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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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So I’m going through the Heavensward story and I start to notice the dungeon I’m in has a lot more human enemies than dragon enemies. “Huh,” I say, “I wasn’t really paying attention to the story. I guess I’ll watch the cutscene after this to try and figure out what’s going on.”

@kitty-candlestick, with whom I am doing the dungeons, says, “Yeah, definitely watch this cutscene.” I get nervous. She used the same tone of voice with which one recommends Doki Doki Literature Club. What happens in the next cutscene?

We finish the dungeon and she leaves for dinner. I start the cutscene and



On reflection this makes a lot of tumblr posts make a lot of sense. I guess I’ve showed up late enough to the FFXIV party that I managed to dodge spoilers. What this means is that I have no clue who lives and dies. Does Estinien get the glorious death he wants? Does Ysayle become CEO of Dragons? Does Alphinaud start weight lifting? Does Ser Aymeric ever get that stick out if his ass?

Basically what I’m saying is, ALL of Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers are mysteries to me. So I might occasionally post my reactions to events.

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