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Hi! Can you write an Ellie x reader where Ellie gets mad at fem reader because of a little fight they had over something super stupid and reader is upset and apologizing but Ellie yells at her causing her to break down but Ellie is stubborn. Maybe the reader has partrol and almost dies and Ellie is super sad she didnt forgive you and its a soft fluffy ending? (Sorry for my english if its not understandable)
Tumblr media
𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜(𝙨) - Ellie Williams  x Fem!Reader 
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Cursing, angst, blood descriptions, ellie being mean, yelling, insults ( mostly to ellie ), sadness, pain descriptions, reader getting shot, mentions of pain drugs, fluff, happy ending
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 ? - Yeah/Nope
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - i hate the ending!?!?!?!?! that you for the rq! have an amazing day
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry." You murmured quietly, looking down at your hands as she continued roughly shoving things into her backpack. "I didn't know that it would upset you." "I just wanted five fucking seconds of peace before we had to leave."
Your mouth snapped closed instead of apologizing once more, standing quietly behind her with your bag on your shoulders. Looking down at your boots finding the dirt and water stains on them much more interesting.
"You could've just asked for some space I didn't know–" "You never know! You don't fucking ask!" She hurriedly zipped the bag, throwing the strap around her shoulder.
"We should go." Ellie said sharply "Okay.." It was awkward as she brushed passed you, the sounds of her boots being the only sound besides your shaky breathing in the room.
"I didn't mean to make you upset." Ellie huffed, all but ripping open the front door but didn't say a word walking out and leaving you to shut it. Following after her, you noticed how fast she was walking practically running away from you.
Once she got to the gate she yanked it open not even bothering to push it open for you allowing it to slam in your face.
"I'm sorry, can we please just talk about it for a second." The girl ignored you once more only making you sadder. "Please Ellie, I don't want to go out there mad at each ot–" "Just shut the hell up already!" You stopped walking, staring at her still moving form that slowly blurred with your tears that began to brim in your eyes.
You could feel people's eyes on you, but you refused to look. Afraid of what you'd see.
Instead of continuing though, Ellie turned to look at you, seeing the mix of emotions on your face. But the main one was shock, then there was the sad, staring at her like she'd just ripped your heart out and stomped on it right in front of you.
"Y/n–" You walked right past her, choking back your very audible sobs as you walked. Keeping your head down the entire time, avoiding everyone's stares as you made your way to the front gate where Dina and Jesse had been waiting on you both.
Dina had fought for you four to get this days trip together, claiming it would be more fun and more efficient. But Maria was always reluctant when it came to you guys. It was lucky you'd gotten it at all thanks to Joel who argued on your behalf.
You couldn't even be excited anymore though, only ashamed and sad. Wanting nothing more to hide in bed and cry. You felt so stupid.
"Hey slowp– what's wrong?" Dina's voice went from excited to concerned in a matter of a millisecond. "Nothing, m'fine." Dina stared at you as you walked by turning to a still frustrated Ellie after you'd gotten far enough away.
"What the fuck did you do to her?"
"Why do you assume I did something?"
"Because Y/n doesn't cry over nothing, Ellie." Jesse answered for her, turning around to walk towards you. Standing close to the gate, wiping your tears away while trying to calm yourself down.
"Hey." "I don't want to talk about it." "Alright, that's cool." He nodded, grabbing your shoulder making you look at him with your sad eyes. "Jesus Y/n." "M'sorry." You shook your head while he did the same, pulling you in for a hug. "Nothin' to be sorry for, c'mon we can walk out together."
"She's just a dick." You huffed, wiping your face. "A big one." You laughed slightly, watching Ellie and Dina pull their horses from the stalls.
"You wanna ride with me?" He then asked while you shook your head, wiping the wetness from your face once more. "No, I'm fine." "You sure?" You looked into his unsure eyes and nodded with a wobbly smile. "All good. But I'm not talking to her." "I don't blame you."
You both walked back to Dina and Ellie, Dina now visibly upset while Ellie avoided your eyes.
"Are you riding with Jesse?" Dina asked, glaring down Ellie while you shook your head with a light laugh. "No, it's okay." Dina huffed but allowed you to climb up on the back of Shimmer, Ellie sitting in front of you.
It was almost as if she waited for your hands and arms to tightly wrap around her waist. Hugging her close as per usual, no matter how hot it was you were always laid up against her back with your face squished against her shirt telling her about the different things you'd see that she couldn't catch.
But the feeling never came.
Her waist sitting empty as you guys began your journey towards a nearby neighborhood that bandits usually claimed. But lately it had seemed totally empty, bodies stringing about so Tommy had decided to send a few scouts out, the scouts being you guys.
Take a look around. That's all you had to do. Then hit everything you could on the way back, as Jackson was running low and they needed everything they could get. Simple as that, just a days run.
Scout and Scavenge.
Simple as that.
Over the course of the ride you ran over everything that had occurred earlier, missing the way Ellie would turn and glance over her shoulder at you. Seeing how you'd sniffle as you thought over every interaction you had with the girl before you left.
But something about it couldn't bring her to say sorry.
As much as the words rested on the tip of her tongue, they died out everytime she parted her mouth to speak.
Choosing silence instead.
"Hey, look ahead." It looked like smoke, clouding up from the houses. Peeking from around Ellie's body you stared at it confused.
"Didn't they say it was empty?" "Basically, with a shit ton of bodies to compliment it." Jesse replied, staring up at the steady stream of black smoke rising into the air.
"Do you think it's still burning?" "It is. Black is burning, white means it's out." Jesse laughed and turned to you. "How do you know that?" You met his eyes, shrugging. "Joel taught me." Jesse made a noise, sticking his bottom lip out while nodding.
"Do we still wanna go in?" "It could've been lit hours ago and still be burning." Dina then said, seeing you nod from the corner of her eye.
