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A personal blog first and foremost, not a fandom-specific blog. Pro-Shipper. Sympathetic Deceit ahoy. Creator of the "Insanity AU". Zylo. 26. She/Her. My AO3 is Zylo. Aiden, Arlo, Gunther, and Ian are my main ocs and I love them so much.

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gamerzylo·5 hours agoAnswer
Andy sighed and was like here's your hot chocolate.... if you want to go to bed early I can take the shift tonight. Remy was like no... Thomas really needs me tonight

I want some hot chocolate now lol

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gamerzylo·5 hours agoText


imagine your ot3 knowing each other so well that they can tell when one of their partners has had a bad day, and the other two sneak up on them and sandwich them in a pile of kisses and hugs and massages and pampering until they can’t help but smile

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gamerzylo·5 hours agoAnswer
Andy sighed and was like I get it.... you want some alone time. I'll go make you some hot chocolate... would you like that? Remy was like I want adrenaline to stop changing his mind about if he still wants to be friends after the whole crush thing


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gamerzylo·5 hours agoAnswer
Remy in a bad mood Andy sighs pats his lap and was like Remy? You feel like snuggles? Or you want some you time? I can get your iPad and you can play a game or something

Oof poor Remy. Those bad moods that just come out of nowhere are some of the worst.

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoText


My aesthetic is bisexual acceptance regardless of the gender of the bisexual person or their significant other.

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoText


OP is gonna cut the power grid


Imagine how little candles must have cost in the 1700s. Must’ve been pretty cheap, right? With everyone using them all the time instead of electricity? Now think about how much they cost now. 20 some dollars for a candle. What if we could go back to when candles were cheap? Wouldn’t you want that? What if we could make that happen.

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoText


A big hug for everyone who had a bad day today, plus people who had a good day if they want one

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoPhoto


Daily #2,292! No one is more shocked than me.

Now if only I could *always* not be anxious…

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoText


Stop checking that tag that makes you sad.

Stop texting that person that was mean to you.

Stop responding to messages that tear you down.


Stop interacting with that shit that makes you hurt.

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoAnswer
I was rewatching Thomas's "me as a disney prince" vine and damn, the prince has some heavy duty lungs with his scream at the end :D

He could be a screamo singer with lungs like those >w<

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gamerzylo·6 hours agoPhoto




There they are, the two genders.

only a cis deals in absolutes

all of life and history aligned for that one joke we’re done everyone go home

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gamerzylo·8 hours agoPhoto


Boys playing gameboy

Hey guys I swear I’m alive. I’ve rediscovered traditional coloring pencils and traditional media oops, so been in a huge mood to use it.

And I bring you a ship no one ever asked for, but here it is.

Riley & Morty

Reblogs > Likes

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gamerzylo·12 hours agoText


any character i ever loved i wanted to see put down and hurt and degraded and i don’t feel bad about that, i just don’t  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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gamerzylo·12 hours agoText



I think every writer/artist has that one story/drawing that gets completely skipped over, and they’d never say it aloud, but inside they’re like

‘fuck all y'all, that’s one of the best things I’ve done’

plus one story/drawing that everyone loves

‘really? that one?’

This is gospel right here and it’s BAFFLING.

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gamerzylo·a day agoText





Someone: “People would never do anything without monetary gain”

Dungeon masters, Minecraft players, fanfic writers:

You’re so right

Wikipedia editors
Community moderators for discord servers, forums, and twitch channels
Animal shelter volunteers
People who put back extra carts at the grocery store
People who pick up litter while they’re on a jog or walk to throw it away 

Humans Do Things. We dedicate a certain amount of our thing-doing capacity to making sure we survive, and in the society we’ve constructed that means Worrying about Money. But if you leave a human alone in a box with a pile of sand, we build castles.

But if you leave a human alone in a box with a pile of sand, we build castles.

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gamerzylo·a day agoText


i do not know a SINGLE person, not even out of my friends, not even out of the most woke people on this damn site, that only likes unproblematic things. every single one of us likes something that’s fucking garbage. so some of y’all can climb down off your high horses and stop competing for the “least problematic” award honest to god.

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