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• Half Lithuanian, half German • 24 • Bi 🏳️‍🌈 • Asatru pagan • Metalhead \m/ • Fangirl • Tobias Sammet is my soul mate • Sometimes NSFW

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*he likes that too and knows you do* *he makes a growly noise when you tell him he’s good* *he’s not far off either since he was so worked up before, and just keeps making little noises while he sucks on one nipple and then the other* *he uses his hands to push down on your shoulders* *after a while he lets go to speak and look at you* Ah, I’m almost there! Honey, tell me you love it. I’ll lick you until you’re satisfied. *he whines and this time sucks on your neck as he goes a bit faster* -Tobi

*i shiver when he makes that sound. I hear his little noise between my pants and moans. I keep my hands on his back, sometimes scratches it a bit. I feel him pushing me down, I whine a bit but don’t resist. When he let’s go, I hope my eyes to see what’s happening and then see him looking at me* I love it so much that I’m almost there too. I love how you feel. *it takes me a bit to say everything between panting. I tilt my head so he could have all more of my neck. I moan louder at everything. Maybe this time we will finish simultaneously, I’m not thinking about that though, i can hardly think about anything, i just have him in my mind and that’s all*

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misfit-on-a-journey·8 hours agoText


A helpful translation guide to what men say in Tumblr Kink

  • “I’m a Master Alpha Wolf”   ……..  “I wish I was assertive in real life and feel stuck in a dead end life”
  • “All women exist to serve men”  ……..  “In real life I am intimidated by women and afraid to speak to one”
  • “Age is just a number”  ……….  “I like underage girls”
  • “Super kinky” …………. “incest play”
  • “9 inches, cut” ………. “Maybe 4 inches, on a good day, and my dick is literally the most interesting thing about me”
  • “Wanna know what I’m doing?” ………  “Can’t wait to tell you about my masturbating”
  • “Can I message you?”  ……….  “Gonna show you my dick”
  • “I’m just laying on the bed”   ………… “Gonna show you my dick”
  • “Your Dom is a lucky guy” ………. “Gonna show you my dick”
  • “Wanna see my dick?”  ………… “Gonna show you my dick either way”
  • “I should show you my dick, haha” ………. “Scared to show you my dick”
  • “Looking for new submissives to train”  …………  “These experienced women are far too difficult to manipulate”
  • “This is my dark corner, you can’t handle it” ……… “Here come 742 consecutive reblogged gifs of skinny white girl blowjobs”
  • “Good girls message me to prove themselves” …… “Gonna tell you to send me naked pics of you kneeling with your panties in your mouth and then run out of ideas”
  • “married & poly”  …………… “cheating on my wife”
  • “Married, shared account, mostly looking for girls to talk to” ………….. “I’m a dude that thinks it’s easier to see tits if I pretend to be my wife sometimes”
  • “This is all fantasy, not a misogynist in real life” …….. “I am definitely a misogynist in real life”
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