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Talk to a character please Ratchet I'm in college and studying to become a surgeon do you got any tips and advice?


Take notes on anything that sounds important because it probably is.

Use a schedule to study so that you know you aren’t wasting time

Study with a group, at least once or twice especially for an exam.

Try not to pull all-nighters for ANYTHING, 

Partying or studying  especially back to back. Trust me on that.

Unless absolutely necessary, in that case try to rest at least a little

also Naps. I know it sounds ridiculous but they really help. 20, minutes or an hour was ideal for me when I was in school.

But never 30 minutes it’s proven to give no benefit.

I think that’s anything of value I can give…..

hope it helps you

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Any fluffy megatron (mtmte LL) headcanons if stuff he’ll do with his s/o? (Can add nsfw if you want)

Yeah actually, It’s a banal headcanon but I like to think he’s more open with his s/o about his poetry and writing. He’ll run his ideas by them, ask them for advice. He would struggle with the heavier stuff that he composes that he can’t/won’t share with the crew, mechs who hated or still hate him seeing him venerable make his plating itch. So allowing his guard down for his s/o who is willing to listen, help him through his emotions, well he can’t thank them enough.

Another is just like physical contact, someone like him would always anaylize the intent when others come near him. There’s also the fact that he’d be reserved in his own actions and he’d slowly open up, take the action for what it is no dubious agenda behind it. Infront of the crew he’d be gentle but never over affectionate, whereas in closed quarters away from outside optics he he all cuddles and kisses and gentle caresses. He would bask in s/o’s gentle attentions.

I haven’t thought too much more into, there would be a lot of thought and analysis’s going though his processor figuring out what to say in the end his actions speak a lot clearer with s/o.

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“You have your assignments.  Go for it!”

“Into the ocean, let’s be daring.  Last one in’s a rusty herring!”

“I hope the salt water doesn’t bleach my body enamel.”

Autobot Ensemble, The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash

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Alright it started as a soft fluffy thing I swear ;-; My hand slipped and my own creation stabbed me in the back ;-; 

My first Dratchet piece and it’s THIS ;-;  I’ll probably post the “happy” version too, it’s ready, it’s complete, it’s FINISHED, but I just had to go and do a sad version out of the blue 

Anyway, Dratchet. As much as I ship Drift and Roddy together, I can’t resist the power of the Dratchet <3 

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