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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
deliciouslinks · 2 hours ago





Also, I hate abstinence-only, and I absolutely agree that teenagers need accurate information about sexuality that isn’t shaming or meant to “scare em straight,” but I feel like social media (especially fucking Instagram) has reeeaally pushed this “hoe culture” thing that tells especially underage girls that the best way to own your sexuality, be “sex positive,” and be #empowered is to act out this really porny hypersexuality to appeal to boys. (And also to be hypersexual for boys on demand but never expect anything like emotional reciprocation in return, because that’s prudish and whiny and not what Baddies™ do.)

Even on places like tunglr.hell; of a clearly underage teen girl deepthroating a banana in front of her cheering peers at a party, and the reactions were all “yaaaaasss what a queen lmaaaooo #baddie,” with nobody really stopping to ask if maaaaybe that doesn’t really look like a really great situation, also why are you sharing a clip of a teen faking a sex act, let alone cheering it on as badass.

The only people who expressed any kind of concern were the people yelling about how “if that was my daughter I’d whoop her hoe ass and lock her in the basement.” It seems like young girls are caught between the left and right wall in a maze, one being this porny sexiness for boys, he other being this controlling and shaming insistence on “purity”, and in between are predators who know how to corner you against either of those walls

It’s weird that girls are taught that being sexually appealing/enticing is empowering instead of being aware of and okay with their own sexual desires. And by weird I mean malicious and intentional.

If you spend your formative adolescent years (when you are supposed to be figuring out your own sexuality and emotional workings) being trained by the media to PERFORM a pornified idea of sexuality to impress the boys and men around you, then you don’t get to learn your own body. You don’t get to learn what you like, or what you need.

why are 12 year old middle school girls now getting inch-long fake nails? Why are people applauding when 15 year olds are “makeup gurus”? Why does society expect girls to go from playing with toy ponies and dolls to transform into Victoria’s Secret models overnight? Half these girls are also on diets, before they’ve even finished growing! So you never get to have ANY kind of free relationship with your body! Before you even know what all your parts can do!

Also, and I used to wonder this as a horny teenage girl myself, how the fuck do yo figure out how you like to be touched intimately, if you have little plastic claws glued to your fingertips, and you can’t touch yourself and experiment????

Why is so much “femininity” based on making your body into a decoration that actually hinders the way you can experience life? Can’t hug too close because you’ll mess up your makeup. Can’t kiss your friend on the cheek because you’ll mess up HER makeup and your lipstick. Can’t pick up a fucking coin off the countertop because your fake nails. Can’t open a can of soup because you’ll scuff your nail polish. Can’t go swimming because your hair will turn back. Can’t have a slice of pizza because that’s “too much carbs and grease” and you’re on a(nother) diet. Can’t go out in the sun because you’re doing a skin peel because your face looks “dull”.

Do men sacrifice ANYTHING on this level, to get and keep women’s attention? No! And then the double-whammy is, after we spend all that time and energy performing ALL that physical labor and maintenence, they don’t even want women to ask for affection and emotional support or comfort.

Seriously, what the fuck is the point?

This post made me realize that it’s not about sexual empowerment, it’s about sexual availability.

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deliciouslinks · a day ago



Headcanon that Arthur gives Merlin some of his old clothes as a kind gesture, but when Merlin starts wearing them the people of Camelot think it’s Arthur and Merlin subtly going public about their relationship…which is not actually in existence yet. Predictably, absolute comedic chaos ensues.

@thatgaywizardoverthere ok but why would you hide these golden tags

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when a woman designs an outfit for women VS when men are allowed to do it

Stop letting men do things 2k18

Never not reblogging

Best post ever

Seriously though!!  It’s ridiculous!


women-designed outfits are not only 1000% more practical, but also highly detailed and meant to elevate the woman wearing it, whereas male designers are happy to slap on a plain piece of fabric and let the woman’s body elevate their poor design.

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deliciouslinks · 2 days ago




Again it disturbs me that people in their early twenties are ashamed of being virgins as though it should be normal and expected for middle schoolers and high schoolers to be fucking lile crazy particularly when those are the most vulnerable amd likely to be taken advantage of by adults. This world’s fixation with sex is disturbing

I’m a 25 year old virgin, none of you bitches can touch this 😌


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deliciouslinks · 2 days ago



(for @a-kind-of-merry-war, my shitpost muse)


In every town they pass through, Jaskier pays the local town crier to announce that HEAR YE, HEAR YE, VALDO MARX FUCKS GOATS. 

Eventually, Eskel catches wind.


“There’s a Witcher asking after you,” the villager says, “you’d best be on your way. We don’t want any trouble here.” She squints at Valdo suspiciously as she herds her goats behind her wagon.


“I swear,” Valdo pleads, “they’re lies! The foul work of a man called Julian Alfred Pankranz! He thinks he’s being clever-” 

“Oh, Jaskier?” Eskel says, sheathing his sword. “… yeah that sounds like something he’d do.” 

