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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

internetrodeo·2 days agoQuote
Our phone records were not in cold storage. They did not sit untouched. They were arranged in a one-hop contact chain of each to all. All kinds of secrets—social, medical, political, professional—were precomputed, 24/7. Ledgett told me he saw no cause for concern because “the links are unassembled until you launch a query.” I saw a database that was preconfigured to map anyone’s life at the touch of a button.
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internetrodeo·23 days agoText

Smoke signals to Erik: I need to get my hands on THORK #1, 3-5. I have #2 already.

I need it as source material for my first theatre script, that I am working on.

The theatre, Teater Innlandet, has created 5 ‘korona monologues’ already. They can be seen here:

They are asking for submissions. I am writing a 7 minute piece. 420 seconds, since I am 42 years old.

If I had THORK on my end, I would not ask for it. And I hate to bug about this. Erik has 5773335634.5 more important things to think about.

I will cite THORK as a source for my own work. I will not plagiarize.

My deadline for the 7 minute work is May 30th.

A Dropbox link to would do wonders. I can also pay for time spent. That’s not the issue here.

But there was something about the raymonde persona that I will use here, and use via another actor this time, instead of myself. And THORK was a masterful portrayal. There was this one scene where raymonde talks to the camera, and says that there is nobody there. Yet there IS someone there.

This video is pasted onto a TV screen and the The PAN folks are in the living room.

There is something there.

Time to step up the game here. Theatre script… Why not? I did not choose to become a successful maker of hard liquor, so I need to pick something else.

Be well. I am here in Norway, doing my thing, working my butt off, and otherwise reading, writing, and being with the family. Internet rodeoing is fun, but unfortunately far down my priority list. Need to build.

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internetrodeo·a month agoVideo

Freight entrance to Shanghai airport. Sent from a friend who is trying to import PPE.

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internetrodeo·a month agoQuote
“All that comes to pass”, he tells himself, even illness and death, should be as “familiar as the rose in spring and the fruit in autumn”. Marcus Aurelius, through decades of training in Stoicism, in other words, had taught himself to face death with the steady calm of someone who has done so countless times already in the past.
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internetrodeo·a month agoText

Ok, I don’t often find the need to comment on Mr. Trump, the American businessman who became president of his country. The man who is so good at making everything about him, Mr. Stable Genius.



We have a situation where he first gets many of us to rub our eyes and ears and ask “What did he just say?!”, and then he turns around and says, literally, “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen”.


This is hilarious. And sad.

And it makes me so happy that I am not a US citizen. I would bow my head in so much shame, I really would not know where to look.

To literally - Literally! - have a trolling president.

Who in such a situation, where his country is suffering, economically as well as in terms of the thousands affected by the deaths to this virus, goes and “like to see what would happen”.

I am really concerned about such a person staying president for another 4 years. I don’t mind another republican, but please at least make it someone who is not such a stable genius. Because I don’t know if we can take all this advanced trolling.

Let’s imagine scenarios now, things he might say in his second term in office:

“We need to bomb China to make sure that they stop producing hardware with micro-robots that spy on us”

“I hereby declare that we will kick the United Nations out of their NYC building. We will use the former UN facilities as a hotel. With the best views. BEST VIEWS.”

“Yes, of course the UN headquarters can be in this old school building. We need to drain the swamp, and the UN is the swamp.”

“Oh, the UN staff can’t fit into the old school building? Let’s just fire all the translators, for a start. The whole world should just understand English. Yes yes, great idea”.


We all know where this is heading.

The 4chan gang is rolling on the floor, laughing at CNN and all the other news who took what Mr. Trump said seriously. They are having the best day of the week now. The memes are endless. Endless! I don’t have to see the message boards to know what is on there.

Me? I doubt I will comment further on this American president. He is simply not worth it. Too bad that the power vacuum after the reduced international influence of USA will lead to the rise of regional superpowers such as China, Russia and Turkey. I hope that we see more from Canada, Germany, France or even Norway. Nah, Norway is too busy with our own things now.

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internetrodeo·a month agoPhoto

“As for Stingel’s Picasso, a four-way legal battle erupted over who was in fact the rightful owner. Much of the argument is focused around a counterintuitive legal principle, which states that in Britain and the US a good-faith purchaser can legally buy something, even if the seller doesn’t actually own it – provided, that is, the buyer can prove they were unaware of the deception. Thus, in a surreal twist, the fight over the Stingel quickly became in effect a competition over who had been most thoroughly duped.”

- In Search of Inigo Philbrick, the disappearing art dealer

This is an incredible story. What a strange world.

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internetrodeo·a month agoPhoto


Our small walnut tree bowls are great to put on your bedside table. You’ll be happy it’s there for those times you’ve forgotten to take out your earrings and you have a safe spot to put them where the cat won’t knock them on the floor… I may or may not be speaking from experience….
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internetrodeo·a month agoText

So, there was the OG vlogger zoom meeting yesterday, idea by AQ and well put together by Steve G.

I asked a question to all which not many answered, which is fine of course. My DLTQ like question was: “What did we learn from our vlogging period?”

For me, it was a tinkering period, a DIY approach to media making which was a far stronger experience than the years of blogging.

So many people that I ended up respecting a lot were also in that community. AQ, BottomUnion, Jay, Ryanne, Schlomo JeffreyT, ChrisW, PetervanD, Jan, Duncan (pictured). The latter’s sound design projects in UK is hugely inspiring for me.

It was a community. Where the community leaders tried to really act as leaders, and not gain glory for themselves.

The DIY ethos was strong. We were making media for ourselves and our friends. Some in the community of course wanted dame and glory, millions of viewers. But others, me included, just wanted to make videos for 10 friends.

And then there was Evolutionary Virtual Log. EvilVlog. Which I started together with Mmeiser. A dialogue between the two. And later more people. Pushing the envelope. On all accounts. Farming sessions.

What Did I learn?

I overcame my sorrow from my father’s death in 2003. I dived into vlogging. An escape room. I entered, and escaped, having learned.

I learned a lot from my speedvlogging experiences. Making a video and uploading in 5 minutes. Process exploration.

I gained intimate relationships with others, from around the world, that was far stronger than other communities I was in. It was the effect of video sharing. Seeing. The. Context.

I did not become a great video editor. That was never my goal. I explored other things. Those years gave me an experience that helped me learn other things.

Tinker. Experiment.

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