"We should leave the horses and go closer if it looks bad then we turn around and skip town." You then muttered, staring nervously at the smoke. "Yeah, let's do it." Ellie agreed, turning to look at you but your eyes were locked on the steady air rising up slowly turning gray as time went.
Sliding off of Shimmer you let Ellie hide her while Jesse did the same with Japan. Both you and Dina taking off towards the neighborhood with them following.
"You got a bad feeling about this?" "I didn't when I said it, but yeah, a little bit." You walked quietly, trying her best to ignore the holes being burned into the back of your head, Jesse and Dina quietly talking back and forth to cut the awkward silence.
"Something doesn't feel right about this." Ellie then muttered, mostly in the open air in hopes you'd reply to her comment, just a small 'yeah' would of been enough.
But nothing passed your lips, barely even noticing that she spoke. A deep gut feeling entering your stomach is what you were focusing in on.
The street looked abandon from what you could see through the trees interrupting most of it along with the high weeds and grass. It was overgrown and had plenty of places to hide, which is exactly why you guys stood so far back.
"Guys we should go back."
"Dina's right–"
You all heard it before you realized what was happening.
A loud pop, boom over however you want to describe it.
Then all eyes were on you, and at first you didn't understand why until you felt it.
The pain.
It was like it exploded, slowly looking down at your blood soaked hip when you were ripped backwards, hand hovering over the red that soaked your shirt.
Then someone grabbing you and ripping you to the floor, holding you close to their body. But everything felt like blur.
The noise around you was muffled, looking around as the time seemed to slow to a stop. Your eyes landing on the wound once more when it finally hit you, as much as it could anyway.
"What's happening?" You choked out, everything seemingly speeding up as gunshots rang through the air making you look around. Terrified at the amount of people you seen hiding around the houses and trees.
"Hey, stay awake alright?" You looked up at Ellie, holding your bloody hip with one hand and laying you down with the other. "I can't feel anything." "You're in shock." Dina then said coming over with her sweater tying it around your waist. "You have to keep pressure on it Ellie." "I can't– oh fuck– fuck!" "Breathe Ellie."
You looked around, the world seeming much brighter than before, the sun beating down on you. You felt hot, but it was cool today, and that's all you could think about until a hand rested on your cheek your eyes suddenly on hers.
"Ellie?" "You're gonna be okay, stay still." You stared at her confused, eyes traveling back down to the amounts of blood soaking through your clothes and Dina doing what she could to stop it and she seen the shock that entered your gaze.
The terror.
"Hey, look at me." Her hand shook your head getting your eyes to flicker back to hers. "It hurts..." "We have to get you back babe." You shook your head not quite understanding what was happening.
"She's delirious." Dina stated earning a look from Ellie, which she didn't understand until you began freaking out. "No m'not, let me go. What's happening?" You tried sitting up only for Ellie to stop you, "take it easy." "I wanna go home Ellie."
You began to cry, forgetting why you were upset with her and forgetting the entire argument. Reaching out for her to hold you, though as much as she wanted to sit there and comfort you she knew you didn't have a lot of time.
"Jesse I need your help."
The entire way back to the horses went by so fast you weren't even sure how you'd gotten there. Clutching onto Ellie's belt loops while pressed into her chest, the girl too worried you'd fall off sitting behind her.
You moved, feeling the warm blood trickling down your side and soaking against your jeans. Pushing your face from her shirt and looking up to her with big tear-filled eyes.
"I'm sorry." It was like she didn't hear you though, dead set on getting home. If you weren't so out of it you would've noticed the fear in her eyes and the way she bit her lip to the point it bled. Or the way she tightly held onto your body so you didn't fall over and hit the ground.
By the time the group made it back to Jackson you'd passed out. The blood dripping off your leg and onto the cement the entire way to the medic house.
And the entire way Joel carried you, Ellie only stared, seeing you disappear in the distance. Covered in red, her white shirt crimson soaked, and it was all yours, and it was her fault.
At least that's what she believed.
Tumblr media
"Hey." Was the first thing you heard when you woke up, soft and delicate. Just like every morning when you'd hear it muttered into your ear.
"What happened?" You muttered, rubbing your eyes and squirming around the bed you were laid in. "You got shot." "Oh." You said quite simply making her laugh under her breath. "It hurts a little." "You're on a lot of drugs." She laughed, "They had to dig it out of your hip."
You looked at her with big eyes, a beat of silence passing in the room.
"There was a bullet inside me?"
She chuckled a bit, seeing you smile and grab at her hand messing with her fingers.
"Yeah." "That's scary." "You're telling me."
It was quiet for a moment, your soft breathing the only thing left in the room while you messed with the pads of her fingers. Tapping each one before looking up at her.
"You were mean to me." "I know." Her voice was soft, staring at you will tears in her eyes. "Are you sorry?" "Yeah." "Look at me."
Ellie slowly moved to look into your eyes, your hand coming up to rest on her chin keeping her head up.
"I'm sorry.." You pouted as she began to cry, a few tears falling down her freckled cheeks. "Don't cry El." You wiped away the stray tears from her cold face, kissing the very tip of her nose.
"I'm okay now." You smiled, pressing your forehead against hers. "But you owe me big time." "I know."
"I love you Ellie. Even when you're so damn stubborn and argumentative and a dick."
"Geez, got anymore insults?" "A shit ton." "I deserve it." "Only some of them."
Tumblr media
A/n: vibes my laptop is dyinggggg
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The way society has conditioned y’all to think lesbians setting a boundary is something bad and punishable is literally misogyny and lesbophobia rebranded. We’re allowed to have boundaries but y’all hate to see it because you want to have access to us 24/7.
If I as a lesbian say “this makes me uncomfortable, stop” and your immediate reaction is to be angry and refuse that, you’re a piece of shit.
