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thessalian · 24 minutes ago


boba: what’s a metaphor?

din: my life is a train wreck

boba: i know but what’s a metaphor?

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thessalian · an hour ago


Translation: The cycle of life of the tomato, the blueberry, the blackberry, and the strawberry…

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thessalian · 2 hours ago




i made a thing

I made some additions

Good additions

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thessalian · 3 hours ago


I’ve been rewatching the I’ll see you again scene another thousand times and I’m so overwhelmed. Please beware, I am very passionate and emotional about Din Djarin.

He doesn’t want to go with you”. Din says that like, “okay the kid has decided, please leave now whoever you are” and it is fucking heartbreaking because when he says that, he is obviously not expressing the thoughts of Grogu, but his own. Listen closely to the way he says it, there’s something a bit aggressive in his voice, he is the one who doesn’t want Grogu to leave. And yet, his head is not held high, and his voice is also hesitant, he is not completely defying Luke because he knows what he has just said is not true. “He doesn’t want to go with you”: he doesn’t believe that himself. Otherwise he wouldn’t have opened the door, and he only did so because he saw Grogu being responsive to Luke and pointing at the door with his little green hand. This sentence is just wishful thinking, what he actually says is “I don’t want him to go with you”, this is all I hear and it hURTS SO MUCH. For a short moment, he is in denial and just wants Luke to believe that and go back where he came from (oh, sweetheart).

And then Luke tells him what he also knows deep down: “He wants your permission”. This brings me back to the last scene in Chapter 13 when Ahsoka tells Din that he is like a father to Grogu and that she cannot train him. She communicates with Grogu who seems to thank her at the very end because 1) she told Din everything Grogu couldn’t, including his name, she was the bridge between him and his dad and made their bond even stronger, and 2) and most importantly to my opinion, she refused to train him because she felt he wasn’t ready to accept his duty and leave his father. She bought the little guy some time because she understood that he was still confused about what he should do, and that all he needed at that time was to forget a bit about his abilities and the pain he went through because of them. He needed stability. “Then Grogu may choose his path”: Grogu and Ahsoka looked at each other knowing he will have to make a decision. Not to mention the addition, looking straight in Grogu’s eyes while crossing her arms: “There aren’t many Jedi left”. He has a responsibility he won’t be able to escape forever.

It is all different when Luke appears, because of what has happened since Ahsoka. Grogu hasn’t been safe and his dad hasn’t been either, because villains will always want to take advantage of him if he doesn’t “master his abilities”. He can no longer ignore his duty and he knows that this time, he has to go.

But he won’t unless his daddy tells him that’s it’s okay, that it’s how things should be. He looks at him from the black chair and his eyes seem to say: “Should I go daddy? What will happen to me if I go? What will happen to us if I go?” The little thing is looking for affection and the guarantee that this affection will not go away, which Din chooses to interpret as “He doesn’t want to go with you”, because he needs this affection as well. THIS BREAKS ME. Grogu has made his decision but he is terrified; terrified to be going back into the unknown, back to being an orphan again, because Luke may be one of its kind, he is no father to him. He needs his dad to tell him that it’s gonna be okay, and to assure him that he won’t give up on him and that he will still care for him, even if they are apart. So Din has to do his duty as a dad but he doesn’t know how to do that, he’s all awkward about it because it fucking hURTS and he surely didn’t see that pain coming. He has to rip his broken heart out of his own chest by saying to Grogu that it’s okay, that he can go, but none of this is okay for Din and Grogu can probably feel it. He’s getting mixed feelings and mixed signals, his dad encourages him to go but you can hear there’s no joy in the way he does so, his voice is so weak: “Hey, go on. That’s who you belong with, he’s one of your kind.” He says all that because he’s forced to; all of a sudden, this doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to let his little one go. The emotions overwhelming Din are so intense he doesn’t know how to handle them, and Grogu senses them too and then probably thinks he should not be going if his daddy is sad or suddenly not so sure about it. This is heartbreaking because this scene is basically only about Din having to let go of Grogu; for the little guy to go, Din actually has to say goodbye and while we would have expected it to be harder for the kid, it’s actually even harder for Din, although both father and son are torn. Like, the way Din looks at Grogu when he puts him down and the little guy hangs on at his feet, his eyes are like: “God this is not what I signed up for tougher than what I had imagined, help me out here buddy, will ya?”

