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i've thought of some cute questions
Sunrise or sunset?
Are you mentally ill?
Are you physically ill?
What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
Do you have a job?
Are you in school?
Are you a dropout?
Are you in college?
Introvert or extrovert?
What do you think when you look at your body?
What have others said when they look at your body?
Do you have a particular song that you feel deeply?
Talk about a time in your life where you have felt most alive?
Are you confident wearing a bikini?
Can you look people in the eyes while talking?
Has anything terrible happened to you?
Has anything wonderful happened to you?
Favorite part of your personality?
Least favorite part of your personality?
Favorite part of your body?
Least favorite part of your body?
Favorite quote?
Do you have friendships with all genders?
Do you have a good relationship with your father?
Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?
Have you ever been hurt physically or mentally by a family member?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
Do you know anyone who has taken their own life?
Have you ever tried to take your own life?
Biggest lie you have told?
Do you follow any conspiracies?
Do you believe in a New World Order?
Do you respect your government and the way your country is run?
Is there currently any strife in your country?
Have you ever been displaced within your country?
Are your friendships healthy?
Are you currently fighting with a friend?
Are you jealous of a friend? Why?
Do you believe in the Illuminati?
Do you think any celebrities are associated with the Illuminati? Who?
How can people tell you are nervous?
How can people tell you are sad?
Do you ever express your true feelings?
Regrets in your life?
Achievements in your life?
What did people say about you in school?
What did you say about people in school?
Is there something you have never told anyone?
Have you committed an illegal act?
If you had two days to spend one million dollars how would you spend it?
What were your aspirations at age 5, 10, 15, 18?
Describe your first kiss? Was it how you imagined?
Growing up were you in a wealthy, average, or low income household?
Are you from a broken marriage?
Have you been raised by a solo parent?
Do you know both your parents?
What colour eyes, hair and skin do you have?
Have you abused drugs or alcohol?
What languages can you speak?
Do you conform to your societies standards?
Do you cry often?
Do you tell people what you think of them?
Are you comfortable accepting compliments?
Are you comfortable giving compliments?
Is any mental illness hindering your life?
Is any physical illness hindering your life?
Do you keep up with current events?
What’s the latest news in the world you have heard/read?
What have you done today?
Do you sleep well?
Do you sleep badly?
Have you ever hurt anyone because you were hurting?
Has anyone ever hurt you because they were hurting?
Have you ever had to end a friendship/relationship? Why?
Have you ever stopped someone from hurting themselves?
Has anyone ever stopped you from hurting yourself?
Do you like your laugh?
Are you preparing for an apocalypse? And what kind?
Do you have any funny family stories?
Are you religious?
Do you like to watch true crime shows or movies?
Are you interested in cults?
Would you like to raise a family in your country?
List some things you wanted in your childhood but never got?
Is there a large age gap between you and a sibling?
Are you from a blended family?
Do you believe in marriage? Why/Why not?
What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you?
Do you keep a journal?
Would anyone be hurt by reading it?
Do you have children?
Have you been pregnant?
List your favorite movies?
List your favorite people?
Talk about the birthmarks and scars on your body?
Do you look after yourself?
Do you put yourself or others first?
Are you happy today?
Are you loved?
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This account is closed
the reasons why I won’t explain but the main reason is some people keep slaking it I am reminding again it’s close and to message me for my new account if you wish to follow me there too thanks.
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Save Lakebottom and Looped
Okay, since we’re on WOY being cancelled, we should talk about two other shows that are being canned as well that deserve saving. Camp Lakebottom, and Looped.
Lakebottom is finishing it’s second season this month and no plans for a third season have been shown anywhere. And before you make the case that it’s “just a rip off of Gravity Falls,” the shows could not be more different. Plus, Lakebottom was being produced around the same time as Gravity Falls anyway (even if it started airing later, animation takes time so it was being made before the first GF episode aired) so you can’t rip off something that hasn’t even started airing yet.
For those of you who don’t know, Camp Lakebottom follows the story of three kids, McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt, who were supposed to go to Camp Sunny Smiles for the summer, but Jordan Buttsquat, the son of the guy who runs Sunny Smiles, caused them to go on a detour to a Camp called Lakebottom. There, they find that the counselors are a bit more.. monstrous. Running the cam are Sawyer the Zombie, Armand the Sasquatch, and Rosebud, an ex-monster hunter turned chef. Throughout the series, the gang get into a bunch of wild and crazy adventures arguably crazier than Gravity Falls. They’ve dealt with magic pencils that bring drawings to life, living cars, nannies that steal your youth, and even monster hunter duplicates from another dimension! All of this while having a fantastic summer and trying to keep Buttsquat and McGee’s sister, Suzi from ruining it all.
Looped is just finishing up it’s first season, and it appears that it’ll be the only as one of the creators tweeted the last episode was to be the “series” finale. Not the “season” finale, “series.” Even if you don’t care about Lakebottom, reblog to spread the word about this show.
Looped follows the story of Luc Maxwell and Theo Matthews as they make the most out of their Monday… by reliving it over and over again. Due to Luc causing one of Theo’s inventions to explode, these two have been reliving the same Monday over and over. They’ve relived it at least a thousand times! You’d think it’d get boring after awhile, but crazy stuff happens when they mess with the Loop. They’ve turned the janitor into a bubble monster that vaporizes whatever he tries to clean, made their principal battle a wizard in a magic duel, created a psycho robot obsessed with Luc, released ghosts from a box, and they even became movie stars in just one day! 
