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nikethestatue · 2 hours ago
Elain Positivity !! :)
NOTE: As some of you may know, there’s been a bunch of chaos in the fandom recently due to a buildup of different things, and I know that it’s been extremely taxing for some in the elriel fandom (and others as well, probably).
So, I thought that it’d be nice to brighten up some spirits + spread some love for my favorite girl (since she doesn’t get nearly enough love) !!
I’m going to keep it simple and just post some of my favorite quotes of Elain’s + my favorite ones discussing her character just to spread a little bit of love every now and then !! :)
With that being said, here’s the first quote that I’ll be posting:
“I gazed again at that sad, dark house—the place that had been a prison. Elain had said she missed it, and I wondered what she saw when she looked at the cottage. If she beheld not a prison but a shelter—a shelter from a world that had possessed so little good, but she tried to find it anyway, even if it had seemed foolish and useless to me. She had looked at that cottage with hope; I had looked at it with nothing but hatred. And I knew which one of us had been stronger.” (ACOTAR - Chapter 29)
Thanks for inspiring this you lovely human @queenringer !! 💜💜
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nikethestatue · 4 hours ago
Aside from Elorcan and Elriel, who is your favorite ship in the Sarah j maas universe? - 🌸
Nessian! I love my dynamic duo.
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nikethestatue · 4 hours ago
That was the best comparison I’ve ever come across! I never thought they were so similar. They’re basically the same couple but in different fonts. It’s clear then that Sarah will make Elriel endgame, if she follows the same pattern with Elorcan from TOG. I just hope she does.
It’s true, both Lorcan and Az have lived for the same amount of time, Az pining over Mor and Lorcan over Meave. They both see themselves too lost, dark or troubled for anyone to see beyond their tough exterior until both Elide and Elain do. They’re so adorable.
In EOS, when Lorcan made her pads…it’s why it’s my favorite TOG book. And honestly if the fact that Azriel gave Elain truth teller isn’t indication enough that they’re endgame I don’t know what is.
I just don’t wait to wait 3 years for their book😭- previous anon and I’m gonna name myself 🌸 in honor of Elian’s gardening skills.
Haha, yes, they are very similar. I wrote a post about their similarities and I think @offtorivendell did as well a few weeks back. It really jumped out at me and somehow cemented my Elriel/endgame belief. With Elriel I think there will be more obstacles and adventures, but the essence is there.
Gosh hopefully not 3 years!!! That would be tough. I think late 2022. Hopefully!!!
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nikethestatue · 4 hours ago
Such beautiful, heartfelt writing. I love it! Can’t wait to see where this goes. 
A Court of Dusk and Shadows ❲2❳
Tumblr media
Though it was risky, Azriel chose the town house. 
A wobbly landing in the front yard knocked the air out of him, just beyond the iron fence. Pain lanced through his left wing, clouding his vision in spots of white - there was no way he could have made it to the House of Wind. Limping steps that took him to the front door, twisting the unlocked handle to step inside. 
Deep breaths. One after the other. Nuala or Cerridwen would be there - he’d ask them - Elain might be in her garden and he wouldn’t have to see her. 
He didn’t trust himself. Not after that night. 
Hissed breaths through his bared teeth as he stalked down the hallway for the kitchen. All his strength went to keeping his wings from dragging. Shadows skittered ahead, and whispered before he stumbled through the door that Elain wasn’t in the garden.
She was there. 
His head spun. With a groan he leaned against the door frame - her slight gasp brushed over his skin like a lover’s cry, though she was several feet away with elbow-deep in dough. And alone. Very much alone. 
Keep reading
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nikethestatue · 5 hours ago
Oh Lordy!
Tumblr media
💫✨“Be careful how you speak about my high lady”✨💫Here I bring you all my dear bat boy Azriel💕, without a skirt because yes😏🧡Hope you all like it!🦇PLEASE DO NOT STOLE OR REPOST MY ART WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION
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nikethestatue · 5 hours ago
I agree, it’s hard to choose between them, when Elorcan is canon but Elriel has so much potential. But I’d have to chose Elriel too! What’s your favorite thing about them🥺 - previous anon
In my mind, they are very similar--two battle-life-hardened Fae who are 500 years old and have done some horrible things in life, who sort of hate themselves and what they've become. Both in love/obsessed for 500 years with another female. Both kind of just exhausted, mentally and emotionally, from living and wanting and needed something that eluded them all this time.
