#The Shieldmaiden {Muse; Éowyn of Rohan}
moretreasurewithin · 2 years ago
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“So, uh... Éomer found out today. That I enlisted.” 
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moretreasurewithin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“I must say, Éomer seems much changed since I left Rohan.” Éowyn smiled with a soft sigh. “I suppose we all are. All the same, I’m so glad he’s happy.”
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moretreasurewithin · 2 years ago
also ♘ - a memory of their sibling(s) for eowyn!
memory meme
“Mamma and Papa are not coming back.” A little golden haired girl announced to her brother, with a sense of calm far beyond her years. 
“No, Éowyn. They aren’t.” The boy replied. “But you needn’t fear. We will be safe with our king and uncle.”
“I’m not afraid.” Éowyn replied, with a little shake of her head. “I pity Mamma’s grief, but I shan’t break like she did. I’ll be strong, like Papa asked. And I’ll learn to wield a sword, and make him proud.” 
“A shieldmaiden you shall be, eh, sister?”
“Yes. I shall. And I’ll do great things. There will be songs sung of my valor.” 
Éomer laughed, not unkindly, but a little patronizingly. “Well, until that time, you’ll always have me. Unless Éowyn daughter of Éomund is too good for the care of her brother?”
Smiling, she reached out and took his hand, not knowing how often in the future she would need his protection. 
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