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the-feral-one·8 days agoAnswer
💚 And you can probably guess who! (If not, NM-Fredbear wanna protecc :3)

Normie: (he fans himself as he tries to keep the happy tears held back) much~


‘Send 💚 if your muse wants to protect mine’

I wanted to doodle Normie being all flustered too~ Precious spider lad~

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the-feral-one·16 days agoText


So, with the addition of Shrek Freddy green Freddy JackSepticbear Shamrock Freddy in the AR game, it’s made me think up some things to do with how that would work in the world of FNAF - 

Fazbear Ent used them to promote their eateries. And that they didn’t last long because patrons got tired of seeing the same character being reskinned over and over while Bonnie, Chica and Foxy got ignored.

Fazbear Ent wanted to promote an Easter event? They’d pay no attention to the bunny and chicken on the stage and decide to put a flower crown on a pastel-colored Freddy and make him hold a basket of chocolate eggs. 

 All the attention getting thrown onto Freddy did manage to make the other animatronics get irritated, and Freddy’s ego get a bit over-inflated, and that led to arguments between him and them. Some night-guards overheard their arguments while watching the cameras too.

Only Frostbear and Shamrock were promotional reskins. Dreadbear was something entirely different.

Headcanons for each -

Dreadbear - He was a big 15ft tall horror b-movie prop, used in the Halloween movie ‘The Curse of Dreadbear’. The film-makers had to put him in a movie prop museum and move on to something else after conspiracy theorists kept trying to link thier movie to the Freddy franchise. 

Frostbear - A reskin of the original Freddy, used for Xmas promotions. Also had a 'limited edition’ plushie. It went well for a few days, before kids began to not like the frosty bear, which led to the plushies not selling and the idea being scrapped. Nobody knows where the crates of frostbear plushies were put. 

Shamrock - Another Freddy’s promotion, this time for St Patrick’s Day, which had Freddy being colored green and having his voice changed to sound more Irish. It worked as well as frostbear did, lasting a few days before the idea was scrapped, and the limited edition plushies put in crates and stored away somewhere unknown.

The Freddy-centered promotions kept going until Fazbear Ent got so many complaints that they had no choice but to scrap all of them.

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the-feral-one·18 days agoAnswer
Hey Burton what was your first kiss like with Music

Burton: “I love every single one that I get to share with my dearest~” (he peppers Music’s cheeks in giggly kisses)

(I missed drawing fluff with Burton and Music~ The world doesn’t feel right without their fluff~)

( @ask-the-music-man )

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the-feral-one·23 days agoAnswer
*Steals all of Dom's spray paint cans and runs off*

Dom: “I’ll let you use them next time, but only if you ask first. Now put those down and run along.”

(It’s not possible to take all of his cans, as they’re pretty big. He would also paint alongside you if you wanted to borrow them too, as he does like to collab. And because he’d be able to show you how to hold them right too)

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the-feral-one·25 days agoAnswer
I have a question for Normie, do you have someone special in your life? If so could you tell us more about him or her?

Normie: Each ramble goes on for quite a bit of time too, but that’s because I can’t contain my happiness~

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the-feral-one·a month agoText

So this is my current shiny count in Pokemon Sword.

Almost all of these came from max raids that I joined.

The Scrafty was a random encounter, the gmax Flapple came from one of my own max raids, and all the transferred mons came from my Ultra Moon game.

I hope to make this get bigger as I continue hunting max raid shinies!

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the-feral-one·2 months agoText

So I added a new character to the list that I call ‘Team Galar’.

As you can see, her name is Finale, and she’s a shiny Alcremie who is able to Gigantamax. 

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the-feral-one·2 months agoAnswer
📂 About Dom.

One for each form he has -

Animatronic - He has the ability to walk on walls, which he used to both get away from and perform sneak attacks on nightmares who wanted to get at those he was protecting.

‘Human’ - Dom’s ‘human’ form isn’t human. When in that form, Dom is a four-armed demon. He retains some abilities from his animatronic form, including the ability to walk on walls.

Baby - Baby Dom learns a bit faster than human babies do. This may be because of his eagerness to explore his surroundings. Outside help, such as friendly humans and the friends that he has, would also help him to learn more about the world.

Rainbow Obsidian - While not being a Crystal Gem, RO-Dom would gladly help them with their efforts to protect the world. All he asks in return is a place to call his own in ‘Little Homeworld’, and spaces on walls to put his graffiti.

Goose - He can go into a sort of ‘casual mode’. When he does that, it’s like he’s invisible to the townsfolk around him. ‘Casual mode’ allows him to go around different places setting up tricks and traps for when he causes casual chaos as Goose Dom later on.

Mer-Dom - This form is only used when he feels the need to use it. It is a sort of hybrid of different sea creatures, including eel and lobster. Dom can also walk on land while in that form, as his legs are tucked into his sides when he’s swimming around.

Animals - Dom can turn into several different creatures, which includes birds, insects and dinosaurs. Every creature he turns into ends up getting six legs(aside from birds and when he turns into a pterodactyl, all of which end up getting four wings instead). He can also turn into other animatronics too, giving them four arms as he does so. Everything he turns into retains his purple color scheme too, along with some features that remain, which include his eyes, horns, his two tails and his sharp teeth.

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the-feral-one·2 months agoAnswer
📂 for each ladd?

Under read more because there’s quite a few about each spider lad -


Despite being the tallest in the theater, Normie is afraid of heights. He stands at 7′8, which also makes him quite short compared to the other MM’s that he’s met.

