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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

tesla-was-better·20 hours agoText

X-Men Character Nicknames I use so far:

Cyclops: Sadclops

Mystique: Murder mom

Phoenix: JEAAAN

Beast: OG Furry

Angel: Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist

Iceman: Snowman

Lorna/Polaris: Greenbean

Magneto: Magnet Man

Professor X: Doctor Y

Apocalypse: Blue Thanos

Madelyne Pryor: Deserved Better

Scarlet Witch: Witch Shit

Quicksilver: Speed Racer

Namor: Speedo King

Storm: Cloudy

Wolverine: Knife hand dad

Kitty Pryde: Kit Kat

Illyana: Goth Gf

Cannonball: AssBlaster

Dani Moonstar: No.1 Boss

Colossus: Soft Soviet

Banshee: Cats at 3am

Wolfsbane: Furry 2.0

Amara Aquilla: Leg so hot it fry an egg

Sunspot: Magnum PI Stan

Karma: Responsible one ™

Psylocke: Group’s Ninja ™

Dazzler: Gaga but like more

Havok: Circles go brrrr

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tesla-was-better·21 hours agoText




Magneto slapping Quicksilver is a nice upgrade to the Batman/Robin meme.

He gave him the WAP

Weird, that’s usually Wanda’s job.




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tesla-was-better·21 days agoText

Somebody: “you can’t like Magneto, he’s a killer villain!1!!”

Me Internally: *thinking of all the complex reasons I really like his character and how he was definitely right in certain areas (especially the government and how mutants do need to defend themselves) and even know I may not agree with 100% of what he does, I still think that overall I mostly agree with him*

Me Externally: lol stay mad

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tesla-was-better·25 days agoText


if you love magneto but you have never reblogged any posts that mention

  1. his jewish identity
  2. antisemitism

i want you to ask yourself why that is

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tesla-was-better·25 days agoText


young avengers mcu predictions

• eli bradley is either erased from existence or sidelined. his commentary on race relations COULD be okay depending on the director but nothing important is really said because “kate barton” is busy being a girlboss

• doesnt go with kate’s original hilarious backstory of just being there and stealing a dead guy’s stuff because marvel is stupid. is related to clint and thinks he’s a hero and a lot more relevant to the franchise than he actually is. there will be a scene where she like. wistfully looks at his bow and arrows. idk who will be cast but the actress will be playing the next greta gerwig lead after the project is finished.

• idk why but i have like. a terrible feeling noah centineo could be cast as teddy. if god really hates us, timothee chalamet will play billy and there will be angsty moodboards of them smoking or whatever. either that or they’ll become wholesome uwu boys and bring back flower crown edits.

• if america is included she’s definitely going to be an aggressive stereotype of lesbian latinas. but white liberals will view her as a girlboss tho. definitely going to played by a lightskin woman.

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