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sysjw·3 days agoText


timothy has said the n word multiple times supports hitler and her best friend showed her tits to a bunch of underage children,,,which makes her friend a predator not to mention timothy’s story makes no sense but ok

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sysjw·3 days agoAnswer

I'm really sorry, but I just wanted to let you know that Melanie Martinez is a r*pist. She r*ped her "best friend" and defended it by saying "She didn't say no"

  • Her answer was “She never said no to what we chose to do together”

“She never said no” = Contradicts Timothy’s statement “I said no multiple times”

“To what we chose to do together” = Implying that both consented

  • Timothy’s statements contradict each other. On the beggining of her 1st statement she said “I had a hard time saying no to her”. Then she said “I said no multiple times”. And finished with “Silence isn’t consent”
  • They weren’t on the same state when Timothy claimed it happened. Melanie was on tour
  • Timothy joked about the assault multiple times in livestreams, laughing
  • Eve, her best friend, said “It’s not like Melanie stabbed Timothy”. Timothy agreed with them
  • Timothy romanticizes sexual assault and kidnapping in her music video “Sleep”, after saying that “Sex is something hard to talk about”. She shows women being tied up and gagged against their will, then jumping in a pool next

How about we stop fake accusing innocent women?

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sysjw·3 days agoText


“melanie martinez is a rapist!”-have you done ANY research beyond timmy’s side?

“my friend doesn’t believe timothy heller and supports melanie martinez, so we’re not friends anymore!” -you’re a shitty friend because you can’t deal with friends having different opinions than you.

“i think it’s guilty until proven innocent uwu” -IN THE COURT OF LAW IT IS ‘INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY’

“timothy had no reason to lie!” yes she did, there are multiple reasons, it’s simple research to find out why. 

i could go on but it’s tiring. fuck you all for saying we can’t have different opinions and fuck you for calling mel ‘FeLoNy MaRtInEz’ when you have NO. PROOF. 

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sysjw·3 days agoText


Timothy Heller: I don’t need proof that she abused me guys the dates don’t matter it happened! Women can rape too!!!!!

Also Timothy Heller when she was accused of rape: Where’s your proof lol? I wasn’t even there and I’m not a rapist lmao.

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sysjw·3 days agoText


“Melanie sexualizes kids!” Because she made multiple songs against CSA? Both of which the pedo dies in the end.

“She raped Timothy!” No she literally didn’t. It was a story made up by timothy to promote her music.

“She makes fun of the mentally ill!” By that logic so does anything that references Alice In Wonder Land

Btw I am a csa, cocsa, and rape survivor who is mentally ill. I am anti-ddlg, anti-map, etc.

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sysjw·3 days agoText

I was raped by a woman. I was abused by people as a kid. I have DID and psychosis.

I still stand with Melanie because there is more proof backing her up. Please do research and do not support people like Timothy. I’m done with hiding. I don’t care if i lose all my friends on this app. Melanie is innocent.

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sysjw·3 days agoText


Melanie Martinez is back and she’s bigger than ever with her new movie/album K-12!! So before the shit stains on this edgy ass dumpster fire of a website try bringing up fake allegations friendly reminder Timothy Heller has been accused of being an awful person too! so no she isn’t some “brave angel that came out with some life changing story about her abuse” she’s a liar.

Timothy is guilty of :

assaulting minors

Pretending to be trans for money (She said it herself she’s not trans she just has a boys name so yes she actually did this)

Letting her underage sister smoke weed and pretend to be lesbian for clout

Making fun of suicide/selfharm and bullying (but she’s a mental health advocate???)

Making of false allegations when she can’t get her way (not the Melanin situation she legit got mad and started throwing a Twitter tantrum when she asked to be a model for a clothing brand and they didn’t respond to her on time)

Downplaying rape (Timothy agreed that she didn’t take Melanie to court because it’s not like Melanie stabbed her she “raped” her and rape isn’t physically it’s mental it didn’t leave a scar so she’s not going to the police but she said Melanie assaulted her with a sex toy.. that sounds pretty physically to me..)

Is friends with a pedophile and abuser(Her friend Eve sent a picture of her tits to a group chat full of minors) (Globelamp is also an abuser who has a whole website dedicated to people she abused coming out and she’s also guilty of lying about being abused when she was the one who abused her boyfriend he literally has a restraining order against her but she lied and said she had one against him)

Supports/defended abusers and people who lied about rape (lena dunham and Amber Heard)

She said the n word multiple times (never apologized just tried to bury it)

Lying about rape (Said she doesn’t like talking about sex or anything traumatizing but then writes a whole ass story about her ex best friend raping her when Melanie was on the other side of the world on tour when the “rape” took place)

People who have met her said she’s nothing like she appears to be online and they had nothing nice to say about her

With that being said it’s ok to not support Melanie Martinez but it’s not ok to support Timothy Heller.

You don’t have to like Melanie but Timothy is way more fucked up.

