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robron-til-the-end-of-time·15 hours agoAnswer
I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you said they wouldn’t recommend wearing them because there’s not enough to go around.

Oh yeah for sure. I understand that, there’d be a run on about 6 billion of them.

But then if they admitted people need them, they could also start manufacturing them in their millions, rather than letting everyone make do.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·15 hours agoAnswer
Surely masks must offer protection or why would health care providers use them?? So long as they are worn correctly. You don’t mess around with it while wearing it and it’s removed and disposed of correctly. Also if someone has the virus/symptoms then them wearing one would surely help stop coughs and sneezing from travelling?

Well yes. Given that a fair percentage of people are actually getting corona virus with NO symptoms, if everyone wore a mask (I don’t see that happening in Europe btw) infections would slow. Because people who are “fine and healthy” but with the virus wouldn’t pass it on to anyone else. Or certainly a significantly lower number than is happening currently.

Governments aren’t advising mask wearing (in my opinion) for the pure fact that there aren’t enough masks for people in the healthcare systems at the moment. I’m very surprised at for example how low Japans infection/death rate is. Especially when you consider Tokyo’s population. It’s a bigger population than the UK, and an older population too. Far, FAR less infections, but then… most families in Japan have a box of masks before this all started. When I was there a few years ago, they were mostly used for hayfever or allergies during the cherry blossom season, to stop sneezing / being respectful of others if you did sneeze. So wearing them is a habit, far before they were told to by the government, if they even were. People just did it.

I did a lot of reading on it yesterday and pretty much everyone says they don’t protect completely against coronavirus completely. Okay. But wouldn’t we all take what, 75%?? (Idk how much they do protect, but I don’t think anyone else does either right now.)

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·16 hours agoText

I was tagged by @susieskinner93​ thank you!! So lets give this a go!

slowburn or love at first sight // fake dating or secret dating // enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers // oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance correspondence // hurt/comfort or amnesia // fantasy au or modern au // mutual pining or domestic bliss // smut or fluff weak // canon-compliant or fix-it (theyre the same thing!) // reincarnation or character death // one-shot or multi chapter // kid fic or road trip fic // arranged marriage or accidental marriage // high school romance or middle aged romance // time travel or isolated together // neighbours or roommates // sci-fi au or magic au // body swap or genderbend // angst or crack // apocalyptic or mundane

Thank you!! I tag @nooneelsecomesclose17 and my brain has turned to mush, so anyone who hasn’t done this yet!

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·16 hours agoAnswer
On that last post, the situation has exposed some interesting things about the mechanics of soaps I think; what they rely on to operate, how key they are to scheduling, and how much they depend on the current social narrative; when that shifts so fundamentally, they can neither calibrate themselves immediately nor postpone, and then it feels tonally wrong. Thats' understandable, and yet when they have the chance to react to things, like the distaste of the Wendy situation, they squander it.

It is. It also shows up how QUICKLY the global situation is changing.

I know why they’ve done it, because people are going to be screaming out for new TV so scrapping everything filmed isn’t a particularly reasonable option at this point.

And yes. I know things are plotted out months in advance, but I do think that WHEN they get feedback, responding to it needs to happen. Okay, not with stuff like “Dan’s boring” because that’s an opinion, but “hey, you know Wendy is a gross gross insult to rape victims, do you kinda wanna think about that for two secs?”

I always think they should react to public opinion on issue based stories, because if they lose the public en masse, they’ll all lose their jobs.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·16 hours agoText

I do find it interesting that countries who habitually wear face masks (before anyone knew what covid19 was) have far lower infection rates / deaths than Europe/America and places that wearing face masks is NOT part of the culture.

Not just China. Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea. Places much geographically closer to the outbreak and with far less deaths??

Apparently masks don’t work? Okay, they may not block out the virus 100% most people agree on that, but they clearly have some effect.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·16 hours agoText

I mean… some things in Emmerdale (probably all soaps) have dated really quickly. Amelia screaming about how Dan’s in hospital on his birthday when 500+ people are dying everyday at the moment just has a bit of a different tinge to it.

Dawn complaining that it’s too cold for a picnic when (b?)millions of people are locked in there houses just hits wrong right now.

Then you’ve got Wendy, who again can’t seem to listen to Victoria’s “no” and is trying to push the situation, which hits wrong always.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·16 hours agoText

No. The Vic/Wendy thing is JUST TOO WEIRD.

I get what they were trying to do, and I STILL think there was a chance they could make it work, but they had Wendy calling Vic a liar, her son pure and innocent, as well as stalking her well, WELL past Robert’s exit when they didn’t have to for the story. (I really get it up to that point tbh. Robert had to go and I’d far prefer a non Aaron break up reason to get rid of him.)