How many Witchers does Julian know? Valdo grumbles to himself as he dusts off his mangled doublet, watching warily as the scary man shrugs apologetically and walks away. 

But then, he gets an idea.


Town criers are child’s play. Valdo puts every lick of talent he has into penning the most stirring, jauntiest tune he has ever written: 

Jaskier the Witcher Layer 

(there’s some fancy wordplay of “cockatrice he slew/cock he blew” that Valdo is very proud of) 


“I don’t know why, Geralt, but I’ve been having just the best few months,” Jaskier says happily. “So many hot single Witchers in my local area just waiting to connect! Who knew!” 

Geralt, who had been having an inexplicably miserable few months, who perhaps had realized that he did not enjoy seeing Jaskier coo over scars that weren’t his, slick his tongue over fangs that weren’t his, draw into his mouth medallions that-

“… on a purely academic level, the differences in physiology are fascinating. You know, I thought Manticores would be similar to Cats because of the lion bits, but no, they’re closer to scorpions if anything …” 


Eventually, they hear the song, and Jaskier is. 

Jaskier is delighted

“You know, I always gave Valdo Marx a hard time because I thought his rhyming scheme was shit … but that pun about the cockatrices?” Jaskier laughed, seemingly basking in the attention that he was receiving, whispers of is that him? the Witcher layer? “Honestly … this is brilliant. I might actually have to thank the man, imagine that! Now I feel bad about all goat-related rumors I’ve spread about him …”

I’m going to kill Valdo Marx, Geralt thinks darkly.


“There’s a Witcher asking after you,” the barkeep says nervously, polishing his glass. “Best be on your way … we don’t want trouble here.” 

“Don’t worry,” Valdo says, “I’ve straightened things out with Eskel.” 

There’s a crash as Geralt slams open the tavern door. 


They decide they have a mutual interest. This is a neat way of describing it: Geralt wants Jaskier to stop fucking every witcher he comes across, and Valdo wants Geralt to stop threatening him.

Besides: after talking to Geralt, it becomes clear that Jaskier the Witcher Layer was not the retribution that Valdo was hoping for. Both bards have had strange witchers turn up and their doors, but while Valdo is getting threatened by them, Jaskier is…

Well. Jaskier is doing what Jaskier does best.

It’s just unfair.


“Valdo! I must thank you for that song–”

Valdo groans into his pint. Jaskier compliments him on the lyrics and hastily apologises for what he calls youthful pranks before launching into some well-practised bragging. He’s even got medallions, showing them off with sparkling eyes. Valdo feigns interest, at first. And then he realises.

“You’re missing one.”

Jaskier looks down, his ears pink. “Well,” he says. “Yes.”


“You mean to tell me,” says Valdo, several days later, “you weren’t fucking Julian?”

Geralt scowls, which is all the confirmation he needs. Inexplicably, he feels a little guilty.

“We need a change of tack, then. Jaskier and I were once…” he pauses. “Well. I can teach you how to win the fickle fuck’s attentions.”

“I’ve changed my mind,” Geralt says. “I think I will kill you after all.”

“You know,” Valdo downs his drink. “I get that a lot.”


“Trust me,” says Valdo, wrapping an arm around Geralt’s shoulders. “I know what I’m doing.”

“I don’t think–”

The door opens. Valdo looks up. He winks. 

The door slams shut, rattling the windows.

Valdo pulls away with a little grimace. “What are you fucking waiting for, wolf?” He says, shoving Geralt out of his seat. “Go!”


Jaskier is easy to find: sitting on the edge of their shared bed with his bag half packed. His eyes are red.

“Tell me you’re not,” he says.

“I’m not.”


Jaskier hums the first few bars of Jaskier the Witcher Layer. Geralt silences him with a kiss. “I hate that song.”

Jaskier traps Geralt’s bottom lip between his teeth, runs an exploratory finger across the waistband of his breeches, fiddling with the leather ties. Geralt bucks beneath him.

“I don’t,” Jaskier whispers.


They leave without saying goodbye to Valdo, returning to the road. The evenings are warm, the stars bright. The ground is never too cold beneath them.

“On a purely academic level,” Jaskier runs a lazy hand up and down Geralt’s chest, the silver chain clinking gently around his neck as he moves, “wolf physiology is, I think, my favourite.”


He returns the medallions one by one. He drops the last into the hand of a wiry Cat while Geralt is away on a hunt.

“One left,” he says, when Geralt returns.

“Are you going to return that one, too?”

He hums. “Not if I can help it.”

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deliciouslinks · 2 days ago





oh god they’re catching on

[Image ID: a tweet from user @ Am1na1992 that reads, “ironically tumblr is the most peaceful place on the internet now.” End ID.]

quick everyone make this place abysmal just for like 5 days ok. start some extra fandom discourse or start shipping politicians or something please just for like a week?? so we can throw them off??

I think we should bring the once-ler back

Don’t even fucking joke about that

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deliciouslinks · 2 days ago





you’ve heard of surprised pikachu, now get ready for distressed raichu

The world isn’t ready for distressed Raichu but here it is anyway

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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago


3017. Meringue Dragon - Illustration

Artwork prints and more available in my store :)

To support my work and receive exclusive content:

FAQ    Twitter  •  Facebook  •  Instagram  •  DeviantArt

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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago


Fresh Flowers by @schweet-arts​.

