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#matt babbles

Just finished Part 3 of Disenchantment and dang was it fantastic.

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Having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so I’m not sure if I’ll feel up to being on tumblr much the next few days. All of my blogs have full queues for the next week which feels nice though. 

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Having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so I’m not sure if I’ll feel up to being on tumblr much the next few days. Queued a bunch of posts for this week on all my blogs though.

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so happy to have my own little Paw Paw!

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So I went to go look to buy The Art of The Croods: A New Age, but couldn’t find it. Got worried they might not be making one for it (they also didn’t do one for Trolls World Tour it seems), but then I found this book


titled ‘A Field Guide to’ instead of ‘The Art of’. But I can’t seem to find any pre-order or release date info. Anyone know anything else about this book?

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So while I was really looking forward to making RTTE gifs again I’m not going to this month too. Just due to some stuff I’ve got this month. But yeah definitely making gifs again in February hahah.

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So it’s finally finished. Despite seeing all of it in bits countless times, today was the first time I watched the whole thing in one go. And honestly I was worried the music would feel way too repetitive but it didn’t. Might just be me because of how long I spent editing it though.

The only real problem with it is the sound, the program I use is basic as it’s all my computer can handle, and so throughout it’s been hard to get the sound of the clips to match the music. I think I did okay but there’s definitely some quieter clips in there. Also there’s 3 frames in the whole thing that should be gone, but I’m not spending another 10 hours exporting/uploading it just for that, so oh well.

Anyway I like how it turned out, and although I don’t expect anyone to sit through all of it, if anyone else does enjoy this too then that’s neat. Just happy I was able to share it, as I assumed YT would give me way more problems then it did. Now to start work on my Favorite Films of 2020 edit!

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Soul was a really nice film.

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happy year that is new everyone

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So I have my 2019 edit in small clips and uploaded those to YT to see what will get blocked, and shockingly only 2 clips out of the whole thing got blocked worldwide. They’re both from Avengers: Endgame, which if I can’t shorten I’ll just remove and it shouldn’t change the whole thing much. Weird part is I used one at the end of my Marvel edit ‘Amen’ and that didn’t get blocked, there was different music over it so maybe it’s an audio thing, hmm.

edit: lol the only bit from the tony dying clip that gets blocked is steve and thor’s reaction

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Still find it odd that Disney want us to watch Soul for free here, instead of paying to see it in theatres. I mean I get they have to release it this way over there and they should, but I’m surprised they didn’t want to make some more money from us at least as that’s their whole thing hahah.

Like it being free is nice, but I find a theater is usually a much better place to experience a film for the first time. And Pixar seem to always make pretty amazing films to experience (well except for one lol).

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So I recently finally finished my 2019 Film Edit, and like the 2018 one it is longer than the previous. But this time a lot longer. Like 4 times longer. It’s 2 hours long hahaha. Yeah it just happened. But it being this long is really good, it represents a lot of the films way better than the other two ever could.

I started working on it in May, was going great but taking a while. There was just so much content I had for it, and wanted to include, by July I had done all the sections but they still needed finalizing. And then in August I decided I needed, really needed, to step back and take a break. It was all I was doing for a few months.

Biggest thing was, because of how long it got and how much was in it, I pretty much figured I’d never be able to upload it to YouTube. There’d definitely be clips that would get it flagged/blocked worldwide. Heck even the 2018 one did with just 15 seconds from Deadpool 2. So that made me a lot less motivated to complete it quicker, if it’s just going to be for myself I can finish it whenever no problem. But still the break lasted longer than I intended, watched a few more 2019 films I had forgotton to add to it too. Got back into editing a bit in Nov and Dec, finally finishing it. All I need to do is export it which my computer is making a hassle of (3+ hours tonight and only exported a few bits lol).

I hope I can share it somewhere, because as a film lover I love how it turned out and if anyone else might enjoy it too well that would be neat.

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Just gonna be listening to Tenacious D’s I Think I Love You all night now hahah.

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WW84 was a fun film, really enjoyed its story. And the characters/actors were all fantastic. Feels like quite a long time since I’ve seen Pedro Pascal in something, and I forgot he was in this actually. Loved his performance/character. But WW84 still had this same awkwardness the first WW film had which really brings it down a lot for me. (oh yeah there was that one really dumb part where she was flying for soooo long (I assumed to where the bad guy was) but then she just goes to her home and gets armor lol) And I didn’t like that we don’t know exactly what happened to Max or Barbara, that was odd.

However the Croods 2 was fucking AWESOME. Like soooo much fun. I am so happy with how much I loved it. Story wasn’t as beautiful as the first, but really solid. Can not wait to go see it again. DreamWorks freaking knocked it out of the park this year, and I really hope that continues.

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Woooooooooo I absolutely loved The Croods: A New Age so damn much. Like it was just so freaking AWESOME hahah :D

Kind of how I thought with the story not being as beautiful as the first film yet it was still better than I expected, but it was mostly just spending more time with these characters which is really all it needed to be, and it was A TON of fun. Like soooo much fun hahah. So happy I loved it, can’t wait to go see it again.

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Was playing Diablo III with some friends the other day and just couldn’t stop thinking about how great a game it could be if you were able to play as Funky Kong.

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