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I love Danny Phantom, Marvel movies, Doctor who, and Disney. My favorite band is Disciple. Find my stories on https://archiveofourown.org/users/DP_Marvel94/works and https://m.fanfiction.net/u/5634327/lena-smith-106
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dp-marvel94 · 19 minutes ago
Jack is medium by heritage, and this has Side Effects.
Most mediums get that way by growing up in a haunt, and so either disappear from Earth entirely to explore the Ghost Zone, or want nothing to do with those. But Jack, who has always known there was something more, but never known what? He pursues the supernatural with an unprecedented zeal.
And Jack’s medium-related abilities not only make him determined; they make him succeed where others failed. He sees the holes in reality for what they are, and harvests the ectoplasm that leaks out. He knows how to harness the extradimensional properties of ectoplasm for his inventions. And eventually, Jack manages to sate that curiosity he’s had ever since childhood: he creates his own crack in reality that brings the ghosts to him.
And if he accidentally places the ‘on’ button on the inside of the portal? Perhaps some part of him, buried deep beneath his years spent in human society, wants to be there as the Barrier that has trapped him all his life is broken.
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dp-marvel94 · 20 minutes ago
So... what are Tucker's, Sam's, and Jazz's reputations in the Ghost Zone, exactly? Because they've helped Danny foil a good few evil plans over the years abd they've even outright beaten ghosts by themselves on occasion.
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dp-marvel94 · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I recently found out that Danny and Sora shared a voice actor in France, so why don't they share a world too?
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dp-marvel94 · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Yo Danny Phantom, he's really hard to draw
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dp-marvel94 · 23 minutes ago
Angst Week day 1, Creation: Alone
you can also read on ao3
Amity Park has ghosts. 
It isn’t the only place in the world with ghosts, isn’t even the only place in the country with them. There are so many other places with ghosts. But even so, the fact remains that Amity Park has ghosts. 
You see them everywhere, walking along the streets, sitting at tables in coffee shops, trying to borrow library books, occupying school desks that are meant to be empty, it’s exhausting to try to avoid them. Makes you wonder why people even stay in Amity Park in the first place, or any other town with ghosts for that matter. But the housing is cheap, so are gas prices, and if the town was deserted, another ghost spewing town would pop up right afterwards. So people tend to overlook the town’s little problem. After all, in Amity Park, attacks didn’t really ever happen more than once a month, if that. And when they did happen, the Fentons would take care of it. 
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dp-marvel94 · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
yo I’m cruising in last minute for birth/creation :)
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dp-marvel94 · 24 minutes ago
Chapters: 13/35 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Danny Fenton & Maddie Fenton Characters: Maddie Fenton, Danny Fenton, Jack Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Original Characters, Other Characters Additional Tags: Identity Reveal, Family, Injury, No dissection, Near Death Experiences, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Not fanon compliant either, Science Fiction Summary:
A new kind of danger threatens Amity Park. With no other leads, Maddie Fenton turns to the one individual that might be able to help: Danny Phantom. Meanwhile, after a near death experience, she begins to question everything she knows about ghosts. Updates on Sundays.
Yehowdy, yall, I’m back with a new chapter! Time to deal with that cliffhanger! Enjoy the plot chickens!
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dp-marvel94 · 24 minutes ago
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Characters: Vlad Masters
Rating: T
Relationships: Just a hint of one sided family breakfast
Tags & Warnings: Hurt
Summary: What will come, he doesn’t know, but hope is in his veins Bathed in green and all alone, he seeks to end his pain
Written for Going Angst Week 2021 Day 1: Birth/Creation
Vlad stood before the gaping maw of his creation, satisfaction thrumming through his chest at having completed his pet project years in the making. Dozens upon dozens of hours spent pouring over the designs, millions of dollars invested in the building of every individual piece needed to finish their his lifelong dream.
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dp-marvel94 · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Danielle redesign to go along with my Vlad redesign for my new au. Her full name is Danielle 'Elle' Fenton-Masters. She's a clone of Vlad and Danny but I haven't fully decided on who made her, whether it was Vlad or the GIW like @constellajs Dani, whos Dani inspired mine.