Enter two human girls. Quiet and traumatized and also unhappy. And these Fae males just melt. They turn into mush and fluff.
Lorcan covering Elide with a shield to prevent ash from falling on her head...All the pad-making! Lorcan leaving his shield, expecting certain death, so she could be saved. Azriel getting his wings torn to save Elain. Elain fighting off beasts with her feet, and then both of them bonding over a weapon. Azriel looking out the windows until his eyes hurt! :) I don't know...I like them both so much. And I can't wait for the Elriel book!
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nikethestatue · 6 hours ago
Elriel or Elorcan?
Oooh tough question.
My heart belongs to Elriel. My mind to Elorcan, but they are obviously much more developed too.
But Elriel for the win!
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nikethestatue · 7 hours ago
writes Elain being good in keeping secrets from book 2 and compares her to the NC spymaster:
Elain pushed, “We keep it secret—we send the servants away. (...) No one will know.”
She nodded toward Azriel. “I think she’s got you beat for secret-keeping."
makes Elain sneaking up on the entire IC, very deliberately remember the reader who friends are (spies) and just drops the possibility of Elain taking classes with spies.
Elain spoke from the doorway, having appeared so silently that they all twisted toward her, “Using me.”
She scanned Elain from head to toe, wondering if she’d been taking lessons in stealth either from Azriel or the two half-wraiths she called friends.
Friendly reminder of who her friends are:
Nuala, it seemed, was a spectacularly good spy.
Skilled spy—trained by Azriel himself—and master cook.
They make good spies.
Especially for what they’d done for my sister. The companionship, the purpose, the small sense of normalcy in that kitchen.
Companionship... purpose... sense of normalcy... sounds a lot like others friendship trios.
Writes that she can be convincing af:
My sister Elain can convince anyone to do anything with a few smiles.
Compares her powers (and her sttrugles with them) to Azriel's, the spymaster, because both can see/hear things others can't:
It made sense, I supposed, that Azriel alone had listened to her. The male who heard things others could not … Perhaps he, too, had suffered as Elain had before he understood what gift he possessed.
Writes Elain being observant and good at reading people (including Azriel, when not even his brothers can have a good reading of him).
Elain saw every single thing Nesta had done, and understood why.
Elain's abilities were canonically compared to Azriel, the NC spymaster, many times throughout the books: hear and see things others can't, secret-keeping, stealth, being convincing... what's not clicking?
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nikethestatue · 8 hours ago
do you believe Elain is thinking Azriel didn't want to kiss her? I mean she can read him like an open book, he said his own scent shifted, they'have been exchanged glances for a while and she knows why he's avoiding her. I think she blames the bond (like Graysen's rejection) and if you look at Aelin after Rowan's rejection, bacause the two scenes are very alike, she knew he wanted to kiss her and was able to see the desire in his face.
I think she definitely thought that he did want to kiss her, because she is Fae, she can scent and probably read him very well, as you said. I think now she is probably confused. Yes, perhaps she is blaming the bond--which I think may enrage her even further, and turn her off Lucien even more. This obstacle that she doesnt want or need--first she lost Graysen because of it, and now Az? She is gonna lose her shit. :)
I feel like she was hurt, right after that, and hence reactively returned the necklace, but maybe with time, it settled and she began re-thinking it.
It's hard to speculate because we know nothing of what happened between them post-Solstice. It's frustrating. All we know is that they were in each other's presence during Starfall, then during the birth. Nothing beyond that. I feel like there are huge gaps of info--not just about them, but also, how did Elain and Feyre feel about Nesta surviving the BD? How do they feel about her saving Rhys, Nyx and Feyre? Losing her powers? What happened during Nessian's mating ceremony?
