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targaryens-blog · 4 days ago


gojo satoru | kinks + sex headcanons + drabbles

warnings: fem!reader, aftercare, edging, begging, dirty talk, exhibitionism

❣︎anon: Sooo I saw we can request from Jujutsu Kaisen. Uhm so I wanna request a HC about Gojo’s kinks or how would he act during yk the dirty of that’s okay. If not then I a HC about him confessing.

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targaryens-blog · 6 days ago


I can’t believe how bisexual official art makes gojo when they put him in different outfits


This man is so bisexual it hurts

This man makes anything look good. Fffuuu

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targaryens-blog · 6 days ago


mutuals if you can’t defeat the final boss I’ll come and put my hand on your shoulder and say something abt friendship to power you up

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targaryens-blog · 9 days ago


Anime characters with the horniest fanbase

Absolutely and also

This mofo

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targaryens-blog · 9 days ago


Gojo Satoru [Jujutsu Kaisen] fanart

Y'all keep increasing my gojo thirst in an unhealthy way. And I love it 😤🥵🥵🥵🥵

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targaryens-blog · 19 days ago


something sweet | miya atsumu


pairing: atsumu x reader

warnings: 18+ smut, pwp, lactation kink (no milk mentioned), breeding kink, dom!atsumu, sub!reader, tsumu calls reader mommy once, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, squirting, praise, dacryphilia, nipple play, implied cockwarming, happy cute fluffy ending for once

word count: 557

based on anon message: atsumu milf fucker > atsumu lactation kink AND mommy kink > horny brain go brrr 


“so wet,” he mumbles against your swollen nipple, eagerly licking the sensitive skin around it. “maybe i should make you a mommy, hm? fuck a baby into you?”


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He. Can put a baby in me annnnyytime. 🤙

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targaryens-blog · 19 days ago


gojou’s reminder to stop procrastinating ❤

Oof. Omg. I shall cont studying my test and start writing some more… Uhm. Oh gosh he’s so hawt.

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targaryens-blog · 21 days ago


Yuji:1 -  Sukuna:0
This is probably the silliest thing I have ever drawn, no regrets 🌶️

I can’t breathe.

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targaryens-blog · 25 days ago

tsumu with a clingy little puppy 🥺 he’s been neglectin u for a lil bit but he really doesnt mean to! so he decides to come home early to surprise u but oh? whats this? his greedy lil pup is humping his pillow, face smushed against the bed to inhale his scent, sniffling every so often because you cant get off without being stuffed full of his thick cum

brainrot. this drabble is pure brainrot.
content warning: 18+ content including daddy kink, hurt and comfort kind of, crying, pillow humping, degradation, mentions of breeding, use of puppy, use of puppycunt.

Atsumu is conflicted.

He doesn’t know whether he should throw you over his knee, or make you hang your head off of the side of the bed while he fucks your throat raw. But when he hears your small, pathetic sniffles and your heartbreaking whine of “daddy,” all thoughts of punishing you leave his reeling mind.

This wasn’t out of defiance, you needed him.

“Oh, puppy…” He coos with genuine sympathy, making the bed dip as he comes up behind you, covering your breasts with his big, rough hands. You whimper at the contact immediately. Your toes curl almost painfully due to his touch alone.

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targaryens-blog · 30 days ago



God he’s hawt

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targaryens-blog · 30 days ago




i’m reading the “personal life” section about robert smith on wikipedia and this is for real so fucking funny

he gets it

he’s right

I’m going off of my main to rb this because I want to put in my two cents. We need to normalize couples, relationships and women being empowered to not have children in order to be happy. We can live life to the fullest and shouldn’t have to be subjected into thinking we have to have kids in order to be successful.

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targaryens-blog · 33 days ago

I think one of the most annoying things about ZackRay as a ship is that its portrayed as just another form as a trope I like to call “magic pussy makes the nightmares go away” where a girl comes along and magically solves all a mans mental health issues

Getting into a relationship won’t solve any past trauma, especially for serial killers. The answer to Ray’s parental issues isn’t a boyfriend, it’s an adult who she can trust and who wants her to make her own decisions.

And on Zack’s side, a person who’s had borderline one good human relationship his entire life is NOT going to magically become a good boyfriend cause it’s the “right girl”. That shit borders on wattpad level bad writing.

I’m not saying he cant ever be a good boyfriend to anyone, I’m saying he needs to build platonic trust to be able to build romantic trust, and certainly not with romantic trust with someone not old enough to be in high school.

I can go on about how the magic pussy trope is all over media and the impression it leaves on young girls (and how it affected me four years ago going into high school) but I’ll leave this here as to not clog your inbox



This right fucking here y'all!

