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littleskrib11 days agoAnswer
I am in love with your work. 馃尭

Aaaa thank youu!

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littleskrib11 days agoAnswer
Hi! I'm new to your blog, so apologies if you've already answers a question like this one, but how do you come up with natural poses? Do you use an app or a website or anything like that? Thanks!

Hey there anon,

I usually use a combination of figurine and photography to accomplish my poses with a dose of knowledge about anatomy I learned (and am still learning) with time. Usually I try to find something similar to what I like online, sometimes to directly reference sometimes as inspiration, and then tweak the referenced pose in my sketch to be closer to my vision. If I cannot find something that鈥檚 close enough tho I do my own refs as well (mirror, photography, figurine posing etc.).
Depending on the overall complexity I do also go without refs to test my skills and to get more used to translating my imagination directly on paper eventually. But I鈥檓 not there yet to rely on that entirely when it comes to full body poses聽 - nothing gets as natural as nature itself, so looking at how a real body behaves when bend in a certain way and then working from there is what鈥檚 giving me the best results so far.

I tried using software before but I felt like it鈥檚 still too stiff for my personal taste, tho it can be a good start if you have one at hand! With the figurine - while having a similar issue - you have the added bonus of working out the pose directly with your fingers and it helps with getting a better feeling of the overall body working as a whole. It鈥檚 also a lot faster if you just try to get an overall proportional idea.

Hope that helps!

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littleskrib11 days agoAnswer
Hey, I just wanted to drop by and tell you that your art owns my entire soul, like seriously it's so gorgeous I can't even put it into words how much I love it

That鈥檚 so flattering I鈥檓 blushing, thank you so much!

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littleskrib11 days agoAnswer
I am in love with your art like you’re so talented, it’s unreal!!!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

Aaaa thank you, too kind!! Will do!

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littleskrib11 days agoAnswer
I love your art soooo much!!!

Thank you so much kind anon!

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littleskrib16 days agoAnswer
where you get your ideas for all those amazing outfits in the casual haikyuu arts? they're sooo pretty and different from each other

Hey there anon,
thank you so much! It鈥檚 actually a fun mix between a) what I own b) what I wanna wear c) whatever sticks haha!
I usually have one item of clothing or style in mind for a character and then I just go from there, sometimes with the goal to make it look put together or challenging what one could call good sense of fashion haha! Sometimes it鈥檚 color/pattern combos that appear to me (either being appealing or clashing when put next to each other), sometimes different styles combined in a single look.
I also like to think of an occasion the character might wear it to, so the chosen outfit (hopefully) gets a sense of purpose to it. Same for patterns and prints, that are usually supposed to (not so subtly) hint to traits or relations. I love to think of what history a look might has to it, which is something I tend to do in day to day already!
There鈥檚 characters that give more leeway to pull of something more Extra鈩 of course, sometimes simply because of the region they鈥檙e from, but tbh I feel like most of them are quite out there for one reason or another.
When it comes to the ideas for the pieces of clothing themselves, as I said, I do actually own a good amound of the clothes in similar or even identical form and if not, I look up inspo online that鈥檚 centered around a certain type of style - sometimes for individual pieces themselves, sometimes an overall aesthetic.聽 聽
So really, this聽鈥渃hoosing process鈥 is honestly all over the place and somewhat intuitive, with hits and misses as they come, but the overall goal is to create fun looks (with a twist)!

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littleskrib16 days agoAnswer
Hello! I love your Haikyuu art (it gives me life馃挅) and just your overall style? Imma just go right ahead and ask. What's your favorite haikyuu ship???

Hey there anon,聽
thank you so much! Well, different pairings have different connotations for me, so I feel it鈥檚 hard to compare. It鈥檚 safe to say that all that I鈥檝e drawn is fair game to be called a favorite - but if we鈥檙e talking the most solid and grounded, the one I feel closest to home to, it has to be Daisuga, which surely comes as no surprise!

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littleskrib16 days agoAnswer
Bro..... Your art..... 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩 it's so Beautiful... *sniffles in Otaku* 馃挋馃挏馃А馃挍馃挌馃挆

Hey there, thank you so much, haha!

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