Is Elain still angry with Az? Did he ever explain? Is she aware that it was Rhys's order? Are they getting down and dirty in the townhouse for the past 3 months? So many questions...
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nikethestatue · 9 hours ago
the reason i personally can’t like elucien is the fact that elain would have to drastically change her whole mind. we’ve had almost 4 whole books where elain isn’t fond of the bond (which is about 2 years or so..?) and if a gwynriel book would be next that means that that would have to change ALL in 1 book with gwyn and azriel as the narrators (azriel talking positively about elucien? can’t ever see that happen. gwyn who doesn’t know them or like barely knows them? i think that would be weird.) so for me that would be super unbelievable because eluciens “development” actually only got worse and now we have elain who has feelings for azriel (yes feelings, she isn’t the one who would use az for sex and call it a day). elain doesn’t care about the bond otherwise she wouldn’t have tried to kiss azriel while lucien is in the same building. and when she finds out azriel did actually want to kiss her? people think she’s gonna fall in love with lucien? sorry i would just never buy that. sjm truly buried elucien to the ground because after all this there’s no coming back from that ever.
As per SJM's own words 'I think it's obvious'. But I do think that we need quick closure with this whole pairing--in whatever way--2nd bond, no bond, rejection, Unmaking, breaking. I, personally, don't want to spend too much time on Elucien.
I guess in my head, I don't quite understand how Elucien would work, logistically. Of course love trumps all, but realistically--where are they even gonna live? Lucien doesn't want to live in the NC, doesn't want to be indebted to Rhysand for work/lodgings/money. Understandable. But then, is he taking Elain to the Human Lands? Where he is going to be living with her, plus Vassa and Jurian (and whatever relationship there was between the 3 of them?), plus Graysen living across the field? Awkward. Does Elain want to leave the NC? It doesn't seem like it.
Also, what compels her to fall in love with him suddenly? Azriel's 'rejection'? That's not love, that's a rebound. The bond? That's not love, that's a big pot talking. Lucien suddenly coming over and beginning to actively try to seduce and court her? I think he can read the room. Also, Lucien will ALWAYS be part of her trauma, or her turning into Fae, and if we recall her first coherent words to him were 'you betrayed us'. Whether it's entirely true, it doesn't matter. I dont think she needs to find excuses for him and mollify him and accept him just because he is 'sorry' or whatever. I think that she'll always resent him for the role that he played in her turning, so beyond just simple lack of interest, that's always going to be a thing hanging between them.
I genuinely think that SJM is going to go with the 2-Bond situation, because there are obvious signs pointing to that, but I guess we'll see.
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nikethestatue · 9 hours ago
I think the way SJM wrote/is writing Elriel so faithful to Azriel's character. He was in love for five hundred years and doesn't give up easily, so he's not a character to be immediately attracted to another like Cassian, he needed TIME to get to know someone else and slowly see them as a LI. He's not a person that the moment he meets someone consider them as a friend, he's very private, so first he needed to let Elain in as a person he's confortable with and gets worry about first, then as LI.
Very true!
They both have been burned very badly by love, both rejected, and for what they assume they are--Az, a bastard born lesser Fae and Elain, having been turned Fae against her will. Of course we know that Mor has her own reason, but as it stands right now, that's how Azriel perceives the rejection and the reason behind it.
Now, both Elain and Az are careful about their hearts and their feelings, so it's only natural that they would fall in love gradually, without fanfare and grand declarations.
The naysayers love saying that this slow, quiet progression is 'proof' that they aren't all that into each other, but that's the very opposite of the truth! It would be completely OOC for both of them to pull a Nessian, and get all hot n' heavy in three weeks. They are both struggling with their identities, with the Bond, with their feelings and I think it's only natural that this would be a slow-burn romance. Also, why would we have their relationship in other couples' books? These are not multiple, side by side stories, but one couple per book, so we only would get hints and glimpses. Just as we got glimpses of Nessian interest in previous books, so we'd only have a little bit of Elriel as well.
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nikethestatue · 10 hours ago
Antis: next book is gw*nriel with illyrian plot
Tumblr media
So them saying Azriel who hates illyria and totally separated himself from them and gwyn who is a 3/4 high fae will help illyria.... FUNNY.