Completed 22 Feb 2021. Created for Inktober 52 Prompt #1: Fresh.

Also fits my @merlinbingo​ square (Episode Tag), and @tavernfest​‘s Round 2: Five Love Languages prompt (Gift Giving).

Likes and reblogs are 💖 but please do not repost.

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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago




We’re only finding out recently that a lot of animals have colors and patterns that we cannot see because they’re outside of our visual range. It calls to attention how much of the world we can’t experience because our senses are limited.

When we shine UV lights on them, they glow pink or blue, but these are the colors that we CAN see…. they could be a bunch of different colors, which we SEE as all pink.

It’s also interesting to consider that most of these animals are not aware of having glowing patches on their bodies…. isn’t it also possible that we have skin or hair patterns that were not aware of?
(There is actually some research out there to support the idea that our own skin fluoresces as well and that there are gender differences in the pattern and glow.)

Other places to see my posts:

Humans do have invisible stripes!  They’re called Blaschko’s Lines, formed as  skin cells divide at the embryonic stage.  Normally we can’t see them at all, though certain skin conditions follow those same lines. 

Apparently this is roughly what we’d look like, if our eyes could see in a different spectrum:

Dunno about you, but I want to use this in a story someday.  Aliens can see our stripes and we can’t!  Magical transformations follow Blaschko’s Lines!  A subtle sign of lycanthropy is darker hair there!  Wizards are bald with that cool spiral on their heads!

Speculative fiction is so much more fun when you can speculate about something strange but true. 


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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago

Sorry if this has been asked before but what are your favourite magic girl weapons, design wise or power wise?


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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago





Ed is having the time of his life

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deliciouslinks · 4 days ago




im gonna send him this in return

lets see how this goes

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deliciouslinks · 5 days ago




“I’m so anti-fascist I report my friends and neighbors to the feds”

“I would have never snitched on Anne Frank! Anyway, here’s a person I’m related to at the capitol!”

Hey I don’t know if you know this but snitching on someone for storming the capitol with intent to kill someone is not the same as snitching on someone for the crime of… *checks notes* being a jewish child

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deliciouslinks · 5 days ago
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this morning NASA abandoned their mars rover Opportunity (aka Oppy) because it (she) got hit by a storm on Mars and it knocked her camera and wheels out and her last words to the team were “my battery is low and it is getting cold”. I know she’s a machine but I’m devastated. Oppy is the one who discovered water on Mars. RIP oppy ily space baby

they didn’t abandon her!! they tried eight months to reach her!!!! as their last farewell to her yesterday they played her “I’ll be seeing you” by Billie Holiday:

“I’ll find you in the morning sun

And when the night is new

I’ll be looking at the moon

But I’ll be seeing you”

They love her so much and they tried so hard!!!

Oh man, It doesn’t end there.

This isn’t the first song NASA sent Opportunity. They had a playlist:

It’s on Spotify, it’s called “Opportunity, wake up!“

This is what’s great about NASA and it’s what’s great about people. These are world-class engineers. When they sent a rover to another planet they could have easily looked at it as just another scientific tool. But people don’t do that. We can and will get emotionally attached to the most inanimate of objects. We can and will anthropomorphize anything. And frankly Opportunity’s camera mast looks like a little face with eyes and everything, so why not?

So they started calling it her.

They nicknamed her Oppy.

They told her to take a selfie not long ago.

After 15 years of Oppy flipping the double bird to her original 90 day life expectancy, when a planet-spanning dust storm finally knocked her out and she stopped responding to the engineer’s wake-up messages, they started playing music for her.

And after 8 months and almost 1000 unanswered wake-up messages, when it was finally clear that Oppy was never going to wake up, the last thing these world-class NASA engineers did for their little rover on another planet

Was play her a love song

Human pack bonding is wild. I love it. You go you strange little mammals. Keep right on making friends.

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deliciouslinks · 5 days ago
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deliciouslinks · 5 days ago


what “realistic magical girl” is not: magical girls dying in battle, magical girls fighting each other, magical girl mascots turning out to be evil, magical girls being unable to have any leisure time because they’re fighting for their survival against bad guys all the time, magical girl fiction that ends badly 

what “realistic magical girl” is: magical girls referencing memes, quoting movies/podcasts/tumblr posts, and acting like they’re in a video game during battle, magical girls transforming so they can do parkour and stuff for fun outside combat, magical girls making official social media for the team, magical girls carrying speakers around and asking their mascots to play epic rock music while they’re fighting bad guys, magical girls downloading games on their henshin phones and wearing their magic makeup and jewelry in civilian form and using their wands as props during the school talent show

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are you telling me they’re making a Cruella movie and she’s not even a MILF??

this is the most valid criticism i’ve seen on the cruella de vil tag so far

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Amazing tags in Merlin fics

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