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Major Arcana

The Fool-Beginnings, Risks
The Magician- Actions, manifestations
The High Priestess- Hidden knowledge, Secrets
The Empress- Resources, Abundance
The Emperor- Boundaries, Order
The Heirophant- Education, Lessons, Unity
The Lovers- Love, decisions
The Chariot- Progress, determination
Strength- Managing situations, endurance
The Hermit- Searching, analysis
The Wheel of Fortune- Fate, Luck
Justice- Decisions, Balance
The Hanged Man- Waiting, sacrifice
Death- Transformation, Rebirth
Temperance- Negotiation, common ground
The Devil-Restrictions, Indulgence
The Tower-Unexpected failure, breakdowns
The Star- Hope and guidance
The Moon- Anxiety and deep emotions
The Sun- Growth, Recovery
Judgement- The past, second chances
The World- Success, completion

Minor Arcana

Cups- Water Element, “I feel”- How emotions rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- Love, Beginnings
Two- Partnerships
Three- Celebration
Four- Boredom, longing
Five- Loss, sadness
Six- Peace, reconciliation
Seven- confusion, possibilities
Eight- Departure, leaving behind
Nine- A wish coming true, contentment
Ten- Happiness, family
Page- Opportunities, Chances
Knights- Emotional and dreamy influence
Queen- Intelligent and intuitive influence
King- Charismatic and Wise influence

Pentacles- Earth Element, “I have”- How possessions rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- Money, success, beginnings
Two- Decisions, balancing finances
Three- Showing talents, chances
Four- Stability, hiding
Five- Financial loss, chasing
Six- Generosity, supporting
Seven- Potential with work
Eight- Money coming, building success
Nine- Comfort, success
Ten- Inheritance, something lost
Page- An offer
Knight- A dependable influence
Queen- A genorous influence
King- A prosperous influence

Swords- Air Element, “I think”- How thoughts rule over and work within the  meanings of the cards.

Ace-  Success
Two- Stalemate
Three- Heartbreak
Four- Rest, overwhelmed
Five- Conflict
Six- Leaving conflict behind
Seven- Theft of positivity
Eight- Restriction
Nine- Anxiety
Ten- Endings
Page- Intelligence, alertness
Knight- A opposing influence
Queen- An independent influence
King- A strong willed influence

Wands- Fire Element, “I desire”- How desires rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- News, beginnings, fertility
Two- Making plans
Three- Travel
Four- Freedom, rest
Five- Stong opinions, fights
Six- Victory
Seven- Work, effort
Eight- News, attack
Nine- Stress, suspicion, strength
Ten- Burdened, work
Page- A message, understanding
Knight- A motivational influence
Queen- A creative influence
King- An expressive influence


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xtenofcupsx·13 days agoAnswer

Damn i actually learned something from you with that last post ❤ u r the best!

I’m glad it was helpful 🙂💖

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Full Houses (stellium 3+ planets)

1st house: Life spirit, rays of radiant personalityAn Aries life experience. Tremendous emphasis on cosmocreating the self expression, self development, and mobilising talents into one self-demonstrative orchestration

2nd house: A Taurus life experience. Emphasis on establishing a secure base where one is comfortable and free to luxuriate and create, large investment on self-development and building self-worth

3rd house: A Gemini life experience. Interactive with surrounding environment, resonance with literature, siblings are important. Good quantity and quality of mind. Natural communicator and broadcaster, compulsive need to circulate information fourth house: psychological base, ancestral roots, home, mother

4th house: A Cancer life experience. Relationship with the Goddess, residence of Spirit Guides, intuitive qualities. A powerful connection with the mother positive or negative, the identity of one’s heritage and retracing and growing the family tree.

5th house: A Leo life experience. Creative essence, romantic delight, twirler of the fire of god. The need to find or generate personal amusement everywhere, competitive and playful, a close affiliation with the inner child and inspiring to young people 

6th house: A Virgo life experience. Service to humanity and the animal Kingdom. Strong need for daily routine, and personal rituals that affirm control in one’s environment. Concerned with health matters, may work in health, and also suffer nervous tension, digestive upset, menstrual issues, a tendency to stress over the state of physical and mental health  

7th house: A Libra life experience. The Fine Arts of Love and Law. High social observation and intuition, psychological profiler, good at mediating and discriminating what is fair and equal. Some identity confusion, obvious investment into relationships and finding love 

