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lostinspaces-things2 days agoText


ash lynx isn’t materialistic, but the way his face lights up when he receives a letter and a gift wrapped perfectly by eiji on his birthday, tells how much of a kid he is inside. happy in his own little bubble, giddy, grinning widely.

ash lynx isn’t a hugger. but when eiji envelops him in his arms after a tiring day, he’s always the last to let go. he stays, in the warmth of eiji’s chest, he rests. he sighs.

ash lynx never says ‘i love you’. but when he sees eiji struggling to reach something from the cupboard, he’ll immediately get it for him without saying a word. he’ll wash the dishes when eiji cooks, he’ll say “i’ll do it” so eiji can rest for the night.

you see, with ash lynx, loving is something as quite and small as these things. little gestures of love and care.

ash lynx loves quitely, it’s almost as if a whisper, something that can get lost in between conversations, something you can confuse with the background noises and it’s the only way he knows how but it’s loud enough for eiji to hear. it’s enough for eiji. always.

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lostinspaces-things3 days agoText























I am Arran, god of the most important thing

EDIT: if y'all don鈥檛 wanna use your name use your username

I am soup, god of the time

That鈥檚 cool

I am Khrystine, god of my mutuals

Damn ok. Bow down peasants?

i am Cinnamon, god of motor oil


I am Blue god of cuddles

I am Kotoko Utsugi, god of y鈥檃ll (I own y鈥檃ll)

I am Lana, god of all the things that you are looking for.

You can鈥檛 have them back, they鈥檙e mine.

i am camden, god of gays


I am Snowy, God of all the fuckin Sonia simps

Bow down

I am Tairee, god of the fact that I am not a single person

Wow okay

i am logan, god of the first movie of the lord of the rings聽

ok then

I am apollo god of God


i am kit, god of the shower 鈥 i,, well okay. if you slip and break your neck know it was my doing

I am Evan, god of war

wow thats actually pretty epic, thank you predictive text

I am zach, God of the night.

I am aunt-kat, god of y鈥檃ll

I am Robin, god of corona

Everyone I would like to apologize-

i鈥檓 Cinnamon god of motor oil

anybody want some?

I鈥檓 Aadya, god of the desi聽


I鈥檓 Apara, god of the year

I鈥檇 rather not be, 2020 sucks :/

I鈥檓 izzy, god of the world

um ok-

I am Avrey, god of all

i mean sure

I am Spencer, god of the end of the day

Sunsets are pretty, so why not?

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please imagine theres some ability user that can maybe turn back the time on objects/people so they turn all of the ada back into toddlers, leaving fukuzawa to look after them:

- atsushi is sittting in a corner crying. fukuzawa panic bought him six stuffed animals and hes hugging all of them.

- dazai is lying on the floor. no matter what fukuzawa tried, he won鈥檛 get up. however, he will occasionally starting singing gibberish.

- kyouka is the calmest of them, as she already carried around a comfort stuffed animal. she鈥檚 napping under one of the desks, cuddling her bunny stuffed animal.

- yosano has not stopped running. fukuzawa, using his knowledge as a cat owner, has tried to tire her out by playing with her but she has unlimited energy. one minute she鈥檒l be coloring with kenji and the next she鈥檚 running around the room at top speed.

- snacks are the only way for ranpo to not start crying. fukuzawa used most of the snacks ranpo already had on hand but he鈥檚 started to dip into the emergency stash. ranpo also seems to still have his 鈥渁bility鈥 as he will put on the glasses and start telling fukuzawa about every thing in the room.

- kunikida is scribbling in his notebook. he also has used it to hit dazai on the top of the head, much to fukuzawa鈥檚 dismay. he has also accidentally summoned three different guns using his ability. (all weapons were taken by fukuzawa in the very beginning because he didn鈥檛 trust any of them)

- kenji has been coloring the entire time. well, except for when he lifted a table over his head, startling fukuzawa. kenji has been carefully watched ever since.

- tanizaki disappeared. he used light snow and no one can find him. naomi, who is also still fully grown, has tried calling out to him but is only met with childish giggles from an unidentifiable location in the room.