So whether you care for just one or both of these, like and reblog to show support for them. These shows are great and deserve to get canned just as much as Wander Over Yonder does, which is zero. Please help these shows get another season.
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house-ad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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beingmcgee-blog · 6 years ago
It's still airing in uk and German, animation takes time.
Tumblr media
What happened to the rest of season 2 of Camp Lakebottom? It’s almost been 6 months now…
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beingmcgee-blog · 6 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It only took about 6 months, but season 2 of Camp Lakebottom has resumed airing on Disney XD in the UK. As ever, I’ll upload new episodes here:
218b - Bottom Dome 219a - The Day Squirt Stood Still 219b - Anti Gravity 220a - Last Days 220b - Knock on Wood 221a - Duh ‘Rehka 221b - Chore Leave 222a - Ice Queen
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Tumblr media
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beingmcgee-blog · 6 years ago
Remember that I have a new account and would rather have people go to that one then following this I would only used this if the other one got hacked again or I'm posting info that I want everyone to see bc oddly the blog doesn't show up in tags.
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Tumblr media
“I think everyone in camp Lakebottom has some kind of illness in some way I think McGee has autism squirt has ADHD as for Gretchen she might have those two or something else I kind of think she has OCD but I don’t see much signs of it, that’s one of the reasons buttsquat didn’t want them at his camp as will as the reason squirt and Gretchen were on the loser boss because they doesn’t understand what they have as will as not liking McGee just personally.“ – Submitted by Anonymous
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I seen people messaging me in comments on my yt about uploading looped episodes so to put it here I have, episode one was up all day the last day and two is RN up but I would rather have people pirate message me for said links so they don’t get reposted they’re also only up a day for all to see.
And don’t ask me about uploading stuff on my YT as it could get the YT banned and me in shit thanks.
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beingmcgee-blog · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Looped will be airing on CITV in english starting on the 4 at 4 pm (8 am pt time the same day) it’ll then aired normally giving us episodes that have yet to aired.
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You should just watch the german ones as there is no canada airdate or uk airdate.
reasons to watch looped
it’s about them being stuck in a timeloop and how it can mess up the day they been repeating and other stuff related to it, and it’s really neat and doesn’t get boring.
It’s mostly about friendship between the two mains.
it’s super cute?????
way better then grojband, if u like that in any way I think you would love looped. /or you could be like me I don’t like grojband at all but love looped, but then again loped reminds me more of sidekick then grojband/
there is singing.
Nick becomes a robot in the one I’m rewatching.
a whole island of cake too.
watch this show please.
some episodes are super stereotype, it’s rare but it’s annoying when it happens. (Mostly early on)
really rarely the episode can have moments were it’s just super mean. (Mostly early on)
the show is only out in German (This is only a con if you don’t know german in anyway)
YTV still hasn’t given out a airdate (Again only a con if you cannot understand german or you live in Canada like me)
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hi, i know you were having trouble with the pirate express episodes stuff so if you'd be able to you could send me the files for the episodes and i could find a place to upload them and give you credit!
there is two reasons I cannot do that
the orignal recorder of most of the episodes that I have uploaded doesn’t want me sharing them anymore and doesn’t like me so I cannot send those.
I also don’t have the episodes atm I need to move my stuff over from my old pc.
I could send you in the future any episodes I recorded //both off GO! and teletoon francais// but that’s about it and I also don’t want the episodes out there  again until they aired in Canada english anyways…..
I have move accounts so I won’t be replying after this point if you wish to know the new account send me another message and I’ll give you a link and also unpirate it will you’re online.
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Please do not watch Pirate Express episodes on kisscartoon //I seen people linking others to it// one it’s highly illegal as it is, two the people that worked on it don’t really want the episodes out there yet. three it was stolen from me posting the episodes for a small group of people //and only was a small group until kisscartoon took it// the recordering were not recorded by me even so later on I start getting them myself IDK if they have any of those ones up, but the person -won’t say names as they don’t like me-even didn’t want them to be reupload like this as it was for a small group of people and I never thought it would get this out of hand, please wait until it airs where you’re and do not post links to or tell people to watch it off kisscartoon.
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In response: Apparently you never seen Friendship Games, or read the Batman story, "The Killing Joke". Do you know how The Joker describes himself falling into a chemical vat?
I have seen the friendship games in fact but I am not a MLP fan so I had no idea you were refing FG //even so I do love FG and the movie before it// and I also don’t like batman??? Anyways how is this at all related to me?
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beingmcgee-blog · 6 years ago
I’m not back I just came on here to cheek everything and I noticed the followers count has jump up? I close down the account I have a full on pirate account now soooo.
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A wise author once said, all it takes is a "very bad day", to make someone go insane. In Sci-Twi's case, a "very bad day", and a magic storing device. ... Just incase you don't know what I'm talking about, ever heard of the classic graphic novel, The Killing Joke?
I have no idea what this message even means or is related to but I seen it in the inbox so????
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Do you know where people that aren't from the us could watch the Going Bananas episode from Rocket Monkeys???? I've been trying to find it, but I haven't had any luck ://
The episode has only aired in Canada Korea and Asia //not sure beside there where else// not the USA, but recently I have posted it on my DM http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37e93e_s2-39434343434343-rm-23232323-gb-2323232_auto
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