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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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sex ed in the south is so concerning lmfao. my bible teacher taught it and he told us women cant actually orgasm. his evidence was that he’d been with his wife for 30 years and I quote “if the female orgasm was real i would have seen it by now.” miss banks if you’re out there i am so sorry ma’am

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I don’t really know what people generally call this method of sigil making, so I’m just calling it “Letter Shaping” because you’re using the basic shapes from certain letters.
This is the most common form of sigil making, and it allows the most creative influence. As you see above the sigils are for nearly the same thing, yet the sigils came out completely different. Not because the purpose was different, but because I approached them both a different creative way, and that’s what I like so much about this method. There’s a lot of freedom and personalization involved.

(UPDATE: Here’s a link to a guide on how to deconstruct letters down to basic shapes)


I am going to break you into four pieces like a fucking kit kat


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So my boss once robbed a museum to prove a point and honestly, I think she is my new role model. 

If this gets notes I’ll tell the full story


Many years ago, my boss was working at this museum and they had these original Churchill documents on display. These documents are worth millions of dollars… The only thing separating the public from these documents was a sheet of glass secured with 4 philips head screws. Seriously. No security guards in the room, no cameras, just an easily removable piece of glass. 

My boss pointed out the security concern, but she wasn’t taken seriously, so she took matters into her own hands. 

She bought a ticket and  pretended to be a guest. She entered through the main entrance with a huge drill clearly visible on her belt, went straight to the documents and opened the case with the drill. (While  wearing gloves,) she removed the documents, put them in a folder, reattached the glass, and walked out the main exit.  Literally no one even questioned her.

 She immediately went around to the back of the museum, entered using the staff entrance and went straight to her boss’s office.  She dropped the folder on his desk and said “I just stole these in 15 minutes“

Once he was done being mad at her, he listened and the museum increased security. 

Be our guest, be our guest, put our security to the test

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it is always hilarious to me that hermione managed to go 7 books with a reputation as a goody two shoes. all the school rules she’s broken…heck all the international wizarding laws she’s violated….kept a person in a jar for a year

As a straight A student with a reputation as a goody two shoes, I cannot begin to tell you the shit I got away with.

Yeah… straight A’s are the perfect cover for great mischief, they never suspect you when shit goes down.

I caused so much trouble in school, but I also got the principal’s award.

I could have murdered my class teacher and they would have given me student of the year award.

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[Asked About Zedd] He’s extremely musical and it’s so nice listening to his tracks,” Williams said. “I mean he’s a DJ and there’s a lot of DJs right now getting a lot of exposure, but I could really tell the first time I heard his track ‘Clarity’ there’s so much depth to him and there’s such, I don’t know, the tonalities that he picks out feel like something that’s in tune with my heart, you know what I’m saying? Those sounds that you hear and you feel like you always knew them.” -Hayley Williams

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What if we kissed 😳 in the middle of a forest fire 😳you started in a suicidal rage 😳 and we were both boys 😳

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you ever think about what a genuinely funny show icarly was

off the top of my head

-Freddie’s mom used to just….chant rhymes for some reason and one of them was “WHEN THE TEMPERATURES GET VERY HIGH THE ELDERLY WILL START TO DIE”

-“ive organized your phone calls into three categories: calls from your mother, death threats, and death threats from your mother”

-carly dated on this Cool Bad Boy type but dumped him because he had an unhealthy obsession with beanie babies. there was an entire episode about it

-sam beating the shit out of people with a sock full of butter

-one direction showed up?? for some reason??

-spencer got a pet ostrich because his magic meatball told him to. it was never mentioned again

-they found out about Lewbert’s ex girlfriend and somehow brought her back but it turns out she was fucking insane so lewbert punched a cop in the face so that he’d go to jail and be away from her

-that kid who stole tv remotes and tied spencer up and shot him with a water gun which was heavily implied to be full of piss

-pee on carl

-they broke into their teacher’s house to spy on her and somehow ended up in her closet which was a randy jackson shrine while she did yoga

-spencer told everyone he was dead so that his art would be worth more which tbh is a huge fucking mood

Ok but how are you gonna forget the one where sam voluntarily checks herself into an insane asylum because she has a crush on freddie like im sorry but that was a HUGE mood

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I’ve never seen a meme with such a clear expiration date as “let’s raid Area 51 on September 20th” because some loon is gonna do it and they’re either gonna get shot or disappeared and ain’t nobody gonna be joking about it any more

us on september 20th when someone photographs and liveblogs their journey into area 51 and they suddenly stop posting

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Number of visits to each state by a presidential candidate during 2016 Presidential Election.

“The Electoral College exists so rural states are represented in the political process”

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my favourite thing about that Lucille Bluth “good for her” reaction image that’s so popular is that she’s referring to a news report about a woman who locked her 3 kids in a car and let it roll backwards into a lake.

Me @ lucille bluth @ a woman going crazy and killing her whole family

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Honestly the best feeling in the world is when you pick up someone’s cat, and they’re like “I can’t believe she’s letting you hold her !!!” Like yes. I am the cats friend. The cat whisperer. The forest nymph. The cat charmer. Th e

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