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Currently thinking to write a fic about wandavision but make it angsty
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shots of bella getting ready for the met gala by her boyfriend
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
bella hadid at the cannes film festival 2022
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Tumblr media
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“It’ll be good to see him again”
Rupert about Angus
Tumblr media
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honestly this world didn’t deserve Angus Mhor and yet we did not get enough of him
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Critters - Peeta Mellark
[ Peeta Mellark x reader]
Summary: You were a victor from district 5 in the 74th hunger games where you and Peeta were forced to act as if slowly falling in love in the arena. And now you're back for the 75th hunger games where you and Peeta had gone to the jungle to hunt while the rest stayed at the beach. You had always been irritated wheneved he needed to declare his love for the cameras, knowing it was all an act while your feelings for him were real.
Warnings: none
Word count: 974
Tumblr media
When the capitol announced the return of the victors for the Hunger Games, you immediately locked eyes with your mother who had just witnessed the news. All the color was drained from your face, dawning on the meaning of that statement. Most nights spent in the capitol before the Hunger Games begined were spent mostly on rooftops, or in either yours or Peeta's bedroom.
The two of you met in the 74th Hunger Games, quickly catching the audience's attention with the act Haymitch and your mentor had planned: team up, slowly fall in love. The blossoming romance from district 5 and district 12. Though you agreed for your own benefit, you hadn't considered the thought of actually developing feelings for the boy.
You and Peeta were lucky to have outsmarted the gamemakers to let the both of you and Katniss live, though the luck didn't last forever.
The starting of the games felt too quick. You dreaded the day you'd stand on the platform once again, having to fight other victors for survival. Even though you managed to ally with a few others, Finnick, Beetee, Katniss and Johanna were currently nowhere in sight. Somehow Finnick had convinced everyone to allow Peeta to hunt with you, which wasn't the most strategic plan hence his loud footsteps.
"Shh." Your right hand came up, signaling to come to a stop as you spotted the little critter scurrying its way up a tree.
Peeta took careful steps closer towards you and watched as you took an arrow and aimed it at the critter. He wasn't hustling much, but his steady breath on your neck was guiding your thoughts away from the target and elsewhere.
You tried to ignore the anxious energy radiating off him from the anticipation and focused on your target. His eyes were staring intently at you, the distraction causing the arrow to fly past the critter.
"Your presence is distracting, you know that?" You were contemplating between slapping him or kissing him for that little distraction. With the audience thinking the two of you were still madly in love, the shared kisses were no uncommon behaviour at this point, yet still a rare sight.
Lowering your bow in annoyance, you trudged away from Peeta. It troubled you to know that the kisses meant nothing to him, unlike the way they meant something to you.
"Hey, wait! There's still more critters out there," Peeta called out, quickly catching up to walk next you through the jungle.
"It's fine, we have the seafood and food from sponsors anyways."
"But we came all this way. At least let me pick a few more nuts." Silently obliging his request, you followed Peeta as he walked deeper into the jungle, collecting nuts on the way. He could tell you were either annoyed or mad, but decided not to question it until he collected enough nuts.
"Is it the nuts? We can go back if you want." Somehow that comment clearly made you even more agitated. It wasn't the nuts, it wasn't even his fault that the whole thing between you two was just an act to him. 
"No, forget it. Let's go, the others might get worried." Before you could scurry off, a hand gripped your arm, pulling you back and you barely had time to process everything when you felt Peeta's lips on yours.
You wanted to pull away, push him back from all the anger, but all you did was stay there, slowly moving your lips against his.
His hand slowly crept up towards the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. You didn't know if he was doing this for the cameras, but you didn't care. All possible thoughts of pushing him away were gone just from the feeling of his lips moving against yours.
"What's wrong?" Peeta asked as soon as the both of you parted for air. It was difficult to come up with an excuse for the cameras when his thumb was gently brushing against your cheek, erasing all logical thoughts in your mind. 
The look in his eyes seemed so genuine and tender, you weren't sure what to make off this situation. So instead you pressed your lips to his once more, taking him by surprise.
Peeta knew that you only ever kiss him when you were told to, never on your own. Even specific moments in the previous game where the two of you would kiss were all planned, and the kisses were never this passionate.
He slowly took little steps back until his back was pressed up against a tree, emitting a groan from him as your hand tangled in his hair, and his on your waist. Neither of you were willing to question the other. The cameras will eat this up, for sure, but you didn't care.
