey carries her off the battlefield to the nearest safe place–the temple. He can’t save his wife, and knows the baby isn’t ready to be born, but dammit he has to try to save one of them so he cuts Loki out of her. They get like, 45 seconds of bonding before Laufey has to go back out there and try to make sure his son has a kingdom to live in, aaaand we all know how it goes from there.

Option two (Odin is not a baby stealing asshat and thinks he really is saving Loki): Farbauti went into into preterm labor due to the stress of, you know, her kingdom being invaded. But poor baby Loki was mistaken for stillborn, and placed in the temple to await a funeral and burial. This has actually happened in real life, so in the MCU i find it a plausible scenario. After the battle Odin finds baby Loki all alone and assumes the worst, some Jotuns see him leaving with the King’s suddenly alive baby, and they assume the Allfather has taken him hostage.

I tend to go with the first one more often then not because it’s a lot sadder and I fuckin LOVE to feel sad about fictional characters :)

I guess this post is long enough, I could try to write more about my Jotunheim headcanons and put it under a read more, but I’m on mobile and mobile keeps wanting to add gifs to end of posts instead of where I fucking want them in the text, and decided page breaks are for wimps, so who even knows what else currently malfunctions on mobile right now.

Ooh, I like this theory.

I tend to lean towards Loki not having been abandoned, this line and that gif being big reasons. Additionally, Odin’s story makes no sense, and he contradicts himself later—initially he said that he’d found Loki in a temple, but in TDW he says it was a ‘frozen rock’ (unless he was referring to Jotunheim in general, IDK). And Laufey is a king who presumably needs an heir to his kingdom, especially during wartime, so abandoning his child would not be an advisable move for him.

You’re right—Laufey looks so sad here. He looks like he’s remembering something heartbreaking. Like there was a personal cost to the war for him, something besides the downfall of his kingdom. (Like, say the loss of his son and/or wife.) That could be part of why he hates Odin so much, yet is unwilling to actively move against him.

The only contradiction that I can think of just now is that one bit of unfilmed script where Laufey refers to Loki as his “bastard son”. Buuut it’s unfilmed, so we can probably afford to ignore it.

I’ve always liked that line of Laufey’s, it makes it feel like there’s much more going on here, that he has depth. And it’s a shame really that we don’t get to see more of him.

But this headcannon just take it to another level. Ouch. 💔

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It’s a literal recruitment tactic used by white supremacist groups and terrorist cells.

There’s some truth to this but let’s not act like teenage boys are passive victims. They’re smart enough to see that this pathway leads them directly to power and they eat that shit up eagerly and willingly.

Yeah, she doesnt mention that these recruitment tactics are aimed at boys instead of girls, because girls are raised to have more empathy with other people. White boys are literally the best demographic for these tactics because of the learned narcissism, lack of empathy, and sense of entitlement

See, if I were one of these “recruiters,” all I would need to do to undo every John Oliver episode she makes a kid watch is just show the kid your comment.  

White boys are literally the best demographic for these tactics because of the learned narcissism, lack of empathy, and sense of entitlement

Any white boy reading that last sentence will, if he has adequate mental defenses, realize that you aren’t a safe person for him to trust or take seriously as an ally, friend, or mentor.  This would naturally drive him to seek out those who do not view him as an enemy to be suppressed.

You know why “male feminist” has become a dirty word among feminists?

It’s because only two kinds of people put up with that: those who think they don’t have a choice, and those who think they have something to gain.  That second group is the one that contains the predators.

Your ideology is unhealthy and does not foster personal development.  You should count yourself lucky that most of your accursed opposition are far more liberal than you.

Meditate on the fractal nature of ecology and seek enlightenment.

The best part is, per OP’s own argument, political correctness culture is literally responsible for the rise of white nationalism.

This is related to something I’ve said a few times about the rise of Trump:

People can fucking tell when you loathe them. 

No amount of reasoned arguments about how Trump is actually bad for white midwestern farmers ( and as far as I can tell he is due to the tariff thing) is going to overwhelm the fact that the other side explicitly hates on them and says they’re evil and dumb. 

Also, when people say “those people over there want power and will do anything to get it, disgusting” they are usually telling you “I want the power those people over there have.”

I do think there exists a thing where people decide they don’t have enough empathy to spare for groups they don’t like, and I think that’s dangerous and awful and creates a downward spiral where you let yourself care less and less for others.

I think furthermore that it’s a mindset the extremist right encourages.

But we don’t stop that cycle by not showing these boys and men compassion. We stop it by SHOWING them compassion—by demonstrating 1) that their pain matters to us AND 2) that responding to their pain and caring for them doesn’t crush or destroy us.

Compassion fatigue can happen, and we have to be honest about that! Yes! but… the fear these groups exploit is “I’m gonna hit it so quick I better love only fellow whites. I don’t have enough to spare for brown folks too!”

and… no.

We’ve got more in us than that. We’ve all got more in us than that.

But we can only prove that if we demonstrate it.