In acosf rhys said this about azriel:
Tumblr media
Azriel “saving” illyria... not gonna happen. The guy is busy. You know? His real job being a spy and all of that...
And this:
Tumblr media
Koschei/Other queens/Beron aren’t going to wait for them to “save” illyria. The war is coming.
Please read the books again.
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nikethestatue · 11 hours ago
Day 2 of Elain/Elriel Positivity
I want to try and spread as much positivity to the Elain stans and Elriel shippers as I possibly can
So here is just a small gifset/moodboard or whatever it is called based on one of the many Taylor Swift songs that remind me of Elriel! It is not the best since I rushed, but I just really wanted to post this quickly. 
Tumblr media
Ours - Taylor Swift 
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nikethestatue · 11 hours ago
Parallels between Feysand, Nessian and Elriel
Feysand: Rhys was jealous of Feyre with Tamlin
Nessian: Cassian was jealous of Rhys' bond with Feyre
Elriel: Azriel is now jealous of both Rhys and Cassian for their relationships
Feysand: Rhys couldn't think of a future with Feyre because she was with Tamlin
Nessian: Cassian said he rarely allowed himself to even think about Nesta
Elriel: Azriel hasn't allowed himself to think of a future with Elain
Feysand: Rhys avoided Feyre for 3 months
Nessian: Cassian avoided Nesta for nearly a year
Elriel: Azriel has avoided Elain for months
Feysand: Rhys saved Feyre from her wedding with Tamlin
Nessian: Cassian saved Nesta
Elriel: Azriel saved Elain from Hybern
Feysand: I dared a glance at Rhys, and there was something like devastation on his beautiful face.
Elriel: and Azriel... It was pity on his beautiful face. Pity and sorrow as he watched my sister.
Nessian: They were speaking, Azriel with some urgency, but Cassian didn’t hear him, heard nothing but the roaring in his head before he said to no one in particular, “I’m going after them.”
Elriel: From the shadows near the entrance to the tent, Azriel said, as if in answer to some unspoken debate, “I’m getting her back.”
Nessian: “Are you […] happy?”
Shadows darkened his hazel eyes. “I’m getting there.” A halfhearted answer. ~Cassian in ACOFAS
Elriel: Shadows darkened his eyes, full of enough pain that she couldn’t stop herself from touching his shoulder. ~Azriel in ACOSF
Nessian: Stupid, stupid, stupid—He didn’t care. Didn’t give a shit as she rose up on her toes, her mouth nearing his—
Elriel: It was so wrong. He didn't care. He needed to know what her skin tasted like [...]
Rhys's voice thundered through him, halting him mere inches from Elain's sweet mouth.
Nessian: "Why do you bother, Cassian?"
But Cassian said quietly as we headed for the dining room, "Because I can't stay away." ~Feyre asking Cassian about Nesta
Elriel: "Why did you come if it torments you so much?"
He explained, "They pull people together. And bring them joy. They are a time to pause and reflect and gather, and those are never bad things." ~Nesta asking Azriel about Elain
Nessian: Cassian surveyed her. Gazed into her eyes and breathed, "Beautiful."
Elriel: I couldn't tell if she was looking at his blue Siphon or at his scarred skin beneath as she breathed, "Beautiful."
Nessian: "You looked like a queen, and it was painfully obvious that you should be with a princeling like Eris and not a low-born nothing like me! Because I couldn't stand the sight of it, right down to my gods-damned bones!"
Elriel: Because her mate had been in the family room and Azriel had needed to stay by the door the whole time because he couldn't stand the sight of it, the scent of their mating bond, and needed to have the option of leaving if it became too much.
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nikethestatue · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nesta and Cassian - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @emiliesnaith_art
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nikethestatue · 21 hours ago
I am quite intrigued by all of this! 
Also, Azriel perched as a gargoyle on your balcony is probably an interesting sight. 