It was only when the sound of twig snapping broke you two apart. You were alert, hands on the arrow, though Peeta's never left your waist.
While you were looking around for any signs of danger, Peeta broke into a smile as he looked down. "Calm down, it's just another critter."
You quickly shot the little thing before it could run away, Peeta's hands reluctantly leaving your waist. Katniss was better with the bow, though you have learned a few things from her.
"At least now we have something to bring back for dinner," he stated, giving you the softest smile he could muster. You replied with your own smile, one that didn't quite reach your eyes this time.
You weren't sure if the mass amounts of shared kisses and declaration of love was still just an act to him after the kiss you shared just a few seconds ago.
"Come on, it's getting dark." With one last quick peck to your lips, he headed back towards the beach with a little smile.
The scene with the nuts was taken from the book, I don't think it was mentioned in the movie, but I thought the scene where Peeta fried nuts by bouncing them off the forcefield was adorable, so it inspired me to write this.
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Hey!! Could I request some headcanons about what dating Peeta Mellark would, include please? Thanks so much!
dating peeta mellark would include...
Tumblr media
It’s more likely than not that you live in district 12 and Peeta’s probably had a little crush on you for a while before making his confessions
Luckily for him you’ve had your eye on the baker too but haven’t had the courage to tell him until he went ahead and made the first move
“Y-you really feel the same way?”
“I do”
Once you start calling Peeta your boyfriend you’re always visiting him at the bakery and he takes advantage of this and teaches you a few things
Peeta is such a caring and tentative boyfriend. He’s always doing little things to help you. Ugh why is he so sweet
He also loves holding your hand. Whenever he gets the opportunity he’s reaching out to hold you
Not only that but Peeta loves drowning you in cute kisses. You’ll just be sitting there and all of a sudden... kiss attack!
Oh and did I mention he’s a cuddler? He switches between big and little spoon. If you hadn’t guessed he this guy just loves physical affection
“[Y/N] can i hold you?”
“Yes of course you can”
You’re devastated when you find out that Peeta was chosen to compete in the games but he swears to you before he goes that he’ll do everything he can to make it back to you
And he does, when Peeta promises to do something for you he always ALWAYS keeps his promises
Peeta has a lot of mental scars after the games and it’s up to you to comfort him through the nightmares
“Peeta! Peeta, calm down. You’re safe... you’re safe”
There are hard times because of Peeta’s trauma but you have a very sweet and loving relationship. He’s such a good guy and he’s do anything for you
tags: @gruffle1 / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @thebookwormlife / @natasha-danvers / @captainshazamerica / @ofthedewthesunlight / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera
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Easy Promises (Peeta Mellark x reader)
Word count: 1114
You stood on the crowded train platform, almost vibrating with both excitement and nerves, Gale standing stoically at your side. He alone understood your turmoil; he too had to watch someone he loved pretend to love someone else. Gale had guessed how you felt about Peeta when he watched you expel your stomach into a garbage bin after watching Peeta and Katniss kiss during the Games.
It was Gale who had guessed how the Capitol would play up Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. It was also Gale who came up with your own cover story, thankfully before the media crew from the Capitol interviewed you two about the victors.
The train pulled up and slowed to a stop. Everyone else surged forward as the train doors opened and Effie stepped out to introduce the new district 12 victors. You and Gale hung back, waiting for the excited crowd to disperse. He grabbed your hand and winked when he caught your eye.
As the crowd slowly dissipated, Peeta and Katniss became visible, their coupled stance matching your and Gale’s. You knew Katniss would figure out the charade quickly but you could tell Peeta thought you had found someone while he was gone. You could see his jaw clench from across the platform and this confused you: while there was always sparks between the two of you, nothing had ever been confirmed out loud regarding your feelings. He had seemed to find someone in the Games too and regardless of how many times Gale had told you it was definitely an act, you couldn’t ignore the whispers in your mind about the boy you loved falling for Katniss.
“Come, come now everyone, let’s let our beloved victors settle in at home. You can see them again at the victory party!” Effie’s voice rang through the slowly lessening crowd. Everyone moved and allowed Effie, Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch to make their way to Victors’ Village, where the two would now live with their families.
As they passed you, Katniss whispered something to Gale and he turned and followed the small group, pulling you along with him. You felt sick to your stomach: words could not explain how overjoyed you were when Peeta survived the games, but now you didn’t feel like he was all that happy to see you.
