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historicallymaggie·19 hours agoText


- get dressed and style your hair as if you’re going to school/work - even use the same perfume/ cologne as you normally do 
(trick your mind into being motivated)

- plan things out - everything
(plan out your week, day, meal, etc. you can make these as specific as you’d like. this will help you stay on top of your work as well as stay healthy, especially if you live alone.)

- make studying/ working the first thing you do each day - best if you can start in the morning
(minimize the tendency to procrastinate)

- just start - don’t worry too much about perfecting or finishing anything yet
(if you don’t start then there’s nothing for you to perfect or get done. and it will never get done)

- listen to old and simple (aka non-distracting) podcasts, Youtube videos, or café/ chattering white-noise, etc. simply leave them as background noise to create an illusion of being outside your room
(bring the presence of people to you. my favorites lately have been slam poems from 2016, Mae Martin’s stages, and Awsten Knight’s crackhead podcasts)

- set timers, for both study sessions and breaks
(so that you don’t overwork, burn out, or procrastinate. the Pomodoro technique works great here)

- take advantage of the comfort of your own home
(light a candle, have crunchy snacks, play loud music, review notes out loud while pacing around, wrap yourself in a blanket burrito, study on your bed if you can focus there like me, etc. basically anything you can’t do in a classroom, office, or the library)

- if you miss your friends, call/ text/ facetime them, make a study group chat with them, etc.
(that is what technology is for)

- choose recreational activities/ self-care for your breaks instead of going on social media
(go on walks, make small art, play an instrument, stretch, take a nap, etc. I usually reach for my guitar, brainstorm writing ideas, or sketch very simple line art.)

- if you want to go on social media, do it during meal times - or the 15 minutes after your meals that you can’t work just yet
(it also doesn’t make you feel like you’re wasting time)

- study in different rooms for a change of scenery
(dining room, living room, the patio, etc. I have an armchair next to the window that I study in whenever I need some sunlight and don’t have to write anything down. however, if you need a designated place to focus on your work, you can also use these alternative spaces as designated “relax” or “creative” place for your breaks)

- use this as an opportunity to take care of yourself
(get enough sleep, drink water, exercise, talk to your family, take your meds, be mindful of your mental health, etc.)

Feel free to add your tips. The current situation sure is unpleasant but it is unavoidable. All we can really do now is take care of ourselves, others, and try to make the best out of this.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe! My heart is with you all 💕

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27 march 2020

Fri - What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?

My favorite class to study for is always history, particularly WWII era history. These are some of my notes from that!!!

I didn’t do Thursday of the quarantine challenge because I didn’t have any work yesterday so I fell down a reading rabbit hole.

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24 march 2020

Tue - How are you being taught your lessons? (google classroom, teams etc.)

My dual enrollment classes are being taught on Blackboard. They were online courses to begin with so nothing changed there. My high school courses are being taught through google classroom and zoom.

My psych notes are a bit messy today. I have had a long morning and am absolutely exhausted despite not having left the house at all. I finished all my work so I’m going to try and relax the rest of the day. Read a little bit.

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23 march 2020

Mon - Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

I have set up a study schedule. Also, since I’m a senior in HS, I’ve been on a bell schedule so I’ve been trying to do something similar at home by blocking off sections of time for classes. I’m not a huge fan of doing everything online because I struggle with learning online.

The picture feature work from two different classes. I have an astronomy project on space exploration as well as my general psychology notes.

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✨With most schools, colleges and unis closed around the globe and most studyblr students now having school at home I thought I would create a challenge to help everyone stay focused and productive and also to connect with people so even though most people are self-isolating, we don’t feel lonely✨


Because no one really knows when we’re going to be able to go back to schools and I know it will depend very much on where you live, I’m going to do a month of daily ‘challenges’ starting on Monday 23rd March 2020 but if the quarantine keeps going I’ll try to add as the weeks/months go on

I want to see what y’all are posting so please use the tag #2020 quarantine challenge and I’ll track this tag and reboot as much as possible!

On this note, I will reblog basically everything even if you don’t think it is ‘aesthetic’ cause I love seeing how everyone does their notes and stuff so please get involved 💕

✨Week 1 - Questions✨

Mon - Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?
Tue - How are you being taught your lessons? (google classroom, teams etc.)
Wed - What’s your favourite study snack?
Thu - How are you keeping active?
Fri - What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?
Sat - Where in your house is your favourite place to study?
Sun - What are you doing to relax?

✨Week 2 - Pictures✨

Mon - Take a picture of your desk/study space
Tue - Take a picture of the book you are currently reading
Wed - Take a picture of your most colourful notes
Thu - Take a picture of the pens/highlighters that you could not live without
Fri - Take a picture of the view outside your window
Sat - Take a picture of a meal you’ve cooked or something you’ve baked
Sun - Take a picture of some of your art or doodles

✨Week 3 - Questions✨

Mon - What is your favourite food to cook or prepare?
Tue - If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?
Wed - What is your biggest goal for this year? Have you done anything so far to achieve this?
Thu - What is the song that makes you happy no matter what?
Fri - What is your favourite TV programme at the moment (on Netflix etc)?
Sat - Where is your favourite place in the world (eg a city you’ve been to, a restaurant, or a particular hiking spot)?
Sun - What is your favourite joke?

