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chasin’ love, that was pointless, ‘til it pointed me to you | for @adamngoodbuck

[ID: three black and white gifs of Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley from 911 on Fox. Gif 1 shows Eddie and Buck shaking hands and smiling after the grenade emergency in season two episode one. White text reads “but you saw me from the start”. Gif 2 shows Eddie and Buck walking away from the tail pipe emergency in season two episode four. White text reads “you see the world that i see”. Gif 3 shows Eddie and Buck hugging after Eddie’s graduation from probbie in season two episode eighteen, Buck leaning on his crutch and smiling into Eddie’s shoulder. White text reads “and you don’t try to fix me”. END ID] 

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Why you should ship Buffy and Faith

it’s obvious to those who have eyes to see that these two matter to each other. They belong together, they bring out something in the other that no one else can. They go to the heart of the show in some important way.

Here some reasons why you should come on board and ship them, even after all those year from the end of the show ‘cause it’s never too late.

  • Here we start with something really basic: blonde/brunette and the height difference. (classic i know, but here is where all the other ships were born guys)
  • The way they look at each other. The way they both understand what the other needs. Buffy doesn’t want to quit on Faith, even when things get bad, and Faith really just wanted to be more like Buffy and was hurting because she was disgusted with herself.
  • They are two sides of the same coin. we’re slayers, girlfriend. the chosen two. And all the romeo and juliet vibe We’re not supposed to exist together.
  • The growing lesbian subtext
  • Faith wants Buffy to Top her. That’s it. That’s the reason and you can’t change my mind.
  • Faith travels thousands of miles across country to find the only other girl like her.
  • Buffy helps Faith face her fear and slay her demon. And Faith - inadvertently - does the same to Buffy. So they help each other.
  • Faith is always talking to Buffy about guys, sex and relationships. And Faith’s message? Guys are no good, can’t be trusted, use them for one thing but look elsewhere for the real fun. (Want to say something else here?)
  • Faith asks Buffy to the prom
  • Buffy screws up her courage enough to invite Faith over for Christmas.
  • Faith is always more vulnerable with Buffy than with everyone else.
  • Faith helps Buffy learning more about herself and what she wants. She is the perfect person to balance Buffy out
  • The grunting, the suggestive comments, the eye contact, the whole ‘Faith as temptation’ angle from Buffy’s point of view, the dancing together, the slaying, Faith again asking Buffy out for ribs after they’re done.
  • Then Faith makes a tragic mistake and self-destructs spectacularly over the course of the rest of the season; and it changes Buffy completely.
    Ok, every relationships left Buffy with something: Angel, Spike and even Riley but it wasn’t the same way that Faith did. She breaks Buffy’s heart in more than one way. And a piece of Buffy will always be with Faith
  • When Faith comes to Sunnydale the first time, she gives Buffy’s life something she was missing, someone that completely understand the struggle of being a slayer
  • They save each other’s life multiple times (even when they’re mad at each other and go i wanna kill you vibe)
  • During their first meeting Buffy clearly has a moment watching Faith kill a vamp. You can see it if you watch her carefully

They obv weren’t ready to date but i think they would be, after a few years (you know with them being more mature and older) that’s the main reason why i’m so mad at the comics. Big no. (Spoiler??? Even more so when Buffy slept with a slayer that’s not faith)

In the show I think it’s pretty clear that the subtext and attraction is more from Faith’s side than Buffy’s ok, i admit it, the writer admitted it, both Eliza and Sarah admitted it but come on, if you look into it you can see something from Buffy’s side too.

And maybe they did the right thing not to follow that path on the show but we deserved some canon fuffy moment at ln the comics.

Anyway this is me, i’m done.

(I’m watching BTVS again, if you didn’t understand and i needed to do something like this)

Feel free to add your own opinion to the mix.

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cause of death: shane pointing out he and ryan will be seeing each other for the first time in 7 months and ryan following that up with a statement of how they can’t hug

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I have no dog in this fight but please remember anytime you say “Only East Asians can / should audition to be K-pop idols” remember that K-pop is literally based off of Black culture, especially Black American. And you can’t say “Well it’s not the same thing bc it’s in Korean” when so many K-pop idols appropriate Black hair styles, wear clothes and change the way they act to “seem more hip-hop”. There’s nothing unique about K-rap other than it being in Korean, because everything surrounding it is based off of Black culture. How can you tell Black people they can’t participate in something that they literally created?

