But first, Tea.

Wherein Kyraeth Vale invites her demons to tea. FFXIV - Balmung

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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💥An Astral Enigma💥

Villains lurk in every corner, with the Emerald Eorzean nowhere to be found! 

Lucky Sparrow brings you TWO shows this moon!

The Emerald Eorzean has gone missing after a mission in Garlemald to try and mend bridges by bringing his familiar heroism to those in need, but the local heroes of Eorzea still insist upon putting a show on in his honor, with the hopes that everyone’s favorite emerald hued hero makes his triumphant return. But with Emerald gone, will the villains find their chance to bring terror into the hearts of Eorzea?! And just where IS the Emerald Eorzean? Find out at Lucky Sparrow - An Astral Enigma! 

Come be a part and open your heart on Sunday, March 8th and/or Sunday, March 29th at 6:00pm EST. The curtains will unveil at 6:30pm EST, don’t miss out!

Balmung Server, Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Plot 36

**For those with older computers, we suggest you seat yourselves in the front as to lower the chance of items despawning in the show space.**

There is no OOC entrance fee. We do not require any in-game gil for admission. All gil is requested IC. Donations are much appreciated and put towards renovating our venue and future shows, but not obligated. We most enjoy sharing a night of excitement and music with everyone!

We hope to see you there!

🍀Stay Lucky!🍀

On the poster this moon: Our heroes Moonstone Miqo’te, The Crimson Dragon… along with some unfamiliar and dangerous looking villains and sidekicks perhaps! 

🍀 Lucky Sparrow Entertainment Troupe 🍀
general info | staff & recruitment | posters

Other Balmung related events can be found at @balmungrpcalendar & @ffxiv-crystal-rp ! 💖

@mooglemeet @balmungrpcalendar @balmungroleplayers-blog @crystalxivrp @crystal-rp-ffxiv


It’s early enough for me to go! I am going to the thing! 

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So, according to this helpful chart, the solution for the current Quarantine Mood is to dump 10 kinds of tea into a bucket and guzzle that shit. 

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Ugh, I really need to find an RP partner. I’m dying of boredom XD

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67. What is something that is simple, but always makes them smile?

Kyra’s bonded fae, Isuraicath. Usually just called ‘Isu,’ this fairy serves a very specific, and very important purpose for Kyra. However, in addition to a big job, she also has a very big personality! Her efforts make her endlessly hungry, and she’s quite a sugar addict. She will dive bomb any sugary treat within range, no matter who happened to have it first. 

Ownership in general seems to be an entirely foreign concept to Isu. Not only will she steal treats from anyone and everyone, but she’ll also steal anything else interesting they might have on their person, given the opportunity. This thieving little pixie inevitably gets the most humorous reactions from others, and Kyra can’t help but laugh at her antics no matter how dark the day, or how much trouble it gets her into.

Thank you for the Ask!

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My castle now has a guest room :D  I kept it quite simple and didn’t really spend any time on a bunch of floating or glitching, but it still turned out cozy, I think!

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You know what I love? Characters who rally against fate.

Main characters who, when told their destiny, throw up a big middle finger to fate and fuck right off to change that shit. Friends of main characters who go “hell naw we ain’t doing this” and drag the main character somewhere else. Characters who fight prophecies, who are ready to throw down when told what they have to be or do, who go out to make their own destinies. Characters who refuse to be or do what they’re supposed to because there’s no way in hell they’re gonna lose somebdy or be some sort of sacrificial lamb.

Because, in the end, even if things end up the same, even if the prophecy was right in some way, there’s something so incredibly human in deciding that the world can’t tell you what to do.

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I feel like I need to go unlock GNB just so I don’t have that ONE empty spot there LOL

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81. How would they react if someone broke into their home?
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