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ridragon·15 hours agoAnswer
A lot of people seem to go with the notion that Orsino is a bad first enchanter and some people even say he might be worse than Irving. I don't think thats fair, but I'm not sure how to put it into words. What do you think of this?

Orsino was NOT a bad First Enchanter. Orsino did the best he could in a really shitty situation.

  • Orsino grew up in the Ansburg alienage. “As an elf, he was taught early that he would be hated and looked down upon for his build and his ears.” As an elf, he was familiar with systemic oppression long before his magic.
  • Growing up in the Gallows, Orsino did his best to be unnoticeable. He passed all his tests, never failing but never excelling, so that the templars did not notice him as much. “He did not raise his head. He obeyed the templars’ every order and pretended to be content. Living to see the sun rise every morning was what was important. It was what he’d learned in the alienage. Look out for no one but yourself, and survive.”
  • But Orsino befriended a mage named Maud, who succumbed to great grief and depression over being locked in the Gallows. Though Orsino would tell her the important thing was that she was alive, her response was “this is no life.” Then, Maud locked herself in a closet and burned herself to death.
  • Years went by of Orsino watching his fellow mages commit suicide after suicide, and every time he always thought back to the last words Maud said to him. Even worse yet, he had to listen to the templars joke about all these losses. “The templars didn’t seem to care about the suicides. Most had the courtesy to say nothing at all, but some would snigger when they thought no one was listening. “One less to worry about.” “The only good mage is a dead mage.””
  • It all built up, and Orsino grew angry. Angry and bold. He began to stand up to the templars. “He watched for mistreatment of the mages and called it out. Where once he would shrink away, he stood his ground. The mages were his people, and he would fight for them.”
  • When the previous First Enchanter died in 9:28 without a successor, Meredith decided that the Gallows didn’t need one. But Orsino knew that the mages needed someone to speak for them. Orsino volunteered for the position when no one else wanted it. “The other senior enchanters had no desire for the position and quickly rallied behind Orsino. The Circle had voted for their own first enchanter, and the knight-commander let it be.” There would be no First Enchanter if it wasn’t for Orsino.
  • “As first enchanter, Orsino worked tirelessly to improve the lot of the mages. He wanted, as much as he could, to make their days in the Gallows worth something. Even if they were still prisoners, and even though it was hard, he wanted to give them hope. More importantly, he wanted to give them something of a life so that death would not be preferable. Every small freedom he won from the templars was a great victory. The mages grew to trust him, and the templars to mark him as a menace.” How many more mages would have followed Maud if not for Orsino is a number we don’t even know. Orsino saved countless lives as First Enchanter, through every small victory of hope.
  • His work didn’t just stay within the Circle, either. “Orsino tried to find every advantage he could. He made contact with mage sympathizers and apostates in Kirkwall. He sought allies in the highest of places, and the lowest.” Orsino was part of the mage underground, too.
  • The big tragedy for Orsino is that come The Last Straw, he lost the hope he tried to give everyone else–and hell, up until the very end he was trying to do that, ordering the other mages to flee and assuring them they would win. But then he says the most haunting line in the game, possibly the franchise; his “why not just drown us as infants” line. World of Thedas vol 2 phrases his Harvester transformation as suicidal himself. “Like Maud and so many others before him, he let despair take hold and draw him under.” (On a meta level, we know Orsino becoming the Harvester is just because the devs felt they needed a second boss fight, though.)
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every time i think i’ve figured it out the universe is like ;-) no baby

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honestly missionaries are evil. the idea of traveling the world to tell people Who Didnt Fucking Ask that their beliefs are wrong in the hopes that theyll adopt your beliefs seems sinister

The Christians in the notes whining are so absolutely stupid

I don’t even want to talk about how they specifically target poor people and hold basic necessities over their heads in exchange for faith.

“I read about an [Inuit] hunter who asked the local missionary priest, ‘If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?’ ‘No,’ said the priest, ‘Not if you did not know.’

‘Then why,’ asked the [Inuit] earnestly, ‘did you tell me?” -Annie Dillard

(edited to remove slurs/dated language)

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real tired of hearing the vegan vs. omnivore arguments when the real superior diet in terms of both cruelty and ecosystem is locally sourced

beef and pork from a farm 10 minutes away from you is more ethical and less detrimental to the environment than quinoa grown in ecuador. the future is food forests. the green revolution is food forests. if we manage to survive this apocalyptic hellscape all of your food, plant and animal, is going to come from within half an hour of where you live. plant a vegetable garden in the meantime

As a trained conservation biologist this is the most important step we can take. You do not understand how many issues we could solve if people bought most of their food from local sources.

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not to toot me own horn but the fact that i didn’t kill myself in the 2010s? big dick energy idk how i pulled that one off

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I love how this could be either am or pm and still make sense

back when I used to party (no, like, PARTY) me an’ the crew would be coming home at just after sunrise, and there would be all these people like, on their way to work, and we used to call them the Tomorrow People – because, for us, it was still tonight, but for them, it was already tomorrow.