Ray needs an adult to give her a normal healthy relationship learn proper mindsets and grow. Zack needs someone that he can trust and confide in, to be able to be vulnerable around with and hopefully have a healthy relationship down the road. Meh who knows there’s a lot I could say but I ain’t no expert in serial killers 101 only their histories and murder counts etc. We may never truly understand the mind of one nor even be capable of healing their mind and teach them to be socialized individuals. RayRay you practically took the words right from my mouth
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targaryens-blog · 42 days ago

I want this man to be so sexed out while I ride his Dick that he can’t even form coherent words

He’s so pretty. Even when’s he’s going crazy.

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targaryens-blog · 43 days ago

Honestly poor AoD creator man. Imagine making a manga and it getting super popular and you just find out people are making weird shit with a suicidal girl and a mummy wannabe smh

As someone who wants to make a webcomic that features only platonic dynamics (because my Aro ass needs more of that), this just makes me sad. This is why all of my characters will be 18+ I don’t need any of this weird shit lmfao.


No but seriously the least peeps could do. Is like age up these characters in this case. AGE UP RAY??? OR DONT EVEN WRITE IT IN THEIR CANON UNIVERSES.
Make an AU. Collage AU sounds like a dam good start my guys. I support Aro and good luck btw !!! This meme I made still stands.
Poor creator just wanted to make a psychological horror story. I love those types. And what do we get from the fandom?


Side note: if you make webcomic could ya tag me pls? 👀 I love comics.

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targaryens-blog · 43 days ago

Y’know this is really gonna be the “platonic ZackRay” squad hangout place. We all go here to share headcanons and ideas for these two siblings and just look at the shippers in disgust.

You know what’s so horrible?? When I go onto Ao3 for the platonic tag for Zack and Ray and I see smut.

I see bondage, I see smut, I see ray boning Zack, Zack boning on ray, I see all of that gross shit on the platonic tag. If y’all are gonna be dirty mfs, at least keep it on your own tag and don’t infect the good tag with your weird shit.

Dude nonniebean. Holy fuck im so fucking sorry that’s sick and disgusting. It’s similar to the my hero aca tags! People don’t tag things and it’s fine 🙄and when authors and find writers properly tag with like a bazillion warnings before thr actual reading material people get bullied off platforms double standards much?. People need to properly tag shit and also people needa be careful and block said tags. But how can we when people don’t tag the shit properly!!!??? Gods , I’m sending virtual hugs yer way dude/dudette bc I understand the feeling of. Seeing eye cancer such as that. And I’m super happy you and everyone else feel this is a safe space and you all are welcome to feel safe on my blog i try my best to keep things mutual and respectful -unless I’m pissed off than that kind feature is turned off - regardless this is an anti rayzack ship blog 10 billion percent y'all. Any PLATONIC /BROTHER/SISTER/FRIENDSHIP headcanons and discourse is all welcome and I’ll be happy to share them here, and I’ll occasionally add comments and such as well. Let’s fill the tag with good wholesome non sexual discourse for minors characters.

Also while I’m on the subject. Lol.

I seen ficsmut/p0r* art of Yuji/megumi with Satoru gojo. And it’s just plain gross. Gojo ain’t a p3do. He’s 28 y'all.. 🤢🤢🤢🤢 their his students that he’d die for. Not pork.
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targaryens-blog · 43 days ago


I saw that you write for platonic Zack and ray! What fics do you have?? I’m so happy right now I swear!! A friend of mine and I feel like we’re, like, the only anti-ZackRay people.

Like, a couple of weeks ago we were complaining about that ship and Ib/Garry. Though I have no idea if you’re into ib haha! But, Garry is estimated to be in his early/mid twenties like Zack.

Honest to god, Ib is 9. She hasn’t even hit double digits yet. And there’s so much ship set of a NINE YEAR OLD and a TWENTY YEAR OLD.

Oh. My. Gods WHAT????? wait which one was Ib again? I haven’t been able to actually start watching the show yet I’m getting caught up with Haikyuu and getting ready to officially start Jujutsu Kaisen after and then watch Angels of Death I thing Gary was the mask headed dude that buried people right?
Right? That makes me super uncomfy knowing there’s another underage ship . 9 years old!!!??? Holy desus 😱😱😱🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 last anon I had said they were writing platonic relationships fics with Ray and zack and hell I’ll go ahead and make some myself the first one I’m gonna start will probably have something to do with their lives after they escape. Haven’t gotten any further than that lol. Shit yay more sane people to interact with HELLO SANE PERSON AND FRIEND!!!! All aboard thr Anti-underage ship train!! TOOT TOOOT 🤠🥳 🚆
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targaryens-blog · 62 days ago


your hq s/o walking in on you masturbating

includes: kenma, oikawa, ukai, kuroo

warnings: heavy smut, cursing, nsfw; degrading, praising, edging, teasing.

a.n: god this took so long for me to write, i hope y’all enjoy. i worked very hard on each character so be sure to read em all ;)

