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#anyway if u havent checked out youhas music yet shes great i luv her
13-scoups · 2 months ago
I was tagged by @squishy-woozi (the most talented artist) to do this tag game thx Kris !!!
5 songs you've had on repeat according to Spotify:
1. Gambler - MONSTA X
2. Island - Youha
3. Made For Two - VAV
4. Don't Call Me - Shinee
5. Don't Fight The Feeling - EXO
Last movie I watched: hmm not a big movie person, maybe it was Godzilla vs Kong or maybe Princess & the Frog? Either way it was a while ago lol
Currently watching: also not super big on shows, casually watching Scooby Doo with my partner bc childhood memories hahaha
Currently reading: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and the Grisha series because I loved watching Shadow & Bone and I wanna know what happens next!!
I'll tag @snakuchan @eternallys and @kpop-stuffs-posts if u wanna share too! No pressure as always :)
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