No cause like I’m tired of all of these videos saying “Non-asians are colonizing K-pop” when you could just say white people shouldn’t audition. Lee Soo-man, the man credited with inventing K-pop studied hip-hop and Black culture in the United States before going back to Korea and starting his own Entertianment company. I’m seeing all of these people saying “Yes K-pop is based off of and appropriates Black American culture, but-” there is no but! You cannot say that Black people can’t participate in something THEY created without being anti-black

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I feel that we as a fandom are not being sufficiently appreciative of Tony’s explanation of the fight with Ebony Maw being “He’s from space. He came here to steal a necklace from a wizard.”

What I love about that moment is that it shows just how good a communicator Tony is in a combat situation and how accustomed he is, by now, to command. He knew Peter wouldn’t blow him off if he said something ludicrous, so he gave him exactly what he would need to understand the situation in two bare bones sentences. He said less than a haiku. He didn’t even have to say which side he and Peter were on, because “from space” and “came to steal” implied that information.

And then when they actually got hold of Strange, all he had to say was “That’s the wizard” and Peter knew a) exactly what was going on and b) exactly what to do. 


(via @knightinironarmor)

What you think you see: Tony Stark being funny

What you are actually witnessing: Tony Stark being a genius

@corvixa @rayshippouuchiha

People always expect genius to be big words and confusing ideas, but sometimes it is communication and leadership from a man everyone assumes doesn’t play well with others.

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Russell Mulcahy: When Dylan walked into the casting, he did his performance, he left and we looked at each other and went ‘what the hell was that?’ It was just- The kid’s got magic.
Jeff Davis: He made the character his own. 

Wolf Moon behind the scenes commentary

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Mike Wheeler did not spill his absolute guts out in the Byers’s shed for people to claim that Byler is one sided on Will’s side.

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tony stark didnt die until he was canonically established as spidermans father figure

The Parker curse

jake gyllenhaal: ive got you now, spider man! this is where you meet your end!

peter: youre like a father to me

jake gyllenhaal dying on the spot: what the fuck

spiderman been putting the ‘e’ in ‘dad’ for half a century

if i ever stop reblogging this, assume i’m dead

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I don’t think welfare fraud is a problem period I genuinely don’t. I don’t care when it happens and it means nothing to me. I’m glad. As if the government doesn’t steal from you every day lmao… I don’t give a damn

Everyone I have ever known who committed welfare fraud did so because what they were entitled to was not enough to allow them to survive so I don’t even give a shit.

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  • Characters realizing for the first time that their injury is going to scar horrifically 
  • character A: *reveals something shocking* - character B: okay - character A: why aren’t you freaking out - character B: it’s been a weird fucking day man
  • Characters having complete breakdowns after realizing they’re becoming one of/have always been one of the monsters their side is fighting 
  • Character going absolutely berserk and tearing the enemy apart after someone they care about is killed/injured 
  • Big menacing characters being absolute nerds and sweethearts 
  • On the flip side, tiny cute characters that will fuck you up 
  • Heroes realizing they can’t fight on their own, but can win with the Power of Friendship 
  • Character A: Yeah, I can’t make you do *thing,* but they can - character B: *smirks*
  • Character being ridiculously proud of their best friend and showing them off and cheering them on way more than necessary 
  • Character suddenly realizing they’ve been in love with their best friend for years in an “oh shit” moment 
  • “Remove your weapons” *removes weapons* “ALL your weapons” *removes even more weapons* “ALL OF THEM” *removes one more giant weapon that realistically couldn’t be hidden anywhere on the human body* 
  • Talking animals getting offended when humans assume they’re just dumb regular animals 
  • A group of characters that has no idea how to deal with a child getting saddled with having to take care of a kid 
  • Characters talking to their dead SO’s grave 
  • Sweet innocent characters that cuss like sailors 

Feel free to add on! 

  • Character who has been told to hold back the entire story finally getting the go ahead to go wild
  • Pissed character intrupting a monologue to verbally tear into the person monologueing bc they’ve just HAD IT
  • fighting against your enemy and them pining you to the wall and both of your faces are only c e n t i m e t e r s apart
  • ✨himbos✨
  • character b fixinging character a’s wounds tenderly while telling them how stupid they are
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