Y’all have been conditioned to hate lesbians and it’s crazy because you accept it with open arms.
Let lesbians exist w/o the fear of being branded as an exclusionist. And no I will not be elaborating, play with your momma, not me.
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Tumblr media
characters | vi, caitlyn, ellie williams, kassandra of sparta, eivor varinsdottir
fandoms | arcane, the last of us ii, assassins creed valhalla & odyssey
warnings | none, you can show this to your nan (except there is a smidge of suggestiveness in kassandra’s but it’s still senior citizens safe)
In denial
The way she sees it, it’s just another person she cares about that could get hurt or worse
Which she doesn’t want to go through again
So she keeps it locked away, opting to just be there for you whenever you need her
Despite this mental agreement she has with herself, she still finds moments where all she can think about is you. Your smile, your laugh, your kindness, your soft gaze..
She is constantly around you, following you like a lost puppy. Not that you mind, Vi on the other hand realises she does it embarrassingly often and the part of her that’s in denial low-key hopes her constant presence annoys you, so you’ll avoid her
So she can get rid of that constant ache in her chest whenever she looks at you
It was like that for months, Vi trying to shove down those feelings while simultaneously being comforted by the daydreams of you and her while you both got closer
Her plans to keep it to herself became more painful as time went on because thoughts of you being with someone else or just losing you in general, plagued her
After a particularly bad nightmare that had elements of those worries, she found herself in your bed wrapped in your arms. You didn’t ask when she came through your window, just understood that she needed comfort. Which is another thing she loved about you
That arrangement wasn’t new, her sharing your bed. Especially after bad dreams. So you thought nothing of it and tried your best to make her feel better in whatever way she needed
Her head was buried in your chest, listening to your heartbeat. The steady rhythm knocking on her little ‘in denial’ door. She realised she couldn’t take it anymore, so fuck it
She mumbled her confession into your skin, her words freezing the hand that traced patterns on her back. Everything made sense
You kissed her forehead and she relaxed, somehow melting even more into you
Hopeless romantic
Met you at your job in a local cafe, which has become her most frequented spot as of late. For no apparent reason
Since that day, she has anonymously sent numerous bouquets of flowers to your workplace, addressed to you which were all accompanied by sweet little notes
While she had a raging crush, she was still shy and wasn’t sure
She would always make sure to chat with you, delighting in the smiles and laughs you gave her
She looked forward to her lunch breaks, because she got to spend them with you. And on those days where your breaks matched with each other, she’d spend that time with you while trying to contain her giddiness
You know that investigation journal she has? Don’t tell me she doesn’t have a personal one where she blushes about her crush on you
After fiercely debating with herself, she mustered the confidence to ask you out on a date. When you said yes, her eyes lit up and she had to stop herself from jumping up in excitement. Instead covering it with a warm smile and pressing a soft kiss to your hand like the gentlewoman she is
She treated you like a princess on the date
But, one thing she was doing was keeping the conversation on you. Especially when it came to topics you were interested in. She did that on purpose, as she thought she would bore you if she started talking about the things she likes to study herself and her interests
However, that was quickly shutdown when you caught on to it and informed her that in fact, you were very interested in her various knowledge. Finding it endearing how she’d talk with her hands when she got passionate about a topic or just something she was interested in
It warmed her to the core. As if she couldn’t adore you any more
The night couldn’t have gone any better
Very shy
Sketches you all the time in her journal
I feel like she’s much more of ‘I show my interest/love for you in my actions’ type person, at least in this case
A common thing she’s found herself saying to you since her feelings developed is ‘I saw this and thought you might like it’
Another one would be ‘wanna watch a movie?’
She finds herself more quiet around you, settling for soft smiles rather than words. Something Jesse has definitely noticed and definitely teases her endlessly about
Has to look away from your gaze because if she locks eyes with you for more than 5 seconds she’ll start flushing and stumbling over her words
Fiddles with her sleeves or the hem of jumper/top whenever she speaks to you
Once she gets more comfortable in realising that you do like her, as a friend at least, she’ll start getting more bold
Teasing you, annoying the shit out of you..just plain messing with you.
But also hugs you tight, rests her head in your lap, letting you borrow her books and clothes etc
Speaking of you borrowing her clothes, the first time she saw you wear one of jumpers was the day she thought she was gonna combust
It was another night of hanging out at her place, playing video games while Ellie tried her absolute best to not blush while you rested your head on her shoulder
You noticed she was stiff and asked her if she was alright, to which she adamantly assured you she was fine
So you snuggled into her more, head now resting on her chest
There was no way you didn’t feel her heart hammering against your ear. Butterflies did the same in her stomach
You suspected the exact reason why, and dropped the bomb on her
“Jesse told me y’know, about your crush on me”
Her previous blush drained from her face as she froze
You sat up and kissed her cheek, and waited for her brain to start working again
When it did, she cupped your chin gently and slowly brought your lips to hers. Giving you time to pull away
But you didn’t
Immediately starts flirting with you
At any given moment - oh, you’re cooking? She asks what else those fingers can do, oh she’s bleeding out and almost dying? Declares how pretty you look under the moonlight
Aside from her flirting and teasing, she believes you’re a literal goddess and cannot stop the golden light that erupts within her every time you look at her
Always keeps an eye on you, even when she’s not there. Whether it be through close contacts of hers or through Ikaros. She’d be heartbroken if something happened to you, especially if it’s someone wanting to get back at her
Another huge romantic, does everything she can to make you smile and feel special
Wants to be around you all the time, no matter what you’re doing. Whether it be a quick trip to a market or you’re just tending plants at home, you’ll be guaranteed to have a tall misthios shadow beside you
Needs to touch you or she’ll die
If you allow her, she’ll have you in her arms whenever - in hugs, around your waist, on your shoulders or simply just holding your hand. She’s addicted
Plays with your hair a lot, doesn’t even realise she’s doing it half the time
Finds herself smiling just at the mere thought of you
After a awhile of all this, she confesses (if you hadn’t figured it out already, she was being as cloudy as glass)
It was a scorching day when she brought you on her ship. Sea spray tickled your cheeks as you gazed at the ever rocking horizon. Kassandra kept a tight hold of your waist as you leaned over the side to watch the waves cascade against the gliding ship.