(female character descriptions)


kenma kozume

  you sat with your legs criss-crossed on the plush comforter of your bed - your shared bed with your boyfriend. kenma was rarely ever away from you, his job required him to sit at home by his desk most days, trying out different video game graphics, typing up notes or ideas after trying said game. It wasn’t very often that his company called him in for a meeting, maybe once every few weeks. 

  alas, you still found yourself sitting here, alone on your giant bed, wondering what you’d do with your time. you came home, hours prior, yearning for your comfortable bed after a long day at work. and you certainly relished in those desires, taking a much-needed nap for a couple of hours. but now here you were, brightly awake, with an unusual warmth of desire in your stomach. you were unsure where the urge came from, considering your boyfriend wasn’t even home to tempt you. but it was still there, and it needed to be satiated. 

  so you began your mission, it had been quite a number of months since you last masturbated on your own. your lovely kenma was always by your side, always there to feed your cravings, masturbation wasn’t even a thought when you knew he was just a room away from you. you almost forgot your usual routine when it came to “doing the deed”. 

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targaryens-blog · 64 days ago

GIVE ME (us) sexy teacher!suga 👉🏾👈🏾

yes! like just yes omg this was so fun to write ily for requesting this!

sugawara x reader
warnings: implied nsfw
  • you’ve just accepted a new job at an elementary school, excited for the new step in your career. you’re setting up your classroom with bright posters when the door opens
  • and immediately you’re tumbling off the small stepladder because of how gorgeous this man is
  • you’re not really sure if you’re cursed or lucky when he’s quick to catch you, making you yelp as you cling to his chest tightly
  • you literally forget to breathe when he’s holding you, his pretty face so close to yours you can see every beautiful detail
  • his grey wispy locks that are slightly messy, the flecks of brown and gold in his hazel eyes, the curve of his pink lips, every lash and the cute little mole just under his pretty, smiling eyes
  • “if you really wanted to stare at me and stroke my chest, you could’ve just asked.” his sweet voice is teasing as you register his words, your eyes growing wide as you try to scramble out of his hold
  • the man laughs at your burning cheeks and clammy hand when he holds out his own for you to shake. “i’m sugawara kōshi, i teach class-a next door.”
  • “i’m y/n l/n.” you murmur, still entranced by this beautiful teacher. you notice how his shirt is rolled up enough to reveal his pretty, veiny hands and those strong forearms, your imagination immediately jumping to the fantasies of what he could do with those long, slender fingers
  • no- y/n, you quickly tell yourself. you’re in a classroom where you’ll be teaching a bunch of six year olds, you cannot be getting horny over your co-worker
  • except you do. you always do
  • and it’s hard not to when sugawara is so fucking attractive
  • his voice is so silky and soft, you love speaking to him because it’s so soothing and relaxing and you cannot stop thinking about how he’d sound panting your name and spewing lewd words
  • he also always rolls up his shirt sleeves to his elbows, revealing his pretty hands and arms that always had you staring a little too long
  • and you hate that he always notices, his eyes meeting yours and a smirk tugging at his lips accompanied with a cheeky wink sent your way when you get visibly flustered
  • he also smells so good, his clean yet perfumed scent filling your nose every morning when he approaches you in the staffroom with a cup of coffee freshly-brewed for you which always tastes amazing because apparently sugawara koshi is just magic
  • he’ll always have a compliment ready too, a cheeky smirk tugging at his lips as his eyes rake over you
  • “cute outfit, y/n. it’s too early for you to look this pretty.”
  • if that doesn’t make you combust enough, you’re practically on fire when his tongue darts out, slowly licking over his lips as he checks you out, literary making you weak in the knees
  • but in the classroom? you just fall for sugawara harder
  • sometimes your classes merge and he’s such an angel to his students
  • his voice is already soft enough but it’s so much sweeter when he’s speaking to them in that gentle tone but his words are so mature it’s no wonder his students love him
  • he’s always encouraging the quieter, meeker students that it makes you feel so warm and soft for this man that has literally descended from heaven
  • but he’s also such a fun teacher that it’s almost understandable when your students tell you they love sugawara sensei because he’s so funny and makes them laugh so loud because guess what, sugawara sensei is your favourite teacher too
  • that eventually one day you’re sat at your desk, planning lessons as your students complete their work quietly and your mind keeps drifting to the grey-haired man next door and you realise, you’ve fallen too deep for that precious man

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targaryens-blog · 65 days ago


I have only one (1) request from haikyuu fandom: please, let’s learn from the attack on titan fandom and let’s not harass fanfic writers to the point, when they have to delete their social media accounts. that 7 minutes in heaven erenxreader fic had so much potential but thanks to the bullying the author received, they had to delete the fic from every platform.

I really want to read deciphered but I have to wait till i’m finished with my exams and assignments. so pleasepleaseplease, do. not. harass. and. bully. fanfic. writers.

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targaryens-blog · 65 days ago


I’m sure someone has already compiled them all but here they are!!

I reblogged this with the Sakusa and Komori one!

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