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Clyde — For @scmefriends  —


     ❝ Listen, whether you care about it or not - Clyde paused as he tried to wrestle the damn stick out of Rex’s mouth, huffing and throwing it with a ‘get it, boy,’ once he won the little battle.I still need help deciding . I’m leaning towards Tododile but Chikorita ups the challenge, and for a Nuzlocke run that would be super fucking interesting .

         ❝ chikorita is totally the choice ! they’re cute and totally fierce. ❞ she’s finishing the final paint job on her finger nails as he speaks. she may not know a WHOLE lot on the subject, but she knows a cute pokemon when she sees one.  ❝ besides, don’t run away from a challenge. that would make the victory taste better ? 

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i’m gonna be working on those starters fjsdklf

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are ppl still rpin’ south park bc i’m thinking on coming back on here.

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From here.

Kenny sucked in a dramatically loud gasp. Immediately, he leaped at Stan, hands pressing down onto his shoulders and expression oozing gossipy glee. “Who? Tell me. Tell me, tell me, tell me, Stanley!” He bounced up and down on the balls of his feet, consequently bouncing Stan with him.


         ❝ w-what ? dude, no way ! i swore i would never tell anyone. ❞ he was embarrassed about the whole thing – it shouldn’t have even happened ! ugh, why did he give kenny that information ? he wasn’t ever going to let this one go.

        ❝ or j-just promise me that no one is going to know about this, okay ?! 

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scmefriends·a year agoAnswer
Kyle @ stan "Have you ever laughed so hard soda came out of your nose?"

          ❝ yes. you know that though, you’re the one that made me laugh ! 

                  * ( @youbxstards / HAVE YOU EVER ?
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[ @scmefriends ]

  “You remember when we used to throw rocks at cars? The whole 4th
grade class of boys got in on it and we got in a fuck load of trouble, heh…” 
 Kyle grinned into his coffee with nostalgia painted on his lips. 

 “I miss fucking around like that.”

    ❝ i also remember we tried getting bebe in on it. ❞ everything almost changed after that… what were they thinking ? fighting over bebe like that… 

   ❝ well, we can still throw rocks at cars… we might just get into a fuck load of more trouble, honestly. ❞ he said, laughing lightly before turning his full attention towards his best friend.  ❝ what’s got you all nostalgic, dude ? ❞

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