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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
excusetheandroid · 21 hours ago



Boy Story needs more love now than ever

Please, they are a Chinese boy group under JYP. Check them out please, the are working so hard at such a young age (16 - 13)

I, and a lot more of they’re other fans are begging you, please check them out🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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excusetheandroid · 21 hours ago


Op where’s your url

where’s your url op

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excusetheandroid · 21 hours ago


protect asian lives. say it with me.

“protect asian lives

asians worldwide are being beaten and killed. and it keeps going unnoticed. if you are being silent, fuck you.
the amount of hate crimes against asians have risen 1900%. it’s not our fucking fault we are in this pandemic. asians arent a virus or a disease. leave us the fuck alone.

now say it again.


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excusetheandroid · 2 days ago





If you live in Alabama and you have a trans child age 19 or younger and they’re receiving hormone therapy, get THE FUCK out now.

The state of Alabama has just made it a felony to give trans children ages 19 or younger hormone therapy or affirmation surgery.


Trans Lives Matter and stay safe.

Alabama Senate votes to make hormone therapy and surgery for trans youth a felony


IMPORTANT ADDITION: The Alabama House bill that will accompany this bill forces teachers and medical professionals to out trans youth to their parents.


This combination of legislation is The most violent anti-trans legislation to date in the US. If you can do so safely, get out. Get out now. Get your children out. Please.

How dare you turn a motto of a movement that fights against black people being killed for no reason, into the promotion of injection of piss horse into children’s bodies. Op is fucking evil

This won’t fucking kill you you piece of shit. Transitioned people commit suicide just as much as non-transitioning trans/dysphoric people do. Dysphoria isn’t cured by chopping your dick off or skinning your arm to sew a tiny bit of skin to your crotch






I mean this next one with the absolute MOST sincerity.

I wish you end up with chronic migraines for months that sends you to the ER because you can’t hold down fluids causing you to end up dehydrated and you end up with a hospital bill that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the hospital kicks you out when they realize you can’t afford it.


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excusetheandroid · 8 days ago


(210225) Yena Into The New World
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excusetheandroid · 8 days ago


a better love story than twilight

the only love story - Summer

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excusetheandroid · 10 days ago


How it started: How it’s going:

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excusetheandroid · 12 days ago

We officially have something for every group published now :) Keep sending in requests! - Summer

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excusetheandroid · 12 days ago

Can you do fluff promts 10 and 37 with BC from 1team? Thanks :)

Woah, a Team One I haven’t seen an active Team One on here for like nine months :) hello - Summer

Requested: yes

Idol: BC/Sungho

Group: 1TEAM

Genre: fluff, gender neutral

Warnings: this kinda ended up as a blurb so hopefully you like it :), soft BC, mullet Sungho

“You’re just a softie.” “Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”

It had been a long day. Everyone at work was stressed and the mood was depressing. You forgot your lunch at home so you ended up buying something you didn’t even want to eat. Work piled and piled on you and the office was understaffed.

As you stiffly opened the front door to your home all you wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep but your stomach was getting in the way.

“Hey, babe, you’re home.”

You were met with a smiley Sungho who grabbed your arm softly and gently kissed your forehead as he engulfted you in a lighthearted hug. It had to be magic the way you melted into his loving touch and smiled against his chest.

“How was work?” he asked, ruining your short lived peace.

“Not fun. The mood in the office was horrible and I’m flooded with tasks. And to make things worse, I’m hungry,” you complained, taking your black coat and matching shoes off and flopping onto the soft cusions of the living room couch.

Sungho followed you and sat down in front of the sofa, leaning back to look up at you.

“If you’re too tired to cook, I can take care of it tonight,” he said, attempting to comfort you and take off a bit of your stress.

“That’d be great. Thanks, babe,” you responded, reloeved and once again on the path to relaxation.

“What do you want to eat?”

You sigh, “I have no idea. You can choose.”

