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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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being a bookworm with adhd™ be like:

read an entire book in one sitting or not being able to read two full sentences

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Apparently only one video allowed per post so like oop

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Bobby: Did you just call Reggie dumb?

Alex: No.

Alex: I said, “Are you dumb?”

Alex: I was asking him.

Bobby: Do you think that was appropriate?

Alex: Very much so.

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Carlos: The eagles won last night.

Julie: Oh, you watched the game?

Carlos, covered in blood and scratches: What game?

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it’s embarrassing how much i say y’all

if its embarassing how much you say it i should prolly go crawl in a hole

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Luke, tied up in HGC: Hostage or not, sometimes it’s nice to just be held.


Caleb: Are you okay?

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catch me drinking sugar water. am i bumble??? 🐝

this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever said

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spark !! your !! joy!!

I found something today that i wrote for fun a couple months ago. I’m upset it was so short because I LOVED it and want more.

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Willie: It’s just so scary, you know?

Alex: What? Caleb finding you after you helped us escape?

Willie, imagining an octopus holding eight katanas: … yeah.

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catch me drinking sugar water. am i bumble??? 🐝

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I just think it would be cute if Julie used a keytar in season 2

Yeah, somebody’s reading my mind here! Plus, this way she won’t have to stop playing when it’s time to dance around the stage with Luke (and Reggie)!

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dr-rigatoni·2 hours agoText

y'all seemed to like the photos so now I’m asking if y'all wanna see a bunch of cursed videos

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I'm not ready but I desperately want to know the Gabriella discussion.

Gabriella Montez is toxic, however her toxicity doesn’t reveal itself until the second movie, High School Musical 2, when Troy is being presented with so many opportunity for his future through Sharpay Evans and her family. Gabriella starts taking offense bc Troy “promised” to hang out but never gets to. ALSO HIS FRIENDS, Chad and the others, choosing to be upset over Troy’s new opportunities to prove himself to colleges instead of cheering him on was a shitty move. THEY GUILT TRIPPED HIM INTO CHOOSING A SUMMER JOB OVER EXPLORING HIS COLLEGE CHOICES. Let’s not forget the emotionally manipulative song “Gotta Go My Own Way” that Gabriella uses to make Troy feel like shit for choosing himself over her. Now lets fast forward to movie 3, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, when Gabriella has the opportunity to start college early and ACCEPTS WITHOUT TELLING TROY. Sooooo she can prioritize her future but Troy couldn’t the summer before??? She literally left high school for her own person opportunities and TROY WASNT ALLOWED TO PLAY BASKETBALL WITH COLLEGE PEOPLE TO SHOW HIS SKILLS??? AND GET A POTENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP????? We can’t say he wasn’t interest in the career path because he was.. HE WAS CONSIDERING IT BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOO Gabriella had to come first. 

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💞💞Thank you for existing 💞💞 Send this to 10 people who you think deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox💕

an anon??? Who is this? I WANT TO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

ask me stuff

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went on tik tok four hours ago to find the gay kid from Andi Mack because he’s funny and now I haven’t done any homework and I haven’t even looked him up

luke mullen or joshua rush

joshua rush

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