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hisbutlerisahunter·44 minutes agoAnswer

Diff anon but pls talk about how Feitan’s past made him a space invader.

Yessssss thank YOU anon. Look, look, look, im about to say something yall are gonna hate BUT Feitans whole, space invader thing is him showing how starved for affection/attention he is. Now ik what youre thinking, B youre wrong feitan would never and thats not how you show that anyways and i submit to you, the psychological workings of an abandoned childs brain.

Feitan obviously has it rough his whole life, even after hes found by the troupe, i understand thats who he sees as family but they dont offer much as support NOT TO MENTION hes seen as the outcast even by them (obviously because feitan “wants” to be as such). This then develops into weird stuff like, creeping around as not to bother people and sitting quietly with only ones mind to appear “good” or “unbothersome”. After he starts dating it pops up in the zero privacy sense because uhhh you love him why wouldnt you want to spend every waking hour with him except when hes away on business??????

What im saying is, being abandoned, then growing up in trash, then finding a make shift family that still dont support you properly makes for a clingy adult however feitan still wants to be seen as a loner and as the crazy outcast so he cant physically be clingy or constantly ask for your attention and time so he just follows you around to appease the sad child still in his heart.

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hisbutlerisahunter·an hour agoAnswer

Feitan gives his s/o no privacy. Using the bathroom walks in or calling your best friend on the phone sits right next to you and listens in. Then when you tell him to give you some he just gets mad.

Okay YES. You thought youd still have privacy after you started dating feitan? Haha you are wrong.

This fits perfectly with my hc that Feitan walks so softly you can never hear him coming and it means you never know where he is in the house until you can physically see him. Youre in the shower? Feitans right behind you but you wont know that until you turn around. Wanna gossip with your friends? Better not talk about him because he was hiding in the wardrobe the whole time. Need some alone time with just you and your hand? No you dont in comes Feitan but again you wont know that until you open your eyes.

Fei has got to be the creepiest s/o anyones ever had, his quiet foot steps mixed with his inability to leave you with some privacy make for some stupid arguements but also some laughs.

I wanna talk about how fei’s past probably made him such a space invader bit i wont derail the post

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hisbutlerisahunter·2 hours agoAnswer

If anyone ever makes you feel annoying, let me know and I'll personally fill their underwear drawer with sweet gherkins and t-pose menacingly at them

You sound like my brother and that is extremely funny. Why gherkins tho? But thank you non the less, its never people making ME feel annoying its my brain looking at what theyve said and telling me how its them being annoyed with me for being you know,,, annoying 👉👈

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hisbutlerisahunter·2 hours agoAnswer

Hello!! Have you ever written something about sebby’s true form? ^^

Yes! Im sure i have but i cant find it for the life of me, ive searched the blog far and wide so tumblr might have deleted it BUT i no longer tale requests……

If you engage me in casual conversation about sebs true form i WILL discuss what i think its like/how it makes him feel/what he sounds like and such 🥰

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hisbutlerisahunter·11 hours agoText

I would like to make it clear that 1. Im never ignoring anyones messages im just a terrible conversationalist,

2. Im terrible at STARTING conversations so the answer is YES I WANT TO TALK TO YOU PLEASE START CONVERSATIONS WITH ME ahem and

3. If i feel im annoying you ill disappear/ wont start conversations even after we become friends so you can either reassure me and keep starting conversations OR you can do as you please its all you babeys because im awful at the starting part, i can carry a conversation and im very invested in having them im just bad at starting them.

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hisbutlerisahunter·a day agoAnswer

Hi! I hope you have a wonderful day. Please try your best to stay hydrated, grab something to eat, smile, and just remember to take care of yourself. Stay safe ^_^

Thank you my dear i hope YOU do the same, keep hydrated and stay safe! 🥺💕

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hisbutlerisahunter·a day agoAnswer

I feel like Uvo is awesome if your a person who is touched starved. He just hugs you and you burst into tears because you haven’t felt that way in a long time and he just like 😳😳😳. Hope you are having a good day👌🏽

Okay okay okay okay this is my FAVOURITE dynamic/ trope and like you say Uvogin would be awesome with a touch starved s/o so it works amazingly well.

Uvogin freaks the first time he hugs you and you burst into tears, he thinks hes broken your arm or something and backs away whilst you trail after him to stay in his arms. Once explained Uvogin thinks its so freaking funny. He often hugs you or peppers you with kisses in front of his friends because the way you start sniffling and crying makes them all uncomfortable and we know uvos main mission in life is to make his friends mad/uncomfortable.

