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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Shoutout to the U.S. embassies in Austria, Chile, India, and South Korea who have directly ignored orders from the Trump administration in flying the pride flag

They’ve found really clever workarounds, as they were banned from flying the pride flag on the flag pole

They aren’t ignoring orders: they are obeying the orders to the exact letter.

Malicious compliance

Also in Mexico City they couldn’t fly the flag but they didn’t said anything about a picture of a flying flag ❤️


dude you gotta do what you gotta do

The New Delhi Embassy decided to just light up the the whole building! I’m so proud!


Malicious Compliance is my favourite thing ever

Malicious Compliance is my favorite discriptive word now Thankyou

Homophobe in a position of power: don’t gay


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He’s offering $2k PER ADULT not per household and $1k for everyone below 18

enough primaries remain to get him nominated, please if you are in a state then campaign, if not contact people you know that are.

Bernie’s campaign suspended direct fundraising activities yesterday. Instead, they are asking supporters to donate to Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, One Fair Wage Emergency Fund, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance:

Meals on Wheels delivers prepared food to seniors all across the country. This is especially important in the pandemic, as seniors are at high risk, and limiting their need to go to the grocery store by delivering these meals is a critical service.

No Kid Hungry makes sure that children get the food they need, especially since schools are closed across the country. Their service is especially important as families who lose their jobs need to keep their kids fed.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is providing direct financial support to restaurant workers who are out of work or have reduced hours because of the pandemic. They are also supporting community organizations of local workers and providing loans to restaurants to re-open when it is safe.

National Domestic Workers Alliance is giving financial support to in-home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners who have to stay home and not work in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund gives funds directly to service workers affected by the pandemic, including restaurant, salon, airport, rideshare, and gig economy workers who find themselves out of work or without customers.

These five groups cover a large section of the problems that we are immediately facing as the health crisis creates an economic crisis. While we need to do much, much more as a country, supporting these groups is a good first step to take if you’re able to do so right now.

Living in Missouri, I’m particularly frustrated by the singular and specific lack of leadership form state & local government (I know, I know. I vote, but I’m outnumbered here), and it is strikingly apparent to me that the only clear and decisive leadership we’re seeing on the national stage is here, from Bernie Sanders. Nothing is decided.

Lemme say this louder for the people in the back:

Bernie Sanders is not accepting donations to his campaign for president and is instead asking us to donate to non-profits directly supporting the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

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The Scottish Widows ads are next level

What service does this company offer???????

TBH it doesn’t matter what service they offer. I’m just assuming it’s a front for a network of hitmen.

holy shit it’s a life insurance and pensions company

I assumed it was a historical drama about the Scottish nobility and now I’m very disappointed I can’t illegally download and watch it. 

Scottish Widows: We’re Recruiting

You are quite literally missing the best one

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i scrolled past this an hour ago and thats when the winston/hanzo drama started happening so im obligated to reblog this to dispense with the bad energy. sorry

Sorry y'all can’t risk it

Feeling it tonight.

I scrolled past it and then scrolled all the way back up. Gotta have karma on my side… exam week

shut up i hate that random bitches on tumblr have this power over me

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do not confuse the lack of foot traffic outside for cleaning the environment. big oil companies dumping oil in the ocean and large industries polluting greenhouse gases are what is hurting the planet. 

animals going into the city is just entropy, it is less noisy or they have become dependent on human food or they are foraging. that is just normal. not a sign that mother nature is healing. just shut up. 

people aren’t the problem, capitalism is what is causing global warming and climate change. we need to stop massive waste and large scale pollution. 

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@glumshoe​ that’s because bees don’t sting royalty.


one of the scariest moments of my life was just last year when I was driving 80mph between two massive trucks and a wasp flew in through the open window, landed on my neck, and crawled up my cheek and across my eyelid under my glasses while I forced myself to hold Perfectly Still in mortal fear while Queen blasted out of my stereo

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I did NOT know and this is both very cool that SDs can be trained for this, and very important that we all know how to respect it.