To this day, I still think of certain kinds of people as Tomorrow People

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The soup is boiling

I like how one ferret starts wiggling and all the rest go OH SHIT IT’S WIGGLE TIME and start going nuts as well

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“Can One Punch Man beat-”

Yes. Always. Good lord. I never understand why people can turn this into a big serious discussion. Yes, One Punch Man would beat Thanos. He would beat Luke Skywalker, Superman, every single character from Dragon Ball Z, and every ninja from Naruto. He would beat Thor and Wolverine and the Hulk in a tag team match. 

Because he plays by different rules. One Punch Man is a PARODY character. His skill set is defined by comedy, not power levels or physical strength. One Punch Man not Superman facing off against an ever-more powerful lineup of villains. He’s the Roadrunner against Wil E. Coyote’s ever more convoluted plans. Deadpool is the only other super hero type character who comes close to living in the same realm of parody, but frankly, Deadpool repeatedly getting the crap beat out of him would be funnier than Deadpool winning, so One Punch Man would win that fight too, even if he can’t actually kill Deadpool in one punch. Because parody.

If I see another Youtube video recommended to me like “Could One Punch Man beat-” really, truly, I do not care. 

I saw somebody also make this point once in another great post, I’m paraphrasing from what I remember; how strong is Saitama? However strong he needs to be in order for it to be funny.

The only possible matchups that Saitama might lose are ones where:

1) it’s conceivable that, due to the rules the other character is operating on (as in, whatever rules of comedy govern the other character’s universe), he might not be able to get in one punch.


2) A compelling argument could be made as to whether it would be funnier for Saitama to lose that fight.

Canon example where both came into play: he lost the fight against that one mosquito, because it was tiny, fast, and flying, and because it was hilarious. Rule #1 alone isn’t enough, because if it isn’t funny for him to lose, he’ll find a way to punch through whatever restrictions are preventing him from punching the target.

So “could One Punch Man beat Superman/Thanos/Unicron/the Death Star?” will always go to OPM.

But you could have a compelling debate over “could One Punch Man beat the Animaniacs?”

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threw out the trash

the appropriate reaction to seeing a moose

Honestly that was probably the best thing a person could do in that situation.

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the whole thread is way longer than this but these portions summarize exactly my thoughts on bernie sanders.

please don’t make fun of me for doing Electoralism anymore,

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Heart disease and grain free diets takeaways:

Common myths - more natural, carb free, less health problems such as allergies.

Myth: whole grains are filets with no nutritional value.

Whole grains are important sources of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Some grains do provide protein as well and it may actually be easier to digest for some animals.

Greater than 90% of dogs and cats *can* utilize nutrients from grains.

Myth: grain free is carb free

First, carbs are an important energy source and one of the 6 basic nutrients (water, protein, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins)

Sweet potato has more carbs than corn

Grain free diets that *are* lower in carbs are in turn higher in protein and fat, which is not necessarily actually healthy for an animal.

The diets vary in levels of protein, fats and other nutrients.

Potato and cassava have fewer nutrients and less fiber than whole grains.

Beans, peas and lentils can cause GI upset.

MYTH: grains cause food allergies.

Actual food allergies are uncommon. Environmental allergies make up the majority.

Less than 1% of skin diseases and less than 10% of all allergy cases are actually food related. And grain allergies are one of the least common allergies of those.

For allergen causes tend to reflect the most common ingredients and change as those change. But no matter what, the most common food allergen is a meat source. NOT GRAINS.

Myth: grain causes gluten intolerance!

True gluten intolerance has so far only been found in one highly inbred lineage of Irish setters and that line no longer exists. It manifested as GI signs, not itching.

Gluten intolerance has never been found in a cat.

There is no credible evidence that grain free is better for pets, to date. There is no nutritional foundation for the claim.

The correlation (not causation, correlation) between grain free and heart disease in atypical breeds is currently being investigated.

Possible reasons?

Taurine deficiency? DCM used to be extremely common in cats until they figured out the link in 1980.

In 1990 both Golden retrievers and cocker spaniels were found to also get taurine deficiency related DCM.

Research takes a while. It might be done time before we have answers.

Grains are not the devil.

Boutique foods typically don’t even have a veterinary nutritionist on staff.

None do lifetime feeding trials.

Different foods can interact in weird ways once inside an animal, impacting the body’s ability to absorb or utilize nutrients.

Dogs do not need blueberries. Those are a marketing gimmick. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t spend money on tests claiming to identify foods allergies in your dog. They can’t even tell the difference between animal hair and fake hair. They are useless.

Also, random meat sources often end up in boutique raw food diets that aren’t declared on the label so you don’t know what is actually in there.

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what a horrifying way to phrase this thank you


we are all poltergeists in meat suits


sometimes you just need to be a moderate to severe nuisance


it’s the same reason we gleefully smash pots in zelda games


I think the goose game is so successful because it captures a fundamental human desire to be absolutely but harmlessly bastardous

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Tumblr should add a ‘not interested’ option to their recommended posts, but keep the 'this post sucks’ option and whenever someone selects it, the OP gets a notification that says 'someone thinks your post sucks!’ But with no details on who it was or which post is the sucky one.

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