8th house: A Scorpio life experience. Crosser of the threshold, Symbolic Magician, warrior on the pathway to discipleship. Abducted by the black cloud and taken down into the unconscious. Visceral sexual passion magnetism, defined and secret psychic experiences

9th house: A Sagittarius life experience. Pilgrim on the Spiritual Pathway to the inner Guru. The quest for experiences, knowledge, and evidence that affirms one’s philosophy of life, and therein is their authentic spiritual practice or following

10th house: A Capricorn life experience. Gods, Gurus, and Mentors. Remarkable ambition, nothing and no one is going to block this path. A very disciplined and personal program of self-growth and development to bring dreams closer

11th house: An Aquarian life experience. Girl Gang, Star Squad, Online groups. Materialiser of collective hopes and dreams. Practical idealist and advocate for the oppressed, high social sensitivity, support networks and benefactors come together to make this dream come true

12th house: A Pisces life experience. A quiet life outside, a loud life inside. A Saviour. The sufferer recognises the suffering. Self seclusion, silenced, wounded healer. An enduring tiredness, the entrancing stillness, the memories that belong to past lives

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xtenofcupsx·13 days agoAnswer

Are you growing more comftorable or more tired by doing free readings? 😲

I’ve always been comfortable with doing free readings. If I feel tired then I just don’t open them or I answer them a bit later. I usually open them up to have something on the side to keep me busy through out my week & also to help me keep up with Tarot because I usually don’t read for myself. I know that what I’m going to say next back tracks what a lot of readers are saying and asking for, which I respect fully, but you see I personally am getting something from doing these readings. I feel good when I do these readings. They make me, personally, feel very useful and have helped me better my skills. What I get in return is my own satisfaction. Because I had never planned for Tarot to be a money thing for me, it’s where I do get a good amount of my pocket money from now and I appreciate that fully, but when I was thinking of coming to Tumblr as a tarot reader, that wasn’t my main goal. I have accepted before I even started doing this that when I open free readings I am most likely not going to get money.

Marketing 101 from someone who studied economy for 4 years; if someone’s intentions when coming to your blog are to catch you doing free readings, 98% (in my experience) of the time they’re not the types to tip. Because that’s simply what they came for, something free. Same way that the people who shop in “affordable” shops don’t plan on spending the same amount of money as the ones who shop in Gucci or whatever tf else there is. And if they do end up in those type of stores, they go for what’s most affordable or just straight up leave without buying anything, because it’s not something they’re interested in or it might be something that they just can’t afford. People who search for something free/cheap are avoiding spending money (due to personal reasons and that’s fine, it’s their money & I am someone who is offering them something for free). It’s simply how it is out in the real world wether we as people who offer free services or sell relatively cheap services (compared to some Tarot readers who charge a whole lot more) like it or not. So if you want to make money out of your readings, free readings aren’t going to bring in the clients you’re searching and hoping for. And that’s just the reality of it, doesn’t define your skills in any way.

My point is, by opening free readings and looking for people who are going to tip you, you’re attracting the wrong kind of people. These people are sooner going to camp on your blog to snatch an opportunity to get a free reading than actually pay for one.

If money is something you need and would like to get in return for your time and efforts then you need to set the records straight, open paid readings, do more self advertising, find different platforms and sometimes you simply have to push things out there to help you achieve that by being up front. To some it might be annoying that I reblog my paid readings post, but again, marketing 101, those two people who see it and unfollow me because they find it annoying, first of all, weren’t potential clients to begin with, while with the same reblog, I get two DMs from people interested in a reading. This is not being tricky or manipulative, but it for sure is a tactic and a half. It’s a marketing strategy: you attract the client you wanted, they get what they want and so do you. Win-win, all who participate win in the end.

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Love spreads 🔮

These are some available love spreads I’ve come up with. In case you are interested you can DM me! Here you can find a list of prices and other options for paid readings I’m offering.

Available spreads for love issues:

Can’t find love — 2 cards (5$) 3$

1. What stands in the way of me finding love?

2. How can I attract a partner that will align with my best self?

Relationship issues — 2 cards (5$) 3$

1. How can I overcome this issue in my relationship?

2. How can I strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?

No contact spread — 4 cards (7$) 5$

1., 2. How do they feel about me?

