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“Cut it out for a while get back on it time to relapse again”

Appreciate the smooth transition street fentanyl is pretty safe right…


Also I don’t fuck with H or opiates any more period and have tried to withstand from them with admittedly a couple fuck ups in the road, I didn’t even seek this out some one gave it to me thinking it was suppose make me happy i know it hurts more than angers me I say I won’t bend but if you know addiction than you know im of fucking course 100% likely to do it …sweet dude

***if you made it this far than Thank You for coming to my Ted Talk and I hope you’ll be honest with others about substances weather giving or pushing it on be honest at least and if you can’t be because you don’t know than you shoukd definitely not be handing out drugs to anyone, ignorance should never be cause of death in drug use period.

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WOW y’all are fucking amazing 💖 I’ve never in my life seen a number that big on my social media. So happy to have all y’all following me & hope ya continue to stick around & enjoy getting spun with me as much as I do!!! Love you all sm!!!! Let’s all take a big ol hit of whateva ya smoking to celebrate 🎊 imma edit & post some of my fav content I’ve made so far tonight, as a big THANK YOU!!!!

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Have decided that I’m going to start dabbling in a variety of drug outside of ❄️. I desperately want to get back to psychedelics & trip on especially acid again. I loved molly so much, & I want to give ecstasy a shot too. The list goes on, but the main point is that I’ve been feeling a bit stagnant with the high that Tina can offer me because my tolerance has gone up so drastically.

I’m also super excited to document the experiences & substance on here. I’ve found a lot of passion in shooting film & photography, as well as editing it. And being able to get high in the process is just an added bonus.

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