You reached their new homes and Effie turned to them, beaming. “My lovely victors, I have to have a response meeting with your families before you can spend time with them. We’ll conduct this in Peeta’s home. You and your cousins can explore Katniss’ home if you’d like while you wait.” She turned and tiptoed through Victors’ Village to meet with the families.
Gale looked at Katniss with a wide smile then back at you. “Shall we?” Katniss nodded but Peeta just stared at the two of your still entwined hands, jaw still clenched. The girl on fire turned, still holding Peeta’s hand and pulled him into her new home, you and your pretend boyfriend following close behind.
The door was barely closed when Katniss turned back to face you. Looking between Gale and you, she asked quickly, “So who’s bright idea was this?”
Her face broke into a mischievous grin. “Brilliant.” She pulled him close and he let go of your hand.
He looked at you quickly. “You okay?”
You half smiled back. “Yeah.”
Without another word, he pulled her into another room, leaving you and Peeta alone. You wanted to reach out and hug him more than you wanted air, but his jaw was still clenched and he was looking anywhere in the room except for at you.
“I’m glad you’re home, Peeta.”
His eyes flashed over to you. “That’s what you have to say to me?”
You tilted your head in confusion. “I’m sorry?”
“I thought maybe you would have an explanation for jumping to Gale as soon as I got on that train.”
“Oh well it was his idea-“ you started but his rising voice cut you off.
“And you just went with it? ‘Who cares where Peeta is as long as I have Gale now.’”
“Peeta, I-“
“Well I hope you’re happy together, (Y/N).” He turned quickly and went to leave the room.
“I hope it looks that way otherwise the cover won’t work.”
He whipped back around. “Cover?”
“Yes, cover. Once the two of you pulled your stunt, Gale thought the Capitol wouldn’t let that love story go. So we needed to figure out how to spend time with each of you without people getting suspicious.”
He just stared at you, dumbfounded.
You suddenly caught on. “Peeta, did you... did you think it was real?”
He nodded mutely.
You bit back tears. “Did you really think I would just abandon you like that?”
“Everyone knew there was no way I was winning the Games, (Y/N).”
You rushed forward and collided with his sturdy frame, wrapping your arms around him. Face buried in his chest, your words muffled, you rasped out, “It’s you I want. It’s always been you.”
He softly cupped your heated cheeks with his palms and tilted your head up to face him.
“Since the first time I met you in the Square when we were eight.”
His eyes flicked down to your lips and back quickly. “(Y/N), it’ll always be you. Just you.”
Your heart burned, pushing the warmth through your limbs like melted butter coursing down the sides of a warm bun. An uncontainable smile broke out across your face as his eyes stole another glance at your mouth.
“I’ll hold you to that Peeta Mellark.”
His face reddened with his next sentence. “Can I do something that I’ve wanted to do for about eight years?”
You nodded, still smiling at him. He swallowed visibly then and pulled you closer, just slightly brushing his warm lips against yours. It was soft and sweet and a perfect description of Peeta.
It wasn’t enough for you to express how you felt though and before he moved his face further away, you were pulling him back in, kissing him desperately, pouring every emotion you’ve felt for the boy into this moment.
When you could no longer survive without air, you pulled back from him gently. You looked at his beautiful blue eyes, slightly glossed over with tears and smiled again. You dipped your forehead down, overcome with emotion. He lightly pressed his lips into your hairline and wrapped his strong arms around your frame delicately. The two of you swayed gently together like that in silence for a few minutes before he whispered, “I won’t leave you again.”
You gave him a watery smile. “I’ll hold you to that too.”
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Toxic/Yandere Petta Mellark would include…
A/N: OkAy. I UNDERSTAND that Peeta isn’t really like this. I saw someone make a post saying we never talk about what our favorite characters would be like if they were toxic or had very negative traits about themselves. I recently rewatched the hunger games and was thinking about how patient and kind hearted Peeta was. He really never tried to harm Katniss or others despite his CONSTANT mistreatment. I thought,,,what if Mr. “if it weren’t for the baby” Mellark was actually toxic and used his cunning mind for his own benefits instead of others?? I’m mainly thinking about Mockingjay type Peeta when writing this.
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: I do not condone real life yandere/toxic behaviors. I only write it for very specific characters. These are just scenarios I like to think about if the character was different. Nothing more, nothing less. I might not take requests for yandere, I don’t mind asking for continuations of ones I have already made. But my previous yandere requests made me super uncomfortable. I have boundaries 😭and I won’t do anything extreme anyways
-Definitely the “I’m just so freaking in love with you and I don’t wanna hurt you however I’m willing to play so so damn dirty to keep you.” Type yandere
-can you blame him? You guys were just kids, fighting for your lives. At any given second, he could have lost you. He can’t lose you. At all. No matter the costs.