3. Where is this connection headed?

4. What do I need to do right now to make the most of this situation?

Available spreads for new/future lovers:

Future lover — 6 cards (8$) 6$

1. Meeting them. (How am I going to meet them? When?/Do I already know them?)

2., 3. What is this person going to be like? (Personality, Apperance, Possible astrology placements)

4. Potential struggles/warnings. (Just an overall heads up, every relationship has ups and downs it’s normal)

5. Advice. (This is a follow up for the 4th card and any potential struggles in the relationship.)

6. What can I do to attract them into my life?

These are the love spreads I’ve come up with so far, I will add more new ones in the future. If you’re interested, please feel free to DM me!

Giving some insight on your situation is very important. When requesting a reading please note at least three of the following; yours/theirs initials, numbers of your choice (lucky numbers, year of birth, angel numbers), yours/theirs zodiac placements (whichever ones you feel like sharing), emoji of your choice, a short sentence to describe a vibe/feeling, and whatever personal information you feel like sharing, all of it will benefit for a better reading.

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Paid readings 🔮

[ Please read the post before requesting ]

All readings are done within the same day, usually a few of hours within recieving payment.

3 card reading (6$) 4$
  • You can ask any 3 questions of your own, or less. I can pull 3 cards for one or two questions.
  • Some available spreads: You-Them-Potential-(+1$ Outcome), Past-Present-Future
5 card reading (8$) 6$
  • You can ask any 5 questions or your own, or less. I can divide a reading into parts and pull more cards for one question.
  • Some available spreads: You-Them-Potential-Struggles-Outcome
  • [ Example of a paid reading ]

[ Available Love Spreads ]

[ Future Career Spread ]

[ ‘New Chapter’ Spread ] (moving, leaving for uni, etc.)

[ Messages from your person 💌 ]

Feel free to DM me and let me know if you’re interested in getting a paid reading. Choose a number of cards you want pulled that I have offered above. I do pre-paid readings, I have a paypal.me link where you can send me the money for the reading and I do it within the same day. (DON’T MENTION TUMBLR OR TAROT OR ANY READINGS, PAYPAL TAKES MONEY)

When sending in a request you can choose a tarot spread of your own choice or the ones I have offered above. You can also ask any questions you have personally, they can be the amount of the cards you’ve picked or less (I’ll still pull the amount of cards you paid for). Describing your situation is very important. When requesting a reading please note at least three of the following; yours/theirs initials, numbers of your choice (lucky numbers, year of birth, angel numbers), yours/theirs zodiac placements (whichever ones you feel like sharing), emoji of your choice, a short sentence to describe a vibe/feeling, and whatever personal information you feel like sharing, all of it will benefit for a better reading.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Hey I wanted to ask whats Es♑️ true feelings towards me and if he still cares about me as his actions seem that he doesn’t. E Taurus Sun Leo Moon💕💕💕

  • What are Es♑️’s true feelings towards E Taurus Sun Leo Moon 💕? Cards pulled: Queen of Cups, Nine of Cups, King of Swords, Eight of Wands, Two of Cups & IX The Hermit.

You seem to know what you want and you’d like to get clarity pretty quickly. Whereas he’s more cold and distant, thinking things through.

I see there’s a lot of mixed emotions here and in order for it to work out you guys are gonna need to both decide on that (him here esp).

Asked for advice and best thing to do is to wait and see wether he’ll mature up a bit here. In the long while don’t hold onto the connection for too much and allow for things to go with the flow.

Good luck, focus on you. I’m not saying the connection is not worth putting hope into but maybe lay off on that for now until he returns what you’re putting into the connection. It’s best to stay neutral💖

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Hello! May I have a reading about my Future boyfriend? What will his charakter be like? And how does he look? Thank you very much for your time and energy❤️ Nathalie♈️ 🦋21.03

What is Nathalie♈️ 🦋21.03’s future boyfriend going to be like? Cards pulled: Six of Wands, Three of Wands, V The Hierophant.

I see he’ll be very devoted to his career and/or studies. Possibly a Sagittarius. Just extremely good at what he does and he knows it. Calm. Has something very cocky, relaxed about his walk/posture. Effortless but precise movement. Probably is into some type of a sport. Might like hiking/mountain climbing and all sorts of adventurous sports. Might be quite religious actually? Skinny fit and I see brown hair, not too long, on the shorter side. Possibly wears sunglasses often and has a very relaxed fashion style.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Could i get a reading please? My initials are AD, i’m an aries sun and moon, and venus taurus! Angel number 55 and 🥰. I’ve never had a bf before and i’ve been manifesting one (no one specific) Could i ask what is coming up for my love life in the next 12 months? Thank you very much! Have a great day!