He nodded and your hands found the tips of his mullet. Out of boredom, you began to separate and style it.

Jerking forward a bit, your boyfriend turned around to you.

“Babe, what are you doing?” he asked, clearly confused.

Stop moving and let me braid your hair,” you reply, smiling a bit.

He looked hesitant but soon let out a burdened sigh.

“Will it help you feel better?”

You nodded and he complied, slowly moving back into his original position.

You’re just a softie,” you laughed as you continued your braiding.

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excusetheandroid · 16 days ago

hey :) can i ask for iz*one mtl to date someone younget than them? also does one become an anon?

Wow we’re getting a lot of izone requests recently :) ofc you can ❤ and to become an anon you just need to ask and give yourself a signature emoji so when we talk or you place requests, you end the message with - x emoji anon

ex. can i ask for izone mtl to date someone younger than them? - 👁 anon















Eunbi, Sakura - I think they’d both like someone younger than them. No specific reason just get those vibes. They would look for different characteristics though.

Hyewon, Yujin, Yena - I think they’d have a small bias toward those younger than them. They’d find them cute no matter how small the age gap. Would still date someone their age or older like everyone else but lean towards younger S/Os a bit.

Minju, Hitomi, Chaeyeon - They would. I don’t see them specifically not wanting a younger S/O and I can see them enjoying it a little bit.

Nako, Chaewon, Yuri - I could see them with a younger partner but I think they’d want someone their age or older than can just match their energy.

Wonyoung - I just think she’d date someone older than her. Not because she’s young but because I get those vibes idk. I feel like she’d have to have a partner that’s already pretty stable and can take care of themselves because trust would be very important in a relationship with her. She would seek out stability in a partner and she’s pretty young so most people younger than her probably wouldn’t have this.

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excusetheandroid · 16 days ago

OMG you haven't written much about IZ*ONE but it's so good let me request you yujin or sakura as your girlfriend

Thank you sm :))) I kinda want to do both so I’ll do Yujin first and Sakura in another post soon ❤ - Summer

Requested?: yes

Idol: Yujin

Group: IZ*ONE

Genre: fluff, gender neutral, best girl Yujin

Warning(s): umm idk it’s pretty safe dm me if you see a warning I should add

  • the literally definition of cool and cute
  • and both sides come out so naturally like
  • the duality pls
  • she loves you so much and is lowkey clingy
  • but not like always kissing you more like always holding your hand or arm
  • can see her with her arm around your shoulders as well
  • she loves to claim you so that everyone knows your hers
  • and loves it when you do the same
  • the members tease her for it and she gets shy but it doesnt last long cause she gets over it pretty quickly
  • literally SO FUN to be around
  • always has something to talk about with you or something fun to do
  • the time she spends with you is so important to her
  • especially cause IZ*ONE is always preparing smtg new
  • she doesn’t get a lot of down time
  • but when she does, she loves to spend it with you
  • she has def brought you to the dorms before
  • it’s important to her that you and the members get along
  • because their opinion really matters to her
  • she also loves the way she can open up to you
  • cause even tho the relationship is really fun and silly
  • she also has a deep thinking side that you can also stimulate
  • it doesn’t come out as often as the cool and cute sides do but it’s a part of her and you love it
  • she won’t want to go out much with you because she’s afraid of stalkers finding out about you
  • but if you really wanted to, she’d go walking or even get something to eat with you
  • sooooo protective
  • especially if you’re younger than her
  • and not much less if you’re older
  • and kinda expects you to be the same
  • it’s her love language in a way
  • would hate it if you made her jealous
  • for that reason
  • she wants to protect your relationship and for you to want that as well
  • so it would kinda hurt her if you flirted with someone else no matter the reason
  • cause you’re supppsed to be hers and she’s supposed to be yours :(
  • anyways back to the wholesome stuff
  • would tease you to your death
  • because she thinks you’re cute
  • is kinda unflitered with her opinions but they come off in a sorta jokey manner so you’re not too hurt or anything
  • would call you “jagiya” probably the most out of the pet names i can think of
  • would love when you called her that too
  • a girl is whipped
  • if the members teased you its honestly a 50/50 between her defending you or joining in
  • you steal her sweaters
  • she steals your chargers
  • doesnt hint at it much but honestly wants to lay down and cuddle with you all day
  • depending on how your relationship is she can switch from big to little spoon
  • if she was sad she’d def want to cuddle as the little spoon
  • i feel like the relationship would be pretty comfortable
  • with neither of you the boss of the relationship often
  • because she kinda wants someone that feels the same for her as she feels for them
  • all in all wholesome
  • she’ll tease you like hell tho lol
  • but she’ll love you like heaven
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excusetheandroid · 23 days ago


