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equatorjournal·19 hours agoPhoto

Mario de Biasi, Ivory Coast, 1970.

Born in Belluno in 1923, Mario de Biasi joined Epoca in 1953 and in over 30 years filed reports for the magazine from around the world. Among these was a report on the Hungarian uprising of 1956, images of New York in the 1950s and many portraits. He has held exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 1982, he won the “Saint Vincent Prize” for journalism and in 2006, following a proposal by the then assessore for culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, the municipality of Milan conferred upon him the Ambrogino d’oro. He died at the age of almost 90 on 27th May 2013, after receiving the prize for lifetime achievement from the AIF in February 2013.

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equatorjournal·19 hours agoPhoto

José Medeiros, Ritual dance of the Kayapó natives from the Kuben-kran-ken tribe, Pará, Brazil, 1957.

“The complete works of Piauí-born photographer José Medeiros, comprising around 20,000 negatives from a decisive moment in Brazilian photojournalism, were acquired by the Instituto Moreira Salles in August 2005. From age 25 to age 40, Medeiros worked for the magazine O Cruzeiro, then the largest in the country; at the time, its photography department, headed by Jean Manzon, was revolutionizing the Brazilian press’s treatment of photography.

In the 1960s, Medeiros would dedicate himself to cinematic photography, becoming, as Glauber Rocha put it, "the only man who knew how to create a Brazilian light” - the same “environmental light, the most natural thing” that bathed his street scenes and his portraits of the famous and the anonymous, the poor and the rich, smiling girls in Copacabana and Indians in Xingu, revelers in Carnival and patients in an insane asylum, among the many extremes of Brazilian life that he recorded in his reporting.“


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equatorjournal·19 hours agoPhoto

Paul Isaac Nordmann, Tahiti, 1939.

Paul Isaac Nordmann lived in Tahiti between 1928 and 1942, married to Joséphine Salmon, author of the book “Tahiti” edited by Fernand Nathan in 1939, photographer and also publisher of books on Polynesia from the 1930s to 1940s.

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equatorjournal·2 days agoPhoto

V. Romanovsky, Claude Francis-Boeuf and Jacques Boucart, La Mer, 1959.

This is a profusely illustrated popular encyclopaedia of the sea, covering all its aspects from early legends and mysteries to tides, waves, and currents, from warships to marine life, from meteorological stations to diving and all-forms of underwater exploration.


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equatorjournal·2 days agoPhoto

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Vers les îles, Pierre, Vera et Arlette, 1927.

“Un mundo flotante”

“A self-taught photographer, Lartigue (1894-1986) started taking pictures at the age of 6 using his father’s camera. His fascination with the world around him was captured on film and he started keeping what could be best described as a ‘lifelong diary’, documenting his family, childhood experiences, beginnings of aviation and cars plus even the glamorous women in the area of France he grew up in.”

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equatorjournal·2 days agoPhoto

Marcel Isy-Schwart, La route de corail, 1957.

“La route de corail”, sous-titré “Un curieux au fond du Pacifique”, est un livre passionnant sur les fonds sous-marins du Pacifique. Il raconte, au fil des escales de l'auteur, l'histoire des harpons de guerre aux îles Fidji, des danses Vagamalolo à Tonga - le royaume de la plus grande reine du monde -, de la Polynésie en fleurs et de la féerie, des mers du sud au Samoa, d'une île de lumière et d'un paradis sous la mer en Nouvellela Calédonie et pour finir, à Touamotou, de requins qui attaquent l'homme.

“La route de corail” est une magnifique plongée au milieu des madrépores géants, des coraux étincelants, des minéraux animés et des gouffres insondables, un véritable dépaysement pour les yeux et pour l'imagination.“


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