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i (used to) write a lot about the yj kids. now i mainly lurk. Cover photo by Murrmernator

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I love working at joann fabrics today a guy asked me to show him the fake fur and when I did he goes “noooo… this won’t do” and part of my job is giving advice for projects so I asked him what he was using it for and he looks down at the floor and quietly says “… I wanna make a yeti costume to scare people with when we go skiing…”

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Why was every scientific study in the whole world conducted by “winston et al”


he’s an academic with friends

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ladies do we care? do we care anymore ladies,?? do we care? ladies do we? do we care anymore ladies???? ladies do we caree??? do we?????

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does anyone else remember being terrorized every single commercial break by the madagascar 3 trailer on every single cartoon channel in 2011-2012

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happy Thursday the 20th

I’d have to wait months or even years for another chance to reblog this, so why the fuck not?

next days you can reblog this on a Thursday the 20th

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June 2019

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August 2020

You know, just in case you wanted to set your queue for the next 6 years


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do ppl realize that the time is NOW to change your stupid dialogue of “other girls (X/Y/Z)” “well I’m NoT LiKe OtHeR GiRLs” to “other girls (X/Y/Z)” “if that’s what you think, you must not know many girls”

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I miss being 7 and designing a Valentine’s Day shoebox and buying 25 little paper valentines with whatever I loved on them and writing them to each of my classmates and adding a little piece of candy to each valentine and dropping them in all my classmate’s boxes and then opening my own box at the end of the day to discover 25 little valentines from the rest of my class showing what they all loved…. Oh to be a 7-year-old on February 14th

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me in 2005 dancing to Cry For You by September:

Me in 2020 dancing to Cry For You by September:

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Me leaving kudos on AO3 fics somebody wrote in 2014 in fandoms they clearly haven’t belonged to in years:

Oh man I was super late to this party but I’m really glad this story was here for me to run into when I got here.  I hope this author realizes they haven’t been forgotten!  This was good, I’ll give it a little heart.

Me getting email notifs of kudos on AO3 fics I wrote in 2014 in fandoms I haven’t belonged to in years:  

Ah yes, the life of an aging starlet, living in moderately faded luxury on the thin daily trickle of residuals from my not-quite-forgotten art, a shade of my glory days.  Perhaps this shall be the year I find myself a new role and remind the world just what Norma Desmond can do.  Where is my writing desk and my fainting couch?

[x] I’m in this picture and I’m incandescently furious about it

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Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/M
Fandoms: Young Justice
Relationships: Wally West/Artemis Crock, Jade Nguyen/Roy Harper
Characters: Wally West, Artemis Crock, Kaldur’ahm, Jade Nguyen, Roy Harper
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Spies & Secret Agents, Rivals to Lovers, Fake Marriage, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Romance, Drama
Chapters: 3
A/N: My submission for @youngjusticebigbang! Ch. 2 (in all of its tooth-rottingly romantic glory) will be posted on Valentines Day! Big thanks to @murrmernator for the artwork that goes along with this! I’ll update a post with a link to that soon!


Artemis prides herself on being a professional. She is punctual, detailed, and motivated. She is both a solid solo artist and a dedicated team player. She is whatever she needs to be in any given moment. And in this given moment, what she needs to be is what she is: a professional. It’s too bad her partner doesn’t get the memo. Spies on a Mission AU. 

Read on AO3

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Sometimes you gotta be like “it’s a tv show” and just step away

And other times you’ve gotta be like “no” and write half a million words to prove you know better

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growing up reading fantasy books was such a bust cause your whole life you’re left wanting more from life and like there’s something missing and you’re just waiting for that missing part to begin but it’s never gonna come

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Wally: wait, you like me? For my personality??

Artemis: I know. I was surprised, too.

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