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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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me at ten: the home depot lights section is a significant place for me emotionally

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stop pretending straight trans women and straight trans men are somehow Really Privileged for being straight lmao. some of you really forget how cis people treat trans people

like, a lot of you think that trans people are somehow less “oppressed” due to their sexuality if they’re straight or whatever. but that’s not how the real world works. that’s not how this transphobic society thinks. and if you can’t see that, that’s because you either never interacted with someone in real life or you’re being ignorant on purpose

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ive known so many “cis” people who’ve told me they thought they might be trans or nonbinary but they dont really experience dysphoria so they felt like they werent allowed to call themselves trans. how many people have had to live their lives in the closet because they were told they werent in enough pain

i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. EUPHORIA is the greatest identifier of a trans person. not dysphoria. dysphoria is hard to define and thus it’s hard to regulate what is and isn’t dysphoria. but euphoria? that feeling u get when someone uses the right pronouns? that “i can’t contain my smile” sort of joy? THATS what the trans experience is all about. that’s what unites us

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you can fall in love at 30. you can discover your true passion at 40. you can go back to school at 50. you can learn to draw, or paint, or sing at 60. relax. just because you didn’t do most, or any, of the things considered “young adult milestones” doesn’t mean you never will. there’s no time limit on happiness.

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thank you thank you thank you 

Now THIS is how you seize the means of production!

2020 vibe likes charge organizing your workplace casts

“For Christmas the CGT lowers the price of electricity”

Ngl read that as “baise” first time round and laughed

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I haven’t been able to get the full video but we just celebrated one of our steam locomotives turning 145 by chucking a chocolate cake into her firebox

Some spectacular dark energy in this post. 

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im a “male”.. that means i dont like things i dont care about you or any thing in the world. i spike my hair and i glare at people on the street. i cant show an emotion other than horny. beetles and stick insects are my favourite food. Share if agree Die if you dont

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humor is the lowest form of comedy

this is how you people on here really think. that’s why you reblog “what would you do if we kissed in the” memes

it’s okay to admit that you don’t know what you would do

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Hey guys I’m gonna go make french toast sticks in the oven. Wake me up in five minutes to flip them ok? In the meantime I’ll be taking a nap

Oh shit. Oh no. Oh my god this is bad

it hasn’t even been three minutes yet what could have happened

I just found out that Tom Hanks has coronavirus :(

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full offence but some of you think disabled people don’t interact with the rest of society and it really shows.

you make disgusting jokes abt blind and deaf ppl and then say “oh this is bad but its ok bc they cant see/hear this”

you say self diagnosing is bad because “only a doctor can tell” but somehow you’re qualified to tell strangers on the internet that they’re not disabled because you cant concieve of disabled people existing the way you do.

you always talk about disabilities like no one in your audience is disabled. like we are some mystical other. its always “you probably have an autistic child/sibling/cousin” but never “some of you are probably autistic.”

you use mobility aids as props and gags so frequently that those of us who need them are scared to use them in public because no one will take us seriously.

disabled people exist. we are in your audience. when you talk about us, we know. we know what you’re fucking saying.

(ok to rb. disabled ppl can add on, ableds dont say shit just take it in ok 💖)

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