She was excited, to put it lightly. To have you on her ship, enjoying yourself as much as you seemed to be
Her chin was rested on your scalp, before her lips brushed the shell of your ear
She whispered everything - the way you made her feel, how beautiful you were, how much she desired you…
Her heart soared when you stood on the tips of your toes to kiss her
Keeps it a secret for the longest time. Like I’m talking, over a year
She felt comfortable around you, found herself to feel lighter in your presence
She realised just how far deep in she was when she got jealous of Sigurd just talking with you - a ridiculous thought, but a thought that confirmed her passion
The poetry that wrote itself in her mind from your gaze was another tell tale
Now when she’s on raids, she always has to bring something back for you and pass it off as something like - ‘you mentioned you needed something to match your hair’ or ‘thought this might be of use to you’
Is very careful to not be drunk around you after numerous times she flirted with you in that state of mind (foreshadowing) To which she hoped you passed it off as her being a drunken fool
She still apologised each time though
Another gentlewoman - pulls chairs out for you, lends you her cloak, opens doors for you etc
Treats you more like a queen than anything else - you need something done? She’s the first to offer, some fools disrespect you? She tears them down in your name
Speaking of that, she’s very protective. Keeping close to you just at the slightest whiff of danger
She trains you, wanting to provide a way to protect you even when she’s not around
Brings you food all the time
Much like Vi, she finds herself in your bed after a bad dream or vision
Talking to you about it really helps her, she doesn’t feel judged
She feels equal, safe enough to be vulnerable with you
It was a night much like that, except for the bad dreams. No, she was just too drunk to make it back to her own place
She can be a very sensitive drunk, emotions always right there on the surface
So as soon as her head lays down on your stomach, she’s off describing her adoration for you, how warm you make her feel, how she wishes for a future with you…
You didn’t get to hear more because she drifted off to sleep, but you’d heard enough
In the morning, she tried to sneak out without waking you. Embarrassed beyond belief
But your hand gripping her wrist stopped her and you tugged her back
She hesitated but gave in to your embrace, waiting
You kissed her temple with a smile and giggled
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Everyone looks she’s the prettiest
Tumblr media
Sevika wearing a night gown from this post🌸 @cassifictional wrote an amazing head canons about this please check it out 💗💗🫶🏽
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sevika x f!reader
silco’s mechanically-modified brute likes to belittle you, but doesn’t take too kindly when others do too.
Tumblr media
word count: 2.5k
genre: angst + fluff
warnings: derogatory language, mention of being assaulted, small description of injury
Keep reading
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
eyy I missed drawing caitvi! <3
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New pin because my masterlist was becoming too long to be the first post on my blog(also for aesthetic purposes)
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❥Welcome darlings
Tumblr media
berry • 19yo • lesbian • she/he • amateur writer
Tumblr media
• Masterlist •
• Request Rules •
Inbox is open for requests(or just little talks!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Favourite works!
Vi the Thief and Her Princess (series) - @ hotxcheeto
Lightin' with the Blam Blams - @ sevikasmainwhore
Better Boyfriend - @ daphnedirose
Only Her - @ beanlot
Tumblr media
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Very proud to be part of the pink squad❤
I have officially decided I'm blaming you and every other blog with an adorable pink layout for the fact that I just spent the past ten minutes changing all the red from my account into pink
NOOOOOOOOO okay but the pink looks soooo GOOD the strawberries and everything look so pretty 😭 you’ve joined the pink side, you’re gonna love it here trust me. MWAH ❤️
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Tumblr media
𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜(𝙨) - Thief!Vi x Fem!Princess!Magic!Reader
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Cursing, slight angst, vi crying and having insecurities, reader comforting her and lots of fluff and light kisses, happy ending
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 ? - Yeah/Nope/slightly
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - This took me 2 months i'm so sorry lord i cannot remember i have series and i literally have a google doc screaming at me to do it! Hope you enjoyed!!
𝗔𝗨 - Royalty !
Tumblr media
The first time you left your window unlocked for Vi she had thought you were joking. Inviting someone like her up to your room, being so sweet yet kicking her ass every chance you got. She was almost mezmorized when your fancy looking window slid up the first time.
You had waited for her, sitting at your vanity in a silk robe. Turning around to her and giving her that sweet smile she began to fall in love with since that day.
Now here she was, scaling the walls of the large castle-like home. Reaching the glass and peering in, the candlelight beside you as you again sat in front of your large mirror illuminated your face.
You were in some fancy nightgown that she hadn't seen before, yet were her favorite color on you. You were applying something to your face, rubbing it into your skin.
You looked beautiful, she couldn't pull her eyes away despite knowing how creepy she must've looked.
But then she seen her reflection.
A black eye from getting jumped just the day before. The day after the masquerade ball. After that she hadn't been to see you, not last night either. Vi knew you'd begin to worry, if you hadn't already.
She looked like... like something no person would want. Beat up, stealing for money to live, most of her presents for you were things she'd 'borrowed'.
But by the time she regretted coming, you'd seen her in the mirror. Turning around with a grin, running over to your window to pull it up for her.
"Vi!" She smiled at you, climbing up and jumping in as you backed up. Immediately moving to grab her face, moving it back and forth. "What happened to you? Are you okay?" "Yeah, yeah just some guys. All good." You still stared at her worried, leaning up to kiss her lips, feeling her pushing into you.