-He wouldn’t let go of you, even when you guys won and the fight was over. He was scared, shaking, waking up in cold sweats about dreams of you dying or the capital ripping you out of his hands. Helpless.
-He's not the kind of yandere to lock you up, or beat you. Heck, he won’t even force you to do anything you don’t wanna do. Well…I mean it’s not forcing if he makes you think it’s your idea.
-We already know Peeta is very very manipulative, he can read and play on emotion very well. Even when you try your best to hide how you’re really feeling…he knows.
-he just wants you by his side. That way he can always be there if something goes wrong or if Snow tries one of his tricks. He can protect you. He knows that no one really wants to be with someone 24/7. Most people don’t even like being near themselves that long. Not willingly anyways. So he knows he has to make you think you NEED him by your side. You WANT him there.
-he’s not above staging a few incidents where you’re completely helpless and he always magically comes to your rescue. Basically “you’re weaker than what you think you are and that you actually need his strength to keep you safe at all times.”
-He mainly also does this because he learned about how Snow likes to pawn off his victors for services. He absolutely hates the thought of you being forced into something as such. As much as Snow hates to admit it. He’s threatened by Peeta's presence. He’s cunning like no other, the way he persuades the masses with a simple one-liner and cheeky smile. OH and especially if he hurts you or Peeta,,
“Capital ‘s most beloved lovers” Peeta could easily cause commotion in the capital by himself alone. Snow doesn’t want that.
-idk how the fandom really feels about capital Peeta but I hate to say it, that was my favorite Peeta look. Ugh the slicked back hair, crisp white fit. I’m in love so we're going with that.
-or rather it’s his pet. He most definitely has it WRAPPED around his fingers,,they just don’t know it yet.
-Definitely stays in the capital with you. He tells you,
-“Y/N. I know how much you miss district twelve but it’s not safe. Here you have food, water, no worries. Everything you want I can give you here.”
-absolutely bullshit. He has other motives. He knows how much of an image you and him are for the revolution. Revolution =Riots , Riots= Violence. You, his precious gem cannot be in the middle of that. You’ll get hurt. Besides, it’s always sunny in the capital, you’ll forget how things really are.
-He's not against the revolution, he definitely wants it to happen but just not you at the forefront. So he’ll push ideals on you about how bad the revolution is, how it’s going all wrong, how you need to stay away from it, blah blah blah. He even makes it public by making you pretend you’re clueless and say how ‘not so bad’ the world is. You just just want ‘peace and no violence’
-though he’s definitely cooking something up in the district's favor, he just needs the public to denounce YOU as a symbol.
-Let’s dive into peetas manipulations.
- He knows that you can see through bullshit almost as well as him so he has to constantly play his cards right. The way he gets you is that he makes it seem like there is profound logic behind it. He always mentions how you’re a team and how he’s never hurt you. Everything he does is correct and is a part of a bigger picture just like that ‘star-crossed lovers’ bit.
-you don’t do too well to puppy-eyed pouting so he has to genuinely act hurt when you disobey him. He needs to twist it into an argument, he’s going to get you heated and yelling and he’s going to stay calm and condescending.
“Y/N, why are you raising your voice? I just want to protect us.”
“Come on, you’re being irrational. I’ve never led us astray once, why would I do it now? Please don’t be so upset with me…I just wanna help.”
-sly fucker will even compare you to his mother when he’s very very desperate to make you seem like the bad guy. Sheds a few tears just for kicks.
“You’re just like her….you’re just fucking like her. Y/N, you lied when you said you believe in me. You don’t, you think I’m dumb, stupid, and worthless just like her. I-I’m just trying my best. I just want to keep us alive…why can you guys just see that??” *cue tears and dramatic walk off*
-HOW COULD YOU NOT FEEL BAD AND GIVE IN. He has the reputation of an absolute sweetheart. No sins in his file.
-loves to hold things over your head a lot.
-He also always pretends like you said something wrong in interviews even when you didn’t, or purposely gives you false information just to correct you in front of everyone. Another tactic to get you dependent on him. He kinda likes it when you constantly look at him for approval before saying something. It lets him know he’s on the * right* track.
