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skhal8·8 hours agoAnswer

yo thoughts on bcs/brba game of thrones!au? the salamancas are basically the lannisters of gilliganverse??

The Lannisters of gilliganverse! Interesting thought, to be honest I never thought of GoT since its finale (for the obvious reason) but now that you mentioned it… I will say no for now, I don’t think they’re like the lannisters. I think it’s a common theme for tv shows to have the villain family, I guess that’s the only similarity between them.

I would like to know your opinion on this, you got me interested and you might enlighten me on aspects I haven’t noticed.

+ I never looked into the Breaking Bad vs. GoT in terms of the world building and characters, all I thought about is which writing team did better work at the end. I think GoT world got bigger than what the writers could manage (does this make sense?), while BrBa was contained and focused, that’s why it has a better story structure than GoT. And I’m really worried about BCS in this matter, the writers have a difficult job with this one, I trust them and I wish they won’t write a bittersweet ending, but logically that’s the only possible way to end it. (you didn’t ask about this but I don’t know how I reached this point lol)

[Note: I don’t remember how the Salamancas were in BrBa and I haven’t rewatched it yet, so sorry for this disappointing answer]

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skhal8·2 days agoText


im ending this discourse

god tier: limitless, we young, chewing gum, cherry bomb, firetruck, mfal, without you, baby dont like it, good thing, trigger the fever, dunk shot, back 2 u, angel, switch, mad city, heartbreaker, paradise, running 2 u, summer 127, another world, once again, wake up, sun and moon, whiplash, my page, walk you home, 0 mile, la la love, dream in a dream, taste the feelilng, star blosson, try again, young & free, around, lemonade love, cure

the embodiment of every higher universal power themselves: the 7th sense

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