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ghostofbambifanfiction·an hour agoAnswer

how long do you think "little gray cells" will take you? love your work!! :))

A long time, probably!

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ghostofbambifanfiction·2 hours agoAnswer

is the murder fic out yet? sorry i haven’t been on tumblr in a few days and i am not caught up lol

Haha no, I’ve only just finished outlining the whole thing (it’s a VERY detailed outline) and have written the prologue. It’s going to be a while before that beast is finished and I’m not posting any of it until it’s finished. I’m flattered that you think I could have finished it that quickly 😂

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ghostofbambifanfiction·10 hours agoAnswer

Would you be embarrassed to pee in front of your boyfriend? My best friend does it but I can’t imagine anything worse!

Oh babe. Stephen and I have been together for seven and a half years, I have seen and done it all at this point. I once had kidney stones and food poisoning on the same weekend, and was so sick and frail that he had to carry me to our bathroom and hold me in place on the toilet while it exploded out of both ends. We’re always in and out of the bathroom while the other is doing their business. Tell your best friend that I said “pee free and proud!”

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ghostofbambifanfiction·18 hours agoAnswer

Hello, don't have much to ask but wanted to say that a few months ago, I was in a really bad place emotionally, and your fics were so important to me. They made me laugh when I could barely function, and I'm so thankful for your writing. You're incredibly talented! Thank you for all your work!

Aaaaaaaaaaaah this made me a little teary. Thank you for the kindness and for reaching out, anon. I hope things are better for you now even though we’re all going through a shitty time right now. Love and hugs from me!!

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ghostofbambifanfiction·18 hours agoAnswer

You're literally the only thing that brings me any joy this quarantine and I absolutely love how cheerful your blog is

Babe!! Thank you!! I’m glad that I can deliver some smiles to your corner of the world!!

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ghostofbambifanfiction·18 hours agoAnswer

Are you working on anything besides the murder fic right now as well?

Nope. I made the decision to work on nothing but this fic so that I could finish it entirely and then start posting. The intricacies of the plot sort of demand my full attention so I really want to give it 200% ❤️

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ghostofbambifanfiction·18 hours agoAnswer

Do you think it's normal to feel really sad about breaking up with someone when you only really dated for a month?

Absolutely 100% normal. You never need to justify your feelings, anon ❤️

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ghostofbambifanfiction·18 hours agoAnswer

Will you be posting snippets from murder mystery fic while you write? Once it is posted can we send you theories?? I’m so excited!!

First of all, have some love <3333

Re: snippets…..yeessssss. I will SPARINGLY post snippets. I’m thinking one from each chapter. Today I finished the prologue so here is this chapter’s snippet.

“I’ll take the roses,” she decided aloud, “but I’m not going to lie.”

Re: theories…. of course! Send away! HOWEVER, I’ll have to be really choosy about what I answer for obvious reasons, so if you send a theory and I don’t answer it PLEASE don’t assume that you got it right! I might just be messing with you, Aggie style, or your theory might contain a hint to something totally different that’s going to happen.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·a day agoAnswer

What do you normally eat for breakfast?

It only took me a week to answer this 😂 I snapped a picture of my breakfast this morning so I could answer your question. This is what I’ve been eating lately.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·a day agoText


The thing I love most about writing a murder mystery is the 100% excusable MELODRAMA.

And the thing I love most about writing Poirot is that James’s disorderly hair is a constant source of PAIN to him (but Lily, of course, is tres belle)

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ghostofbambifanfiction·2 days agoAnswer

i have also been watching new girl shamelessly - do you have a favorite/worst season?

I mean, every season is great, but I guess I’d say four was my weakest. I was very sour about Jess and Nick splitting up because they made so much sense as a couple and I knew they were endgame, so I very much went into the season knowing that there was a slog ahead before they’d come back together. Plus, I didn’t like Ryan and he was around for a while. I also have a special fondness for Reagan (I am a BIG Megan Fox fan), so any episodes with her in it were a big bonus for me.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·2 days agoAnswer

are you still watching New Girl? :Pb

I watched an entire season and part of another in a day, which was like… 25 episodes total? In my defence I pulled my back on Saturday night and didn’t feel like doing much else.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·2 days agoAnswer

ugh I’m listening to the HP audiobooks which I used to LOVE as a kid but I’m finding Prisoner of Azkaban unbearable. Obviously there are many problems but Stephen Fry is giving Remus such an old man voice that i cringe every time he speaks why does no one get what actual babies the marauders were

I genuinely don’t think anybody knew until the seventh book when Lily and James’s DOBs were released, and Stephen Fry was definitely recording the audiobooks before that so he probably just assumed that Remus was a lot older than 33.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·3 days agoText

Netflix has asked me four times today if I’m still watching New Girl and I feel really judged.

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ghostofbambifanfiction·3 days agoAnswer

Why don't parents get the idea of mental health Sarah? I'm just so frustrated with them and they have only made it worse, I have no one to talk to. Sorry about the rant

The simple answer is that mental health has been a taboo subject for far longer than it hasn’t. The discussion around mental health is not something that I personally saw coming to the forefront until my late teens/early twenties, so you still have several generations of people who grew up with the belief that mental health issues weren’t real/used as a crutch for bad behaviour/could be willed away if you had enough gumption, or that mental health wasn’t a spectrum: either you are normal or you are an institution-level psycho. So it’s all kept hush hush, or people who are open about their problems are dismissed as attention seeking. I personally know some perfectly lovely, decent, kind-hearted older people who hold the same views and have caused their children—who they love to death and would never dream of harming—undue harm as a result. It’s how they’ve been conditioned.

(But also I’m sorry that your parents are being unsupportive, babe. You deserve much better than that ❤️❤️❤️❤️)

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ghostofbambifanfiction·3 days agoAnswer

ugh I reread Careless Texter again and I forgot how incredible it is 💛

Yay! Thank you!!!

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ghostofbambifanfiction·4 days agoAnswer

did you hear about hana kimura? :(

I did 😔 It’s desperately sad. I didn’t know much about her before today but I’m pretty horrified by what I’ve read. I know that all fandoms are as toxic as they are wonderful, but the wrestling fandom in particular is full of vile people.

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