Not sure who needs to see this, but if a Service Dog starts backing into you, pushing you away from their handler, or they sit down at a leash distance from their handler

You Should Move Away.

They are performing a task known as “spacing” or “blocking” that helps reduce or prevent anxiety in their handler.

They are NOT “asking for pets” or being disobedient or asking to be spoken to. All you have to do is stay back from the dog and handler.

This is not a capslock PSA because I’m not sure how many people that don’t have a SD actually know this is a trained task.

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And friendly reminder that the vast majority of those kept in local jails are being incarcerated pre-trial.  As in, they have not yet been found guilty of anything, might not ever be found guilty of anything, and are supposed to be presumed innocent, and we as a society are still chill with killing them.


Friendly reminder that everyone kept in a local jail during this crisis is someone society is okay with killing.

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Me, working from home and feeling a bit lost: the neighbours have kids… I guess I’ll write them a card that we could help out with shopping and stuff? that’s not invasive, right?

My husband, pretty much the only one still allowed to go to the university to run his data experiments in a deserted building: COLLEAGUES, FRIENDS, COUNTRYMEN, give! me! your plants!


My husband is proud to announce that he is now the caretaker of 127 plants

He and his 127 foster children are very happy

look i have legit been worrying about all the office plants out there

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imagine you’re outside for some reason and you see a 4ft plague doctor wandering around


I feel like this is a very strong indication that he is being raised right


My son has decided to make a full cosplay of a plague doctor, bird mask and huge hat and all.  He’s planning to wander (ALONE!!) in the fog in the early morning, with a storm lantern (battery operated), and a staff with a long chain hanging from it holding 2 or 3 small bells. 



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We’re all going to have PTSD and agoraphobia by the end of April

Like, my grandparents lived through the Great Depression and never really managed to give up their learned habits from that experience. Now, instead of “Why are you guys sitting in the dark? You can afford to turn lights on…” it’s going to be “Why do you feel guilty about going to the grocery store? You aren’t infecting anybody.”

I’m already planning to have big bottles of hand sanitizer, and gloves for the rest of my life, also I want to buy an old school freezer, you know those ones that look like a coffin? I want one, and I want to fill it with frozen meat so I never EVER have to feel this fucking terror of what I’ll do if I run out of food. 

This is an actual phenomenon called collective trauma, and yeah it can do just that.

White people can now experience the tiniest fraction of what indigenous populations, Jewish communities, and people of color experience daily.

Yep. And the rest of us get to have a little extra trauma. As a treat.

I’ve already developed a fear of going outside. Like, I go out the door and it feels like a threat.

I would like to emphasize that because I am an essential employee, my schedule has not changed. (Okay, it’s changed a little. My shul is closed, so I’m home on Friday nights.) It’s all just a response to the news. And I know that, and I know coronavirus isn’t just floating through the air like malignant dandelion seeds, and I know I’m doing all the right things to keep myself and my coworkers safe–

–but it still feels dangerous to step outside.

And that’s after only two weeks.

What will it be like in six months?

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“One of my plays is getting produced!”
“What’s it about?”
“So there’s this guy, and he really loves this one girl— she’s the girl of his dreams. But she’s going off to college. So he applies to every nearby college, just so he can be close to her. But the only college that accepts him is a clown college. But here’s the thing— he’s terrified of clowns.”

this is the funniest fucking thing and I’ve been thinking about it all week

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being born in the late 90′s is a really weird time because our coming of age is/was so tied into the expansion of personal technology? like for so many of us the transition from getting your first flip phone to smartphones wasn’t just a technology shift, it was part of growing up. and it created this really weird timeline where new technologies were being created right as we entered the right age market to use them, so now we all know intuitively how to use snapchat or the social context of emoji use or whatever but we can also remember childhoods spent (almost) entirely outside and offline. like you get all the disillusionment of the older millennial generation except now with the stress of spending your adolescence measuring yourself against others on social media and it’s really fucking confusing

you put it into words

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