✨Week 4 - Tips advice ✨

Mon - What is your biggest tip for staying focused?
Tue - What is your biggest tip for not getting cabin fever?
Wed - What would be your advice to you from five years ago?
Thu - What is the best advice you’ve ever been given (e.g. from a teacher of friend)?
Fri - What is your biggest tip for organising your study space/study materials?
Sat - What is your best tip on how to relax?
Sun - What is you biggest tip to someone starting to learn your major/favourite subject/degree?

✨This is the first month but I might add to this later as the quarantine continues. Let’s all support each other through this difficult time✨

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historicallymaggie·8 days agoText

19 march 2020

I think I might start the 100 days of productivity again, I’ll be home all the time with a lot of work to do throughout this self quarantine situation so it would seem like a good time.

What do you miss most? I think I miss coffee shops the most. I was supposed to meet my future roommate for coffee soon but with all that’s been happening, we canceled.

Surprisingly I miss actually going to school too. On the bright side, this has given me time to creat a space I love in my room and focus on my mental health.

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historicallymaggie·17 days agoText

10 march 2020

Another set of psych notes to make me miserable. While I understand why someone might find it interesting, I have never been more bored in my life.

I’m also struggling with online class style vs in person. I just don’t feel like I’m learning anything when I do it online. Unfortunately, my exam for psych is also on the same day as the AP statistics exam. My brain will be fried by the end of that day.

In happier news, I found a roommate for college!!! I’m so excited and I think the two of us will get along super well!!!

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historicallymaggie·a month agoText

22 february 2020

Guess who’s back at it with more starbucks? I got many gift cards for Christmas so I’ve been using them on heavy study days.

I’ve been mega out of it lately. My dual enrollment classes are all online this semester and the professors don’t upload anything new until the most recent due date has passed. As a result of this, I have been sitting at school every day with nothing to do because I finish it all off so early. It’ll be fine though, just gets a bit boring.

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17 february 2020

Today is a day off so I’m going to try and get ahead on my assignments. The title on this one didn’t turn out like I wanted. I’m running into issues at the moment because the pages of my notebooks are really thin so everything bleeds through. I might try using colored pencils for the titles.

It’s kind of a distracted day of studying. I’ve got season one of the vampire diaries playing while I work. I also got an Irish cream cold brew when I ran to the store earlier. It’s been a good day. Sun is shining, it’s warm out, and I’m finally getting through a lot of my psych work.

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historicallymaggie·a month agoPhoto


When the library provides the pumpkins and autumn vibes for your photos! 🍂🍁🍂Diving into some animal theory for one of my modules has got me on a Kafka kick - I think I’m going to write my essay around that. It still doesn’t feel like autumn outside but at least the sunshine is pretty. 

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10 february 2020

I started my psych course and I’m disappointed to say that I’m not actually enjoying it as much as I thought. It’s not the worst class I’ve ever taken, I’m just not as interested as I hoped I’d be.

I also received my admissions decision from my top choice college last weekend. I was rejected, and as expected, I was also devastated. The past week has really just been me trying to get myself together and back on track after that emotional setback. I’m still really sad and not at 100%, but I’m doing better than I was. Working hard keeps me distracted at least. I guess it just wasn’t the place meant for me

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04.10.2019: 34 / 100 days of productivity

My peers thought I was crazy for already watching classes online and typing them out during summer holidays, but I’m glad I did it. Now I can get to the actual studying a lot sooner, so I’ll hopefully be less stressed during my finals.

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01.29.20 | what 3 years of phd coursework looks like (not accounting for the hundreds of pages of journal paper readings - all digital)

to say i’m overwhelmed and anxious about the qualifying exam is…an Understatement

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putting the finishing touches on my second and fourth chapters, and then it’s off to my advisor for critique and time to move on to the third chapter.

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30 january 2020

It’s time for me to face the facts, and the facts are that I am the worst and I’m giving up on 100 days of productivity. I study and work every day but I’m not home with all my supplies that I need. I’m still getting the work done, but not every single day

This is a page out of my astronomy notebook for the first unit. So far I’m enjoying the history part of my astronomy class, but that’s just because I’m a huge history nerd.

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13.09.18 • the dutch ‘coffeecompany’ cafés might be corporate chains but they’re so, so conducive to work for me. sometimes you’ve just got to rely on a familiar massive latte and interior decor that’s the same whichever branch you end up in!

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27 january 2020 // 11/100 days of productivity

So, I put my 100 days of productivity on hold because my classes were not yet resuming and I literally had nothing to do. I was bored out of my mind.

This semester I am taking an English coarse, and astronomy coarse, sociology, and psychology. These are some beginning vocab terms from my my astronomy class. So far I am enjoying the coarse, I’m not a huge fan of science courses but so far there’s also a good bit of history behind astronomy, that makes me enjoy it a little bit more.

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