A Midnight Wish Part 2: A Kiss of Dawn
Part 1
Elain was exhausted by the time she finally dragged herself to her bedchamber. She had neglected her slippers long ago, crossing over the threshold silently on padded feet.
Taking a deep breath, she pressed her back against the closed door and closed her eyes. Despite the nature of the festivity--and the celebration of Nesta and Cassian--too many thoughts were still running wild in her mind. She tried not to think of how she had failed Nuala and Cerridwen, because that led her to thinking of someone else.
So she tried to think of nothing at all.
She wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed, fully clothed, her face still glowing with rouge and her hair still styled. But she would regret it in the morning--especially if she ruined such a beautiful gown.
Sighing, Elain walked to her vanity, plunked down, and got to work.
She had just finished removing the pins from her hair when she felt the night-kissed shadow ruffle the hem of her gown. She went very still, staring at the swirling darkness at her feet. It moved, and she turned and watched as it slithered away like a snake, across her floor and to the balcony.
Follow me, it seemed to say.
She hesitated only a moment before rising and padding quietly across her bedchamber. She pushed back her lilac curtains and stepped onto the balcony. There, crouched precariously on the railing like a gargoyle, was Azriel.
For a moment they just stared at each other, Elain still in her evening gown, her golden-brown waves blowing gently in the wind. Azriel still wore his finery, too, though he had retired from the party long before she had.
She wanted to ask him what he was doing here, but instead she blurted, "How are you doing that?"
He seemed surprised at her question. She could not blame him. "Doing what?"
"Balancing like--like that."
"It's not that difficult."
It most certainly was. "Perhaps you just make it seem easy."
"Perhaps," Az agreed, and though it was almost too dark to see, a slight smile tugged at his mouth.
Elain crossed her arms, shielding herself from the chill of the night. "You left the party quite early," she said, and immediately regretted it. She shouldn't have noticed.
"I had business to attend," he replied.
"He keeps you busy, doesn't he?"
She said it lightly, jokingly, but for some reason Azriel stiffened slightly. And when he spoke, he did not sound amused. "Yes, he does."
Silence fell, though it was not uncomfortable. It never had been with him. Still, Elain felt a slight blush creep up on her cheeks as she considered the situation: it was very late, and there was a male perched outside her balcony. Not just any male, either.
She was about to ask him what he wanted, when she saw his head turn slightly, as though listening to something. A shadow, no doubt, though she could scarcely see one. But she did notice the way he went very well.
"What is it?" she asked, taking a step forward.
"Nothing." He turned back to her, his hazel eyes guarded. But not enough. Something was worrying him.
"Doesn't look like nothing."
He shrugged.
"You like your secrets, don't you?" she asked, her tone a bit sharper than she intended.
"No, I don't. But that comes with the territory." Azriel smiled slightly, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Though Feyre tells me you have me beat in secret keeping."
"Did she?" Elain couldn't help it--she beamed at the compliment, no matter how poorly earned it was.
Still, Az nodded. "Nuala and Cerridwen are training you well."
Elain stared at him. It felt like someone had thrown cold water over her.
"How--how did you know?" She managed to ask. The twins wouldn't have told him, she was certain.
Az angled his head almost curiously. "I am Rhys's Spymaster. It is my job to know."
"Are you upset with them?" Before he could answer, she plowed on, "Don't be. I insisted. We are friends, you know. And I practically forced them to train me. Don't--"
"The only thing that upsets me," he interrupted quietly, "is that you felt you couldn't come to me."
Elain blinked, staring at him. "You haven't exactly been around," she said carefully.
Azriel's jaw clenched, the only sign of emotion on his otherwise perfectly guarded face. It was the sort of look one made before they retreated into the night, a heavy silence falling in between.
And because she did not want him to go, to put that distance between them that he so recently favored, she said, "If you must know, I failed miserably tonight."
He looked like he wanted to say something else, but settled on, "How so?"
"I was...out matched, it would seem." An understatement, but she did not want to elaborate.
To her surprise, Azriel chuckled, his shoulders loosening a bit. "I doubt that. You just need practice, and time."
Time. She had endless time now, didn't she?