Unlike several other versions of Music Man, Normie doesn’t have the ability to sit like they do(tucking their legs under themselves), nor does he have the ability to walk on walls. Normie was mainly made for entertainment, so he would have very little need to walk on walls. He can sit by taking off thee legs and lowering himself to the floor(usually with a ‘thunk’). If he tried to sit like the others do, his legs would break.

His favorite food is strawberries, followed closely by poptarts(which are also strawberry flavored). 

Normie is known for playing different instruments on-stage, with the one most played being the harmonica. 

His eye colors are tied to his emotions: blue = neutral, green = happiness, red = anger, yellow = discomfort, orange = irritation, pink = adoration, purple = thankfulness, grey = sadness. There are also color combinations to show more emotions. These are helpful if Normie doesn’t want to use body language to show how he’s feeling.



He’s the middle-Music-man when it comes to height, being 8′2. 

Patrons to the pizzeria that he lives in with his husband can always expect to hear him playing various songs on his accordion, which he’s had since he was able to obtain it. While he plays and sings his songs, he sways in time with them.

Burton is able to sing in French and Spanish, and he’s learning to sing in German. 

He shows eagerness to learn new things, his eyes turning into stars when he finds something he wants to find out more about.

 Like Normie, his eyes can show his emotions too, only, instead of colors changing, the eyelight shape changes: circle = neutral, star = happiness/surprise, swirl = dazed, X = confusion/knockout, zig-zag = asleep/standby, buffering = thinking, exclamation mark = scared, question mark = curiosity. 

He has shells for different events, such as special events, Xmas and New Year, summer events and weddings.



He’s the tallest, standing at 9ft. His entire body length is around 12-14ft.

He can play different instruments(and impresses those watching by playing two at once), but he prefers to sing. Dom likes singing electro-swing and jazzy songs the most.

He can glow in the dark if he lets his body plates absorb light. Dom also has a ‘blacklight’ mode too, but that rarely sees use.

Unlike the other nightmares that he’s met, Dom is more of a gentle giant, preferring to protect instead of cause fear. That way of life has led to him being attacked by them, each attack making him get damaged, but he’s managed to pick himself up after each attack and keep going.

His name came after he paid a visit to a kid who use to have a dog. After turning into the dog and playing with the kid, they named him after the dog. The dog’s name was Dominic.

Dom doesn’t get affected by poisons that much. If he were to fall under the effects, he would only be affected for around two days at most. That ability was an effective defence against nightmares that were able to use poisonous attacks against him.

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the-feral-one·2 months agoAnswer
How strong are the spider lads in physical strength

Burton is quite a fragile animatronic, even with the upgrades given to him by Henry. Him knowing that makes him like to be gentle with those around him. If he senses a scuffle inbound, then he’d be one of the first to turn tail and get out of there as quickly as his six legs can carry him.

Normie is a bit stronger. The knowledge of how strong he is made him want to play-wrestle with those willing to do so, which led him to doing that a lot with the likes of FunFoxy and Lefty. But, if he got into a real scuffle, Normie would retreat. Best to do that than get damaged.

Dom is a lot stronger, both in offense and defense. When in a fight, he uses his four arms and his bodyweight to his advantage, and when he needs to defend himself or someone else, he turns his back towards the attacker. His back plates are nigh impenetrable.

But even though things like scuffles get brought up in the FNAF world, all three spider lads favor peace.

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the-feral-one·2 months agoAnswer

1: Lolbit -

Lolbit, being a hologram, is able to do some interesting things. They can go invisible, change their color scheme, zip around as a blue spark of lightning and take control of electronic devices(and the other animatronics if they let them). The skill they really want to have but can’t have is shapeshifting, as that would end up damaging the original shell they have.

2: FunChica -

Her cupcake, which the kids call various names beginning with ‘C’, still has the ability to be used as a voice recorder and a secret camera. FunChica doesn’t use the cupcake for those purposes, but if needed, she puts the cupcake somewhere where it won’t be seen after turning on the internal recorder and camera. When not used for those purposes, FunChica uses it for her shows, where it acts similar to Bon-Bon.  

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the-feral-one·2 months agoAnswer
📂 of Ennard

Even though he has a ‘kid at heart’ attitude, En is one of the oldest animatronics at the theater. He comes somewhere between Springy and FunChica when talking about animatronic ages.

He is able to use some of his extra endo cords as a metal rope of sorts, allowing him to get up to the stage light fixtures in order to sort them for the shows. 

Ennard likes to crawl in vents. He does that when he wants time to himself, or if he wants to be the expert when playing hide and seek with the others, even if it doesn’t work that well. Addition to that is his ability to scale walls like Spiderman to get into them.

He sometimes shares mind-space with Lolbit. If you talk to him and his right eye is purple, he’s speaking normally. If it’s orange, Lolbit’s voice comes from his middle speaker.

Ennard is pretty light for an animatronic. He’s also a bit on the short side too, standing at 6′2. The other animatronics can sometimes be seen easily lifting him and holding him under their arms(the only ones who can’t are Helpy, Mari and Lolbit). Being lightweight also makes him a pretty fast runner too.

Aaaand one more..

Ennard can jumpscare, and he can do it pretty well. When he has a need to do that, he waits until the right moment before jumping out at the target, letting his faceplates fly open and emitting the ‘Ennard jumpscare’ sound from Sister Location. It doesn’t end well for him, though, as it usually results in him being given a ‘controlled shock’.

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the-feral-one·2 months agoText

“All your property? It belongs to me~

Oh, I see you disagree? Whoops, it’s ruined~”

(lyrics from The Stupendium’s ‘What A Fowl Day’)

Goose Dom letting the townsfolk know that they’d have to get into a scuffle with him if they want their stuff back.

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