pinch pinch 🤏

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excusetheandroid · 24 days ago


hey lets play a game! reblog and put in the tags which kpop group you first think of when you see these popular song titles: beautiful / without you / white night / poison / all night / tonight / deja vu / hands up / eclipse / heart attack

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excusetheandroid · 24 days ago

May I request A.C.E reacting to their S/O being stressed because of school? Thanks

Yup :)


Requested: yes

Group: A.C.E

Genre: fluff; angst(?); gender neutral

Warnings: idk what to say here it’s pretty self explanatory and safe


  • would be a little awkward but wanted to help
  • googled activities to do that would get your mind off things if you didn’t already have convenient interests that you had expressed to him
  • “babe, stop for a minute. let’s do this instead”
  • you didn’t want to cause you knew that this assignment wasn’t going to finish itself
  • but he had a sound argument in that, if you didnt take a break, you would probably write slower and worse than if you took a break
  • so you found yourself making slime like the old trend with your boyfriend
  • who wasn’t quite proficient in the skill
  • but was fun to be with
  • and afterwards you felt more encouraged in writing your essay


  • Sehyoon would support you but sitting through it with you
  • maybe bringing you little snacks and things to that effect
  • would help out with your work if you needed it
  • and was actually better at teaching than you thought
  • through him you would feel his support and would be a little more encouraged to get through it
  • it was nice having him with you and when you finished he was so proud
  • he would literally set aside two days when you guys just did whatever you wanted to do since you had been so stressed
  • he wanted you to feel better so he would be there for you


  • Jun hated seeing you stressed
  • it made him stressed
  • but he knew he had to be there for you
  • so he would try to make your surroundings comfortable
  • “is it too cold in here?” “do want a blanket?” “should i put a pillow on the chair for you?”
  • constantly reminding you that he loves you
  • expect reminder texts to focus
  • cause he knows that you might be on your phone instead of working
  • but he is so supportive whenever you want a break
  • he wants you to destress as much as possible
  • so would recommend you songs he found that he thought would calm you down
  • after a few days of seeing you stressed out, comes in the room with a food you’re craving
  • he’s all for you taking breaks but wouldn’t tolerate you giving up
  • “no, y/n, you need to finish this”
  • and he’d make sure you did
  • and would just be so soft with you when you were done
  • trying everything he can to make you happy and forget your stress


  • def the type to bring you sweet treats (or non sweet treats if you don’t like sweet stuff)
  • or just food you like in general
  • would help you by getting you organized
  • “here, if you write out the things you have to do, it’s gonna be less than you think”
  • and he was right
  • it was less stressful to see it in a list and be able to scratch it out
  • would also help you manage your time
  • by saying “i’ll come back in thirty minutes and we can take a short break then. keep up the good work, love you”
  • or something to the effect
  • would constantly remind you that he loves you
  • and wouldn’t make you do something if he didn’t think you needed to get it done
  • would cuddle with you at night and after the assignment was turned in
  • and would tell you that he’s proud of you