She didn't want to talk about any of that anymore. So she just cocked her head and surveyed him, still perched on that railing. Wasn't he cold?
"Do you want a cup of tea or something?" she asked. "A scone? Something hot?"
Azriel straightened as though she had offended him. "No," he practically blurted.
"Oh." Elain blinked in surprise. Something inside her crumpled just a bit. "Right. Well, it's late, I shouldn't have--"
"It was very kind," he said quickly, though for some reason, he sounded pained. "But I don't think that would be a good idea."
Of course not. How could she be so foolish?
"It's fine," she said stiffly.
"You keep saying that."
"Because I mean it."
Az stared at her. "You can lie to them," he said quietly, "but not to me."
And just like that, Elain was no longer on the balcony, but standing before Nesta and her friends. A familiar necklace stared back at her, glinting and taunting her in the faelight.
It was as though Azriel could read her mind, for he said, "I--I'm sorry."
"You said that already."
"Can't I say it twice?"
Elain just waited.
Azriel ran a hand through his hair, once again looking oddly out of sorts. "When I found your necklace, I intended to return it to the shop, but for some reason I ended up at the library, and I thought..." He shook his head. "I don't know what I thought. You didn't want it, and--"
"I did want it," Elain interrupted.
His brows furrowed as he studied her. "You did?"
She nodded. "I wanted it very much. Too much, probably."
She knew--and hoped he did not--that she was no longer talking about the necklace. But something shifted in his gaze, as though he did know. He always seemed to know what she was thinking.
Hesitantly, Elain took a step forward. And another. Moving closer until she stood before him. He watched her carefully, still balanced precariously on the railing. Even perched, he still stood above her.
His hazel eyes were glowing, an intensity in them that made Elain look down. Made her admit, "I left the necklace behind because I did not want you to regret more than one thing that night."
The silence that followed was cold and biting, seeming to last forever. Elain sucked in a breath, prepared to fumble through some sort of explanation, when--
"I do regret it," Az said softly.
Elain looked up, hurt flashing on her face before she could hide it. But Azriel reached out, cupping her face in his scarred hands. Her mouth parted slightly in surprise.
"I regret making you think it was a mistake. And I regret not doing this," he said, and leaned down and kissed her.
Elain's surprise only lasted a half second before she returned his kiss, sighing into his mouth, her own moving in perfect sync with his. Her hands clung to the front of his jacket, pulling him off the railing and closer to her. A lesser male would have stumbled in the process, but Azriel was graceful and smooth, and no sooner had he landed on the balcony did he spin them so that Elain's back was pressed against the railing.
His wings flared out slightly, shielding them from the wind. One of his hands slid behind her neck, burying in her hair, while the other found her lower back, pressing her closer. Elain let out a soft moan that Az devoured with his mouth. Heat flooded her cheeks, her core. She was on fire. She was burning and burning and--
A clock tolled in the distance.
Dawn. It was almost dawn.
As though the sound woke them from their reverie, Azriel pulled back slightly. His breathing was slightly ragged, matching Elain's. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to hers. She closed her eyes, listening to the sound of his hammering heart.
"I will speak to her," Az said finally. "Clear up the confusion and return your necklace to you."
It took Elain a moment to realize who he meant. She opened her eyes and frowned. Took a step back. "No, no. I could never do that."
"What is done is done." Regret flashed in his eyes. She wanted to tell him it wasn't the gift itself that meant so much--it was the thought, the careful consideration in which he took in finding something so perfect. But all she said was, "I might ask for something else in exchange, though."
Though Az's eyes narrowed slightly, he said nothing, waiting.
Elain knew it was selfish, but she said, "Come to family dinners. When you can. Everyone misses seeing you."
I miss seeing you.
Az stiffened and peered down at her. His thumb gently brushed her cheek, the gesture shockingly tender from someone who tortured enemies for information.
"They know where to find me," he murmured.
"Perhaps they're waiting for an invitation."
He raised a brow. "Is that so?"
Elain nodded. "It is only polite. Even among friends and family."