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sysjw·4 days agoText






white kpoppies make me so uncomfortable and angry sometimes …. you are all for fetishizing east asians until asian and pacific islander month comes around and u guys are radio silent when it comes to asian representation and oppression … ok

and i know for a fact that white people will ignore this post anyway 🤷‍♀️

people love to use east/se asian culture for the aesthetic and profit and food yet the second they’re confronted about their appropriation and fetishizing they act like they created the culture themselves … you can’t consume and be a fan of something and completely seperate it from it’s origins just because you want to use it without any consequences 🤡

I see this “every white person will ignore this” everyday now and it really needs to stop, I understand you are angry, but you aren’t even giving people a chance! Shit needs to stop!!! Also can’t we just let people simply enjoy things?? And maybe not assume they know nothing about other people’s oppression? God I hate this website so many of you are insane.

You really couldn’t help yourself could you?

You really had to bring up “not all white people”?

Also for people who didn’t know it existed. It’s May.

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sysjw·8 days agoText





trans women who can not have bottom surgery due to complications are still women. trans women who can not afford or attain bottom surgery are still women. trans women who don’t want bottom surgery are still women.

reblog this to make a terf angry

More importantly: reblog it to make a trans woman feel better

not to sound preachy but i’ve never seen anybody rebut “make a terf angry” with “make a trans woman feel better” and… that’s kind of tumblr’s attitude towards trans women summed up as concise as possible. more people should strive to be the second thing because the first is performative and lazy… thank u discourser-of-kruphix…

reblog it to make a trans woman feel better

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sysjw·8 days agoText

Also if anyone tags my posts or asks me to tag my posts with “q word” or “q slur” I will eat all your ramen, drink all your soda, and piss on your couch. Don’t fucking test me.

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sysjw·8 days agoText






Replacing “LGBT” with “Queers” was a mistake, allowing academic use of the word Queer was a mistake, and allowing corporate use of the word Queer was a gigantic fucking mistake

LGBT wasn’t the replacement for Queer. Queer came first. I swear, some of y’all are so tied to this site you forget that our community is inherently diverse. Four letters is never going to encompass all of it. There is NO WORD that is associated with our community that was not born from oppression. 

I’m sorry if someone called you Queer and it upset you, but did that person not also call you gay in the same exact tone? Why is one “reclaimed” And the other not? 

This is so much more about wanting to dictate what people can call themselves than about benefiting the community. I’ve never seen anyone argue against using the word Queer as an umbrella term who didn’t also want to exclude people from the community. Exclusion is what oppressors do. 

also like. most of the pioneers of queer academia were… y'know… queer.

literally the first people I ever heard/read talking about gay oppression, trans murders and changing the language about the bodies of intersex people were queer theorists

They hate the term queer because it’s inclusive. They can’t exclude genderfluid people. They can’t exclude aspec and arospec people. They can’t exclude pan people. They can’t exclude nonbinary genderqueer identities.

Nobody forces you to identify as queer. But once you start policing people’s labels and telling them they can’t label as queer, go fuck yourself.

We’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going anywhere.

I literally dont trust people who have just “lgbt” in their bio. I feel 99% safer if they have “lgbtqia+”, “queer”, “grsm” or “mogai” in their bio. It isn’t just an inclusive term it’s a flagger to see if someone is a decent person.

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sysjw·8 days agoText

Also yea I’m back baby! I might not post a lot bc I’m busy being a homo but yea

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sysjw·8 days agoText

Self care is blocking pedotots and his creepy stans.

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sysjw·8 days agoText


Because I’m funny and cute


Why are people bending over backwards to defend this creep is beyond me.

You worked for buzzfeed.

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sysjw·8 days agoText


Your bf should break up with you because it’s wrong to date a sea cucumber, which you must be, since you don’t have a brain.


I wasn’t deleted i moved accounts also if i’m homophobic for hating pedotots then i guess i gotta break up with my bf


the homophobia is hating adam ellis




Every sad “callout post” they make is more irrelevant and lame than the last. Please dont give this people (@midocourse @official-cisphobe) the attention and just block and report them for homophobia pls.

The original OP was deleted lmao. L


Y’all sleep on how he CONSTANTLY posts untagged nsfw. This is from scrolling for only 3 minutes.

@poltergeist-the-anti @official-cisphobe @midocourse @maphatingcharacteroftheday

Him and I both hate pedophiles so I guess we are just two cute sea cucumbers

@umitsjasper i get to be the red/black spikey one 💕💕💕

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sysjw·13 days agoText


Official hiatus!

For mental health reasons I am going to stay with my boyfriend. Because I’m packing and my mental health is already shit I’ll be for the most part staying away from any discourse. I might reblog a few things but asks and DMs are closed for the time being!


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sysjw·13 days agoText


Official hiatus!

For mental health reasons I am going to stay with my boyfriend. Because I’m packing and my mental health is already shit I’ll be for the most part staying away from any discourse. I might reblog a few things but asks and DMs are closed for the time being!


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sysjw·13 days agoText


Uhhhhhhh guys maybe yall should try being 100% sure about shit before making claims and reblogging posts about people? Maybe?






Anyone have the dog-teeth posts where they said shit like “16 should be the age of consent” and “fiction doesn’t affect reality” and “antis dni”? I think they deleted them to cover their ass. I was able to find one of their aphobic posts tho.

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