In this au, Vlad actually cares about her and immediately considers her his daughter, despite not being the 'perfect' clone son, Vlad decides she's perfect as she is. Maddie and Jack also take her in aswell so she considers all three her parents hence the combined name. Her ghost name is Elle Poltergeist, as she's very mischievous, cocky and a bit of a trickster. The pink and green are taken from Vlad and Danny respectfully. She's also non-binary bc I say so.
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
There’s one ~silver lining~ of my iPad being broken: I’ve had loads of time to think about my many half-formed undercover phantom au ideas! Since I have no idea when or what will make it to comic form, here’s the lowdown…. AKA, everything that’s been rattling around my brain recently :P
For context: Danny, Sam and Tucker have never met, and nobody knows Danny is Phantom. When Vlad’s newest bit of tech gets Danny stuck in ghost mode (with the rest of his powers on the fritz to boot), he meets Tucker and Sam—who instantly see through his disguise and lend a helping hand. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 tba!!)
So. After that, Danny—no, Phantom—becomes friends with them. It’s exciting! He was invisible at school even before the ghost powers; he was pretty isolated and lonely and being Phantom for the last year hasn’t exactly been a social boon. Kid’s lonely, ok?
But now… two human friends? Who’re his age & share his interests? It’s like a dream come true! If only they weren’t exclusively friends with his ghost self… and if only they didn’t wanna be so involved in his dangerous ghost hunting things…Uhhh. Hm. Could be a problem.
Danny angsts about the danger he’s putting his new friends in, and about not being able to befriend them as a human. He plays with the idea of telling them Everything but that’s… risky to say the least. He’s only known them a few weeks! ugh….!! it’s too much. maybe he should just throw the towel in.
Buuut Sam & Tucker don’t take no for an answer. Especially after they rescue him a third time.
Thus… Phantom friendship shenanigans!!
Sam filched some parts from the Fentonworks Lab when Phantom took them there, and later convinced Tucker to help her build a custom mini ectogun in case of emergency. They didn’t tell Phantom.
Danny is really sentimental about that DP hat he wore when he first met Sam & Tucker. He wore it as Phantom for a while but it got singed in a fight. He still wears it when he hangs out with Tucker & Sam but otherwise keeps it squirreled away for Sentimental Reasons.
“So Phantom, how old are you?” “I’m 15.” “15 now? Or 15 when you died?” “Yes.”
Tucker has a bunch of awful 90s button up shirts, and gives one to Phantom
They aren’t able to convince Sam to wear one too, but they sure do try.
Phantom won’t tell them when he died, so once he starts wearing 90s shirts they start using terrible 90s slang with him
“I am NOT from the 90s!!! They didn’t even SAY that then!!!” “methinks the lady doth protest too much…..home slice” “NOOO!!!”
“Phantom I have an extremely important question. Like, life or death. SHIT is on the LINE here. Are you listening?? I really need to know…. Do ghosts play video games”
The answer may surprise you (no it won’t)
Sam is completely convinced they can ACTUALLY get a good working guess of when Phantom lived and died based on the fact he liked Nasty Burger when he was alive, since NB’s a regional chain with a not-so-distant past. Tucker meanwhile thinks Phantom probably has a good reason for keeping them at arm’s length—but regardless of method, they can agree: they want to break down Phantom’s walls.
The next arc is less “Undercover Phantom” and more “Undercover Fenton” because the juxtaposition of him having to do hidden identities squared (squared again) is too good for me to pass up. It boils down to this: during a ghost attack at school, Danny finds himself stuck being “protected” by Sam and Tucker.
Sam and Tucker take their new jobs as Phantom’s ghost hunting companions too seriously to let this skinny stranger they just met run TOWARDS the danger. WHY does he keep trying to run TOWARDS the danger
Sam pulls out her ectogun.
Sam does not tell him.
“Wait, your last name’s Fenton? Like Fentonworks Fenton?” “No, the other Fenton.” “Oh… well, that’s too bad…” “YES LIKE FENTONWORKS FENTON”
Sam is initially wary of Danny because of his parents’ super strong anti-ecto views. Danny is clueless as to why she isn’t very friendly to him-as-a-human when she’s great with him-as-a-ghost. but she warms up after he helps resolve the ghost issue in a way that shows he doesn’t subscribe to his parents’ views.
afterwards you get this excellent situation where Danny is now friends with Sam and Tucker as Phantom and as Fenton, and they’re not connecting the dots as quickly as they did when it was just “that’s Phantom wearing a hoodie and a cap with his own logo on it”.
the potential here? *chefs kiss* here’s a few things but honestly? the possibilities are limitless
Danny pretending to not have a cell phone because he already gave them his number as Phantom
Tucker: *dials Phantom*
Danny, standing directly next to him: *frantically attempting to silence his phone*
Sam & Tucker try to introduce Danny and Phantom. Danny has to make excuses to avoid this happening in both forms.