  • What’s coming into AD, aries sun and moon’s love life in the next 12 months? Cards pulled: 0. The Fool, Eight of Cups, Ace of Wands, VIII Strength & XVI The Tower.

I see you are going to meet someone who might very possibly dissapoint you and you’ll hurt over this but are going to come out stronger than ever.

Watch out. Karmics are real and I’ve dealt with quite a few in the last year, it hurt for a short while but I learnt I was lucky to not be envolved with those men anymore. These connections are not meaningless, they’re supposed to help you grow and learn.

So keep your chin up and watch out. You do deserve love and are going to find it, just remember that not all people are worthy of time and energy 💖 Stay mature and don’t run into situations without thinking things through first.

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Hello 🦋💙 could I request a reading? My ex RL♉️ recently sent me a text message for my birthday after months without any news. He talked to me a lot, though he’s in a relationship with a new girl. I really wonder why he did that because it seems weird to me. What were his real intentions, is it because he still holds romantic feelings for me? And what do my guides want me to know/do regarding this connection? M 🖤 (Aquarius moon)

  • What are RL♉’s true intentions regarding his connection with M 🖤 (Aquarius moon)? Cards pulled: King of Cups, Ten of Cups, Four of Wands & Three of Swords.

Seem as though he’s heart broken over how things ended and does still hold romantic feelings for you. As far as I can see he does want to reunite.

  • What do M 🖤 (Aquarius moon)’s guides want them to know about their connection with R♉? Cards pulled: Five of Cups, XII The Hanged Man & Ten of Pentacles.

You might be unsure, hurt and angry because of what had happened in the past and are not sure of what to do.

Trust your intuition and really think through what you’d like in the long run. Wether this is something that feels right and something you’d like to have in the future.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

hi! i’ll love a reading from you if that’s okay! thank you so much for ur time and energy! i was wondering if i could get a description of my romantic soulmate🥺 i’ll really appreciate it <3 thank u so much ! - e.r | ☀️ libra 🌙 cancer , rising sag , 777. 💜

What’s e.r ♎, 777, 💜’s romantic soulmate like? Cards pulled: Three of Swords, Five of Pentacles & Two of Pentacles.

First of all oh my f*cking lord what an awful combination of cards. Your soulmates been through a lot, they’ve been through soo much. So much pain so much bullshit so many ups and downs. They have truly experienced all the anguish of this world.

I had the Four of Wands & XXI The World fall out luckily and to me that really speaks that meeting you is going to bring joy and fulfillment into their life.

Be patient with them because holy shit I don’t swear often in these but those are such no thanks cards especially all together like this :/ they’re incredibly strong for harboring all of this on their own.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Hi love me again😅, iam sry i forget to add some information.

So iam Z 🌞♒ and 🌚♓ and Venus also ♓. FAV Emoji💖

I want to know who the guy that i will marry or end up with also if you can to look who maybe my soulmate is. Because i have a feeling that i have a special connection to somone he is S☀️♐ 🌚♈and Venus♑ and idk its like we share the same thoughts he is like a part of me idk how to describe. And i cant forget him how ever i try.

If you can help i would be really thankful. ❤

Have a nice day☺

  • Whats Z ♒’s future spouse going to be like? Cards pulled: Knight of Pentacles & King of Swords.

I see he’s going to be a very smart and grounded man. Is possibly going to have Aquarius or Capricorn in his chart. He’ll be someone who’ll always be there to help you out with any problems, that said he’s excellent at problem solving. His work might be tied to something science/technology related.

  • What’s Z ♒’s soulmate like? Card pulled: III The Empress, V The Hierophant & Two of Cups.

First off I’m getting Cancer energy. With some Taurus in his chart as well. He’ll be a very good natured person. Very righteous and is going to be a bit artsy and romantic. Sharing emotions with him is going to feel very natural due to his accepting and warm personality.

  • How does S ♐ feel about Z ♒? Card pulled: II The High Priestess.