  • chan would try to get you outside
  • or at least distract you from it for a while
  • cause focusing hard on that while your mental health was bad was going to do more harm than good
  • “hey, y/n, let’s go outside for a bit! it’ll help you feel better, i promise!”
  • no matter how much you protested, he won
  • especially since you knew he was doing it out of love
  • you probably went to a park or smtg if you didn’t have a nice yard (or garden for the non americans lol)
  • the fresh air really relaxed you
  • you could think easier now and enjoyed the short break with your boyfriend
  • “thanks chan. this helped”
  • he was so soft for you like he couldn’t help the smile that overtook him when you started relaxing
  • “glad i could help”
  • he responded before wrapping his arms around you
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excusetheandroid · 24 days ago

Can you do TBZ's reaction to their S/O seeing their bias from another group?

Yup :) Enjoy. This is Pt. 1 bc they have more than 9 members - Summer


Requested: yes


Genre: fluff? angst? it’s just a reaction. gender neutral

Warnings: THE REASON WHY YOU DON’T SEE THE OTHER MEMBERS IS BECAUSE THIS IS PART ONE. There are too many members to put them all in one post


  • Sangyeon looked at them
  • They were promoting The Stealer one more time before Kingdom and their schedule happened to overlap with your comeback schedule.
  • When you pointed out that another idol was your bias, he’d look at them and at you
  • At first he didn’t really care
  • He knows he’s a catch and that you aren’t gonna leave him lol
  • But later he kept thinking about it and kinda got upset that he wasn’t the only one on your mind


  • If you were in a very stable and long lasting place in your relationship, I don’t think Jacob would care
  • or if they were just your bias and you weren’t attracted to them
  • he wouldn’t care
  • but other than that, he’d either be vocal that he’s jealous, whine a little bit, or keep his jealousy to himself
  • it would probably come up in his mind every now and then but not often
  • he’d find himself fighting the urge to look up the person and find out their charms
  • to see what you like in idols


  • i’m guessing blank or jealous stares/glances at the other idol
  • possibly would whine to you about it
  • but i think he’d just glare at them for a while
  • doesn’t look them up or anything
  • probably doesn’t really feel threatened relationship wise
  • maybe just a little hurt that you brought it up to him
  • that you like another idol
  • even though it’s normal he wouldn’t really have thought about it before
  • and is kinda sad that you like other people as idols


  • hyunjae would be listing off reasons they’re trash in his mind
  • like “his fashion sense is terrible” or “her live singing is bad” lol something like that
  • don’t take that too seriously i don’t know him personally
  • he would be kinda upset that you mentioned someone else to him like that
  • even though he knows that you like him
  • he would feel a little insecure and would try harder with his charms
  • subtly
  • would lowkey use them as a guidebook or try to adopt some of their charms


  • it is a well known fact that juyeon’s face can’t lie
  • he’d send the other idol a glace like a momma bird protecting her baby
  • fierce and clearly a warning
  • but subtle
  • he really didn’t have anything to be upset about so he wasn’t so mad that he would be mentally cursing them or anything
  • just possessive
  • a little jealous
  • and if you kept doing it, he’d feel insecure about your relationship
  • kinda sad that you keep thinking about other people even when he’s right there with you


  • I really can’t see him taking it too seriously
  • He’d probably just laugh at you regardless of how you reacted
  • He’d be into figuring out your bias type for a while
  • Would ask you who your other biases are and who your tbz biases/bias wreckers are
  • He’d better be your bias or he’s throwing shade
  • But honestly he wouldn’t mind too much
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excusetheandroid · 25 days ago


happy birthday bombshell ♥  #AllOurLoveROSÉDay

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excusetheandroid · 25 days ago


some of y'all hate girl groups so much that y'all would sugarcoat sexism, body shaming, double standards and just straight up disrespectful behaviour. just say you hate girls and go, stop this ridiculous mental gymnastics

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excusetheandroid · 25 days ago

haha i was supposed to be asleep three hours ago… thank you tumblr - Summer

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excusetheandroid · 25 days ago
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