"You look pretty Sunshine.." "Mm, thank you." You whispered against her lips, smiling when she kissed you again. "You look beautiful." You returned, watching her face turn nearly the same shade as her hair. Practically grinning as she looked away from you.
"I missed you, is this why you didn't come last night?" Your thumb ran over her bruised skin, that worried glint returning in your eyes, as if it ever fully left. "I didn't..." "It's okay Vi, does it hurt?" She shook her head no, head moving to snuggling into your palm that rested on her cheek. Eyes fluttering closed as you softly kissed her nose.
"You're very pretty." You whispered, breathe fanning her face as she opened her eyes again tiredly. "Want to sleep here?" She nodded, feeling you begin to push her jacket off her shoulders, picking it up and setting it on your chair.
"Sit." Vi complied, walking over to the edge of your large, canopy covered bed. You kneeled down in front of her, helping her take off her boots. "I'll get you different clothes, okay? You can't sleep in these." "Maybe not comfortably." You let out a breathy laugh, kissing the side of her head, Vi pushing towards you absentmindedly.
"Hold on." "I don't want something fancy." "Do pants and a shirt work? They're my brothers. Sometimes, I don't feel like looking too fancy either." She laughed, watching you walk back over to her, clothes in hand.
"Here." "Thanks sunshine." You moved to blow out the candle in your room, to the door making sure to lock it up, then to the bed, sliding under the covers. Vi slid in beside you right after, looking over at you while you checked the clock beside the bed.
"I'm sorry." Her voice broke, your neck practically snapping to look at her. Face falling, a tear dripping down her cheek which she was quick to wipe away. "Vi.." Your hand instantly went to cup her face, the girl leaning into to press her forehead against yours.
"You have nothing to be sorry for." "Look at me. I'm not like you-" "That's why I love you. I love your adventures, and your friends. How much you care for others, how much you care about me. Nobody could love me like that, not like you. You love me, they love the princess."
She stared into your eyes, a few more tears falling down her face and onto your hands. Not that you minded, pulling away to kiss her forehead, a long kiss being placed against her skin.
"The princess part is a bonus." You winked as you pulled away. Watching her laugh slightly, sniffling and wiping her face. "Besides, who else would steal stuff for me. No prince would do that, they all have sticks up their asses and can't even give a girl a wave."
Vi snorted, laughing as you laid down.
"I love you Vi." You then stated, holding her hand, messing with her fingers. But her eyes stayed on you. "Now c'mon, I'm tired and I want to cuddle you." Vi laughed slightly, leaning down as you pulled her close, snuggling into her chest. You inhaled her scent, looking up at her again.
"I love you." "Yeah.." You kissed her lips, just a peck before kissing her neck. Snuggling deeper into her. Vi didn't realize it then, until she'd closed her eyes and placed her face in your hair.
It dawned on her, that you never asked her to say it back. You didn't push those three words from her lips.
Because you didn't need to.
You already knew, she loved you.
Tumblr media
A/n: deadass forgot about this series sorry lmao
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there goes another round goes to vander's prodigy! the crowd erupted with applause, though you didn't understand why with music blasting through your ears. chatter from the audience was a constant along with several judges' commentary, saying this was exhausting would be an understatement. people were standing up, clapping, and yelling, but you sat still scrolling through your phone — waiting for this 'torture' to finally end. "come on y/n, pay attention! this is a once in a life time experience for crying out loud." as if you cared. your ecstatic friend, caitlyn, dragged you out of bed to a boxing match which didn't spark any interest within you. at least she was having fun
it wasn't as if you harbored any negative feelings about the sport, but it just seemed painfully pointless. not to mention hard to watch without throwing up at the violence. up until now from the beginning of the night your gaze hadn't left your screen for a second. "cait, why do you even bother with these matches? you hate these sorts things." she pondered for a moment, the reason why your roommate was hesitant to answer was unclear, but right as she began to speak an excruciating static made everybody wince.
what's this? it seems like vander's prodigy has grabbed the referee's microphone! for the first time tonight you looked at the ring, but was shocked to see somebody already looking back in your direction. to be specific, somebody breathtakingly gorgeous, was looking in your direction — or caitlyn's. "y/n, that's my friend violet. she's the reason i brought you here." oh. your roommate had reassuringly placed a hand on your shoulder.
how could you be so stupid? of course she wasn't looking at you, this is why people were always just meant to be avoided. your hand slowly pulled the phone back out from your pocket, being unlocked with ease and nearly regaining your attention. peace was almost returned when you began to stream the intro to your favorite song, until the boxer spoke. "hey headphones. this is for you, so eyes up, yeah?" suddenly music wasn't necessary to block out all the sound; maybe your heart had stopped. 3, 2, 1!
she shot you a wink then moved at lightning speed. it was amazing how good vi was and how hypnotic each attack appeared. cait had a cheeky smile sprawled out on her face, that's when it all clicked. like the last piece of a puzzle was placed down the words struck hard, she was setting you up with vi. "caitlyn oh my god!" she had known about your year long crush and plan to just admire from the shadows, but no way in hell was she going to let that happen.
there you have it folks! give it up for our winner for the night, vi!
drenched in sweat and some blood, the boxer looked towards you with a playful smile before mouthing the word, "backstage." looks like somebody's gotten their self a date.
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shortestcake · 2 days ago
Pairing: Modern!Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia)
Gendered terms: good/pretty girl
Genre: fluff+smut (mdni)
Summary: A guy won't stop bothering you at a bar, although you're rejecting his advances, you're far too kind to shut him down properly. Thankfully, your girlfriend helps you deal with him, and after, you'll help her deal with her pent-up anger.
based on this drabble
// slight mention of s-xual harassment/homophobia
strapless strap-on, overstimulation, praise
Tumblr media
"C'mon sweetheart, how about we get out of here?" An insistent and very drunk man loomed over your shoulder, close enough for you to smell the intense scent of beer radiating off of him
All you could do was awkwardly smile at him while looking around for your girlfriend, who'd left just under two minutes ago to use the restroom.