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lostinspaces-things11 days agoAnswer

do u have any shorter headcanons?? 👀👀👀


  • shorter鈥檚 a sneaker head. the boy loves shoes. he has way way WAY too many but he doesn鈥檛 care. has camped out at LEAST once for a new drop. the type to have a meltdown if he creases new jordans or af1鈥檚. clowns ash on his dusty ass converse every single day.
  • his gas station order is a can of mango arizona, a slim jim, and a lil bag of sour keys
  • SHORTER HAS A TONGUE PIERCING!! also several different cartilidge piercings and small gauges on his earlobes
  • the first time he dyed his hair (cause we all know this man didn鈥檛 get that shit done at a salon) he stained the whole bathroom purple and nadia made him scrub everything clean with bleach and a toothbrush as punishment
  • despite him being a total goof, shorter鈥檚 actually a really good restaurant owner. he can cook, of course; but he鈥檚 also very good at customer service and maintaining order. like yeah, he鈥檒l let his friends come in and fuck around, maybe give em some free food. but if he sees someone with their feet up on the table, they鈥檙e getting kicked out on their ass. yes, even if it鈥檚 ash. ESPECIALLY if it鈥檚 ash, actually.
  • all of his weirdly patterned and coloured clothing pieces are customs from underground (ACTUALLY underground, not just like…. supreme or golf) streetwear brands. 1) cause he鈥檚 cool like that and 2) cause no stores are just selling those atrocities ready made. king of supporting local businesses tho!!
  • he鈥檚 bisexual but i鈥檓 pretty sure we all already knew that and it鈥檚 lowkey canon. oh well, i鈥檒l say it anyway. SHORTER WONG IS BISEXUAL!!
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lostinspaces-things15 days agoText


*aftermath of a big fight*

aku: chuuya-san, the enemies have been detained. you can put me down n-

chuuya: no. i like holding you. shut up

aku: o-okay…

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lostinspaces-things17 days agoText


鉁╯horasheiji headcanons鉁

(this is an alternative universe where eiji is just dating two gang leaders)

- okay so eiji is the first to wake up and before he prepares breakfast for his two boyfriends he goes out for a run. when eiji comes home he sees shorter in the kitchen.

- then ash wakes up, due to loud laughs, and when steps into the kitchen, he sees eiji and shorter dancing at the rhythm of a low jazz music playing from the radio. the image is so soft, ash never felt so warm.

- in a normal day, eiji would help ibe or just hang out with ash and shorter doing couple stuff and showing how lovely they are together. eiji also spends a lot of time with skip and yut-lung (they’re besties) when nor ash nor shorter can be with him :<

- when hanging out only with ash, eiji makes sure his boyfriend is hydrated all the time, which makes ash go to the bathroom too many times (one time during a mission ash almost wet his pants, but he couldn’t be mad at eiji’s cute face). every person in that gang is surprised about how ash just does everything that eiji asks. eiji wants a smoothie??? ash will interrupt what he was saying to his gang and leave to buy eiji the damn smoothie (or make one of them go). his gang is very friendly towards eiji and he’s basically a mom to all of them.

- this also applies to when eiji is with shorter. shorter doesn’t hesitate when it comes to give affection to eiji and also praises him, A LOT. they like to play with food and build stuff with vegetables.

- at night, eiji does dinner (bc if he didn’t, shorash would rather starve to death when they get home or have takeout like every other night).

- when the gang leaders arrive, the first thing they do is search for eiji to hug him. eiji complains about the dirty shoes and how bad they smell, but is also relieved they’re now safe with him.

- shorter and ash take a shower together afterwards.

- shorter always picks up what to watch.

- ash reads for his boyfriends before sleep (sometimes ash just falls on the bed and is fast asleep).

- bubble baths would be great but the tub is too small for the three.

- shorter is the one who’s more used to ash’s nightmares and easily wakes up to calm him down. ash, looking at sleeping eiji next to him, cries. this ends up waking eiji too and he immediately hugs him. the three of them cry until they fall asleep (just like babies)

- shorter takes up a lot of space when he sleeps, but when he falls asleep hugging eiji or ash, he doesn’t let go, not until he wakes up the next morning.


- if ash and shorter ever leave the gang world, the first thing they do is pack their things to go to the japan. they decide it without planning anything so they arrive at eiji’s old house and his family doesn’t know how to react.

- ash becomes a writer and occasionally teaches english to some kids in the street. eiji obviously is a photographer. and shorter has a small restaurant where most of ash’s books were written there.

- they don’t get officially married. HOWEVER, (this might be confusing) eiji buys rings and give them to shorter and ash. ash buys so that the other two can wear. and shorter does the same. in a night, they use sheets as a wedding veil and exchange the rings while giggling and giving small kisses to the other, during the night.

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