Theres days when he feels a lil bad for making you cry just to laugh but he knows you appreciate the touch so he just remembers that whilst he chuckles to himself. This offers up moments of soft uvogin like whilst youre sleeping and cuddling into him like your life depends on it he just smiles and when hes being tender he just runs his fingers up and down your arm/side and chuckles at the little goosebumps that pop up because of his touch.

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hisbutlerisahunter·a day agoAnswer

You can only save 3 characters from hxh who are they

Oh jeez oh fuck you asking the real hard questions today my dude 😭

OKAY ima save Melody, My wife Paku and Killua because dang he dont deserve anymore hurt

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hisbutlerisahunter·2 days agoText

Day 2 of fluffvember is WRITTEN and i just want yall to know because thats one of my big achievements of today and i cant wait to get to the rest of the promptssssss 😌😌😌

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hisbutlerisahunter·2 days agoAnswer

Hi! This isn't an ask, I just wanna tell you you deserve all the hugs and loves, pls make sure to get sleep and food and water and be safe bc I will be v sad if you're gone and I worry

- love lurker from a different time zone <3

I think ik who you are and if its not who i think it is, thats very surprising haha but thanks! And you get enough water and food too my dude!

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hisbutlerisahunter·3 days agoAnswer

Ofc the wifes as well i was just si curious and needed to ask this that i forgot to add these 😭🥺sorry my bad hehe 🙈 -🥺

No worries anon, if my wives are in there i REALLY got to pull out all the stops and try my hardest to flirt without being too friendly or too creepy, DAMN. Id really do anything for these anime women huh? 🤪🥴

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hisbutlerisahunter·3 days agoAnswer

I would give anything to see Hisoka genuinely fall in love with someone. I think it would have to be a very specific type of person, but if he truly loved someone and actually cared about them, his personality would blossom. Still creepy, horny, and weird, but with occasional honest smiles and touchy feely fluff. I can hear everyone screaming profanities at me in the distance lol

I think theres definitely more to Hisoka than meets the eye so this scenario is fairly in character.

When a genuine, true emotion hits him i think itd be hard for him to comprehend and deal with at first so hed cover it up with nonchalantness and overly whore knee jokes to force you away. After a while i think its possible hed get used to it and just kind of tip toe around it so the person he fell for would just never take him seriously.

Its a viscous cycle of “id so date you haha”, “dont joke like that you idiot” and lastly but never spoken “no im serious”.

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hisbutlerisahunter·3 days agoAnswer

What would hou do if all your husbandos would be stuck in a room together? Also lots of love 🥺💕

Just husbands? No wifes?damn im really not living the bi dream lmao but fr idk? Probably just flirt and see which one actually flirts back 👉👈

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hisbutlerisahunter·3 days agoAnswer

omg which day is sebastian I need to know 😩

Day 28 🥰🥰🥰

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hisbutlerisahunter·4 days agoAnswer

Hey hey hey hope you had/have a great day and a daily love shot from me 💕🥺

Hi!!! I hope your day was/is good too bb and thank youuuuuu for the love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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hisbutlerisahunter·4 days agoAnswer

Hey, hope your day is as amazing as you are. Take care ^_^

I am 0% awesome but thank you anon you are literally so adorable! I hope your day is good too and you take care! 🥰

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hisbutlerisahunter·4 days agoAnswer

unrelated to the fluff question but i think if anyone actually managed to get a needle into uvo he would go into shock or pass out assuming its his first time

A lil confused about what you mean by “fluff question” so if you sent me something before this it didnt come through im sorry but if youre just talking about the guessing game then no worries.

Now fr, Uvogin has not felt pain in YEARS its not that hes immune to pain its that he physically cant be hurt so in reality what you said is right anon. Just thinking about the first time uvo got his tattoo (that things big it definitely needs touch ups thats why i said first time) and he just passes out completely and no one notices, they think he fell asleep so its uvos lil secret….. until his s/o has to take him to get a shot or something 😏😂

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hisbutlerisahunter·5 days agoAnswer

Shizuku for 2. My final offer 😂

Oh noooo sad times it is not Shizuku,,,,,, it is Machiiiii, she hate shopping but she doing all that shiz for her s/o, secret simp smh 🙄😂😂😂

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hisbutlerisahunter·5 days agoAnswer

Day 2 Kurapika maybe? Idk, he gives me a blanket vibe lol

Day 2 is not kurapika, a hint for yalls is that day 2 is a hxh girl 👀 but kura does give blanket gives so i can see why you though that 😌😌

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