Deradicalisation works when you don’t treat the radicalised person with outright contempt and no compassion. Saying straight white boys are either incapable of seeing through society’s biases because society has moulded them to be evil people or are perfectly capable of seeing through them and just don’t care (because they’re evil) DOES NOT deradicalise a single person. If you treat someone like a monster, they will seek the people who don’t, or slowly give up fighting the image you’re forcing onto them. Either of these outcomes leads to more radicalisation.

It’s the system that gives these people privilege. They did not choose to be born into the system. They did not choose to be born, period. They ARE capable of seeing past the system and recognising fellow human beings because they are ALSO fellow human beings. Privilege makes it easier to draw back and ignore the problems of marginalised people, but it doesn’t make you automatically a terrible person. You need to reach out to people as human beings, not as monsters (or monsters-to-be). Not everyone with privilege is blind to it. And not everyone who isn’t blind to it wants to use it to subjugate others. Implying otherwise displays your outright contempt for other human beings, which is coincidentally the same thing that afflicts the alt-right, only aimed at easier targets. Choosing a harder target does not put you in the moral right. It just makes you wrong AND determined.

And the irony is that by treating people with contempt and no compassion, you’re embracing the same tactics you decry your opposition FOR. It’s not just the radical right that embraces that kind of view, after all. You’re not immune to becoming a monster just because you think you’re a hero.

Imagine pointing out an insidious and pervasive strategy for radicalization, then following it up with “This tactic works so well on white boys because all white boys are evil.”

Speaking of, I can’t help but notice that “all white boys are evil” is kind of a radical feminist talking point. As it turns out, radicalism begets more radicalism. Who knew?

She says, “girls are raised with empathy,” before basically making an excuse for why she’s selecting out a group to show none to. Hmmm…

Did she forget that she’s their mother at some point while writing “girls are raised with empathy”?

Or the obvious implication that this means women, as the one’s primarily raising them, are responsible?

“Propaganda makes extreme points of view seem normal by small amounts of exposure over time- all for the purpose of converting people to more extremist points of view.“

I suppose she’s not considered how this statement would relate to “social justice” and “progressives”.

This is going to be followed by a complete lack of self awareness isn’t it….

“You can also watch political comedy shows with him, like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj. […] Do they “punch up” or down?

Show them progressive comedy isn’t about being “politically correct” or safe? … It’s It’s often about expose oppressive systems […]”

Yeah, you definitely wouldn’t want your boys exposed to propaganda.

Dear feminists: your policing of thought and heavy-handed indoctrination tactics will only cause your sons to hate you, as well as distrust and resent the other women they will meet later on in their lives.

Well played, you sour-faced fanatics.

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It’s a literal recruitment tactic used by white supremacist groups and terrorist cells.

You realize though calling everything racist, sexist, homophobic including a person’s existence is not going to help your situation right?

I’ve got a different theory, the left has gone insane, people use jokes to expose the insanity, the insane get triggered and call a frog racist. Now welcome to clown theory, where if you laugh at a thing you rob it of its power. Joke about nazis all you like, turn them into clowns for your amusement. Rob them of any power they have. (Spoilers, it ain’t much.)

Calling everything you don’t like “white supremacy, Russian bots, patriarchy” etc etc etc won’t save you.

To use the twittards logic, which gets more triggered, somebody who can’t go a single conversation without screaming “NAZI” over a different opinion, or someone who can make a joke?

I ain’t reading all that shit. I got about six tweets in and realized she’s off her fucking rocker.

Man I didn’t read past the first one.

I wanted to see where she was going. It gets worse.

this woman is horrific

This is ridiculous—not to mention absolutely sexist/racist af. Teenage girls are searching for independence and exploring opposing ideologies and trying to find out what’s good in the world and what isn’t too—EVERYONE does it by hearing other people and reading on SM etc. This wacko is robbing the next gen/younger ppl of mental independence and maturity—acting as if they’re not capable of thinking for themselves and discerning on their own. This is a major disservice to teenagers regardless of gender and race. Maybe there’s a reason your sons don’t like you and your husband’s ideology, Joanna; maybe they’re aware of just how wussy and fragile it is. I mean … if you take “triggered” seriously after how much the meaning has been convoluted and torn up, I question you ability to parent healthily. You sound like a helicopter mother…..

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Tom. Sees. Everyone…


in what context?!!!

I’m in the front row. Oh no. 😳

Shit…..when I saw him I was on the third tier…. @myfriendtheurbanlegend WE’VE BEEN RUMBLED! HE MIGHT HAVE SEEN US STARING AT HIM WITH HEART EYES!

@adder24 well fuck me, there was a moment where I was convinced he was staring straight at me. We got made lol

@myfriendtheurbanlegend YOU GOT EYE FUCKED! WE BOTH GOT EYEFUCKED! *Screams in asgardian* He knows too much!

For some reason this both terrifies me and makes me ridiculously happy at the same time.

He literally did stare in our general direction for a solid five minutes while Zawe was doing her bit and I swear @myfriendtheurbanlegend was having a staring contest with him and he blinked first.


Now I’m just imagining everyone going to the Broadway show are going to make the hardest eye contact with Tom. Like no blinking eye contact 😂😂😂

Lolololol I love this, this is legit gold. 😂😂 Now everyone is just gonna be staring at him.

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