"Friends and family." Amusement glittered in his eyes and even Elain fought back a smile. While she was still trying to work out what Azriel was to her, simply a friend or family did not seem accurate. "I will remember that."
They stared at one another, tension and longing thick between them. They left the rest unsaid. How the mating bond complicated matters, even if Elain had not accepted it. Even if it meant nothing to her at all. There would be a time for that conversation, but that time was not now.
"I should go," Az murmured. "Rhys is expecting me."
Elain didn't want him to leave, but she had no power to make him stay. So she just nodded.
He turned, and hesitated. Hesitated long enough that Elain asked, "What is it?"
"There is something else," Az said, almost reluctantly.
"It's Koschei."
Elain felt the color drain from her face. "What about him?"
Azriel turned back to face her. He looked resigned, unhappy, but determined. "There is another object to be found, I am certain--a fourth item in the Dread Trove."
She stopped breathing. Forced herself to say, "And?"
"And I think we're the only ones who can find it."
Elain stared at him. She hadn't told anyone--not even her friends--what she had seen.
"Who is we?" she managed to ask.
"You and I."
You and I.
The words fell into deep, unending silence. And the way Azriel was looking at her--did he know she had seen something? Was he just waiting for her to confirm his suspicions?
"This sounds quite serious," she said finally.
"It is." Shadows swirled around Azriel's shoulders, reflecting the darkening of his eyes.
"Then you must tell Feyre and Rhys as well."
And I must tell them what I have seen, she thought.
Some unknown emotion flittered across Az's face, one Elain could not decipher. "I intend to, but--"
"Perfect. Then you will do so tomorrow."
"At dinner. I will even prepare some of Nesta's favorites, for she will certainly have much to say on the matter."
Az's confusion morphed into a knowing, amused look. "I know what you are doing."
"I have no idea what you mean," Elain said seriously, but her eyes shone with mischief. "This is a serious matter that must be discussed with the High Lord and Lady. Don't you agree?"
"I do," he said reluctantly.
Her grin widened, but quickly faded as she considered, truly, what he was saying. What it meant. What it confirmed, even for herself.
"Do you think they will protest?" Elain asked. "Insist I stay out of it?" She remembered the last time she tried to get involved, and how that had ended. But this time was different. It had to be different.
Azriel considered her words. "Possibly. And they are not entirely wrong." When Elain looked at him in exasperation, he added, "There is an innate darkness to the Trove, Elain. A darkness that might alter you forever."
She raised her chin. "I do not fear the dark."
Az smiled slightly, like he believed her. And Elain could not help but return his smile, because she knew he did. He was the only person who ever looked at her like she was capable of something great.
She wanted to cross the distance between them and kiss him again. She wanted him to gently push her into her bedchamber and lay her atop the silk sheets.
Elain swore Az could read her mind, for he chuckled and inclined his head toward her chamber. "Go," he said, though it was far from commanding.
And because it was nearly first light, Elain backed away, biting her lip and smiling. "Tomorrow, then."
"Tomorrow," he promised.
- -
Note: In this scenario, I do imagine when Gwyn found out the truth, she would return the necklace. But I couldn't imagine Elain demanding it from her. Such an uncomfortable situation, so it was interesting to write. Can't wait to see how SJM handles it!
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Tumblr media
By: shirayukicat on Instagram
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You know what shocks me about readers being in denial of Elriel?
That, until she tells their story, Sarah is constantly throwing a ‘previously on’ and ‘in the next episode’ sort of scenes. 
Examples: The scene of Feyre and Mor discussing Azriel giving Elain truthteller, the reminder that Azriel went to save Elain, constant commentary by other characters on their interactions. Teases about the mating bond not always working, about love tramping the bond, two mentions questioning the Cauldron’s choices (”Why not make them mates?”, “What if the Cauldron was wrong”.  Setup for drama between the characters and hints for potential storylines with constant teases of how Elain ‘gets her hands dirty’, parallelling Azriel considering his own hands tainted, setup for the political conflict and the blood duel arc.
There’s so much groundwork that a neon sign is all that is missing. 
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Tumblr media
Seer and Spies of the Night Court
Art by me
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