-Also Peeta is a bit of an artist 👨‍🎨and most definitely learned from cinna,,so I have this headcannon that he likes to design your clothes and dress you up like a doll. He always runs his thoughts about these things with you first though. He wants you to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. It’s all by your taste. But it’s kinda another thing you go to him for. Another thing for him to take care of for you.
-Same with your food. There’s TONS of food to go around here but never when you’re around Peeta. Seems like he’s the only one who cooks for you. The only trustworthy food to eat, He will make you absolutely anything you desire.
-He doesn’t force intimacy on you behind closed doors. In public you need to sit close, kiss, hold hands, ect. Picture perfect is his main concern for the public eye. You guys need to remain so lovable. But when it’s closed blinds he doesn’t mind if you’re not all down for that. Like I said he’s not the kind to force things you really don’t want on you. Not things like that anyways.
-violence is a definite no go. He seriously did all of this to protect you from it, why would he do that to you? Well that’s towards you. He definitely doesn’t mind hurting someone that even dares disrespects you.
-LIKE I SAID CAPITAL’S PET. He will blast and defame people who he doesn’t like. Will not hesitate. Do not flirt or mess with Y/N you will be SLANDERED
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i know it’s been said before but no book character will literally ever be as iconic as peeta “if it weren’t for the baby” mellark. like in book 1 when he confesses to having a crush on katniss on live television, that’s strategic. he knows he won’t win the games but he can help keep katniss safe and send her home and get district 12 a victor. but in book 2 he’s like “well we’re all gonna die and there’s no stopping the games so i’m just gonna fuck shit up and make every capitol official’s life a living hell for as long as i can” and then he does. nobody is doing it like him
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Tumblr media
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Nowhere Else To Go
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x reader
Summary: After his father kicks him out of the house and Rafe gets into it with Barry, he has nowhere to go. So, he turns to the one person who might be willing to help him.
Warnings: light swearing, mentions of blood and bruises
Tumblr media
(gif found on google, credits to owner)
Rafe had nowhere else to go. He’d been kicked out of his own house, his friends had abandoned him, and Barry—well, Barry was the one who’d given him this beatdown in the first place. His mind whirled as he scrambled to think of somewhere—anywhere—that he could get some help.
And then he remembered.
Your voice, so faint it was almost nonexistent, telling him that if he ever needed anything, he could come to you. Rafe didn’t know if the offer still stood, seeing as the last time you’d seen him resulted in a screaming match and him leaving with the throbbing red imprint of your hand across his cheek, but he was out of options.
Praying that you wouldn’t murder him on the spot when he showed up at your doorstep out of the blue, he hopped on to his dirt bike and headed to your place.
A series of pounding knocks at the front door startled you out of your reading, making you cast aside your book and make your way to the front of the house. All the way there, the knocking never ceased.
“I’m coming, chill!” You huffed, wrenching open the wooden door only to come face to face with— “What the hell do you want, Rafe?”
He looked like absolute shit—busted up face, blood dripping down his chin, dirt-streaked clothes—and for a second, you almost felt sorry for him. But then you remembered the kind of person he was, and all traces of sympathy melted right away.
“I need your help.” He croaked, clutching his midriff in pain. “Please, I know—I know I'm the last person you wanna see right now, but I have nowhere else to go.” Your lips pressed into a thin line as you pondered his pleas, debating whether or not you should help him or hang him out to dry. Had you the resolve, you would’ve slammed the door in his face. But much to your shame, you still had a soft spot for Rafe Cameron.
“Get inside.” You rolled your eyes and his widened, but he hurried past you into the house as if he was scared you would take back your offer. Rafe beelined straight for the bathroom, whereas you grabbed an ice pack from the kitchen and the first aid kit from the hallway closet before meeting him there. He had his shirt pulled up, and was poking at the already darkening bruises littering his torso as you slid past him. “Don’t touch them, dumbass. Come here.”
You shoved Rafe against the counter, ignoring his hiss of pain as you wiped the blood off of his bruised face. Whatever shit he’d gotten himself into this time, he’d definitely had a number done on him. You’d never seen someone this battered before, and had it been anyone else, you would’ve been concerned. But this was Rafe, whoever did this would’ve had every reason to.
The small room was silent as you cleaned his cuts, but you could feel his eyes on you as you worked. “You don’t have to pretend like you’re not happy to see me like this.” Rafe muttered, wincing when you moved to clean a particularly nasty gash on his cheekbone.
“Why would I be happy you got your face bashed in?”
“Because you hate me.”
