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Rui Pires Cabral in “Morada”

A cozinha era misteriosa à hora da sesta.
Havia panelas penduradas muito alto,
na parede, e a mosqueira onde se guardava
um queijo duro, curado com colorau.

A porta de trinco manhoso dava para as sombras
da latada, num chão torto de lousas e seixos.
(Nos troncos onde se criavam cogumelos,
algum gato vigiava os pequenos ruídos.)

Havia couves junto ao rego da àgua, amores-
-perfeitos, flores roxas que se fechariam
ao princípio da noite. E lá mais para cima
as figueiras, onde às vezes apareciam cobras
e agora se fez uma estrada.

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I am obsessed with your blog 😍 I'm just back from a holiday in Wales and I'm raging the universe didn't let me bump into you, especially since your last ask mentioned you liked curvy pierced/tattooed girls 😭 I absolutely swoon over the Welsh accents and you're a 11/10 babe 🤤😍

Damn well thank you!

There’s so many places I could have recommended but I hope you had an amazing time here as well! 😆

Pierced or tattooed is just the best 😇

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Titthies out 4 summer

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Fact 1. I'm your type. 2. You're possibly moving to where I am 😄😄😍😍😍 3. Certain coloured socks hehe

Three facts that really got my attention….


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@jillsjourneyback2fit Tagged me for a stop drop selfie! And any excuse to stop folding laundry will do 😂 Sunday night is always sad! It means I have to go back to work tomorrow - at least I get to go to CrossFit!

Who shall I tag for a selfie this fine evening! 🤔

@morningcalmketo @dorsetrunblr @themightoftheempire @time-to-be-awesome @girleatshealthier @sarah-louise-93 @evolutionofacosfitter @slimmingdownrach @fatmaninalittlesuit @erin-is-living @aqua-phoenix @fatdadsblog-tryingtogetfit @thecrazytravellerwithcamera And anyone else who would get involved! Just make sure to tag me so I don’t miss it 💕

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Trying really hard to find the beauty in this body I despise. I don’t want to hate myself anymore, it’s exhausting.

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Confession 8-25-19

Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

I knew what would happen when I went to this party. But I craved it. I needed it. Needed to be tossed, choked and used for pleasure.

I haven’t had that all summer. My boyfriend doesn’t treat me like that and I love how he treats me.

But once back at college here I am at 7am walking in smelling like sex and sin.


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