Danny takes Sam & Tucker down to the Fentonworks Lab to get them some real equipment. Sam & Tucker pretend (very badly) that they’ve never been there before
Rooftop chill sessions as Phantom, late night teenage hijinks as Fenton, plus school AND fighting ghosts does not do any favors for Danny’s sleep deprivation. Tucker introduces him to caffeine pills with… mixed results.
Tucker and Sam teach Phantom some sign language. Later Danny slips up and uses it casually with them as Fenton
…. And many other silly mixups that I’ve yet to think of because I live for that shit
Sam & Tucker have theories about the Fenton-Phantom connection and they’re all wrong but somehow also plausible and that freaks Danny out just a little bit if he ever overhears them
Ultimately, I see this AU having a final arc where a New Situation occurs in which Danny-as-Phantom has to—once again—pretend to be human. This time, he’s with Sam & Tucker as Phantom from the get go, and can’t disappear or transform, even if being Phantom is extremely dangerous at that moment. Somehow this scenario would lead to the Fenton-is-Phantom (or, in this case, Phantom-is-Fenton) reveal…. But the details still escape me :P
so in short………… I really like hidden identities
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
After Danny has chugged his fifth monster in a row Danny doesnt fear death, death fears Danny
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
😭😭😭 that last line ripped my heart out!
Going Angst week Day one: Creation of Phantom
Danny was tired to put it simply. It was five am and he was flying above the quiet Amity Park. The town slept peacefully as Danny stayed awake putting the ghosts back in the Zone. All night it had been one after the other, leaving Danny with bruises and black eyes. The black bags seem to drag down his lids and he slowed down to gliding on a breeze. It was dangerous to fly exhausted. He stayed there for a moment, feeling the cold air through his suit. Well, through the holes in his suit. It was surprisingly thin material considering it was a hazmat suit. He picked at a frayed edge on his torso. Maybe hazmats suits were not meant to be slammed into a wall repeatedly and come out with no tears. As the breeze carried him east he shivered and sighed. His pyjamas might be warmer. And a bit less holy.
He floated down to the street and out of the street light. The cool rings passed over making him shiver once again. His pyjamas were delightfully soft against his skin and helped keep the cold breeze out. He blew hot air on his hands and rubbed them together, trying to get some feeling to his fingers. It was a odd sight Danny supposed. The weird Fenton kid in the middle of street in his pyjamas at five am. Some windows had light through the curtains for the early birds. Danny started walking east towards his house. Early birds catch the worm and today Danny couldn’t be a worm.
The walk turned out to be unpleasant for his feat. He had socks on at least but the pavement was hard and full of stray rocks that poked at his toes. Danny cursed gently as the rock poking at his arch. It should hurt more but he was too tired to register the full extent of it. He squinted down the street to see how far his house was. The Fenton Works lights were dimmed for the night. The gas stations light however stuck out in the morning darkness. The neon lights beckoned him like a moth. Flip flops and coffee. Maybe two coffees.
He carefully made his way to the station and walked in. The door bell chimed with his entrance and the woman at the till looked up. Sandra, the owner, was just putting cash into the cash drawer for the float. She waved with a large smile, always the early bird.
“Hey Danny, bit earlier for you isn’t it?” she teased. Danny stuck out his tongue and headed for the flip flop stand. She laughed and closed the register. Sandra had gotten used to Danny showing up at odd hours. Odd hours and no wallet for the large amounts of coffee. She took pity and started a tab that he swore he’d pay off in full eventually.
The flip flop rack didn’t have many options. Danny picked off a pair of black ones a size to big and headed for the coffee machine. A glorious freshly brewed pot sat full on the burner. Danny smiled and grabbed two extra large cups. The bell chimed in the distance but Danny soaked in the warm coffee smell ignoring another customer so early. Sandra never kept a sugar jar for the coffee. Just small packets he had to rip open one by one to get ridiculous amounts of sugar. She once told him that much sugar would stop his heart one day. Danny laughed and told her it wouldn’t be the first.