Although you shut down his advances several times, he wouldn't budge, getting closer every time you pushed away, effectively cagging you between his arms and the bar.
"I'm sure you're lovely, but I'm waiting for someone." You were trying to be polite, partially because it was in your nature, partially out of fear. "I can show you a better time than him." He hiccuped and slurred his words, yet somehow looked confident in the fact that he was winning you over.
You tried looking at the bartender for help, but he was busy preparing shots for a group of people at the other end of the counter.
"She's actually supposed to be coming back soon, I'm sorry but-" you tried, but were rudely interrupted, "She? Baby, let me show you what a man can do." Your irritation only grew, did he truly think that he'd seduce you by speaking over you?
His hand snaked up your hips, he planned on continuing his 'grand speech', thankfully, he didn't get to. A loud thud and he was off of you, you snapped your head to the side, only to see him stumbling backwards, Vi soon also came into your line of vision.
You barely had time to process the fact that he tried touching you, let alone the fact that your girlfriend was now in the middle of beating him up.
As soon as realization hit, you stood from your chair hurrying to Vi's side, attempting to pry her off the man before someone called the police.
Suprisingly, it's wasn't too hard to get her to stop. Of course, that didn't mean she wouldn't shout insults the entire way out of the bar.
Once you left, Vi's demeanor changed completely, her scowl replaced with a gentle look as she analyzed you. Her arm was now snug around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer every few seconds.
She'd somewhat calmed down, now more focused on your well-being rather than the pure rage she felt moments prior.
"Are you hurt, sweets?" Her voice flooded with concern, using her free hand to search for any injury you might've gotten.
"I'm alright, thank you." A sweet smile spread across your face when her hand rested against your cheek.
The steadiness in your voice seemed to have relaxed her a bit, but you could still see the nervousness in her eyes. "Are you sure?"
You nodded, leaning in to give her a small peck before turning your head to pay attention to the sidewalk in front of you.
Tumblr media
Once you made it back to your shared apartment, Vi was somehow touchier, insisting you sit in bed with her before beginning your night-time routine.
"We should change, you know." You suggested, but there was no real eagerness in your voice, too comfortable leaning your back against Vi's chest.
She hummed in acknowledgement while kissing lightly down your neck and back. "We will," her hands traced where the man from earlier held you, "I can't believe he touched you." You could tell she was getting angry again through her tone, but not at you, never at you.
Violet slid her hands from your hips to your front, resting on your belly for just a few seconds before moving downwards. Your breath hitched at the realization of what she wanted to do, her fingers kneaded your inner thigh for a few moments.
She took her time smoothing your skin over, itching painfully slow towards your core. When she finally brushed against your panties you whimpered in anticipation.
"Are you already wet, baby?" Her long fingers slid up an down your slit, chuckling as she answered her own question.
Vi would either be an excruciating tease, or even more impatient than you were, there was never an in-between. So, when she quickly sunk two fingers inside you, you knew what kind of night you were up for.
Her thumb rubbed fast circles on your clit as she fingered you, muttering soft words in your ear. Her spare hand roaming along your torso, eventually setting on squeezing one of your tits.
Your head dropped against her shoulder as you instinctively spread your legs wider, which only seemed to rile her up further.
"Are ya' close baby? Gonna be a good girl and cum for me? That's it." She whispered, her soft kisses soon became hickeys for her to place wherever she could reach.
You answered in incoherant moans, bucking your hips into her hand. Soon you reached your high, legs shaking as Vi did little to slow down her pace.
When your breath started to even out, Violet gently shoved you forward by your shoulders. You let out a startled yelp at the sudden action, now you laid with your head turned sideways on the mattress, knees reaching each side of your chest, and ass raised slightly in the air.
Your body heated up at the lewd position she placed you in. "You look so pretty like this, my pretty girl." Suddenly, her weight left the mattress and you heard her rummaging through your draws along with the noise of her taking off her clothes.
It wasn't long before Violet settled back behind you, your silent questions of why she left was soon answered when silicone grazed against your rear.
Her rough hands hiked up your dress, giving her a perfect view of you. Too impatient to undress you properly, Vi moved the fabric of your panties aside once again, only this time, something much larger than her fingers slid inside you.
Your moans were muffled into the sheets as she slowly thrusted into you, but her pace didn’t remain gentle for long, as she quickly sped up her thrusts, using your hips to balance herself.
Nothing but sweet words left her mouth as she brutally fucked in and out of you. 
“Ah, good” thrust “fucking” thrust “girl.”
“Just like that, my sweet baby.”
Among all the mindless praise, you started hearing unexpected apologies. Now she’s bent down to whisper and moan in your ear, still dropping “I’m sorry”s every now and then. Although it confused you, your head was far too empty and all you could push past your lips were whimpers.
She moved behind you again, straightening her back to admire you beneath her, Vi got high off the way you writhed and begged for her, only her.
Orgasm after orgasm, Violet continued to fuck in and out of your cunt. Her hold on your hips tightened enough to bruise while she used you to get off.
Eventually her movements stutter then stop completely, she lets out a string of curses, carefully pulling out and moving to kiss your neck.
You barely got to catch your breath when you heard was a soft "'M sorry baby." Before she plunged her strap back into your wet pussy. You couldn't do anything but whimper as she fucked you all over again.
Tumblr media
(Kind of like this, kind of don't, I'm a tad rusty😓)
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Tumblr media
dm me if you look like this.🥵🥵🥵
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Oh no did the arcane fandom die while I was on break:(
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Hey fam, please tell me that no matter how much Sevika and the Reader annoy the everliving shit out of each other, as soon as someone else points out how annoying the other is (especially if they’re complaining to Sevika about the Reader), it’s just straight up “oh, so you chose to die today, cool.”