I tried pulling clarifiers and there seems to be so many mixed emotions here. I’d say to him you’re quite a mystery, he can’t put a finger on it. Seems to me he sees the good in you but is reluctant/unsure? Perhaps because of different motives, to him you seem like someone who’d want something serious and he’s not looking to settle atm. He just seems to be appreciating you from a far without planning on making any serious moves.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Hey reading plz im curious how does J ♋ feel about me/our reconnection? number 22 -D ♑ 🌼💐

  • How does J ♋ feel about D ♑, 22? Cards pulled: XIV Temperance & Seven of Swords.

He might be dishonest and/or manipulative in the process of trying to fix things between you guys. With the intentions to win you back in a more easy way. Wether or not that’s him repeating his past mistakes I think you can tell by yourself based on why things ended in the first place. Because here I see that he is lonely, likes the attention and will be sneaky with you, so keep an eye out on him so you don’t get hurt.

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xtenofcupsx·14 days agoAnswer

Okay.. first time doing this. Can you tell me how the next two years of my life are gonna be like? I’m a Leo rising, Taurus sun and Gemini moon. My initials are MS. Thank you so much ☺️

I’m very glad to be your first tarot reader 🙂 I chose to separate each year into fourths for you.

What is MS♉’s life going to look like in 2021?

  1. Jan, Feb, March Six of Cups & Journey: You might be travelling, going places. I see you’ll possibly be home sick & are generally gonna be in a sentimental mood. However I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing, it’s a really beautiful card so you might just really grow to have an appreciation for certain things you haven’t paid much attention to in the past.
  2. April, May, June — Six of Wands & Money: Here I see you doing really well. You’ll feel very satisfied with yourself; victorious. Life’s gonna be going really well. You can expect a new source of income or a cash prize of some sorts.
  3. July, Aug, Sept — Page of Cups & Lover: You might find new love in this time period. You might feel especially inspired and dwell into something creative or artsy. I also see it as a time you’ll devote to enjoying love and being in your feels.
  4. Oct, Nov, Dec — Knight of Wands & Baby: Be careful not to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant if it’s not something you’re looking for. So I’d say it’s a good time for exploring new passions of all sorts however don’t forget to stay mature & reponsible when doing so. Also don’t rush something if there’s no need to.

What is MS♉’s life going to look like through out 2022?

  1. Jan, Feb, March — Page of Swords & Misfortune: Again, be really careful towards the end of 2021 because here I see you might be facing some consequences. You’ll need to take action and think more logically here. So feels like you’ll be solving some problems that have arose in the mean while. It’s of big importance to avoid conflict here and take action at the right time without avoid this situation.
  2. April, May, June — Three of Cups & Unexpected Joy: So here I see that after the previous mess you’ll be more relaxed, perhaps you’re going to have more time to hang around friends again. You’ll have a lot of fun times here. However the card Unexpected Joy usually doesn’t last for too long.
  3. July, Aug, Sept — Four of Cups & Loss: You might feel a bit dissapointed in this period of your life. I see something might not turn out quite the way you wanted it to. So here it’s important to focus on the things you have in front of you and have already made for yourself instead of dwelling too much on what has been lost and making it a bigger problem than it is.
  4. Oct, Nov, Dec — Ace of Pentacles & House: Another new financial opportunity, you’ll be doing a lot of grounding. What’ll happen to you before this is going to be a wake up call and you’ll take matters into your own hands and are going to focus more on working on your career/home life.

Hope you liked your reading! 💖

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Emoji spell to attract Luck 🏵


 I attract good things everywhere I go. I attract good luck in all matters of my life. Good fortune always comes my way.

Like to charge. Reblog to cast.

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xtenofcupsx·18 days agoAnswer

Hello :) I’ve had the weirdest dream about my ex coming to me to tell me all of his feelings. I felt so disturbed and weird after it that I decided to tell him about it in reality. We don’t talk everyday but I wanted to know if he (Randy🦁) thought much of it after I told him about this dream? And where does he stand for me now? Idk if he sees me as a friend or more ☺️💛 I am m, Leo Venus. He is a Libra Venus.

  • What are Randies, Libra Venus’ 🦁 feelings for m, Leo Venus? Cards pulled: Five of Wands, King of Swords & Journey.

Well I’m gonna tell you right away there’s not really any romantic feelings here. He’s a bit distant emotionally here but respectful. He doesn’t really see a romantic future here, would actually be quite conflicted about the thought. Seems he’s made up his mind here and now just wants to focus on exploring and finding himself

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