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I was tagged by the lovely @outphan <3 to shuffle my favourite playlist, list 10 songs and tag some people!

1. Lovers Or Liars - Lauren Aquilina

2. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

3. The Pros And Cons Of Breathing - Fall Out Boy

4. Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore

5. Raging - Kygo feat. Kodaline

6.New Americana - Halsey

7. Nightmare - NateWantsToBattle

8. Life Vest - The Material

9. Renegades - X Ambassadors

10. Ship Goes down - Walking on Cars 

I tag @jorzuela, @heroicriku, @just-me-and-cookies and whoever else sees this and wants to have a go!

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RULES: You can only repeat one artist and only one time, so we can all kind of spread new music to the people we tag! try to listen to at least one of the songs people rec here! Music is fun!

Tagged by @spaceproject-pt1 Thank you so much 😘

1. One song that you loved the first time you listened to and never got tired of? One of These Nights - Key ft. Crush

2.  One song you cry every time you listen to or makes you emotional?  Imagine - John Lennon 

3. One song that always makes you happy/smile? Emergency - Day6

4. One song that you would dedicate to your best friend and/or your family? Once Upon a December - Anastasia the musical. Saph got it me into the musical and it’s one of my favorites of all time. Also Death of a Bachelor - Panic! at the Disco. My sister got me into them years ago and we bond over our love of emo music. 

5. One song with a production (the sounds, the beat, the mood) you love? Interlude: Regular to Irregular - NCT 127 (it’s so weird and wacky but like freaky and scary at the same time) 

6. One song with perfect, amazing, outstanding lyrics? Gone Days - Stray Kids (I also want to put wow by 3rach as a joke but it’s better this way)

7. One song you would recommend to anyone? Lips on Lips - Tiffany Young

8. One song you don’t understand why you like so much but you do anyway? Only Human - Jonas Brother

9. One song people in general people wouldn’t like but you do?   Butterfly - Loona (I have seen a lot of people say that they dislike this song idk why it’s a bop)

10. One song people normally like but you don’t like/hate? Any Maroon Five Song (… I’m sorry please don’t kill me)

11. One song you recently (30 days max) discovered and really liked?   929 - Halsey (it’s my favorite song off the album)

12. One song you listen to get pumped like you wanna tear down the fucking government or something? Troubled Times - Green Day (just listen to it)

I’m so sorry this took me forever. I have died in preparation for my finals.  @sometypeofbirthstone, @autumnal-dawn​, @prettykwan

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Que loco, el hecho de que aquí nadie me conoce, ni una sola persona, si hemos hablado, aún así no sabes nada de mí aparte de lo que te he dicho, palabras selectas adecuadas a la ocasión, porque claro no estamos teniendo una conexión real, solo virtualverbalbanal, y aún así, expreso más aquí que en muchas otras situaciones, me desnudo en frente a lo desconocido antes que mirar a los ojos a alguien cercano, la traición a la vuelta de la esquina se hace inminente, la paranoia y la desconfianza dan forma a mi aura cuando te conozco, conozco tus intenciones, y no pueden diferir más de las mías, rechazo.
Desvaríos de tanto en tanto que me hacen tomar y dejar, soltar, libero. Individuos inconexos se sienten más cercanos que la gente que me busca en carne y materia, somos sin ser, al no buscar lo material.
Migajas de mí para quienes exigen, todo yo para quién yo quiera, yo soy un ser selectivo, yo no sé bien el por qué, en parte yo ego, en parte percepción susceptible, vibras bajo y no me sirves, no te sirvo y no me sirves, no te sirvo y no me amas, amor interesado, no quiero eso, tú quieres algo de mí que sabes puedo dar, no te lo daré, te quedas con lo que mereces, nada, pero y, ¿para mí?.

Ya lo veré, es solo que no encuentro en nadie lo que puedo dar y ser, para dar, para recibir, para ser equitativos y justos, para ser, ser real y dejar la virtualidad de la sistematización que nos imponen, el orden de ideas que quieren que tenga inserto.
Arquetipos, atípicos; Anarketipos.

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Told my family in a family reunion that i don‘t believe in the concept of marriage and that i‘m never planning on ever getting married and out of suddenly i struck a nerve on everybody.

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Finally got into a mostly consistent workout routine. Now all I need to do is quit eating chicken nuggets and I’ll finally have my shit together.

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Did you notice we didn't get that Ian and Lip scene where they're both standing and smiling in the kitchen with their coffee mugs? Wonder what they cut out :( They could've been talking about the engagement!

YES I DID NOTICE! That’s what I thought, too. Something like ‘so you’re really gonna do it, huh? you’re gonna marry Mickey’ and ‘yeah, well, turns out I DO want to spend the rest of my life with him, who knew’. and Lip just being happy for him. That’s what I wanted at least. I’m a bit sad about how many scenes we’ve missed, hope they will all be in the DVD cause they’re so many I lost count and I want each and every one of them. 

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