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oliviergir0udfca day ago
Maria S谩nchez goal vs Colombia 馃敟馃敟馃敟
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xowosoa month ago
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gutiayala4 months ago
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Janelly actually changed her name 馃槀
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mxwnt8 months ago
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M贸nica Vergara previously coached Mexico鈥檚 Women鈥檚 U17, U20, and now is set to coach the Senior team. She did a fantastic job with our youth, finishing as runner ups in the 2018 U17 World Cup. We could use her brain and passion for El Tri. Bienvenida, y a trabajar 馃嚥馃嚱
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nahikarifc6 months ago
Spain will face both the Netherlands and Mexico this international break. Both games will be played in Marbella, Spain.
馃嚜馃嚫 Spain - the Netherlands 馃嚦馃嚤
馃棑锔9th of April
鈴19:00 (CET)
馃嚜馃嚫 Spain - M茅xico 馃嚥馃嚱
馃棑锔12/13 of April
鈴 yet to be confirmed
鈥 the roster will be out next Monday, March 29th鈥硷笍
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housedanvers6 months ago
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9th of April against the Netherlands and the 12/13th against Mexico 馃挭馃徏
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katiejohnson197 months ago
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- first game under m贸nica vergara
- playing at 馃彑 azteca after 14 years
- up two goals at half time
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lea-schuller7 months ago
Women鈥檚 International Fixtures 18/02 - 24/02
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^ Picture by @amelmajrii鈥, thank you so always working with me to make these lists.
Thursday, 18 February 2021
Euro Qualifiers:
Azerbaijan vs Spain - |11:00 ET|16:00 GMT|17:00 CET| - tve /teledeporte
She Believes Cup:
Brazil vs Argentina - |16:00 ET|21:00 GMT|22:00 CET| on FS1, SporTV(Brazil)
USA vs Canada - |19:00 ET|00:00 GMT|01:00 CET| on FS1, TUDN USA
Three Nations One Goal:
Belgium vs Netherlands - |2PM ET|19:00 GMT|20:00 CET| on Kijk/Veronica
Friday, 19 February 2021
Austria vs Sweden - |09:00 ET|14:00 GMT|15:00 CET| on SVTplay
Saturday, 20 February 2021
Mexico vs Costa Rica - |14:00 CST|20:00 GMT|21:00 CET| - CRC Youtube, keep an eye on socials for game links France vs Switzerland - |15:10 ET|20:10 GMT|21:10 CET| on W9
Sunday, 21 February 2021
She Believes Cup:
USA vs Brazil - |3PM ET|20:00 GMT|21:00 CET| on FS1/TUDN
Argentina vs Canada |6PM ET|23:00 GMT|00:00 CET| on FS2/TUDN App.
Three Nations One Goal:
Germany vs Belgium - |12:00 ET|17:00 GMT|18:00 CET| on DFB tv
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
Mexico vs Costa Rica - |14:00 CST|20:00 GMT|21:00 CET| - CRC Youtube, keep an eye on socials for game links
England vs Northern Ireland - |07:30 ET|12:30 GMT|13:30 CET| on BBC Red Button/BBC iPlayer
Malta vs Sweden - |08:30 ET|13:30 GMT|14:30 CET| on SVTplay
France vs Switzerland - |15:10 ET|20:10 GMT|21:10 CET| on W9
Euro Qualifiers:
Spain vs Poland - |13:00 ET|18:00 GMT|19:00 CET| on tve /teledeporte
Scotland vs Portugal - |14:30 ET|19:30 GMT|20:30 CET| on BBC Alba?
Wednesday, 24 February 2021
She Believes Cup
Canada vs Brazil - |16:00 ET|21:00 GMT|22:00 CET| - FS1/TUDN app/
USA vs Argentina - |19:00 ET|00:00 GMT|01:00 CET| - FS1/TUDN
Three Nations One Goal
Germany vs Netherlands - |12:30 ET|17:30 GMT|18:30 CET| - DFB tv/Kijk/Veronica
Euro Qualifiers:
Italy vs Israel - |11:30 ET|16:30 GMT|17:30 CET| -
Stream links for those who don鈥檛 have VPNs or are outside of the countries listed above
Three Nations One Goal matches will also be streamed in the Frauen Bundesliga Discord Server
FreeStreams most channels available
USA Goals
As always the list is not complete but you鈥檙e always welcome to reblog it and add your own links which I鈥檒l reblog too, that way we can get as many games out there as we can.
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xowoso2 months ago
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So Mexico鈥檚 football association is trying to have the women鈥檚 team - which consists of an engaged gay couple - take the punishment for allowing anti-gay chants instead of the men. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!
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rookieforlife2 months ago
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Christen Press, Mar铆a S谩nchez | Mexico v USA | Pratt & Whitney Stadium. East Hartford, Connecticut.
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mxwnt8 months ago
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Real footage of Mexico City this fine afternoon of January 18th, 2021, after the FMF announce Christopher Cu茅llar鈥檚 departure as head coach of the Mexican Women鈥檚 National Team.
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nahikarifc5 months ago
Spain vs Mexico streams
X || X || X || X
These are 4 different streams (illegal) for the game^^
The game *might* be streamed here but no confirmation yet
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the-ghostcrew2 months ago
well at least with this weather there's no hydration breaks needed right?
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rowan-romana year ago
well, today chivas teams played a mixed game in support of gender equality. It was incredible (I saw it at work haha) without a doubt my favorite part was when Rubi Soto ended Miguel Ponce's career
(I need friends who like Mexican women's soccer)
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katiejohnson192 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
earlier this month i was able to attend the mexwnt vs uswnt game in connecticut and honestly i can鈥檛 even explain how much happiness it brought me. i was wearing my mexico jersey with so much pride, others might think why go to the game if you鈥檙e going to lose? while i know that might be the case, this game was so much more than that. to see your country play is something so special, little interactions like these with the mexwnt just made my entire year. i rarely get to see them play, especially this new team under our new head coach monica. i fully trust monica and believe in her system, while others see us losing these games i saw the way mexico improved. i saw a glimpse of what monica hopes to accomplish and the only way we will get there is by having more games like these. to challenge them, to help them grow. the future is truly bright for them. i love them so much and forever grateful and blessed to have gotten the opportunity to see them again. mexico es mexico y yo siempre los voy a apoyar en las buenas y en las malas. while the federation took a step in the right direction with these new coaches, they still have lots to work on before we can say it鈥檚 equal environment as the men and that they care about them the same. i hope mexwnt play more games and we get to see them more.
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oliviergir0udfc3 months ago
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greywindsports7 months ago
On the eve of International break ending , @lea-schuller @amelmajrii and all other people who do this - thank you friends :)
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Feel free to tag other accounts
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