Also I lived for your fic/headcanons about Sevika and the Reader annoying each other, if you couldn't tell sdlkfjdslfjldsjf
BAHBFHBHDBFH OMG YEs I can't stop writing about them annoying each other. It's just so cute to imagine Sevika with someone to irritate her, she won't get bored of the relationship and she has someone to take her mind off her troubles. Also she's impressed that you have the balls to constantly piss her off.
Sev would tear them apart :')))
You'd have her fuming, absolutely done with your shit but as soon as someone voices their opinion/agrees with her she'd turn into your biggest simp and remove at least one body part. Her men would already know what's up and just hold em down
I wrote a little smth for this it's very half-assed but you had such a good idea I wanted to give you something
“What is that one supposed to be, like a d-” Sevika’s hand of cards is roughly jerked out of your view, a scowl so fierce and deadly fixed on your inquisitive face.
“You don’t tell the others what you have, stupid.” The other players marvel at your mischievous grin, no trace of fear to be found on your face. Your forearm rests casually on her broad shoulder, a leg thrown over her thigh, limbs that could easily be shattered under her grip.
“Well, you’re a shitty teacher. How would I know that?” The bait goes ignored in favor of Sevika taking another turn and giving one of the players a stare that makes them sweat. A dramatic sigh ends with your head knocking against hers, the only reaction drawn from her being a slow blink, gaze unwavering on the poor bastard. “This game is boring.”
“Damn, that’s tough.” With a rare show of mercy, her eyes slide to you, reveling in the way yours water from the smoke blown in your direction. “I have a fun little task for you, pea-brain.”
Her empty glass is shoved into your chest, received with a scoff from you.
“I’m gonna spit in it.” You say sweetly and head to one of the workers pouring drinks at another table. 
Sevika watches you go, shaking her head in exasperation and relishing the peacefulness that comes with your absence.
“Man, I don’t know how you deal with that.” 
It’s one of the men she’s playing with. He’s been here the last couple of games, usually has the good sense to avoid striking up a conversation with her. 
Sevika goes still. The light in the corner seems to dim, conversations get quieter, and a red haze clouds her vision. A slow breath fills her lungs and she counts to 3 before exhaling, her hard stare finding him. 
“Oh, yeah?” Her deceivingly calm tone seems to do the trick at placating his nerves and he puffs up a bit, ignoring the warning looks of his buddies.
“Figured you’d have someone a bit more obedient. Not so damn irritating.”
Sevika hums, sets down her cards gently, and watches you compliment one of the workers on his makeup. 
“So, my girl’s annoying? That’s what you’re saying?”
He gapes like a fish, stuttering out denials and apologies as he realizes he’s fucked up. His friends abandon him the second a sharp whistle cuts through the air. It takes two of Sevika’s men to hold him down, immune to the pleas and desperate bargaining.
Sevika stands, eyeing him as if he’s the most disgusting thing she’s ever laid eyes on. You halt your approach to her, giving her a raised eyebrow. A nod confirms your question and you make your way to her side, letting her tuck you under an arm.
“Baby, this worm right here thinks you’re fucking annoying.” She responds to your inquisitive look, unbridled fury in her voice. Her blade unsheaths from her other arm. “I’m cutting out his tongue.”
“So we can leave early?” You fail to hide the excitement in your voice. “I mean- oh, wow I’m really hurt-”
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Tumblr media
violet x f!reader → [w.c – 1.7k]
CW → modern setting, established relationship, fluff, dinner date, female bodied reader, public sex, oral, strap-on usage, penetrative sex, clothed sex, marking, no y/n usage, pet names: baby, princess, sweetheart
unedited and possible grammar errors
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hand in hand, the two of you approach the glass double doors of the restaurant. A soft smile grew on her rosy lips as your arms swung in unison as you made your way to the entrance. Her soft grey hues catching yours as she pulls the door open for you, waiting for you to slip past so she'd follow. Hands intertwining with her gruff ones once more as you walk up to the counter to be guided to an open seat.
The walk was nothing but short. A booth that'd been in a corner of the place was where you both decided to sit, whispering a small "thank you" to the waitress before perching on the smooth leather.
You took a seat on the left side, meanwhile your girlfriend had planned to sit on the other side before glancing up at you and quickly moving to be next to you. An arm snaking around your waist and pulling you impossibly closer to the pinkette as you shared a glance at the menu.
"So," she started as her eyes shifted to take in the sight of you in that tight fitted dress you couldn't wait to wear and the one that she couldn't wait to see you in. "What are you getting, princess?" Her voice like honey as she muttered her question in your ear, lips so much as hovering over the shell of it.
"I'll just start off with a water, for now. What about you?" You inquire, head lifting a tad and resting against her shoulder as you gaze up into her pretty orbs. "I guess I'll be having the same." Her hand settling on your thigh, gently rubbing the skin as she gives you a quick kiss on the forehead.
It hadn't been too long until the waitress came back, yet she hastily left after jotting down what drinks the two of you wanted, though the brawler's eyes were still stuck on you; the way you'd smile softly as you spoke, how your eyes and cheeks crinkled with each smile, the way you lightly ran your fingers over hers, and how the dress you wore defined every part of you.
She was infatuated by you, so much so that you could practically see her drooling—though not actually. All you could do was shy away from her gaze as you shift yours back to the menu. "Quit staring at me like you're gonna eat me." You chuckle as you gently push her, causing her arms to wrap tighter around you while her moves down to whisper in your ear. "But you look so gorgeous, princess. You won't mind if I take a bite, right?" Her teeth grazing the shell of your ear before she drops down to give you a small love bite on the fat of your cheek.