This kid has been his priority ever since he’s met him but for the first time here when he tells Luke “He doesn’t want to go with you”, he is being selfish and lies, he is not able to continue with this priority —which is bringing this child to his people, because that means he has to let him go. He is struck by the purest form of love at that moment, the most unconditional form of love, and his very first instinct is to hold on to this kid because he loves him, and because he’s become his family.

Essentially, letting him go means Din’s gonna be left behind. He has formed a family, a clan of two with Grogu, they looked after one another, and now he’s back to being alone again, he’s back to being aN ORPHAN again. And don’t get me started on the destruction of the Razor Crest, the closest thing he had to home, now also gone forever.
Who’s gonna look after him now? His attempt to mislead Luke into thinking that Grogu doesn’t want to go is actually a gut reaction to protect himself from being hurt. All along we are presented Din as protecting and guiding Grogu because he is a Mandalorian, but you guys know that all this time, it was also the other way around. It worked both ways. Grogu gave Din a family and a purpose, and letting that go equals being abandoned again, and the pain he had burried under his armor has surfaced again and he is broken and this is too much for me. Look again at Din’s face when Luke takes Grogu away, this is the face of a little boy. The powerful contrast between the imposing, cold, unbreakable armor & the vulnerable, broken man wearing it hits me so hard. He is a child again, his biggest scar wide open, and he’s gonna need help and guidance again, but no one sees that because he is a grown-up Mando who surely knows how to take care of himself. But DOES HE REALLY?

I’ll see you again. I promise.” Is he making this promise to Grogu only or also to himself, so that he can hold on to something after he’s gone?

Then the helmet part?? It’s just so pure and so significant. Grogu wanting to see Din’s face, wanting to READ his face so as to find the proof he’s looking for: the fact that they do have a special connection, that his dad loves him and will continue to love him no matter what. He reaches out to him, touching his face like a newborn recognizing its parents. Of course, it is essential for the kid to feel the skin of his father because he never could before, and of course he needs to be reassured, but again, it also looks like Grogu is helping his dad to let go. And let’s not forget that in all likelihood, no one has touched Din’s face in a very very very long time. It is kind of a rebirth for Din as well, as a parent. They are in perfect harmony with one another at that moment. It allows both of them to find some kind of peace.
Don’t be afraid”: he knows what the kid is going through and how violent it can be to lose his bearings. And who knows, maybe Din was told the same thing, when he was himself saved by a Mandalorian as a child and taken away from his home. This is the climax of their bonding, they acknowledge each other as father and son and actually belonging to the same kind: their own. Two orphans who found their way to each other. Din is no longer a Mandalorian protecting a foundling, he has become a father, deeply caring for his child, because he knows what it’s like to be a lost soul looking for a place where he’d belong.

Also, the metaphor of Din taking off his helmet is extremely powerful, Little Grogu cracked the armor and found Little Din hiding beneath. Din got what Kuiil wished for him in Chapter 2, “a handsome reward”, it just didn’t take the form he had expected; it took the form of something he forgot he needed: L O V E. And above all, a place where he belongs. The kid obviously connected with his protector because they are alike, and now he doesn’t want to abandon him because both know how that feels.

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thessalian · 4 hours ago


Where my parents live there used to be a giant Walmart in a huge strip mall/shopping center. When I was in high school, this Walmart bought a bunch of land, literally two streets over and 4 blocks up to build a brand new SuperWalmart. The residents in the area repeatedly voted against allowing the Walmart to develop that land and eventually Walmart won anyway once they bribed enough local politicians to override voters. They shut down the old one and opened the new one. That old shopping mall area has two businesses left in it that are still open because no one has any reason to go to that place anymore as more and more places went out of business or moved due to the lower volume now that the Walmart moved to a different location. Those two businesses are the only Chili’s in town and tobacco store. 

For the better part of 20 years, that Walmart has REFUSED to sell the old building because it doesn’t want another store to move in and take its business.  Not only that but Walmart makes a profit from this building because it charges the city to use its parking lot to store massive snow piles from the snow plows and stuff. The completely empty building has electricity running 24/7 and heat because the old fire sprinkler system might freeze and cause water damage that Walmart would then have to pay to fix.