“I don’t hate you, Rafe.” You sighed. “Trust me, I’ve tried. But I just—I can’t.”
“Could’ve fooled me.” He snorted. You rolled your eyes again, grabbing the ice pack off the counter behind him and pressing it against his bruised ribs, this time letting a small smile slip at his groan of pain.
“If I hated you, I wouldn’t be helping you.” Gathering all the bloody tissues and tossing them in the trash, you moved to leave, but Rafe wrapped his fingers around your arm before you could go.
“Thank you.” He said softly.
“Don’t thank me. Just leave.” You deadpanned, jerking your arm out of his grip and pinning him to the spot with a glare. “And next time you get your ass handed to you, don’t come here. Because I’m not helping you again.” With that, you disappeared down the hallway. Rafe poked his head out of the bathroom, barely catching a glimpse of your retreating form before your bedroom door slammed shut.
“Shit.” He swore quietly, letting his forehead knock against the doorway.
Where the hell was he supposed to go now?
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if mangoes didn’t have the stone in the middle, humanity would reach a new level of hedonism. we could just eat thru the whole thing without having to think. we’d permanently regress to a primal state. the seed grounds us, makes us careful when we eat. this defines us. fuck i wish i had a mango
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bein able to reblog posts of deleted tumblr accounts is absolutely the best feature here
its feels like dragging a corpse around through a bacchanal along with its legacy
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aggressive reminder that (other than Stan Lee, excelsior) Oscar Isaac is the only Marvel actor that doesn't have a contract. which means two things:
he's free to walk if he doesn't want to continue playing Moon Knight
John Krasinski has a contract with Marvel
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Hey! If you’re still taking requests can you do a Peeta Mellark x Fem!reader, Where the reader ends up in a very very bad fight with a girl who she had bad history with at school, the time where Peeta wasn’t with her. So when she get to hers (and Peeta’s house) she gets there all bloodied and bruised and makes Peeta so worried about her. And basically just him asking her what happened and cleaning the cuts/blood on her face. And since she’s exhausted at the end just a bunch of fluff and cuddling. :))))
Comfort | p.m.
I got a bit too excited to write this one, especially since it’s been a good practice for writing fighting without being too intense. 
A oneshot about a fight between the reader and a school bully followed by a comfort scene between Peeta and the reader. 
peeta mellark x fem! reader
word count: 1.9k
trigger warnings: cursing, fighting, blood, hints at a bad home life, hints of a dysfunctional relationship (peeta/reader)
(mostly) unedited, all mistakes are my own.
I turn my head to the side and spit, leaving a small blood splatter on the stone floor of the hallway. 
“Skank.” Paslee Beltree spits venomously, pushing her blonde hair out of her face. The sight of her eye beginning to blacken makes me smirk despite the gnawing pain. She starts to step toward me again, so I climb back to my feet and face her. At the sight of my relentlessness, she pauses in her place. Somehow, she manages to keep her confident air when she speaks again. “Warming the Mellarks’ bed?”
I surge towards her, wanting nothing more than to knock the words from her mouth. The Mellarks don’t need my defense, they run the bakery in town. Everyone loves them, even their evil mother is well respected in town. Still, the idea of her planting a negative image of them, of Peeta, in these people’s minds makes my vision go red. 
My attack catches her off guard and I knock her to the ground. I climbed onto her struggling frame, pinning her arms to her sides with my knees. Here, she’s completely at my mercy. I land two good punches on her stupid perfect face, hearing a sickening little crack as the second one lands directly on her nose. She screams out at this, ripping one of her arms from where I have her pinned and protects her face with it. I moved off of her, standing above her with hunched shoulders and heaving breaths. Hearing teachers approaching our little scene, I look her in the eyes to drive my point home.
“Won’t be warming any beds with a crooked nose, Paslee.'' I say simply, watching as teachers swarm us. The small crowd that's formed around our scuffle hesitates to let them through, but Mrs. Pall, our geology teacher,  manages to push her way through to the front. She makes quick work of assessing the situation, passing Paslee off to the first teacher that manages to join her. Then, she turns to me. 
“Ms. l/n, with me.” she commands in a clipped tone, turning on her heel and moving back through the crowd. 
When we make it to her classroom, a small space just down the hall with too few seats for our few students, she turns to me with an exhausted look. Before she can speak, I take my chance to appease her.