“Late night or early morning?” Sandra asked the new customer.
“Early morning.”
“Ahh jeeze. You heading up—” Danny snapped the lid onto one of his coffees. We’re the lids always so loud? Danny blamed it on his late night. He took his coffees and his flip flops up to the register. The flip flops dangled from his arm and his feet made soft padding against the floor.
“Hey Sandra. I know I said I’d pay half my tab yesterday but something came up.” He placed his cups on the counter with an apologetic smile. It turned into a frown at Sandra’s pale skin and terrified eyes. The register was open and stacks of cash sat on the counter. He whipped around. A tall man with half a face covered with a bandanna held his arm steady with a gun. A gun pointing at Sandra and Danny. Danny rolled his eyes. There wouldn’t be much in the register right now. Just the small amount needed for the float. Bad time for a robbery. He grabbed his cup behind him and took a sip.
“Get out of the way kid. You think your being funny huh?” the robber accused. Danny held his ground and scooted directly in front of Sandra. He could dodge Skulkers blasts so a bullet couldn’t be that hard.
“Whatever man. You do relise mornings are an awful time for a robbery right? There’s the bare minimum of cash in the drawer and frankly nighttime would be—” a gun shot rang through the store. The words died on Danny’s tongue as he got snapped back on the counter. He fell forewords onto his face. Pain flared over his body. He just needed to go ghost. Then Sandra could keep her money and be fine. He just needed—
Phantom woke up on a cold floor. He lifted his head and floated himself up straight. Gray walls and shelves covered in machinery greeted him. Curious he floated over, his tail trailing behind him with a phantom breeze. The machines looked liked guns and had green capsules attached to them. He picked one up and turned it over in his hands. Footsteps made him drop it back on the table and whip around. Down a set of stairs came two people, they’re faces covered in distress. His core tightened and urged him foreword. Relief spread across the dark haired ones face.
“Thank god Danny, you weren’t answering your phone and you’ve been gone all morning. We had to cover for you in Lancers class but you still have detention.” The dark haired one explained. She walked over and gave him a hug. Phantom stiffened at the sudden contact.
“Ya man we were starting to think the worst happened like Skulker actually kidnapped you or Vlad got to you.” The other one chuckled. Phantom pulled back from the two. He frowned and pulled his tail closer to him. The two gave him expectant looks. Phantom floated away from them a bit and spoke.
“Who’s Danny?”
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Got bored and started watching Infinity Train. I already love these characters because they're as weird and as antisocial as I am.
Also, I just came of a Danny Phantom marathon so now I'm imagining Vlad Masters getting on the Infinity Train. Wisconsin is just forever associated with that cheese eating yandere supervillain in my mind now.
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Huh, had a thought on that "Ellie/Elle Phantom and Dani-with-an-I can die" thing: imagine if that's what she DID decide by the time D-Stabilized came around. I'm thinking specifically of that scene at the beginning between Vlad and Valerie: "No, not Danny Phantom, DaNI Phantom." Like oh my god I just... had a moment? there? like, I don't know how to describe it but I felt something very distinct at the thought that he would have been essentially calling her by a deadname. Just, the thought that no one knows this is her name now, I'm just imagining when she gets captured she's like, "No, I'm not Dani--I'm Elle." Like there's not even an "I'm not Dani anymore" it's just, she's Elle and has always been, like she's reclaiming herself, who she was, and who she's going to be. And this probably leads to different interactions with the other characters--Valerie thinking she's lying about her name to throw her off or that "Dani Phantom" is possessing some human girl named Elle, or Danny's first greeting of her in that episode (I think I remember that he calls her Danielle, her full first name, which probably isn't so bad to her since it's not DANI, but she gets to tell him her new name and be excited about it and he'll love it and be happy she found herself while she was out there away from him, and their interaction is so much deeper than it was in canon), probably even how Vlad treats her (for basically completely disowning herself by not keeping the name he gave her) even though he already treated her pretty badly in canon (and the continued insistence of calling her "Dani" because he knows it will HURT her, remind her of who made her and who she's a copy of). Imagine all the other things chain-reacting because of Elle being Elle. I dunno just. THOUGHTS?