My parents are living somewhere where it is -18 degrees outside and there are rolling black outs every 3 hours because the power grid can’t support all the energy being used for heat.

But guess what? That old closed down Walmart that no one has stepped foot into for nearly 20 years? Is lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree and hasn’t lost power once because it’s considered an essential business. 

We are not a developed country. 

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thessalian · 5 hours ago
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La-HA! hit me like a fucking drug.

this is what every social interaction feels like when you’re neurodivergent

I looked up the menu for the restaurant this is based on and i wanted to die.

i actually know abt cafe gratitude, u have to order by SAYING “i am [menu item]” it’s fucking insane

googling this to laugh at the website and finding out that one of the 5 locations of this restaurant is 10 minutes away from where i live is the most horrific feeling i’ve ever experienced.

One of the desserts is just an almond joy bar

$17 for likely under $5 worth of things in a bowl and they still ask for an extra $2 if you want some avocado in it


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thessalian · 7 hours ago


Hera Syndulla

If all you do if fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing

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why would you hide this in the notes

[Image Descriptions

Image #1—Text reading: “We have been called boomers many times over the past week,” said the head of one hedge fund.

Image #2—Tumblr tag reading: #if you don’t like that we could call you dinner

End Description]

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thessalian · 9 hours ago


Nastassja KorolevichnaandMaria Swan Whiteby Sergey Solomko

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The amazing digital art of Stephen Stark

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My friend asked how I learned to cook and the answer is I didn’t. I know like 5 things about cooking and they are:

  • Always use more garlic than the recipe calls for
  • “Ehhh fuck it close enough” is a great measurement tool
  • Find like 5 recipes that you like, adjust them how you like them, make them until you hate them
  • Clean as you go
  • If a recipe is from a mommy blog, you will need more spices

If anyone wants to add, please do

None of these are wrong.

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thessalian · 11 hours ago


Is there something you planned to do before you got trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?

Are you yelling at yourself to get up and do the thing, but you can’t, because you’re trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?

Consider this your save point.

Put tumblr down, stand up, stretch, and go do the thing you planned to do. Future you will be incredibly grateful.

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thessalian · 12 hours ago





Texas relies 88% on coal and natural gas, yet they are trying to blame their current problems on renewables/Green New Deal.

Deregulation and greed are the problem.

And Abbott’s out there trying to blame green energy for this massive fuck up. 

And ERCOT is raising prices to pay for this.

And the Green New Deal hasn’t even been voted on yet!!!




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thessalian · 13 hours ago

Hi Bunjy! What animal is the fluffiest?

I’ll tell you a secret: all of the fluffiest animals in the world are domesticated animals that were selectively bred by humans to be wool-producers!


non-domesticated animals just don’t get as fluffy as these fiber-producing friends for the simple fact that humans don’t come around to free them of their fur burden once a year, meaning that there’s only so fluffy that a wild animal can get without risking overheating itself.


anyway to answer your question my vote goes to the angora rabbit

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thessalian · 14 hours ago


obsessed with this muppet clip where Gonzo breaks a piece of machinery and then just stares at the camera in an empty room and says ‘GUILT’ in the most harrowing way possible

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corporations are actively convincing us the reason behind global warming is that you, personally, aren’t reusing your pasta water to make tea and eating the teabag for lunch #vegan and we just let them

no seriously the amount of ppl I see who are genuinely trying to do the right thing and who think global warming is their fault because they have a car or turn the fan on in the summer or eat a goddamn buger is astounding. people are truly brainwashed into thinking anything we do as citizens has an effect on the environment that’s somehow more important than the actions of corporations.

in 2020, when everyone was isolated at home, fossil co2 emissions in the US only dropped by 11%. think about how insane it is that when almost every person living in the second largest GEG emitter was at home for months, the effect they had was a reduction of barely 11%. and yet that fucking carbon footprint calculator is shoved down our throat all day long. a whole 4 years ago when that article came out saying only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, everybody just blinked and went “no, thank you. now have you bought enough metal straws?”

and i’m not even addressing the blatant racism, ableism and classism that coats every single one of these “personal responsibility” arguments.

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thessalian · 17 hours ago



Tactoon-cat Cartoons

With each I was like “Surely the cat doesn’t actually look like that in the image. surely this is an exaggeration.” but then I scrolled and yes, the cats are liquid

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