“Mrs. Pall, you know better than anyone that Paslee has been taunting me since elementary school. You have to believe me when I tell you that I didn't hit her first.” I spill, looking at her pleadingly. A fight like this could be enough for the peacekeepers to look into my home life and an assessment like that would surely land me in the community home. She seems to weigh my words for a moment before she speaks. 
“I’ll take up for you, you know that. I wanted to make sure you were okay.” she sighs, watching me carefully. I nod and she continues. “That was stupid, y/n. Fighting must be reported. Still, since it’s just this once, I might be able to convince Mrs. Caddel to overlook it this one time.”
“Thank you Mrs. Pall. I promise, it won’t happen again.” I relax at her assurance.
“I'm sure it won’t.” she laughs. I quirk my head at her, confused at the outburst. “Her nose looked broken, l/n. Was that really necessary?” 
I know better than to answer her, smiling at her mild praise. She sighs again, pressing her palms to her knees as she stands from her seat on her desk. 
“Alright, l/n. Get out of here before they call for Mrs. Everdeen. There’s a certain someone waiting for you outside.” she laughs again. I blanch at her words, eyes darting to hers for an answer. “Oh come on, Mr. Mellark waits for you every day. He was asking if I had kept you. I was coming to find you when I heard Paslee scream.” 
“Right.” I mumble, standing quickly and gathering my things. “Thanks again, Mrs. Pall!” 
“Anytime, dear.” she smiles, laughing as I burst out of her classroom. 
Peeta isn’t out front when I arrive, so I start my trek through town to find him. The streets in town are a much prettier color than the almost black streets of the Seam. Here in town, the streets are stone grey and at least somewhat clean, while the gravel streets of the Seam are caked with coal dust. A misplaced match would bring the entire Seam down, but here in town it’s almost possible to imagine a life with someone. It's here that I can trick myself into forgetting the games for a moment, to enjoy a trip to the bakery to pick something up for Peeta. To take a trip with Peeta to the seamstress for a new dress for a made up occasion. It's in town that, if I let my mind wander, I can imagine chasing after a child with my hair and Peeta's soft blue eyes.
The dull throbbing in my cheek pulls me from the image. Before the games it was me that put a constant halt on our relationship. Neither Peeta or myself could afford that kind of life together, not with the constant looming threat of the games over our heads. Now, after winning his own games, Peeta puts the breaks on everything. Shushes me when I ask too many questions, takes me out to get a new dress when conversations about our relationship start to get too serious. I know he’s afraid of something farther than my imagination, something he feels he can’t share with me lest he damn me to it.
When the stone street turns to a polished cobble, I begin to pay attention once more. 
Victor's Village is the nicest and emptiest place in all of district Twelve. In 74 years we have had a total of four victors. Three of which are alive, two from last year’s games. 
In some ways, district Twelve has incredible luck. 
I trot up the steps to his door, reaching forward and knocking on it in 5 quick taps. A small pattern developed over years of visits, one that I know he’ll recognize. I hear his heavy footsteps inside come toward the door and step back a bit.
“Y/n,” he starts, opening the door up wide. When his eyes meet my face, he pales. His eyes change immediately, hardening to a look I've never quite witnessed. In an instant, he’s got a hold of my arm and is tugging me into his home, slamming the door shut behind me. He turns the lock, loudly clicking into place, and guides me a bit less forcefully to a chair in the kitchen. 
“Peeta?” I call to him softly, trying to bring him out of whatever state he’s in. Fear courses through me at the idea that something about me has sent him reeling back to the games, though I blank on what it could be. 
I try to think of my current state, what damage could Paslee have actually done? At most my face may have started to bruise, but it’s not like I came in limping. He leaves my side for a moment, grabbing a towel out of a drawer and wetting it in the sink before rejoining me. He presses the cloth to my forehead and I do my best to sit still under his focused gaze. When he pulls the towel away he visibly relaxes, letting out a little sigh. At this, I bring my hand up and take a gentle hold of his wrist. His pulse thrums strongly against my wrist, a quickened version of the pattern I'm so used to. 
“Peeta?” I try again, watching his face carefully for some sign of what he needs from me. His eyes meet mine with an intense look, bordering on desperation.
“You’re okay?” he says, like a question, like i could be not okay. I think of all of the things I saw him go through on screen, the many more I probably didn’t see, and realize he needs my comfort right now. 
“I'm okay, Peeta. I'm alright.” I hush him, hand leaving his wrist and resting against his cheek instead. 
“There's so much blood.” he mumbles more to himself than to me. His hand returns to holding the towel to my forehead. 