The action sending a wave of heat to your core, thighs squeezing together to give you some form of friction and Vi had quickly took notice of it as a hand of her rubbed your thigh, slowly inching closer and closer to your place of need, eyes meeting yours in a heartbeat as she purrs a simple, "you're gonna need to ask, baby". Every passing second felt like an hour as you watched her hand slip in between your legs only to rub at your clothed sex at an agonizingly slow pace.
"Come on, sweetheart. Tell me what you want." Her head resting against yours as you frantically look around for wandering eyes. "Please" you mumble in hopes of only reaching her ears, but all she does is ask you to speak a bit louder, so you do. "Please, Vi." You beg, louder than the last.
"Please what, princess?" She questions as her hand starts to slip past the clothed barrier. "Please touch me, Vi. Please?" Her eyes lighting up as a she smirks with her bottom lip caught between her teeth. She pulls her hand and arm away swiftly, voice low as she tells you to "come with me, then". Skeptical yet intrigued, you oblige.
Getting up from the booth and following the pinkette until you're both in a bathroom stall. The door being locked shut before your back meets the cool tiled wall. One of your legs are lifted to rest on your the taller woman's hip, her rough hands sliding up your dress and between your legs once more. Fingers slipping past your lace panties and into your core after having teased your folds.
A gasp blended with a whimper had struggled to fall from your lips, which were soon cut off when scarred lips collide with your own. The kiss was deep and slow, yet urgent as her fingers twisted and thrusted into you as they soon stumble across your sensitive spot. Her tongue sliding between your beautifully swollen lips, dancing and curling around in your mouth to reclaim what's hers.
Ragged breaths were shared as she drowned in your pitiful whines of pleasure as you did with her soft groans. Though the intoxicating kiss was soon put to an end—lips still connected by a string of saliva as you separate, her fingers still knuckles deep in you and picking up their pace, causing you to abruptly grab onto her shoulder and bury your face in her neck, in hopes that it'd stifle your cries.
Your legs starting to tremble as you begin to reach your peak. "Vi, I'm–!" Your grip on her shoulder tightening as you whimper. "Gonna cum for me, baby?" She coos. "Go ahead and make a mess all over my fingers, sweetheart." Her fingers moving in and out of you at an indescribably speed as your quickly approaching orgasm. Your hands searching for a place to grab onto her as you convulse around her fingers, silently crying out as if your voice had been taken from you.
Her rough hands now drenched in your juices, but they're quickly lapped at. Her pretty pink tongue never failing to pick up every last drop before her sweet lips meet the skin of your cheek. "I know you got another one in there for me, right baby?" She spoke softly as she kneeled before you, lifting one of your legs to rest on her shoulder as she continued to keep you steady.
Your now soaked panties dropping to the floor in an instant, your wetness now bare, clenching around nothing from the aftermath of an orgasm and the cool breeze that graced it which was soon replaced with the warmness of pinkette's lips growing closer to your softness. The moment her scarred lips latch onto the soft flesh between your legs, you nearly forget where you are. A whine that'd been louder than expected erupted from within you.
She'd suck and swirl around in your moistness with her tongue, groaning into you as you grab onto the strands of hair on her head, eyes occasionally rolling back as she savors your sweet flavor. Shaking her head every now and again as she applied pressure to your sensitive bud with her pierced nose.
This was all to much to bear on your end; the small shivers you'd get from the overstimulation, the way her nails lightly dug into the fat of your thigh, guaranteed to leave a few crescent shaped marks, how she'd stop ravaging you just to leave a few hickeys and love bites on your inner thighs and folds.
The intensity of the blood-rushing climax that grew near made you whimper and whine louder than you wanted. As much as you longed to scream out her name, all that came out were worn out pleas and senseless babbles that only grew in pitch when the sudden burst of ecstasy hit you, but her movements never faltered.
Your hands started to push her head away feebly in an attempt to catch some sort of break but the pinkette was far too busy collecting all your sweet juices to notice, though she finally stopped after placing a few love bites on your inner thighs. You lean up against the wall out of exhaustion, the sound of a zipper unzipping notified you that she wasn't done just yet. "Vi, I won't be able to walk out of this stall if we keep going."
Her soft yet hungry grey orbs gazing into your own for a moment before she snickers, picking you up so your legs wrapped around her waist. "Don't worry about that, princess, I'll just carry you." She joked as the plastic dildo she wore started to push into your warmth. Your arms rushing to wrap around her neck as your buried your face in her shoulder to let out a shaky whine. "It's okay, I've got you." She cooed as she buried herself to the hilt, filling you completely as her hands rubbed at your sides as she began moving.
Her thrusts were slow and deep, hips circling slightly to touch every untouched crevice within you. Your body had been trembling in her hold from the stimulation, but you craved for more, the agonizingly slow movements she'd been doing weren't enough. Small pleas were all you could muster up as you clawed at the skin of her back. Luckily, she heard you cries and gave you what you wanted but the wet noises that grew in volume began to come back to a slow as the sound of one of the empty stalls opening and closing were louder.
And at that time, she felt the need to plunge herself back into you roughly, causing a hushed squeak to erupt from you. She shushed you before continuing her slow motions, whispering a "try to be quiet for me, okay" in your ear before she bit and sucked on the skin of your neck till it bruised. Your toes stuck curling as your legs wrapped tighter around the brute, pathetic mewls and whines spilled from your lips as you tried to suppress them.
The gyrating of her hips quickening as your third orgasm approaches sooner than you had expected. Gasps catching in your throat as your mind begins to get dizzy, body violently shuddering as you finally release, convulsing on the dildo as your juices drip on the floor. The bathroom door opening and closing once more, signaling that they'd just left.
You go limp against the pinkette with shallowed breaths as she leaves a few butterfly kisses on your temple and forehead. "Let's get you cleaned up, princess." She murmurs while carefully sliding out of you, running a thumb over your cheek to soothe you in some way.
Tumblr media
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I'm finally done with school work, so I'll be back to posting soon! Thank you everyone for being so patient
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