But no. They just pushed it for too long to make this work on any level.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·17 hours agoText

So I’m watching last nights emmerdale and Lucas doesn’t want to go to school?

I’ve got good news for you…

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·17 hours agoAnswer

I actually really struggled with this one!!

Aaron felt a little stupid. Buying flowers? He’d never been the buying flowers kinda guy, but he wanted to do a romantic gesture. It was always Robert doing the big gestures, and just once, he wanted it to be him. So, when he saw some blue flowers (he couldn’t go for pink) he bought them on a whim.

When he got home Robert was cooking, a thing that made Aaron feel taken care of. Robert always cooked, but Aaron rarely thanked him for it. “Hi,” Robert said, without turning around. “Good day?”

“Yeah,” Aaron said. “I got these for you.” Robert looked at the flowers and stayed silent for a few seconds before smiling.


“To let you know… just because,” Aaron said.

“Love you too.”

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·17 hours agoAnswer

(Probably not what you wanted!)

“To the left.”

“I can’t do that unless you want me to chop off my hand,” Aaron snapped. “I knew we should have had them bring it up the stairs.”

“I don’t want strangers through our bedroom,” Robert said. “It’s a bed frame, it’s going to fit.”

“You reckon,” Aaron said darkly. “Who’s idea was the spiral stairs?”

“All right, don’t go on,” Robert said. “I was going through a breakdown at the time cut me some slack.”

They did get it up the stairs. But not after a whole heap of swearing and three trapped fingers.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·17 hours agoAnswer

(Not that I’m hoping lockdown to become an annual thing but it’s what I went with.)

Aaron woke up with a stone digging into his back and Seb’s face looming over him. “Morning mischief.”

“Dad’s bringing us breakfast!”

“And what is breakfast when you’re camping in your garden?” Aaron asked. Seb had had a scout camping event cancelled and Aaron, because he was a soft touch, had told Seb that they could still do it in the garden. Robert had scoffed and said he preferred the mattress inside, thanks very much.

“Bacon and sausages,” Seb said, grinning from ear to ear.

“How about you get me a brew, then we’ll think about breakfast.”

“I’m already here.” Robert opened the tent flap and handed Aaron a cup of tea. “How was your night?”

“I bet you slept better than I did.” Robert smiled.

“But it kept him happy, that’s the main thing.” Both men grinned at Seb who was already running around the garden first thing in the morning.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoAnswer
Sometime write a little snippet about Seb playing a game with robron and he get upsets cause he looses. One parent feels like he needs to learn how to loose and the other is not happy about it. Thank you.

“He’s got to learn,” Aaron said. “You can’t let him win all the time. He won’t learn anything.”

“It’s snakes and ladders Aaron,” Robert said. “I hate his face when he loses.”

“imagine how he’ll look when he beats you for real,” Aaron said. Robert gave him that face which just made Aaron love him more.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoAnswer

okay smutty because why not.

Aaron clenched around the plug in his arse, moaning as Robert twisted it slowly. “Fuck…”

“Right there?” Robert said lowly.

“Mm…” Aaron whispered.

“Good.” Robert carried on playing with him while dipping his head to blow him.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoAnswer

Seb pouted. “Not fair!” His sentences weren’t quite there yet but he could make himself understood perfectly well.

Robert opened his hand to show the toy car Seb was after. “Mine!”

“Don’t snatch,” Robert said. Aaron smiled at the boy.

“It’s your turn to hide it,” Aaron told Seb who toddled off, finger in his mouth while he thought about it.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoAnswer

Aaron had been at work all day. An early start and a late finish with physical work all day meant he was exhausted. “Come on, you need a shower.” He did, he was covered in grime.

“I can barely stand up straight,” Aaron complained.

“A bath then?” Robert suggested. “I’ll even feel you up if you want.” Aaron suddenly had no objections.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoAnswer

Robert opened the red wine, wanting to give it time to breathe so it was ready for their home cooked meal later. Everything had to be perfect tonight. Aaron knew it was date night and to be home early but he didn’t know that Robert was planning to propose again. Robert still managed to feel nervous even though this was the third time. Hopefully it’d stick.

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·18 hours agoText

I want to try a new game.

Send me one word ONLY and I’ll write a short paragraph or 3 or 4 sentences for robron.

(after the grand national. it’s tradition okay?)

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robron-til-the-end-of-time·20 hours agoText

My 5k “parkrun” at a time of 40:20. So not as good as I was getting but I still managed to get out!

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