“S’just a scratch, Peeta. honest, I didn’t even feel it.” I tell him, trying to keep his eyes on mine. “Besides, you should have seen Paslee.”
His eyes dart back to mine at the sound of her name, that dangerous look coming back. 
“Paslee did this to you?” he asks in a low voice, eyes deadly serious.
“Well, yeah.” I squirm under his gaze. Now that the adrenaline has fully left my body I suppress the urge to yawn. Tears spring to my eyes at his tone, my tired body and mind too confused to know what to make of it. “But she won’t mess with me anymore. I think I might have broken her nose.” 
The thought makes me feel a bit sick, so I lay my head against his palm for comfort. He softens a bit, moving his hand away from my face and helping me out of my chair. He tosses the towel into the trash and guides me to the stairs in silence. We reach the bedroom door and he doesn’t take his hands off of me until we’ve made it all the way to the bedside. There, he releases me just long enough to find a shirt of his for me to lounge in. He turns around while I change, taking my clothes from me and tossing them into a hamper just inside his closet. Then, he’s laying back onto the pillows and pulling me down to lay with him. 
His hands find their typical resting places, one weaving beneath me to help hold me to his chest and the other finding my hair. I snuggle into his side, letting his steady heartbeat calm me even further. 
“I love you.” I murmur against his chest, trying to fight off the sleep that beckons me. He presses a gentle kiss against the crown of my head before his hand resumes combing through my hair.
“I love you.” he replies easily, gently repositioning himself to allow me to ease into him even more. “More than anything.”
I smile, humming at his words as I nuzzle further into his side. My cheek throbs a bit as it bumps his chest and I pull back to readjust. Peeta sits up a bit, nudging my chin for him to get a better look at my face. His fingers ghost over my cheekbone and he grunts a bit like it’s hurt him. His face hardens again at the sight of me and I pull my face from his grip. He doesn’t fight me on it, instead holding my waist tighter and nuzzling his face into my hair as I rest against him again. 
He’s quiet for a bit, letting me listen to the soothing beat of his heart in his chest. Then, the deep rumbling of his voice.
“I’ll see what I can do about Paslee.” He murmurs finitely. 
I hum my confusion. 
“Sleep.” He whispers against my scalp. Another kiss. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
It’s a deflection, the same way he always reacts when he doesn’t want to answer my questions. I want to question him further, but the beating of his heart calls me to sleep. I settle for a small nod, letting him know I’d hold him to it. His grip on me tightens as he readjusts, and I let the pressure of his hand and the beat of his heart lure me to sleep.
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I told you, a man who loves pussy
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The Hunger Games movie ending scene was bad, and here’s why
Yes I’ve been thinking about this for years, no I am not done being annoyed.
Tumblr media
I’m just going to list things off.
No scars. In the books, Katniss gets caught in the fire from the bombs dumped on the Capitol’s children. The scarring is so extensive that not even Capitol plastic surgery can fix it. She explicitly says that she looks like a half-human mutt. But the movies won’t let her be ugly, so she’s smooth-skinned here.
Katniss is wearing a dress. Throughout the narrative, Katniss only wears a dress when the Capitol is forcing her to, be that at the reaping or during the many photoshoots and interviews. Even her mockingjay wedding dress was originally something she’d been forced to wear by President Snow, and the mockingjay details were added last-minute by Cinna, after Snow gave the order. Whenever Katniss gets to pick her own clothes, even if it’s the options presented to her by the Capitol, she goes for practical trousers, and never a dress.
She’s too young. In the books, it takes over a decade for Katniss to be in a mental place where she wants kids, and adding the age of her oldest child to that, she would be in her late thirties at the youngest in this scene. But god forbid that our heroine is allowed to age.
No leg hair. You might think I’m nitpicking here, but in the first movie, they had a scene when Katniss’ legs get waxed by the beauty team, so the movie writers definitely knew about it. In the books, Katniss explicitly says that she likes her leg hair, because the longer it grows, the longer it’s been since she was under the hands of the Capitol’s beauty standards. But women in movies aren’t allowed to show leg hair, so she’s shaved smooth here.
Losing the nuance. In the book version of this moment, Katniss and Peeta are watching their children play in the meadow. But what Katniss and Peeta know, but their kids don’t, is that the children are playing on a mass grave of those who died when District 12 was bombed. Just presenting it as a perfect golden meadow completely removes the horror from this scene.
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The #1 way to browse — and there ain’t no two ways about that!
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