I don't even have anything to add to this, this is just beautiful
Tumblr media
especially this part this is just *mwah* chef's kiss, perfection
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I didn't have the time to finish this up digitally so here's a traditional piece for Danny Phantom Going angst week 2021 by @lexosaurus
Day 1: Creation
Danny got electrocuted to death...half death??? His birth as a ghost had to have been painful and left some phantom (eh eh...see what I did there) scarring.
I might do a follow up exploration of this concept at a later date.. or at least touch up this piece.
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
She breathed her last breath before her first.
going angst week 2021 - birth/creation
do y’all ever think about Dani I think about Dani all the time. just created and already melting, full of memories that feel just a liiiittle bit Off, and then your only parent is upset that you had the audacity to exist incorrectly
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
A Danny Phantom au/headcannon I have is that after defeating Pariah Dark and unintentionally claiming their keep Danny just sorta hangs out there in his down time since it is technically his place now.
Like when he needs to study he goes there because its alot quieter than his house, he tells Tucker and Sam when he goes there so they can text him if there is an attack.
If he is having an off day and he just doesnt want to deal with the world he'll go to the keep to just blow off steam and relax.
Because the keep was abandoned for so long while Pariah was in their sarcophagus it's kinda falling apart so as a fun little side project for himself Danny spruces the place up whenever he goes there. First with cleaning out dust and any ghost rodents, then he'll maybe mop the floors or clean the windows, he even eventually ends up repainting some of the room cause he doesnt want the place to be all doom and gloom all the time.
He genuinely relaxes when he is doing the sort of mindless and easy to do chorus around the castle. Gives him a break from everything. It's a place where he can just take a second and breath
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Breaking news:
Ghost rights protest underway!
Despite the warnings from police and the Ghost Investigation Ward (GIW), hundreds of people have gathered outside of town hall to fight for ghost rights. As suspected, many of the protesters are teenagers from the local school, Casper High.
Unfortunately, due to the protest, citizens needing to go to work via the town hall or even having business to do in town hall will either have to reschedule or find another route.
Stay tuned as the protest continues and we receive more information.
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dp-marvel94 · an hour ago
Heyyy flora here with yet another ask ops 💙
So that angst fic.. That angst fic was amazing 🤯😭💙 and very sad! And oh you portrayed pretty well the fact that humans react before thinking or knowing any better.
"Oh you let that guy burn to death? You're so cruel he didn't deserve that"
"Yeah, well you see..."
That kind of situation. And poor Danny always having to face some sort of inner battling or sadness or hurt or both 😭
Really loved the fic altogether!! You reminded me of 'Keep the light shining' fic by @/clyde-side, where she used crows sitting in dead trees as a bad sign from folklore or something (I can't remember exactly everything rn but I can find the post after ops it's still partially morning here and still a bit sleepy), so that was also a nice touch with the lighting >w> 💙💙
I'm wondering, dues crossovers with DP also count for the going angst? 🤔👀 I got ideas but it's mostly Yugi reminiscing and Danny asking questions so uh maybe it isn't really counting 🤔
Oh thank you💕💕💕
Though that kinda wasn't the lesson I was going for with that fic.
Yes I wanted to put Danny in a situation where he had to agonize over the knowledge that saving one person might lead to causing pain, suffering, and death for others.
But the reactions to this have been kind of funny to me.
Because this demon took Danny for a spin. Used his body without permission.
It was in Dannys head from the get go.
It could pick through his minds inner workings like a organized cabinet.
It knew just what to say to hurt Danny.
What makes you think it was telling the truth about the man in the fire?
Why couldn't it of been looking for the best opportunity for more than one meal.
A feast that would end with the bitter destruction and consumption of the halfa it was possessing?
It's so easy for evil to feign as Good.
To pretend to have a righteous cause.
If you don't learn to question things that are presented to you without evidence (weather that be through gossip, politics, religion, or in Dannys case supernatural activity😅) then you'll always fall for people like that demon. Because your right people react without thinking and often without fairness.
It makes me sad sometimes to see it.
But I mean there's always the chance to do better right?💕
Sorry if the way I presented it was confusing. 💕
I can see where I maybe should of done a little more showing admittedly.
Also I would love to see that one shot of Danny and Yugi reminiscing 💕💕
Sounds like itd be a dozy💕
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