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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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“The whole idea behind Pymetrics is that instead of using a resume, you are looking at people’s cognitive, social, and emotional aptitudes,” Polli says. “It’s also much more future-facing and potential-oriented, rather than backwards-facing and sort of only talking about your past experiences. It’s a much more holistic, hopeful view of someone than, Oh, this is what you’ve done, and this is all you can do.”——Bias, in Polli’s view, is a human problem. True, it can pop up in the algorithms that humans create to sort through job applications. But it’s at least as much of a risk in the people who review resumes and conduct interviews, who are naturally prone to make unfair judgments based on everything from a person’s name (pdf) and gender to their appearance and speech patterns. Algorithms, Polli suggests, are at least more trainable.——“It’s hard to remove bias from algorithms, but it is possible,” she says. “It is not possible to remove bias from humans.”——Those assertions are up for debate. But at least one thing is clear: Companies love the idea of algorithms, which promise to evaluate talent at far greater speed and lower cost than regular flesh-and-blood recruiting and hiring processes allow. Pymetrics’ client list includes big names like Unilever, Nielsen, LinkedIn, Accenture, KraftHeinz, MasterCard, and Boston Consulting Group. Venture capital is betting on Pymetrics, too. The company’s primary backers are General Atlantic, Jazz Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Workday Ventures, and it has thus far raised $56.6 million in funding. At the same time, the AI-driven hiring tools provided by companies like HireVue are also becoming increasingly widespread.—-And so the salient question at the moment isn’t whether companies should use machine learning to filter job candidates. It’s already happening. More relevant is the matter of whether the talent revolution already underway is a fair one—and what more can be done to ensure that algorithms alleviate, rather than deepen, the longstanding problems in hiring.

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Hitting them, making them red, Being mad because one self-harmed themselves. Making them feel so pathetic because they couldn’t deal with the pain that they felt like they needed to punish themselves for punishing themselves. So you hit them harder. You are mad because  they didn’t talk it out, But when they tried.. you showed no interest , no care, nothing. TO sit there and hit them. 
Because you are not happy how they dealt with the problem. they will remember that next time.  when you do it.  they will just hit them like there is no tomorrow maybe then YOU REALIZE why they  tell you they am proud of you that you lasted so long , THAT you had tried not to, because clearly not telling you will make you understand, because making you feel like shit for punishing yourself, will. so hitting doesn’t do anything JUST REMINDS them that they are there.. THEN you urge to do more.. and because they sting because they  are red.  and remember every hit every word you say. Replaying in there head. as they begin to cut more. secretly , hiding in a safe place. So they can feel the pain as they press on it. to remember how pathetic they are. Because them hitting themselves isn’t enough you have to. to put a point across that doesn’t help. 

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Its like love when It hits you

Its like the pain the conflicts you

burning out the images that are causing this issuse .

But please resume.

For Im just a person who’s on the run

fear me not I show no love

Forgive me if im no up to date

but where my heart lays with lying snake

where that heart is, theres no mistake but there in a hole in its place.

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